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I pondered whether or not to write this review. Most of the women are young with families and I don't want to do anything to hurt them but I do feel they were rude and somewhat incompetent. I've been to them probably 5-6 times in the last year or so. Except for one gal that I had once, they've all been what I would call quiet and rather standoffish. I went there because I could walk in. Anyway,... Read more

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My experience is more than 100 words. So i'll try 2 make it breif. I went in with long hair with intentions of coming out with long hair in a layered cut. After that unprofessio(nal female cut my hair off she said, oops I misunderstood you. If that werie the case she should not have put scissors on my hair. Mgmt never contacted me. I intend 2 go 2 court. HC needs to be shut down. I'm a senior who... Read more

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PLEASE BEWARE>>>>>> It's a scam!!!!!! Verona only made things worse...great results when I was going then WHAM......back to the beginning but worse........Also my purse was taken in the bathroom and no one admitted to it being stolen, I had to make a POLICE report............I got a statement in the mail for over $1500.00 when I had not even signed paperwork!!!!! Why is this... Read more

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DO NOT believe the positive comments about these spas in these reviews - they are posted by shady salespeople, not actual individuals. A lie from the beginning. Purchased a Twilight Series Master Spa at Ft. Worth Stock Show because the sleazy sales person told us the spa was "maintenance & chemical free" because of the magical filters & that it had a complete 10 year warranty. When it... Read more

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Worst experience I EVER HAD getting my nails and eyebrows done. The eyebrow/nail technician did not listen to anything I specially asked her to do. I had to ask over and over again to do my nail right! When it came down to it my nails still came out underneath my standards. Before we started my eyebrows, I told her my eyebrows are my life and she still messed them up. I told her not to thin, nice... Read more

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My "you are next" turned into over a half hour wait because I did not know about the app. Four others that used the app got taken when they came in after me. Should be still a short wait time for walk-ins as the sign outside says they are welcome. Wish the person that checked me in had told me that I would have to wait until any other online app users would have to stop coming in after me. Not... Read more

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False advertising to expensive ; not good quality hair; I was allergies to the glue. Wig matted up. Hair not fitted tight in net. Add comment

Great Clips wildflower court Temple,Tx OMG have you seen the manger what is this world coming to. She was rude did not cut my sons hair as the clip notes and told me I have your number and adress that was a threat . I ask to speak to someone above her she told me she was the owner . Terrible experience and would not recommend for anyone to go there . Add comment

I went in there wit my boyfriend. And the girls who work there was talking durty to my boyfriend and he told them to quit. So I came up and said something. There told me to F off. So we walked out. Sports clips Add comment

The lad forgot to line me up and when I asked her she told me well you didn't remember to tell me! And the haircut is crazy expensive. Defiantly finding somewhere else! Add comment