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This morning I received a usual text message that I receive in regards to a $3.00 spray tan. I love Zoom Tan's spray tans and have never had any issues. The text message I received said exactly this "$3 Thursday Sale at all Zoom Tans! All UV Tans for only $3 plus other $3 Spray Tan deals!" I drove to my local Zoom tan where I was greeted and I presented my text. The nice girl tried to find code... Read more

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So sorry you had this experience in our salon. We do offer a money back guarantee and also try to make sure everyone is happy with their service before leaving the salon. Add comment


Had the worst experience of my life at esthetiques spa. Had an appt with Lexis Herron to do a Brazilian wax. I've been getting Brazilian waxes for over 10 years. She was very messy and too fast. Entire process was about 12 minutes. I felt a little irritated when I left. When I got home I had to pee and almost came off the tolliet. I had burn skin in the creases of my *** and pulled skin on other... Read more

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I booked a time online and when I got there they told me it would be a 20 minute wait. Garbage. The whole reason for online check in is to get in and out quick. Add comment


Poor thing. I Understand your agony for some reason Hair Stylist love to chop hair. and they will convince you to cut it by telling you that the hair is like string just hanging and needs to be cut to give it volume. I have asked for Trimgiven a bob it's pathetic.I refuse at age 49 to let any hair stylist touch my hair with scissors I do it myself little trim pull it to the side and I'm better... Read more

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I was told I could cancel my membership when ever I wanted to. I asked the staff what date to come in by so I wasn't charged another months dues I didn't want to tan any longer. I came in and she said ooops they already deducted your dues at 3am this morning soooooo you can tan another month. I explained I didn't want another month and she was the same staff whom tokd me when to come in by?? ... Read more

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Every head of hair I received was dry, tangled consistently, matted when wet and was hard to manage. I put up with the poor hair, multiple stylists and false promises that the hair will be better 'the next time' for 5 years, but no more! The new manager is a *** as well. Then when I finally decided to leave, they claimed to want to remedy the situation, but my last shampoo left me looking like... Read more

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All of you *** go to a place were you know they charged 12 15 dollars and in top of that you motherfukers get a 5.99 coupons and expexting a 50 dollar hc, bunch of morons go suck a *** you *** low life welfarensurvivors and yes I work at great clips but im a good hairstylist and like all my coworkers everybody makes a mistake so please bunch of idiots shut up ur dirty *** mouth Add comment


I am a cancer survivor who has been growing their hair for several years and wanted to donate it to a charity. Great Clips came up on the Google search. So, I called the local shop here in New Richmond, WI and asked, "do you do hair donation haircuts?". After rephrasing my question several times in order to help our intellectually challenged phone answerer, sure responded, "Oh, I didn't... Read more

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Long story SHORT! This place is HORRIBLE!! The massages that we got were good but the management and front desk staff are absolutely TERRIBLE!! Rude, inconsiderate, liars, FRAUDULENT, etc., etc.! My brother bought massages for my mother and I back in February 2014 for our birthdays. We ended up moving so we froze our account but we STILL got charged that next month when they promised us we... Read more

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