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Your bank just charged me $7.50 to cash a check written on YOUR banks check...then they asked if I'd like to open an account with the money. I said "NO, your paper is SO expensive that I need to pay $7.50 per check, so you can buy more? No thanks... I try not to associate with organized crime. Lousy thieves. I would NEVER recommend or use your bank again. Look in a mirror, because YOU are what's... Read more

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  • IBC Bank
  • 15 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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I am so tired of the Ibc bank downtown they are tooooo slow have only one person as a teller for inside and out while 3 are just sitting down and one that is pregnant is on her phone texting whatever happen to costomer serves. Well I had to go to Ibc at heb omg! They had 4 persons and the managers where helping as well...they should close the one down town its a waste of pay Add comment

Recording requested my credit card number and last four ofy social. I gave that info several times. It was not accepted. Fi ally I was placed on hold for almost half hour. Customer service rep Tamera #76657 answered my call & said she must transfer me to another dept & there would be another long wait. I had told her how long I waited already. I asked her to ask Supv to expedite my call.... Read more

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For the black gentleman..I'm white and had same problem..It's not the color of your skin. They made me get a money order then come back to make the deposit in my own daughter's account then closed her account the next day after telling me her funds would be available the next morn..My daughter was in tears Bc they claim she'd only had the acc open for two weeks and the deposit I made was... Read more

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100% FULL

DO not use them please. they have people in another country so they can pay low wages for inapt people . they can do what they want with your credit and you can not undo the damage without pulling out your hair. Now to my story on this online crook they call chase bank . They say we opened an account online and transferred three hundred dollars to a citi bank card ,then for eight or nine months... Read more

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chase said they sent me a credit card with 6000$ limit ,and did a 300$ transfer to a citi card they never got any transfer, and chase sent the bills to a address where we never lived. They are crooks they know this was a fraud but because it happened in house they say it is my problem . Well we can only advise not to ever use this bank .They will stick it to you ever chance they can .We have... Read more

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I a in Brazil and checked my accounts online Only my savings is listed what happened to my checking account and the money that was in it??? I call hsbc usa 800# and a Philipines call center answered I spoke to three different individuals 1st didn't get a name because she immediately transferred me to someone else 2nd Monique ID # 20291 put me on hold endlessly when i asked to speak to a... Read more

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They are constantly charging me overdraft fees - wrongfully. I finally got sick of it and told the I am not paying their overdraft fees this time. I said I have the service where they're just suposed to decline my card. They were extremely rude and said they'd give me bad credit then. I tod the two people I spoke with I would write in a complaint about this. So they actually changed my... Read more

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We opened a checking and savings account over a week ago, told the system was down while we were there and a temporary debit card could not be issued at that time and that we would have to come back in (okay, I guess I can do this) it turns out, NOTHING was put into the system so that we could get permanent debit cards, both of our cell phone #'s were incorrect, no cards or checks being... Read more

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When I tried to withdraw money the atm said invalid pin. I did not put the wrong in. Then when I still could figure out the problem I called. The system locked me out for 24 hours and didn't even tell me. It seems like something that could be mentioned at the atm or phone call. There was nothing the banker, who could have care less, could do. She continued to tell me if I didn't know my pin I... Read more

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