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I visit Regal Nails every other Friday here in North West Carrollton TX and I can say they are absolutely great. My gel nails always come out great and my pedicure is the Michelle and her team are great. Add comment

Absolutely awful, I ask for a simple haircut, finger length up top with a bit more hair to spike it up. I end up looking like I just got a buzzcut. Add comment

I purchased laser services for $3,000 and I still have treatments left. how do I get my refund for the remaining treatments I haven't used? I mean this is so ridiculous. I called them so many times and o one picked up the pone. I even went to the location that I go to and it was closed. they should have given a notice or an email saying what happened? I want my refund! I will file a lawsuit if i... Read more

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I completed an online survey from my internet provider (COX) for a free gift from this company. I paid only for the shipping $5.95. The transition is taken place on the pop-up ad, not on the company's offical website. I didn't aware there is a hidden contract and got charged for $149.95 and $89.95 for subscription. This company is using online survey and other scams to rip off innocent consumers... Read more

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I paid $1800 for the E-Matrix procedure and did not get the service from American Laser Skin care. I was in the process of finishing my Laser hair removal for my face and start this procedure from Dec 2014. They closed the company without any notification. No way of getting access to them. Need my money refunded ASAP American Laser Skin care closed the company without any notification. No way... Read more

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Well, as of today I have 5 messages due to me because I can't get an appointment. For the past six months I have not been able to get an appointment. I gave appointments to my daughter because she has a sore back...well now she can no longer use my time because of their policy. She has to become a member, too. If she becomes a member she will then not be able to get appointments. When I joined I... Read more

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Inside Walmart at Jordan Landing (West Jordan, UT) Linsey was the only one on duty. She was working with one customer with one more waiting. She asked us to come back in 25 minutes. twenty-seven minutes later she began on us. We both got the exact cuts we asked for as well as a good conversation from her as she worked. She thanked us for coming in and wished us safe travel. She had to stop three... Read more

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Stopped by planet fitness today to quickly go in and tan... I asked the girl helping me which one of the beds would be opening up the soonest that I needed that one because I was in a hurry... I sit and wait and wait... 20 minutes and three other customers go into different tanning beds as I still sit waiting. I ask the girl if she forgot me n she replies oh the lady hadn't come out yet... I wait... Read more

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I paid cash for one treatment and the other treatment financed. none of the products worked and when I complained they wanted to give me hair laser removal. Well couldn't get that because the *** clinic closed!!!! I just want all my money back for them lying about their products and services!!!!! This isn't right were talking about thousands of dollars here I paid over $2000. they promised you... Read more

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First, I went in to get a trim. My hair was almost down to my back finally. She said she would *** about an inch no more than 2 inches. She cut it all off to my shoulders. I was beyond upset. I went in about 2 months later to get my hair into an ombre (brown at the top, slowly fading into blonde) she platinum blonde my whole head roots & everything saying it will look better naturally grown... Read more

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