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I decided while i was already at he mall id try Master Cuts Salon. 1st time I have been there and now the last time will I ever be a walk in. I walked with full head of hair & I walked out looking like I had just joined the army. My Scalp was showing on the sides with a divot patch of longer hair on the very top. The girl that cut my hair used the electric buzzer 90% and used a pair of... Read more

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On Saturday 1/24/2015 I took my son to First Choice Hair cutter in Swanton,Ohio for a hair cut and I told the lady that I like his hair to be cut around half an inch only. She started cutting his hair using the trimmer (in another words she gave him a buzz hair cut) she cut his hair so short that he kept crying all day long and refused to go to school on Monday because he was so embarrassed .... Read more

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I love my master spa. I read some comments on this website before I bought my master spa. After speaking with the sales guy about some good reviews and some bad reviews he told me that these reviews on here were a mixture of actual customers and some from competitors. I know that no body's perfect and you can't please everybody. He showed me master spas BBB which is an A plus rating. I've had my... Read more

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This place is a joke. Every time I walk into tan, I'm trying to get "sold" on lotions, goggles, upgrade my tan..... ive even been told they sell "Clinique" and "bare minerals" tanning lotions at TWO different salons which is a complete lie and a ploy to buy! Too thirsty for money & you can tell customer service (when I actually do need something or have a problem) is NOT number one for them. Add comment

I pre-paid approximately $2500 for various services. I arrived for my appointment one day to find the doors locked, and no one answered the local phones, customer service or corporate numbers. I researched online after several more attempts to contact the company to no avail, and discovered they had shut their doors due to "economic hardship." The owner of the company had previously owned Circuit... Read more

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this company does not know what they're talking about the customer service horrible Add comment

I called 4 hours in advance and made an appointment for a haircut and eyebrow wax. I arrived and the hairstylist was aloof to me and the appointment and stated no one had notified her she had an appointment, but I could have a seat. She finished with a customer then did my eyebrows. She then stated she had a perm on woman who was drying, and proceeded to shuffle me to her chair WITHOUT washing my... Read more

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She didn't listen to what I said at all, I said I wanted my hair long and layered(I showed her a picture also) I now look like a boy who just came off the streets!So pissed! Add comment

I tried the Dysport 5 times. Each time my experience was worse than before. I was told that this product lasted longer than Botox. Every Botox experience that I have had, has lasted 6 months with NO side effects. 1st time with Dysport, worked very little.Of course they wanted me to come back for a refresher, which came out of my pocket. Not sure why Originally I paid for the product and then was... Read more

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Horrible horrible worst experience ever for my 7 year old long straight hair all we wanted was 2 inches even ended up all screwed up uneven and had to chop off way more than I ever wanted took 2 difference people and 3 hours absolutely ridiculous the kept apoligizing and even said I guess I need more training" wow really??? More training doesn't give my baby her hair back more than dissapointed... Read more

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