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I went in to have my roots done and a little color put on the sides. She turned me salt and pepper, then gray, then orange and now I am light orange. I had blonde hair. I brought in a picture since she obviously forgot what I looked like when I walked in the salon. I am a teacher and wanted to have my roots done before graduation. I look awful and I was still charged $65.00 which I... Read more

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I went to Smart Style in Poteau, Oklahoma located inside Walmart. Amy was the stylist who cut my hair. I showed a picture of what I wanted & She did it completely different. She messed my hair up bad. Also, She was VERY rude. I didn't like her attitude at all. I must say, You're not suppose to treat your clients the way she did me! I am very upset with my hair and her attitude. Add comment

I went twice because the first lady couldn't do it and the second said she could well she didn't now it's messes up and I can't fix it Add comment

Anita smith is very rude to customers and her peers. Oh my and her cuts are horrible. Not here today.,so i could have courtney do my hair. What a difference. Add comment

Worst service ever. My husband and I just moved to this area, he needed a haircut so we used a coupon to try this place out. DELIA came over and rolled her eyes as soon as I showed her the coupon. She then started cutting his hair. I graduated from Cosmetology School and have my years in the business. I only let some one else cut his hair because my tools aren't set up yet due to the move. She... Read more

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I went to the new Surf City NC store. An older lady "cut" my hair. A simple #2 on the sides blended. She didn't blend the left side, the right side is a jagged line going up and down. Long hairs sticking out around my ears. I stood up and asked her, "does this look right?", she said no, I asked her if she was going to let me leave looking like this? She said sit back down, *** if Im going to do... Read more

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I ordered your set a year ago in the lavender scent. You sent me vanilla. I hate the smell of vanilla and called you. Instead of sending the lavender scent set, you send ONE bottle. I sent the vanilla set back and never got the complete set of lavender that I ordered and paid for. Then you send another set 6 weeks later and charge me 60.00. I still didn't get the 1st set I paid for. I called you... Read more

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I have blonde hair went to get my roots done she turned it salt and pepper and then she turned it grey and then she turned it dark orange and then she turned it light orange which is the color that I have now I'm a teacher and graduation is Friday night I am NOT happyI brought in a picture and I told her this is what color my hair was when I came in and it doesn't match the color that I am nowall... Read more

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I paid for several services that I did not receive and did not get my money back. Who do I contact to get my refund? Add comment

On May 20, 20, 2015, I arrived at 10am opening time at Prarieville Walmart. Salon doors were locked, store in darkness. Finally left at 10:20am because salon still was closed. A Walmart employee said unsurprisingly, "They must be running late." I will not return. Add comment

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