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​I am just another retail investor out in the world and I have been trading a live account for 2+ years trying to develop my own methodology. My learning curve was a bit more pricey then I anticipated, and because of that my account size has reached a level of no more forgiveness. So me being the common sense thinker that I like to be decided not to risk anymore $ in the live account since I am... Read more

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late forms, later tax forms, statements designed to obfuscate and confuse. I too inherited the MS accounts (the MS nightmares). A casual glance at a Fidelity or Vanguard or any other professional house would reveal in five seconds Morgan Stanley's basic philosophy: Confuse and cause dependence. The Worst. I shall spend any opportunity I have during the rest of my life letting people know... Read more

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I owned AMD stocks through share builder. When I put my sale order in, it stated it would sell the stocks at the current $4.54 a share.when I received the sale confirmation, it was for $3.73 ea. Add comment

ML is a joke. I should have done more research on them before opening several IRAs with them. Over the 3 years I was with them, they did nothing but lose money for me and invest in some really bad investments. I also got fleeced with fees left and right. I would have more money right now if I had just stuck the money under my mattress. I am not too mad about the investments, as I know you... Read more

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Equity Trust Co. frequently fails to pay invoices that I send them for fees and services to rental property that is owned by my IRA account. When they do make payments, it is often late. Two years ago, Sterling Trust Co. made a distribution for the entire value of the rental property owned by my account (without any notification). They claimed that I did not provide a required appraisal. Two... Read more

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This happened to me several times and thus caused me to cease doing business with lending club. They have the WORST custoemr service ever and will not own up for their mistakes and are so dumb they lost a valued customer over a measly $10. Here is what happened. I am an investor with Lending club who uses their trading platform. I had listed a brand new note which was recently issued to me face... Read more

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We have been bumped to two different brokers in our area-the new guys on the block-we know we are not millionaires but were not even asked if we were ok with this. Now I have lack of trust and will probably leave this group of "professionals" Add comment

This outfit is not available! They continually ignore my requests to quit sending USPS mail to my door. Their evasive phone system will not connect me with a representative. As such I will never have them hold another investment of mine -- no more. This may sound foolish, but it could weigh in significantly regarding their failure to avoid their clients. Reviews suggest poor employee conditions... Read more

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I have been investing with this company for over 8 months and already got a payed out of well above 30k, started with 5k. People are sabotaging this company because they wont accept them is disgusting. Please contact me I will show deposit slips through Google Wallet. People saying that they are scammers are just worthless pieces of sh** Direct email I wouldn't get my family... Read more

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