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I thought that the Knoxville Better Business would help me out when I ran into trouble with a company. I was so dissatisfied regarding the outcome. They just closed the case. Where is the mediation and arbitrator ? It did not exist for me. How can they give a company an A rating that refuses to honor their warranty? I had another company redo the work and they did a great job and they do... Read more

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I filed a complaint against a construction company for poor workmanship. The company responded back saying they would fix the shoddy work. The company sent a manager out to my house that would not fix anything and his reply was that "it happens". The BBB just closed the complaint saying the company made a good faith effort in their response. I was not offered any mediation. The complaint was... Read more

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Contacted about a legal matter for a deposit of £3 and a further payment of £25 to view the answer. The deposit was processed immediately, so not slow on removing monies from accounts. When I pressed the button for the answer the £25 was also immediately removed (you can watch it happen when you have online banking). The answer was what I would call more of an obvious suggestion... Read more

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Took $61.00 out my account, it was to be free to use I would like mymomoney back Will call the company why should you have to pay for it, I thought it was free to sign up for I don't have money to play with in my account, I called the number to my card and they saw the transaction also they told me to contact your company and to see why you people are holding my money in... Read more

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Called customer service on 1/18/2015, and I have been with sprint for over 6 years and the customer service is the worst I have experienced ever!! I have called and spoken to 4 different agents and they keep transferring my call to other agents. When I asked for a supervisor they disconnected the call, when I asked for names and Id number they would go silent on the phone like I was talking to... Read more

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my name is David W cook I live at 11 Washington Ave Batavia New York I just wanted to let you know how disappointed I am with your programming you have taken several channels away from me that I use all the time I expect some type of money off of my bill or someone to contact me thank you my children lots of cartoon channel Fox is now gone CNN was taken away I was still paying full price for... Read more

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I have to say that I have just used the services of this company and have nothing but praise for them. the level of service I received was impeccable and Tim was extremely communicative, polite and very helpful throughout the entire process. I had seen these comments but running a firm of Solicitors myself, I am well aware of the ability for anyone to simply post negative comments without... Read more

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Called Wells Fargo in Newark, CA to straighten out a deposit that was made into my savings account, instead of my checking account. First, the phone rang about 10 times before anyone answered. Marco picked up the phone and was the teller who assisted my father with the in branch deposit. I explained to him that my father requested the money to be deposited into my checking and not savings and he... Read more

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My wife like those Chinese shirt and order a lot in a same time. The product she ordered either come different or don't have a packing list.or just short of volume. And all cheating. You don't have no where to complaint . Because this company don't have nobody answer ur phone. You can only talk to machine. Shame on American goverment let them do business in USA! I am a Chinese . I felt shame... Read more

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