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Ordered a product, AS SEEN ON TV promised delivery within a very reasonable timeframe. After the expected delivery date came and went I inquired about my order only to find out that the product is now on backorder. I emailed customer service twice without getting a response. I also tried to order the product again, just to find out what would happen, the website did not mention that the... Read more

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I have been with American Laser Skincare for at least 10 years. I have probably paid in excess of $12K for all of my treatment packages that I have had over the years (of course, none of them work; you have to go back and pay for additional treatments). I am now out $4K for new treatment packages that I just purchased in October of this year. I am going to attempt to contact Comenity Bank... Read more

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I too was ripped off by them. I have already paid by debit card l called to confirm my appt time for me to find out that they close .I'm now in middle of my treatment,who is going to complete this or refund our money. .? Also she was trying to sell me another package for $3,000 in Nov.2014. This company filed for Bankruptcy in 2011 and opened immediately under this new company name. It sounds... Read more

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This morning i went to bought breakfast,i buy one bread $0.90 and buy one milk $1.50 ,two thing total $2.40,i give cashier $10,then cashier refund me $6.60(actually must give back me $7.60),after that i go back talk to cashier,but cashier show me receipt said got return me $7.60,i argue to her a few minute,because i saw long ***,so i said never mind,never take back one dollar,and then be bullied... Read more

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Have been going to regal nails in easto ,columbus ohio for years an years have never had a bad experience . Jennifer and simon are just two of the techs and couldnt ask for better customer service Have always return Lind Nevil Add comment

Mac Cosmetics - Review from Bronx, New York
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I got my make up done at a mac store located at 202 west 125st. Two days later after getting my service develop a bacteria on my left cheek. I tell my self I should've walk away when I saw the make up artist passing around the same brushes she was using on me to her co wokers n back to her booth without being sanitize. It was in plain view not caring what they are transmitting from one client to... Read more

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I bought several packages and paid for them in full. Yesterday I drove from Chicago to Hinsdale for a treatment, and it was closed. I was irrate because no one had the courtesy to inform me that you were closed. I attempted several times to call, the message informed me that I would be transferred to the corporate office but I was disconnected three times. I need to know if I will be reimbursed... Read more

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I paid for 2 full packages of hair removal, supposed to be 6 sessions, I did 2 sessions only while I have already paid in full $3000. They are closed now and they don't pick up the phone. Worst service ever. Thieves. No refund and no alternative service Add comment

My trement was going on i am now in middle of my treatment now who is going to complete this or refund our money. .? Add comment

100% FULL

I was only maybe 15% through with my full body treatment package that my dad bought us for Christmas 2013 at a price of $4851.80. My dad paid the amount in full. He bought the full body package for my sister and I to share. I got the lower half and she got the upper. She didn't even have a chance to use her half. ALS owes us over $3,000! I have only been treated on my brazilian area 4 times and... Read more

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