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The lease buyout at lease end was $2500 more than the residual used to calculate payments. I just discovered this item slipped into my contract. Had someone informed me of this, I would never have made the lease. On one hand perhaps it forces you to re-lease. On the other hand, I have paid $2500 more over the course of the lease than I should have. Think about it. A car costing $20,000 can... Read more

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I made a Hertz reservation for a one-way rental from Washington DC to Cumberland Md in September 2014. It was the first time I had ever rented a car. When I dropped the car off at the specified time in Cumberland, the Hertz representative said, "We don't give written receipts, we email them to you." A week later, I received a letter from Hertz Vehicle Control that the car I had rented was... Read more

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Got behind due to health reason signed an extension for 2 months worth of payments keeping current have sept receipt and they show up in october repo car at 10pm at night and car wasn't here they tried to open my door . Highly pissed . Add comment


I visited the Valvoline Instant Oil Change in Northern Cincinnati. I ordered a transmission fluid exchange. They only exchanged 7 quarts when they should have exchanged 11.3 quarts plus additional fluid exchange to clean out gear box, pan, tubes, etc. I called several other Valvoline locations, and they said I was correct even though this manager kept denying. Check your owner's manual to see... Read more

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July 15, 2014 went to Kaahumanu Sears Center to change the oil. They never filled it all the way up. Beginning of October the Maintenance Required light came up n I was wondering why. I took my car to Walmart Auto n they told me that the Maintenance Required Light turned on its because the oil is really really low. I told them that Sears changed my oil the last time n they said "yeah Sears didn't... Read more

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2014 Wrangler Polar satellite radio continually cuts out. Dealership person says it's Jeep-wide and the company is trying to figure it out. Any advice. Is this true? This is of the satellite radio has several problems. Nav system is totally messed up. It bops in and out. I use my own portable in the vehicle to bypass the problems. Absolutely no problems with the portable and satellite... Read more

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The auto finance guy chats up the importance of the peace of mind a vehicle service contract will bring. So you buy a Zurich "power train" warranty that covers the engine and transmission ... great. But when the transmission goes, surprise! There goes your high-priced peace of mind: They won't pay because the damage to the covered part was was caused by a non-covered part (a broken seal) even... Read more

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I was felt as if i were lied to about the whole process of the car They sold me a toyota camry 2012 for $$27,000. My payments were 588$, I put down 3500 for my trade in and additional 1000$ in payments until its fully paid. I WAS TOLD AFTER NUMEROUS QUESTIONS ON WHY MY PAYMENTS WERE SO HIGH . I WAS TOLD I HAD A FULLY LOADED VECHILE WHICH WAS A LIE..... I WAS TOLD IF I CALL MY BANK THEY WOULD... Read more

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Do not ever buy any car or get any service repairs done....On the wast sahara store mike and james fixed my daughter csr a day latr thee engine started smoking and caught on channel news 12 they will have investigators look into it...They said it was a very serious matter. Add comment


My daughter purchased a vehicle Chrysler 2010 that I believe was a lemon car about 6 months ago....its been in and out of the shop numerous of times....they stopped giving her kept messing her vehicle up worse they sent it to chapman...she got it back....engine and oil light came on....would only go 20 miles an hour....engine started smoking...then stopped on us I jumped out...carmax... Read more

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