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This place was awful!!! I got my hair cut by Jay, he said he has been cutting hair for 20 some years so I trusted him. Big mistake, he cut off way more than I had wanted, I had asked for layers and what I got was chunks of my hair cut shorter than the rest, not even a little blending! I wanted a layered side bang and he cut way to much of the hair for my bangs and did them straight back with no...

I had to discontinue my "membership" due to financial issues. I called my local shop and the said I did not have a membership and could stop at any time and was told yes. I/we verified I had 2 or 3 massages on the books. When I came in on the next visit I was told I had to complete a form and had to pay for the next month ,July , before I would be finished. This did not seem fair as I was paying... Read more

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I have had a diamond cross for over 10 years .. I have a 2 month year old and my younger sister took me for massage as a suprise because I haven't had any time for myself and I needed a me day.. The masseuse Naomi from Staten Island location told me to remove my jewelery .. I didn't think anything of it I placed it on my pants.. After it was done I realized I didn't have it .. I asked Naomi to...

Hurried home from work to shower so I could get hair cut I checked web page to see what time they closed, web page said 8pm Monday through Friday, I called Cypress, Texas location 3 different times before 6pm nobody answered, after letting phone ring until it self disconnected without an answering service I decided to drive there anyways, I arrived at 6:10pm to find out they were closed, I went... Read more

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DO NOT GET HELP FROM MARCIA THE CENTER MANAGER OF GREENSBORO NC!!!! She is always tries to sale me something when I come in, and she comes across VERY FAKE!!!!! A few of my other friends go there and we all try to avoid her. She only cares about $$$$$ BEWARE!!!!

All they had to do was trim less half inch bangs on my child. She already had bangs, they just needed a little trim. It was so bad and so uneven, chunks missing on side. I had to bring her to a real salon, to fix it the next day. They had to go shorter. This is the second time, it's been a total nightmare. The other salon couldn't believe anyone could be so bad at cutting hair. These salons... Read more

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Since I've moved to live in Beverly Hills two years ago, I have been consulting several doctors, also the so called celebrity ones. I ended up following my gut feeling and Dr. Simoni did a "Simoni Lift" on me last Wednesday. I am so glad i followed my own instinct, because I could not have wished for a better result! Im so happy I did not read any of these reviews before. Dr. Simoni is a Doctor... Read more

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I called today,07/22/2014, to make appointment with Magen ,my hair stylist for collar and haircut ,her boss Sara answer and told me that Magen quit.No body call me to tell me that first of all and second of all I would like to change my hair stile and collar so Sara tolled me that she can do my hair but she will not do it for $55.00.Very unprofessional from her part,she did not offered me any... Read more

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I bought and paid for a years massages. I only used two of those. I have called to get a massage and was told my contract was suspended and they needed 54.00 to re-instate it. This place is a rip-off and theft of paid services. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS!!! This was only one month AFTER I paid my contract!!! You should be sued for this! Very unprofessional! I expected more from a place that... Read more

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Alex Jeanty, lied about his experience, references, job title and commitment. Everyone should be very cautious. This person made promises that he never kept. He changed a schedule of appointments every chance he got. He said he was a part owner in the business. He said he had to take his payment, that he wanted all up front and pay for school that night or he would not be able to go to... Read more

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