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I had an account with GE aka Care Credit. It's a medical financing when I had dental work. It is legit. I paid more than what I suppose to pay so they gave me back the difference. Relax people it's not a scam. Just cash the check and pick up some groceries and fill up the gas tank. Add comment

That Bank Use customers just to get your money DO NOT OPEN ACCOUNTS Add comment

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  • PNC Bank
  • 17 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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Second time ive seen all my accounts at zero balance...both times were in the early morning hours, and it went back to normal...but what if i needed money for an emergency...then what? I cant get to my money? Pretty crappy on PNCs behalf, nor have i ever received and explanation Add comment

This bank was the cause of the errors on my account, then refused to waive the numerous fees on my account. I reported them to the BBB today and I'm currently in talks with an attorney to take my case to small claims court. I'm speaking with different media outlets to get the word out about this bank and every single time I see them trying to get someone to sign up I make sure to stop them before... Read more

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they suck, so much is wrong. I spent hours at the bank today and the issue was still not resolved! I do not want to waist anymore time with them. If I were to sit here and type all the things that have gone wrong just today I would be here for two more hours. They Suck! what they are doing should be illegal and probably is. I have been with them for over 8 years. I have a business account and... Read more

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Greedy Wells Fargo. They charge 15.00 dollars for depositing funds through wire transfer. Add comment

Told me to go to Western Union and they would wire money set up payments good interest rate had to put $160.00 on a PREPAID card for their wire fee then 10 minutes loan amount wired yeah right LOOONG 10 min Apparently they get on line and see who needs money get their info and you are a target Prey on your needs how can you stop these people many people lose lots all the time They... Read more

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I was charged outrageous fees. Had my account type changed without my knowing. Awful customer service. Add comment

Extremely rude and condescending bank. I have cashed plenty of checks with my fiancé's name on it. I went through the drive through yesterday and was told that he just needed to sign the back. I returned the next day and then was then told that he needed to be with me. I told them I was told that he just needed to sign it, and they continued to give me trouble. Even though I have had an account... Read more

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Ok. Im a fort sill national bank customer. This month i used my debit card to purchase some online game credits for an online game i play. Around $100 worth of credits. Yesterday i noticed a large sum of the credits i purchased had simply disappeared. I contacted the website i purchased the credits through and they totally blew me off. So i let them know i would simply do a charge back. Within... Read more

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