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I recieved a check from my customer and went to your branch on mofet rd semms alabama and they refused to cash it. I would like to know what the problem is with this branch. I have no problem when I go to the branch in daphne alabama. I am going to have to refuse to accept checks from your customers. My phone # is 228-355-1045 my nameis Joy Wilhelm Add comment

I logged on to the Regions site and "Regions" detected malware on my computer. They blocked/froze all my accounts without advising me. I found out when I tried to log in a week later to get my balances to pay my credit cards. I could not log in. After speaking to 3 representatives they advised me that the accounts were blocked and that all my accounts had to be closed and re-opened with different... Read more

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It happened to me too. I had $46K, then it went down to $43,900. This was suppose to gain e approximately $2,000 a year-Well its been 18 months and I have only made a couple hundred. The only one that wins is CHASE. I am unemployed and disabled from full time work. I am so tired of these institutions screwing us. This tired dude would not talk to me after a couple months-He is gone now to anther... Read more

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A friend left the country and had still some money on her account. I was coming into the US and needed the $ so we exchanged $ in the US and euro in France. I opened my account at chase and deposit the first check. They take the money and block my account claiming the check might be fraud and they can't verify it. They don't want to send back the money to the maker's accout eiter Conclusion :... Read more

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This bank is slow and sloppy. It seems like the entire staff is uneducated and low class. There is no such thing as a smile at JSC. They do not own up to their mistakes and only work with you if you meet them 95% of the way. Theyre are surpise fees at every corner. I hate this bank with a burning, bleeding, passion and plan on switching to any other bank that is not JSC, A.S.A.P. I strongly... Read more

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Sign up for app and wanted payment taken out of checking on the 15th since mortgage is on the 1st. First payment on the loan comes out on the 30th. called cus.service (took forever to get connected to the right person) and was told that the loan could be 15 days late. Told to go into site and change info. which I did. Told 2 payment before change. Get a letter stating they have the wrong... Read more

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I keep getting charged for 5 dollar fees. I opened the account and was told that the way to avoid it each month was to -have Direct diposit(My company doesn't offer it) - Have at least 200$ in the account at all times(I don't even make enough money to do that) - Use my card 5 times of 5 dollars each. I did that this month, and I STILL got charged 5 dollars. What the F gives?! I'm closing my... Read more

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I received a credit card in the mail, which I never applied for. I put it aside until I decided if I wanted it or not. Then billing statements started coming. Then I received a voice mail from the company to return call. My mother recently passed so I forgot about it. Until I received a delinquent letter stating I owed $30. I called and said I didn't apply for the card nor had activated it. She... Read more

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Same problem here. Card didn't work and was supposedly reported stolen April 2014. I had provided my contact info on one call, and then on a 2nd call they told me I (they named me) reported it stolen when I never did. Got hung up on when I calmly continued asking questions on a brief call. Then called again and immediately asked for a manager--surprise, a supervisor happened to answer my call.... Read more

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I have 4 accounts with Regions Bank in Clarksville,Tennessee. The reason for my complaint is because, I got a NSF notice form the bank and a call form Life Care of Sparta,Tn. I had a returned check and additional returned check fees that needed to be paid to Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo is the banks that Life Cares banks with..I made took 300.00 out of one of the checking account. I told the... Read more

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