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This complaint is regarding the terrible customer service by Celeste Rodgers at extension 34230. This company has failed to process my sell transaction for close to a week now. Back on September 11, 2014, I made a sales transaction online and the company was previously told to update my account to reflect the proper bank account. They failed to do so. I called on 9/11 to have the sell deposited... Read more

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I don't know why, but I woke up this morning and tried to buy some Yahoo shares before the Alibaba IPO and got this message: "Your account has been restricted to placing closing orders only." So I called them and asked what's going on and they said that they are going to close my account and didn't give any explanation of specific reason why. That's right, my account was FROZEN right in the... Read more

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I've been having the same problem. I've been with Sharebuilder for more than 10 years, and it seems that each time they get purchased by another company, their service goes down. Years ago, before Capital One bought them, I could make a withdrawal request on Monday, and my money would be in my account by Tuesday, no later than Wednesday. Now when I make a request on Monday, I have to wait the... Read more

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I have been a customer for a year. Besides my initial purchase, I am purchasing gold and silver coins each month as part of an investment program. The staff has communicated with me by phone, a few times, to keep me up to date on the "Melt Value" of the metals I am investing, and offering advice on adjustments/alterations on my account that would be and are worth more to me. I am very pleased and... Read more

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Your TOTAL value does not change less the market goes up/down. If you had 1 share of Apple (AAPL) at a NAV (Value per share) of $700.00 each [$700.00 total], and Apple did a 7 for 1 split, [which Broker has no liability or control & are not responsible to notify you], (only Apple may need to inform shareholders), you would now have 7-shares at a value of $100.00 each ($700.00 total). This... Read more

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Yes, you get free trades given a sufficiently large deposit. However, apparently they give different priority to different platform users. If you're not on Thinkorswim, the Trade Architect and website SUCK. Delayed quotes, inaccurate snapshot data, constant system unavailable, and a plethora of dumb automated blocks because the system can't recognize spreads. I've lost $2300 from delays in data... Read more

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Lost money with advisor and she just wanted me to put more money in to make up losses Add comment


The engagement efforts at LPL are false and a disservice to it's employees. I attended a "Quarterly Leadership Meeting" for the operations supervisors and above. These meetings are supposed to be about engagement, teamwork and motivating junior leadership. Prior to the start of the meeting Mark Ehlers and Brad Hearn (both Senior Vice Presidents) were having a hushed conversation. During the... Read more

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I was also contacted. I did some research and it was very eye opening! After they send me their sales brochure I googled some of the companies listed. the investment is in VOIP minutes (is this a thing??) via a company called - website created on 8th may 2014 according to whois. you can see for yourself the claims made by people on pissedconsumer and motley fool. I... Read more

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I set up a external account. E-trade said in a video they would send a couple deposits then a withdraw for same amount. E-trade sent 4 deposits & one withdraw (none of witch matched verification), so now I need to wait another 3 days. I ask to talk to a supervisor and they were to scared to talk to me. maybe cause hmmmm they knew they where to f'd up or scared to talk to me. passed the... Read more

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