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800 599 2346...constantly called. Why? In consoldation credit program. Add comment

Just opened up an account.. Now I can't access mobile banking Go figure.. Add comment

This place sucks I had to wait for over and hour to make a payment. They fired all there tellers and put in computers. What a *** up bank. They don't care about there customers Add comment

My debit card got stuck in an ATM at a Bank of America, not my personal bank, my bank is only in Vermont. I went to a drive up window and my card wasn't sucked up by the machine, it just got stuck in the slot. I went inside to ask them for assistance with retrieving my card and they quickly responded there was nothing they could do for me since I was not a member of their bank. I am leaving for... Read more

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I filed an application for a home equity line of credit I was told 12 times it would close today this started 7-3-15 they lost my trust papers 5 times even the day after i closed they called and asked for the trust papers I told them you have 5 copies already and I already signed all the closeing documents this went on untill 3-28-15 then they funded the loan 2 days after it was funded I called... Read more

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Huntington has the worst customer service. I want to warn everyone not to ever use them for any type of banking. When I had funds in my account to pay my bills it shows the fund were taken out for the transaction. They then tell me that they didn't process the payments until Monady which caused me to overdraft and now my account is negative $200.00 Add comment

Back in May of this year, I received a letter from Nationwide Bank that stated they had turned down a checking acccount in my name due to failing to authenticate my identity. I have credit freezes on all three of my credit bureaus and list specific instructions on my bureaus to require copies of my social security card and driver's license when issuing credit. The woman that I initially spoke to... Read more

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I tried to make a payment online this past weekend for my auto loan and the website told me twice that I need to call the customer service hotline... And my payment could not be processed at the same time... So I called this supposed 24/7 hotline and imagine my surprise when it says hours are only Monday thru Friday..... But than it gets better... I figure I'll covered myself and just send a... Read more

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I'm trying to run a business with employees and every time I deposit a contract check from Washington University of St. Louis., they put a hold on it. Even after having the *** account for months!! Every customer service rep I talk to tells me different information as to when my funds will be available. I wrote a check Based on thus information and it got returned because they had a hold on my... Read more

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