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Sono Bello 's reply to:

Dear Jennwatts, We are sorry you have such a low opinion of us. We are absolutely committed to our patients' satisfaction, both with their experience and their results. Our physicians are dedicated to their patients and the results achieved. We aim to be transparent, and all of our doctors, including their curriculum vitaes, are posted on our website. Please contact us to discuss your individual... Read more

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Great Clips has a ridiculous policy which allows customers to check-in/booking of appointments for services. Customers who show up and are advised of unrealistic wait times, given that the computerized monitoring system preempts them when an online booker shows up for their appointment. A fifteen minute wait can turn into a forty-five minute (or more) wait for the customer who was physically... Read more

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I went into this place to talk about hair transplants because my hair was thinning in the front. Some how things got turned around and now I was being talked into this so called one by one weaving process which gets integrated into you own hair. This process is nothing more than a hair piece glued to your own hair. Not once was a hair piece mentioned, not even after my persistent questioning... Read more

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I wanted to use massage envy for a while because of the low price that they advertise. My sister purchased a gift card for me for my birthday for a 1 hour massage. The price of the massage was $52 with tax. I went to the ATM before hand and took out $20, thinking I could use $11/$12 for a tip (more than 20%) and I could use whats left over for lunch the next day. When I got to Massage Envy... Read more

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On December 27, 2011 I went to Massage Envy for a 2 hour massage.I have chronic migraines and upper back and neck pain so what should have been an appt of healing and relaxation was anything but that.The massage therapist at massage envy sexually assaulted me. I have been getting massages for the last 12 years at massage envy, cruise ships, resorts, ect. therefore this was not something that can... Read more

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Please don't trust Bosley they just shows you dreams and make you believe and they steal you money. They took my pictures before my surgery now i look bad hair on head then before i went Bosley. SFO Bosley charged me $9000 they said its guarantee . I visited 2 to 3 time to Bosley center every 5 months since they found they failed they started ignoring me . Its so painful i lost my $9000 and more... Read more

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Sono Bello 's reply to:

The vast majority of our patients have had great results with our Venus freeze offering. As this is a medical treatment each persons body can react differently with some getting more prounounced results than others as is discussed in our consent documents. That said we are committed to your results and would encourage you to reach out to us to discuss your experience further by contacting us at... Read more

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With Official Company Response

For those who reviewed this complaint had not purchased any kinds of Forever Flawless products, this would be the best time for you to know the facts and the painful lesson I have taken. For those who had purchased those and had severe allergy on your skin, I am deeply sorry for that and I had been through the same pain. Here is my experience with them. I am hoping that it would be able to reach... Read more

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I took my daughter to get her hair colored and highlighted for her 18th birthday at Smart Style in Walmart in Fenton, Michigan. She has had the exact same services there on 4 separate occassions and has been relatively pleased with the results. Although none of the total bills were ever the same, I accounted for this because of different stylist. They usually averaged about $70 each time. This... Read more

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All your doing is wasting your hard earned money on their products if you sign a contract with them. DON'T DO IT. Once you sign they have your money even if your NOT satisfied because they will tell you your only other option is surgery or more appointments with their hairdressers to keep from any refunds. They claim their products help regrow hair and the truth is their products are not any... Read more

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