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Worst bank in the world. Ran by kids i think; wanna be bankers with sloppy dress and no skills or intelligence. My money seems to dissapear, account gets frozen every time i make a large deposit and then i get returned checks and overdraft fees...when they are sitting on several thousand of my dollars. When you ask them to correct a mistake they say. " well, i can submit a request"....f#@k you... Read more

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I dread going to the hwy 96 JSC for my banking. The tellers are inconsistant with their attitude. Especially the middle aged woman with died shoulder length hair who is only friendly with young men. Its creepy. Ive had several encounters with her where she talked down to me. Add comment

I have had the bank for awhile now and every once in awhile i will have random overdrafts and fees. It's ridiculous! Add comment

Can not get a hold of customer serviceat chase. It ask for my social and acc # too connect than says it cant connect my call this is total ***. Add comment

chase employees are awful, rude and incompetent. me and my wife just spent over 4 weeks and it feels like 100's of hours of our time being transferred around and lied to. i don't think many of there employees even where paying any attention to what i was saying it was a waste of my time and theres. The where just wanting in till it was time to go home. MY request was a simple information request... Read more

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This is the worst bank in America ! They steal your money and tell you lies and never correct what problems they missed up on ! Ibc south penn Okc sucks!! Add comment

Humble Woodforest National Bank that is managed by Benny Austria. I sent an employee to make a deposit and change order, but the teller made a mistake by depositing the change order. I went back to the branch to correct the mistake that was no big deal until the manager felt it was important to have his defend able position. I told the manager several time that I just what the change order and... Read more

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Once again i DID NOT get my money a day early with direct deposit as guaranteed. Add comment

My disabled & had an doctors appointment out if state so I booked a airline flight that Wells Fargo put a card hold on the fare. It nullified my confirmation number yet the Wella Fargo state it payed United Airlines. No I've no flight reservations to my doctors & am missing $400. Add comment

Where do I start? I was supposed to have a safety deposit box; the key broke in the boxes lock (luckily the employee was unlocking it not me). I checked back the next day as I said, they said the tech hadn't been there, repeat several days later, several weeks later. Then they said I no longer had a box there. After three years, they mailed me a key with a nasty later saying they wouldn't hold... Read more

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