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Yesterday a customer wrote me a check in the amount of $10000 to buy equipment for them. This is the first time I had received a check from this customer. My credit union wanted to put a hold on it for 4 days citing my. Balance was less than the check. My business bank had a two day hold after verifying funds... and suggested I just go to Regions bank and convert it to a bank official check.... Read more

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I'd like to comment of one of your employees she worked at the jewel TCF Bank at Narragansett and Irving in Chicago Illinois the time was about 9:30 a.m. the date was 10/8/ 15 I'm sorry i didnt get her name your name she was courteous very nice I think was Hispanic had braces very attractive very courteous and polite please commend this employee and your manager at that branch of the bank that's... Read more

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ions seem such as such quite a lot, and its all to easy to get trapped in this emotion about auction.Detail is, auction internet sites like Amazon and Ubid at the moment are saturated utilizing buyers AS WELL AS sellers, so practically any discount noticed is easily sought just by re-distributors who adding their own markups to your purchase.The on the internet marketplace features enough people... Read more

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I went to deposit a large sum of CASH (not a check to where it had to clear) but hard cold CASH into my adult son's bank account. Since I did not have an account with PNC, they would not even let me DEPOSIT the CASH. I wasn't withdrawing, just depositing. Treating me this way, you really think I would ever be a customer of PNC! Heck NO!!! Terrible customer service. My son has since moved his... Read more

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I have had a bank account with them for 4 years and they have been good up until the last month or so and their customer service has gone down the drain. I would recommend going somewhere else this place is a joke and will rip you off and not blink twice instead of getting on 34 overdraft charge they made it so they can charge me three 34 charges... scam artists PEOPLE STAY AWAY Add comment

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I am involved in the soft launch of digital bank india, whats is this nonsense app dbs is trying to push out on the market.. so full of bugs, nothing works, I will never use this! Add comment

I contacted Bank of America to try to refinance a loan because I have worked with them in the past with pretty good success. I contacted them again and was sent to Marci White, a loan officer. This loan officer will not return my emails or phone calls. Worst loan officer ever!!! I have tried to contact her by phone on several occasions and also by email on 3 occasions. She is probably the... Read more

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Submitted claim for cyberspace theft the Union Bank failed to protect account and allowed to go through, bank denied claim because vendor had record of my name address and email but failed to thoroughly investigate the charges for proof of 2 smart talk phone plans being delivered to me. Union Bank and the Vendor would not provide me with documentation of product being delivered to me and stated... Read more

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Worst bank i ever used i had 2 charges on my account that wasnt me they wouldnt dispute them instead they closed my account Add comment

Fort Sill National Bank is a horrible bank. Opened my account so i could cash my workers comp checks and also to get a loan because my daughter passed away and i needed a bank account for the loan, just because my account was new and the loan was in someone elses name with their knowledge the bank closed my account sent back the loan deposit now im not able to pay on my daughters funeral expense... Read more

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