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Once I was a large client of Etrade Australia. Stocks $ CFD's . Now I have moved 90% - 95% of my trade and investments off shore... Today is a very good example of why I use Etrade less and less .... 23rd March 2015 ... Market is open and the E Trade Platform is slow or down again. No notification, No Advice .. Just a waste of space. A little courtesy would go a long way. ANZ get your act... Read more

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DO NOT USE THIS BROKERAGE FIRM. In-spite of the glowing reviews as one of the top websites for online trading you may see on the internet the problems with E trade are extensive. While many of them deal with customer service issues (read other reviews) mine complaint is with their trading platform. It is extremely flawed. I recently tried to make limit order trades based on the data on my... Read more

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This complaint is about Capital One ShareBuilder in reference to an individual brokerage account that I opened with them on 2/18/15. This account was funded with a large deposit from my Bank of America checking account on 3/12/15. The complaint does not involve Bank of America. On 3/12/15, I received a message from ShareBuilder that these funds would be on hold and the account would be “under... Read more

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I was scamed by Chavella Kelly. Chavella Kelly is a scam. Stay away from this website. She is a part of two scams that has been shut down. The names of the companies she has promoted are and Their claim is to write business plans and pitches to find investor and/or grant funding for small businesses with an upfront fee. You pay the fee and never get a... Read more

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I received an unsolicited email from a business development manager and within the space of a few minutes a couple of follow-up calls. This person was trying to book me an appointment with a so-called UK qualified financial expert who apparently provides independent advice. This expert is apparently licensed to advise on investment and insurance products. 1. Very few if any Holborn Advisors... Read more

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I don't understand how you can compare this to Farmers but one thing that I can say is that not everyone can be a Farmers agent. There are certain standards and yes, you must hit certain numbers to be a full time Farmers agent and that's because Farmers wants dedicated individuals who are willing to work hard to succeed. I read that WFG is heavily FINRA regulated but just out of curiosity, how... Read more

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Does Regal Assets and their owner Tyler Gallagher know something we don't? Maybe, since there is a growing number of people who think they might have found a way to game Google, allowing their gold IRA website to appear with numerous top rankings in the most famous search engine. This has led to a number of questions like how did they pull it off and what has anyone—from the head honchos at... Read more

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Panicko Lawrence talked me into investing in a Friends Provident managed portfolio. He failed to spell out the fees. Asking for a safe investment that might be expected to do a bit better than the banks, instead he managed to oversee a drop of 15% in the first 6 weeks, from which it never recovered, continuing a steady downwards progression. OK - things go down and up. In his case things... Read more

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Before i educated myself EDWARD JONES took me for about 10 grand in commissions. They sold me there front load mutual funds and high priced bond funds and then charged 1.5% to keep my money.The only people who make money with Jones is the company not the investors.I have since educated myself and invest with Vangard no load mutual funds and the lowest cost for management in the business. Anyone... Read more

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Be very careful with these guys. The office I dealt with, Marysville, WA, is completely lacking of integrity. When their error cost me several thousand dollars, their response was 'it wasn't us,' when in fact it was. Their agent, Greg Jensen, will do just about anything to avoid his responsibility. Add comment

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