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Had an old IRA that LPL acquired through their partnership with First Niagara. First Niagara acquired some of HSBC holdings and assets here in the North East back in 2012. I noticed the $40 annual account fee for a very small amount of assets on my LPL statement. So I decided to roll my $ out to Vanguard and save some money in fees. In May of 2014, got paperwork from Vanguard, got the... Read more

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Algaw Group: Fraudulent Investment Company
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Algaw Group and its owner, Mohammed Algaw pretends to serve as an investment company but cheats investors out of their money. They create false business models and actually do not implement the idea once investment has been received. Mohammed has gone to several investors to raise capital and cheated all of them and should be stopped. He created a fake coffee business and fake ice cream business... Read more

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A bunch of crooks they were affilated with Allen stanford they new he was stealing money from the customers and did not inform the customers and sec , finra Add comment


You should avoid dealing with these people, Amy Willis in particular. She doesn't act in the best interest of her client and makes decisions based on what best for her not her client. Mrs. Willis worked directly with my X wife to transfer funds from my account into hers based on a court order. This was all legal however my X told Amy that I was aware she was there setting up the transfer,... Read more

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In 2009 the company i work for was sold and we had the option of cashing out our current 401k, rolling in into the new 403b, OR opening our own retirement account (IRA/ROTH IRA). Because i was no longer employed by the same company AND the kind of retirement plan offered was changing.... i received a check to deposit into the new retirement fund. I was advised to open a ROTH IRA, based on my age... Read more

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Do not invest your money with this company , they are as dodgy as they come, they offer 11% commission to their employees of the investors money which they never pay. They have no computers in their office and prey on unaware and easily manipulated genuine people collated from an obscure data source. Their head is Andrew Nash who is a known scam artist in Dubai and affiliates are Nick Start and... Read more

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Thai SEC Investor Alert deVere Aug 03 The Thai SEC has published an Investor Alert about deVere in Thailand. deVere Group" and "deVere & Partners (Thailand) Limited" and the website "" are all specifically listed by the Thai SEC, with this text: "Investor Alert - In response to a number of tips and complaints about fraudulent solicitation of unauthorized securities and... Read more

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Jordan Morley lost 40% of my retirement money and now I am totally broke. I have posted before and received lots of advice which has been very helpful. I reported him to the regulators in 3 different countries and then he just disappeared from everywhere, which did make me feel a little better that he had obviously suffered as well, and not just me. He invested about 35% of my money in high risk... Read more

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SB consistently knocks money off real-time trades. i.e. when you use a "market" order, they may knock off as much as 10 cents per share when you pull the trigger on a real-time price. In my case (small investor/trader), this can make the difference of hundreds of dollars which significantly cuts in to my profits. I've also known "limit" orders that DO NOT EXECUTE when the declared price point... Read more

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I dont really know how, but I think it might be happening. I would trust them anymore than I trust a sleezy life insurance salesman. They are one in the same to me. How do they make so much money? It has to be egyptian pyramid scheme of some sort. There are many ways to make money but this is not how its supposed to be done I dont think. Just like Miley Cyrus or The Grinch, I wouldnt touch them... Read more

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