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My auto loan was late BMO repossessed my car on a Tuesday. I got to work Tuesday morning paid the amount due online before they opened. Called and they said I had to wire another 400$ cash. For collection fees and repo. So I did I overnighted it which was another 30$, still would not release my car then said I had to send the original amount I paid online by cash they wouldn't accept the online... Read more

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I have purchased items using ge credit got charged late fees $35 then interest numerous times. I want to look into signing up for a claim against them my email is: jna5443 thankyou I await a reply Add comment

I recently wanted to renew a loan that I had. I had a CD that I was using as collateral against the loan that was exactly the same amount as what the loan was going to be for. I was informed when I got the original loan that due to my unique circumstances that this would be the only way the bank would probably loan to me in the future. I understood and so I went ahead with it. When I decided to... Read more

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I have banked at Chase for nearly 10 years and every subsequent year it seems to get worse! I won't get into issues of the past, but here is my current complaint with the company: I have been unemployed for around 5 months. I have handled some small business matters through my account since then but my activity has dropped drastically. I do however log into my account profile frequently. Well,... Read more

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I have been a Citibank customer for nearly 16 years, and yet have unfortunately had as many awful experiences as I have spent years with the bank. Most recently, my debit card has been completely blocked, not allowing me to access any money - at all - unless I report to some local branch in the United States, a very large obstacle for me as I currently am living in Pakistan. Let me begin... On... Read more

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A merchant inappropriately charged $326 on my SunTrust credit card. I disputed the charge with the bank. They told me to contact the merchant, which I did. The merchant never responded and after some 90 days SunTrust tells me they will not even reconsider my claim, even though the merchant never responded to the bank. I don't believe the bank ever started an investigation. They took too long... Read more

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Wels Fargo has taken over for great western retirement. In 2013 I had default on a loan from retirement plan. Paid my tax penalty to irs. This Fargo bank taking money out of checking. Add comment

I used to work here and I must say the lack of confidentiality with customer information is ridiculous. The teller manager herself would leave customer information out at night unlocked. It was ridiculous. Names, phone numbers, and account information out for anyone to see or take. Management also didn't follow any directives whatsoever. They left customers drivers license information in an... Read more

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I'm do mad we have had a business acct for 20 years. And it. Has mine and my x s name it and when we spit up he hAS the acct..and I have a new acct. And had to pay him some money after we spit I had to write him 2 checks a week for 8 weeks and the closed his acct the said it looked like fraud....the could of ask first... Thank you boa... Add comment

1st delivery Bank opened two hours late for snow they missed delivery supposedly. My personal delivery agent didn't run that day. 2nd day Rude person at the terminal said it was "probably" on the truck for redelivery. Truck NEVER came to the bank for overnight delivery or ANY delivery. Now still waiting for my overnight delivery which now will not be delivered until Monday. Bank not open on... Read more

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