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My name is George age 22,this hasn't been easy for me to write about my hair loss situation, at the age of sixteen I dramatically startedlosing my hair. Every day looking in the mirror I felt and look like a different person. I felt terrible and I wasn't myself it affected my confidence. I began looking for a solution and went to a company in London. After being promised great results and... Read more

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3 days before Christmas, I had a stress induced heart attack(23 years old, mind you) caused by working so many hours. I had called the manager while I was on my way to the E.R. and they told me it was my responsibility to find my replacement...finding my replacement is not my priority when I'm having a heart attack. I was in the hospital for 11 hours and the manager was threatening me and saying... Read more

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I d a thbad experience with the Waynesville NC smart style... the hairstylist Carolyn was so rude and ugly.. my mom is slow due to age and she acted like it was taking her time up and not making money... well ms. Carolyn you better be glad we bring our busy to smart style... besides you got fired from the salon in Sylva NC for being a rude ugly person... why they would hire you back is desperate... Read more

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I ordered a $550 cover on June 3rd as I have been satisfied with previous purchases. I got an email that cover would ship out in 10 days on June 6th...Great!!! On June 23rd got email that production facility in Florida was back logged and to expect another 3-4 weeks cover arrived on July 25th and the cover was damaged as it had a nick in underside and appears that it wasn't caused by shipping. ... Read more

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I have been going to smart style in Sylva, .NC. for a long time .. I had two girls that I request always... they were always nice been there for years... then one day I come in and there both gone... I was shocked!!!! This corporation don't respect good talent or employee... now it's a joke in that salon... I will not go back nor will all my family.. Add comment

I went to Smart Styles in Bradford Ontario Canada. The hairdresser was very rough with me. She towel dried my hair very roughly, she brushed it roughly, I almost cried from the pain. She talked loudly with her coworker the entire time and this did not exactly result in a great hair cut for a good price. All in all it was a humiliating experience however I will have to go back since I am on a... Read more

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Purchased a 600.00 spa cover on 6/20/14. also purchased a spa cover holder that was received two days later. Notification came on 7/17/14 that it was sent out will "receive in 5-7 business days" On 7/25 called and left message no one called back waited until Monday and sent a very professional clear email, nonresponse, expect a computer generated note that resolved nothing. called on Tuesday 24... Read more

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I was happy with my nurse who did my procedure. The manager at the Pismo Beach branch was a bit and I'm sure she told my nurse to pressure me to change to a more expensive procedure. I agreed thus they owed me $450.00 for juvederm that I paid for but did not use. They would not give my money back and said it would be put back on my credit card in 6 weeks. It has not been credited to me after... Read more

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Went to the one on North Queen in Toronto, Canada. Lady was so lazy she didn't even get up off her chair to greet me and when asked a question regarding price, she was so ignorant almost like I had disturbed her. Needless to say after that kind of welcome I didn't stick around to have my hair cut. Won't be going back again! Add comment