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The engagement efforts at LPL are false and a disservice to it's employees. I attended a "Quarterly Leadership Meeting" for the operations supervisors and above. These meetings are supposed to be about engagement, teamwork and motivating junior leadership. Prior to the start of the meeting Mark Ehlers and Brad Hearn (both Senior Vice Presidents) were having a hushed conversation. During the... Read more

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I was also contacted. I did some research and it was very eye opening! After they send me their sales brochure I googled some of the companies listed. the investment is in VOIP minutes (is this a thing??) via a company called - website created on 8th may 2014 according to whois. you can see for yourself the claims made by people on pissedconsumer and motley fool. I... Read more

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I set up a external account. E-trade said in a video they would send a couple deposits then a withdraw for same amount. E-trade sent 4 deposits & one withdraw (none of witch matched verification), so now I need to wait another 3 days. I ask to talk to a supervisor and they were to scared to talk to me. maybe cause hmmmm they knew they where to f'd up or scared to talk to me. passed the... Read more

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I’ve been with E-Trade for two years, only had cash accounts (no margin or option trading) and made a total of approximately 25 trades while a customer of ET. My account was involuntarily closed and frozen, but ET’s only form of notification was through their website messaging, which is only accessible if you log onto ET’s website. Since I don’t trade often, it was about two weeks after my... Read more

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Daylight robbery, don't go anywhere near them. They put me into commission driven products and funds that were high risk and high commission paying. Bob the owner is Ex RAF and supposedly a devote christian, he should be ashamed of himself. They have never responded to complaint or even consider what they have done with my hard earned money. DONT NOT USE THEM or DEVERE they are as bad as each... Read more

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Business checking does not offer ATM/EFT card with account. I would have to pay business expenses with check or bill pay like it is 1980. None of this information is given at their website or was stated by customer service. To the contrary, customer service asked me to write a letter requesting an ATM card. This has been so unbelievable. Truly think twice before signing up for their business... Read more

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I had money taken out of account by employees. Even employees admitted it. I had about $995.00 in account and it was mostly from Apple account. I looked at the account several months ago. I was told by an employee that the stock was split into 7. I thought this was Apple's thing... I later thought this can't be Apple. This would be illegal for them to do this to anyone account. I plan on talking... Read more

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​I am just another retail investor out in the world and I have been trading a live account for 2+ years trying to develop my own methodology. My learning curve was a bit more pricey then I anticipated, and because of that my account size has reached a level of no more forgiveness. So me being the common sense thinker that I like to be decided not to risk anymore $ in the live account since I am... Read more

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late forms, later tax forms, statements designed to obfuscate and confuse. I too inherited the MS accounts (the MS nightmares). A casual glance at a Fidelity or Vanguard or any other professional house would reveal in five seconds Morgan Stanley's basic philosophy: Confuse and cause dependence. The Worst. I shall spend any opportunity I have during the rest of my life letting people know... Read more

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I owned AMD stocks through share builder. When I put my sale order in, it stated it would sell the stocks at the current $4.54 a share.when I received the sale confirmation, it was for $3.73 ea. Add comment