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Other Company - Poor and shoddy workmanship that ruined moldings and woodwork within my hom
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Hired Mr. Dufresne to paint my condo and the paint job was very poor, and he got paint all over my woodwork. When I contacted him to ask for my money back, he denied that he had gotten paint all over everything. He sent me an e-mail entitled "so called damage to your condo". I have never seen such poor workmanship, or a professional business owner that simply refuses to accept responsibility for... Read more

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My husband is a veteran and only require a 620 credit score we applied for a LGI home and we were told some of the same bull you are experiencing.It has been 5 months and we keep getting the runaround about his credit score you're almost there and we still have no house and the manager there is so rude, we asked for our $500 dollars and he said there is no money we used that money to repair your... Read more

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July 12th I purchased a New vengeance toy hauler by forest river and traded in a 38 foot Sandpiper at Grain Valley MO.. Our plans were to vacation in South Dakota and have our motorcycle. We didnt even get out of the parking lot and discovered the electric line was cut. The Salesman stated can you go ahead and take it and come back later??? No I couldn't even release the brakes. after 2... Read more

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I ordered a ring from Brad from Bradford Exchange on Feb 02, 2011. It was labelled guaranteed by Valentines day. I called on the 12th, they said it was on the way, Feb 14th they said it would be shipped on the 16th, and they was sorry, I called today, Feb 17th, they said it would be shipped on the 22cnd, sorry again, I requested to cancel the order, they said I could not... they have the card and... Read more

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Schumacher Homes are all talk they say what ever they need to do to get you to sign and once you sign nothing you want gets done. They choose to do things without consulting the customer and when the customer expresses concerns they don't take the time to listen or to achieve what you want. The quality is only as good as what you pay for. Schumacher gets the lowest bid (but not the best... Read more

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The above named manager of Palm Breezes Club at 3500 West Lantana Road in Lake Worth, Florida 33462 phone number 561-433-8223 has a boyfriend living with her who was recently been arrested for being a child molester by federal marshals, his name is Mark. In addition, Ms. Tamacina Combs has tattoos all over her arms and legs! Why should we who live at the Palm Breezes Club have to put-up with a... Read more

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We purchased the Gen4 Model in 2011. Since then the unit has been sent in for repair at least 5 times. Last year the the model was returned twice due to a malfunction. This year the model was returned again for malfunctioning. The unit was sent back to the company on Oct. 8th, 2014. This has resulted in several phone calls to the company inquiring about the status of our repaired/ replaced... Read more

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I submitted $700 worth of jerseys and canvases that I had personally signed. I even have exact proof of some of the items being signed. All came back rejected. In my 20 years of getting hockey autographs, I have never seen a PSA rep out there getting autographs. I'm not sure who is doing their authenticating but the person doing hockey surely doesn't have accurate comparables. If I had known that... Read more

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I had written the Better Business Bureau 2 times regarding my eBay complaint as a seller and their unique method of collecting funds for monthly fees. Their accting system became suspect so I did my work and finally showed hard copy proof. When this once again fell on the desk of someone so inept he didn't know much about eBay, moneypak and how it6 works with eBay and didn't even know... Read more

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This company is poorly managed and customer service stops as soon as the get your money. I have bought a home from them in 2006, and still continue to have problems they will not fix. Please visit: These people take advantage of first time home buyers, lie about delivery times, hire second rate contractors, and take every shortcut they... Read more

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