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Bank manager was rude and belittle me because i asked one question....Why do you only have one teller on a Friday....She accused me of disturbing the other people in line because i said they have no tellers to wait on this line.She needs to be fired for poor customer service. Add comment

Roger, the bank manager, is liar and is very unethical! He tried to make it out to be our fault, even after proving to him to that it was partly our fault (and we accepted responsibility for it) and the rest was clearly his fault, and his bankers fault. He agreed to do something and then went back on his word as soon as we did our part! Mysteriously there was some new issue that conveniently... Read more

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I responded to a mail flyer I received for a $200 promotion reward that they would give me if I opened a new checking account with Fifth Third Bank. I called the 800-number on the flyer and talked at length with a representative who established my checking account and assured me that I would have my $200 reward after I established direct deposit to my new account. I established DD in February... Read more

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Wells Fargo must test their customer service reps to ensure they have no integrity and that they are complete morons, because I talked to 8 different reps tonight and every one of them gave me a different story and were incapable of doing anything to help. We called 4 weeks ago to question a charge on my 15 yr old son's debit card. Before we knew it, they cancelled the debit and credited the... Read more

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  • PNC Bank
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I will never never deal with pnc bank again told them that been with them since 1987 and a screwed me over big time froze my bank account with over 2000. In account all my money they left me pennyless ! Then charged me 100. To freeze it had to pay a lawyer to deal with this f******up bank. Later pnc you lost a good customer! Add comment

Account closed after unable to validate one of the 3 checks that were in the first deposit with bank of America due to privacy practices, and unable to verify the writer of the check by phone, it was written by my mom!? She has a chase account, so as strange as it may be, her info should be in the system. Nobody asked me if I wanted the account closed, closed it due to inactivity after 10 days??... Read more

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I actually went to court with my attorney and thought it was settled amicably. I made my payments religiously every month. When I called the Court Department I was informed that my case is still opened because payments were stopped (not by me) and payments were returned (not to me). I only found this out because I was getting prequalified for a mortgage loan. HSBC Nevada is the only one who can... Read more

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Paid off my ride and got a letter from Eagle Mark informing me that if a release of the lien was not enclosed contact ur state licensing. I called Eaglerock and asked for a release of the lien be sent to me. Any bank I ever had a loan with sends me a satisfaction of lien, satisfaction of mortgage. This bank refused to send one to me....They put me on hold and I hung up after 30 minutes. I wish... Read more

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IBC Bank - Review about Account Access from Santee, California
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Check this out, giving me access to other company accounts. And then check out the response email I recieve from them when I file a complaint. Yes sorry *** bank. This is 2 problems out of 37 with ibc business. Any good lawyers out there that handle bank theives, I would like to get alot of my money back that turned into ghosts. Read more

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had account for 8 years to transfer funds to my commerce credit card only. In the fall they snuck in some statement- which I am paperless and do not receive that they are changing the account to a type that charges 8 dollars a month in fees and was not optional, when they had another free account that would have worked and been like the one I had. I didn't "catch" them until April's fees and they... Read more

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