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Panicko Lawrence talked me into investing in a Friends Provident managed portfolio. He failed to spell out the fees. Asking for a safe investment that might be expected to do a bit better than the banks, instead he managed to oversee a drop of 15% in the first 6 weeks, from which it never recovered, continuing a steady downwards progression. OK - things go down and up. In his case things... Read more

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Before i educated myself EDWARD JONES took me for about 10 grand in commissions. They sold me there front load mutual funds and high priced bond funds and then charged 1.5% to keep my money.The only people who make money with Jones is the company not the investors.I have since educated myself and invest with Vangard no load mutual funds and the lowest cost for management in the business. Anyone... Read more

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Be very careful with these guys. The office I dealt with, Marysville, WA, is completely lacking of integrity. When their error cost me several thousand dollars, their response was 'it wasn't us,' when in fact it was. Their agent, Greg Jensen, will do just about anything to avoid his responsibility. Add comment

Hi! We actually have no choice about who our investors are going to be. But in all fairness to Luke Pasha, the fault is not his but EDWARD JONES TRUST administration. I am sure Luke Pasha wants his investment choices to be profitable. I am rereading Edward Jones stipulations and I will write them here later (Trust Fund stipulation) and it is very unfair for the beneficiaries. My husband's... Read more

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I am a relatively new investor through Edward Jones. Conservative in nature. I choose my financial advisor based off track record mainly people who use him or her. First of all I mad it clear to him my investment plan. Balanced in nature as to hedge between stocks and bonds. After three years I have averaged little over 8.6 percent return by using their advisory fund and that is after fees. ... Read more

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Lost $ bad company, horrible advice. Run away. Add comment

Exorbitant fees, deceptive about hidden costs. Add comment

Here is the MO: You follow the commercial and actually flip your stagnant 401K to diversify into metals. Sounds own actual gold or silver. I bought majority gold. And I was specifically told that "my gold (or silver)" was being stored waiting for me. About a year later, the "Silver Expert" from Lear calls extolling the advantage of buying silver and you agree. get... Read more

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MS will tell you ANYTHING to sign you up and when you get there you'll find out that all is a lie. Yes they will give you a large up front check but when you realize you can't make money and have to leave, you're STUCK because they got you with the large check (which you probably have spent more than you owe back!) That's the scam.. they don't care how much they pay, that's the noose around your... Read more

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I think Luke Pasha is deliberately losing money to spite us. Anyway, 1) Thank you for all the people who responded to my comment. I will copy and paste the correction to where one of the respondees told me to write my letters of complains. IT would also be good if you all can keep emailing me so we can all forward it together. "I would file complaints with the FINRA (Financial Industry... Read more

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