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I'm here at the store 3409 in Waukegan iL I think she is the store manager she come by the door at 7:35 I ask here You gonna open the store and she respond in 10 minutes so I say you spouse to be open at 7:30 am and she said now I gonna keep you waiting 10 more minutes I said wow what kind a person do that your customer are waiting in the morning like my self have to go to work and we have to... Read more

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I've tried to talk to the service department in calera Alabama for six. Consecutive days, and all I can get is a recording. ..please leave your message. ....they will not reply. camping world, Your communications program is broken! Add comment

Our Salesman Gerry is a little slow, and sometimes does not at all return phone calls. He was off on the day of the walk around, which I feel is poor planning on his part. Charlene in Finance, and her team, went above and beyond to ensure all our paperwork was ready to go in an expedited manner. Charlene follows up fairly quickly, usually within 24 hours, and generally has good information to... Read more

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I was charged twice for delivery. I tried to contact Bongo through the web site but the help function is useless and does not give you any information how to do this online. The online demo gives instructions which are not accurate. I eventually had to ring this company on an international line as I am an international shipper and was given an email address that I should write to. Guess what? -... Read more

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I had a liquid roof placed on my rv. They told me it would last 10 years. 2years later they want to replace my roof at a cost of 8,000.00. Add comment

I already knew my car was going to get repossessed and I called capital one to see if they can give me some time to make a payment. A collector named Taii or Tae that's the name he gave me. Right away he told me to check outside my home and see if there's a tow truck and I said no then he goes on to say well there should be one right there pretty soon and I said I'm not home and he says they'll... Read more

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This the absolute worst credit building car company I've ever dealt with. I've been to the point where I want to give them back their *** *** car. Not only has the car given me issues, but the customer service is ***. My payment was never received, call my phone umpteen timesaver day. Sometimes, I would let the call just to keep tally on the calls. Add comment

On Thursday May 29th my 23 year old son took his car to Calvert Xpress on Hampton in St. Louis he had his brakes worked on when he picked up his car he pull off the lot had no brakes and was almost killed in a car wreck. The manager of this unit thought it was funny I almost lost my son this is a Mickey Mouse shop and I will never return and they better be footing my billl . Never take your car... Read more

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Power lock quit working several years ago after warranty expired Now it will cost me more than $600 to fix the problem. As a matter of interest, there is only one key entry access to this auto. Many my friends are having the same problems with their General Motors cars. Also, on recalls, GM dealers are reluctant to take in your car for repairs . Some Dealers simply will not return the messages I... Read more

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Only good response they have are from dealers wich is advertising spam Only the car dealers are satisfied... Not us customers...di not do busyness with them. Add comment

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