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Has anybody got any money back out of these scammers? If so how as I cant even find a place to start. They promise the world and completely under deliver. It seems like they have shut up shop and done a runner. It is beyond belief that the Australian government can allow this sort of business to trade in Australia. I would like to know if they have an office anywhere in Australia as I would like... Read more

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Myself, Prasad Gokhale, retired person from govt. undertaking, invested in Helios and Matheson in fixed deposit in year 2013. Up till now interest for my fixed deposit with M/s. Helios and Matheson till quarter II was regular. I was getting interest amount in my bank account DIRECTLY through NEFT. Now for quarter III (2014-15), interest amount is not appearing in my bank account. Company is not... Read more

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I have had the great displeasure of speaking to Sterling & Bond! i spoke to some junior broker or some muppet who wants to make a quick Dirham, he made absolutely no sense! he was talking about and broaching a subject he clearly had no idea.. i also know Andrew Nash (CEO) from his time @ Zest2 recruitment (another poxy scam company) - if his plastic surgeried skin & terrible breath isn't... Read more

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Richard Cayne sold the legit Zurich Vista Plan but very deliberately misled people not only about the terms of the plan but also did absolute zero in terms of management. In fact, he did worse than zero. He slammed everyone into the exact same *** plan, fire and forget, collect a hefty commission from Zurich for his "efforts", lather, rinse, repeat. When clients would ask about performance of the... Read more

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I called the customer service 800# to find out the incoming wire transfer instructions and after having a futile conversation with a computer I was eventually transferred to a "customer service" rep in the Philippines who only knew the script and didn't even know what I meant by wire transfer instructions. After explaining that I wanted to wire funds into my account and after holding for several... Read more

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They have the highest fees ( if you can actually find the real number) at about 2.7% with the lowest returns . I think they were a little better before the BOA acquisition but overall dismal performance. They don't even come close to matching the S&P or DOW on their average equity portfolio. I fired them last year and am glad I did. I know do it myself and use index funds from Vanguard and... Read more

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I sent this email to John I. Vondra on 12/12/14 & after placing yet another call to Prudential I find that still nothing has been done to get Edward Jones off of my annuity so that I can do what I desire with it.  This is the kind of service one can expect from Edward Jones & it is the reason that I wanted to sever any ties with them soon after I made the mistake of transferring from a... Read more

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I have had an account at a Edward Jones since 1995 but recently moved my account to another firm due to the fact that recently in the last few years I kept getting a new financial advisor. The last advisor that I had never contacted me. I just received a letter stating who she was. I followed up with my own research and found out that she has an English degree and I also found out she is... Read more

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Was told this morning that I have to wait 30 days to get to my money back, understandably I was extremely upset, now I just got a harassing phone call back from Vanguard telling me they reviewed the call and they were right and I am wrong.Now, I have to wait a month to call and ASK for my money back. But, I am more shocked at the phone call, especially when the rep said I was "getting defensive".... Read more

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Tax Cheat Husband, John C. Howe, has Exposed Howe Family to Financial Ruin The Howe family lives at 4 Winding Lane, in Westport, Connecticut, and finds itself in a rather improbable and precarious financial situation. Although on the surface, the Howes are wealthy and certainly referred to as “one percenters,” there is an undercurrent that is about to destroy the family’s financial means from... Read more

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