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I wasn't told a word about their equipment leasing fee when I ordered the services. The first bill came and shows nearly $19 per months leasing fee. When I contact their customer service, and transfer the phone to a "supervisor". He told me you signed contract, it can't change. I said I didn't sign the contract, my husband signed as a prove of installation is done, he knows nothing about the... Read more

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6/21/2014 between 10 and 11AM TWO OF MY NEIGHBORS VITNESSES Rent A Center truck LOADIN MY FRIDGE. 2 guys broke into my rental property damaging 2 doors and stealing my fridge purchased from Lowes. I never knew of RAC company NOR I EVER BEEN RAC CUSTOMER. UNDER NO MEAN THIS COULD BE ANY REPO!!!!! We called police report. Vitness gave statements. We even called RAC's local store. Store manager... Read more

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I submitted $700 worth of jerseys and canvases that I had personally signed. I even have exact proof of some of the items being signed. All came back rejected. In my 20 years of getting hockey autographs, I have never seen a PSA rep out there getting autographs. I'm not sure who is doing their authenticating but the person doing hockey surely doesn't have accurate comparables. If I had known that... Read more

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Western Dental in Santa Maria Ca. Is the worst dental office in America they told me it would take from 2 to 6 months for my implants it's already been 9 months. I've called the main office put in complaint after complaint after complaint there's been nothing done, they always say I'll find out what's going on and call you back, never call back,waiting 8 to 9 weeks In between appt. and all the... Read more

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The BBB decided to illegally obtain and use private information about a private citizen for the purpose of filling their sill blog. Just a little bit of truth here,, the BBB in Florida has no Business Posting any business that is not registered in Florida, and after many requests to remove this information we get an obnoxious reply. also, this business does not deal with the public so it does... Read more

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I gave him details of my missing father, and took the time to say I didn't earn a lot of money and asked him how he could guarantee he was genuine and wouldn't just steal from me. Unfortunately that's exactly what he did. He played on my emotions, convinced me he was genuine, I paid him then never heard from him again. My advice is to STAY AWAY FROM THIS MAN!!! UKPI is a fake company that does... Read more

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The above named manager of Palm Breezes Club at 3500 West Lantana Road in Lake Worth, Florida 33462 phone number 561-433-8223 has a boyfriend living with her who was recently been arrested for being a child molester by federal marshals, his name is Mark. In addition, Ms. Tamacina Combs has tattoos all over her arms and legs! Why should we who live at the Palm Breezes Club have to put-up with a... Read more

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On 03/29/2014, I was making a purchase at the Maple Heights Home Depot and I needed a credit-line-increase to complete my transaction, my request for the increase was declined. I Had to pay for my merchandise with another credit card. Have talked to several representatives, I am still waiting for the letter stating the reason for the credit denial. Can not understand, I have always kept my... Read more

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The Better Business Bureau of Southern Piedmont serves twenty counties in the Southern Piedmont region of North Carolina and South Carolina. Address: Better Business Bureau Southern Piedmont 13860 Ballantyne Corporate Place, Suite 225 Charlotte, N.C. 28277 I had a 401k that was stolen from me by Retirement Clearing House in their region. I went through a 1 month process of back and forth and... Read more

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i very unhappy right because my $50dollars is gone so as my $20 is gone like this is really making me mad because i thinking that my money is on the moneypak and it is not even on there like that is some straight bull because I really dont have that kind of money to be spending like that and i cant even use my moneypak can you guys please help me get my money back please i am really poor right... Read more

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