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Advertising: AT SUPER CUTS WE PAY ATTENTION TO EVERY DETAIL SO YOU CAN LEAVE CLEAN AND READY TO GO. When Samantha she did more talking then pay attention to every detail. She was informed in how exactly to cut the hair.She cut the hair or personal property of the customer/consumer shorter then the customer wanted. California Penal Code:26. Those guilty of a crime not chargeable . (1) imbecilic... Read more

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I signed up for a 1yr membership so as that my membership ended july 24th of last month & i just got a call saying my acct. Is still going because i didnt go up there to sign a cancellation form. I was not aware of that & not i cant cancel my acct. Unless i pay for this month that i never needed.. please help Add comment

Great clips needs to look at the on-check-in policy. I was waiting with another customer for about 10 minutes when another person came in and jump to the head of the line because they check-in on-line. That is not right and because of this policy great clips lost a customer. I challenge great clip corporation to review this *** policy because not everyone can check-in on line. I will also try... Read more

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Went in for a was 2and1/2 in not a hair over 3/4 in long.feel like i am ready for boot camp.will never go back . Add comment

I tried this place a couple weeks ago for the first time. Not one but two employees talked trash on great clips. Today I took my roommate in so we could both get a haircut. When a different employee started talking trash on great clips, we walked out of there and went to great clips. We will never go back to sport clips again. Add comment

I loved my guy who I'd my hair!!!!! I did have wait three minutes longer than they said but they are people too, he did my hair perfect, I will never ever go to any other person again this kid is going places. Hamilton Ohio if I'm allowed to say his name I will Add comment

The manager in the Covina California is allowed to assault customers. If a customer acts in self defense. The Covina police will only take her side. They will arrest you. Then you get a public pretender. Plus fines and penalty fees and more and more money for just wanting a haircut. Why the city police with a shady past have a district attorney friend. The records clerk only got two years for... Read more

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Regal Nails - Review from Jamestown, New York
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I went to the regal nail salon in the vestal Walmart yesterday. And let me tell you, the 20 minutes wait was not worth what I had to go through. First of all my nail person "Lannie" put tips on my nails that were either too big or too small. She didn't size them to make sure they fit. She put the glue on and than picked a random tip and stuck it on. Next, she picked an ENORMOUS acrylic brush that... Read more

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I am from PA and was traveling for a friends wedding to chsrlotteville VA. I made an appt in early july for the day of the wedding and the lady said to come as soon as they opened at 10 am. I got there a little before and they never opened. I had to go and find another place at the last minute to do my hair. Then when i went back to the salon thst didnt open til almost 11 an hour after they were... Read more

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i went in for a color, i wanted ombre with red violet to blonde, i came out with red to black to ORANGE!!!! needless to say i will be going to an actual professional to get it fixed, and when i say fixed, i have already been told that i will have to have INCHES cut off!!!! my hair is to the middle of my back and it will end up shoulder length to get the FRIED hair cut off!!! this was the worst... Read more

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