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Canada trust on Tecumseh road and aubin in windsor Ontario. This lady who works there is very unprofessional!!!! I tried to withdraw sum money an she asked me where my money came from!wtf an also y I needed much.I never been so harassed before an is it even legal to do that Add comment

Their delay tactics are horrifying!!!!!!!!Beneficiaries for inherited IRA's still waiting after months!!!!!!!!!! The executive office is useless. They take the info and run. Makes me very unsettled that there are people out there with our money that falsify and lead us in the wrong direction for their profit and just because they can! There are 6 of us madder than h*** I'm taking my money out... Read more

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I've been with Regions a little over a year, and I have had nothing but problems. One thing they do not tell you is Regions is NOT a zero liability bank. I was robbed earlier this month and I had the police report to back up my claim, and it took them 3 WEEKS to investigate and refund my money. Mind you, when I realized I'd been robbed, I immediately called the bank to have my cards canceled. I... Read more

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I'm very upset with customer service for not attempting to waive my overdraft fee so I'm going to consider finding new bank here's my email My name is William Gwen Add comment


We had a loan with them. When we asked for a pay off amount. They had to send it by mail. We waited 17 days for our letter for payoff. The payoff was for 6 days earlier. We had to pay extra in hope it was enough. We over paid them $12 over. I figured it cost us about $72.00 more,because we had to account for the 6 days and the 3-5 days it took for our check to reach them. Probably could have save... Read more

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I have had my commerce accounts for almost 7 years. I have always been pleased until I found out that I was being taken advantage of and that Commerce was stealing my money for over 6 months. I left Bank of America for a similar reason many years ago. Because I have such a long relationship with Commerce, I am trying to resolve this issue with Commerce before removing all of my accounts and... Read more

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Discover Bank is meaner than the IRS. Even our federal tax agency gives us a break when it comes to weekends and federal holidays as to when our income tax payment is considered late. As we older, conservative savers know very well, interest rates on savings have been paltry since the democrats decided to control the financial markets. Many of us have been driven to Internet banking companies... Read more

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A banker that raises her voice and screams at her customers. While trying to open an account, I was was offered: 1. zero eye contact 2. staring at her phone the whole time 3. getting frustrated with veins coming out of her head 4. yelling at the top of her longs 5. treating me like a child / lecturing me on bank etiquete 6. not saying hello, not saying goodbye 7. taking your money, making the... Read more

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I went to the Bennettsville SC branch yesterday, Oct. 22nd to cash a check and one of your tellers there was very rude to me, and acted like a smart butt. Her name tag said Dawn Bilsky, she had blonde hair. I was thinking of opening up a business account there, but i'm not to sure abt that now. I still may do so, i wish someone would speak to this teller abt here bad attitude. I have been getting... Read more

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Contacted by credit collector stating i owe for a GE Money Bank card, but no one can tell me where the bill started... Add comment