Anyone filing a claim with an insurance company that uses CCC Valuescope (and most do) beware. The insurance company predetermines how much they are willing to pay you and their valuation company provides the documentation to support it. Be very careful when reading the valuation report - they will lie about standard options, they will lowball mileage adjustments and just about any other dirty tactic they think they can get away with. My... Read more

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Hello, Although I will not state my name, I am an ex customer service representative for Baja Motorsports in which I was employed for 2 years before leaving the company due to "bad business". I can only begin to explain how cheap the parts are on the units, and that its just a matter of hours, if not days until they break or become inopperable. Atleast 85% of the parts we order are either on back order or are discontinued and we are... Read more

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If you have a Nissan Murano and have had trouble with the transfer case cracking or failed....please go and respond to this poll!! We need to stand together to make Nissan admit that their transfer cases are faulty and should be recalled! Transfer case poll on On March 2, 2011, my Murano started making a strange clicking noise under the hood. It... Read more

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The following is what I consider an interesting story that exposes some failings within the Ford Worldwide organisation. If, after reading this story, you would like further details please feel free to contact me either by email: or phone 0033557642745. Regards Keith Ross 34 rue de la Tuilerie 33390 Berson France WHAT DO VOLKSWAGEN & FORD HAVE IN COMMON? THEY BOTH TELL LIES The following are some of the words I have used to... Read more

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1995 Nissan XE extended cab garaged over entire lifetime. Called Nissan customer service file # 635 0747 with Marcus. I cannot get a return call from customer service. I expect Nissan would cover the rust problem under their lifetime warranty for rust. I need a return call.Nissan has had a large number of frame rust problems around the years 1993-1997. I am first and only owner of the vehicle and therefore would have expected a recall or at a... Read more

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Justice for Karen! PLEASE FRIENDS SHARE ! Here are the Facts: Chrysler Corp. will not stand up for their Vehicles! I have a 2008 Chrysler T&C purchased on May 18, 2008 In 2008 I purchased a Chrysler Town and Country . Chrysler's Cry for Help!, for business. We all remember the bankruptcy and what Chrysler was going through. 1) My husband and I put off purchasing my VW CC Sport to help and do our American duty to purchase a Chrysler T... Read more

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I have a 2006 Chevy HHR LS and the interior door handle broke off yesterday. To replace this I was informed that you have to spend $300+ to buy the whole door pannel. This should be a recall as it is a fire/accident hazard. If my car was to catch on fire I would have trouble getting out, the same with accidents. Hopefully that never happens but this is a life threatening concern. If this did happen I believe my family would be sueing GM.... Read more

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Greetings, We apologize for any repair issues you have experienced with your vehicle. It’s never our intention to sell a vehicle with a timing belt issue. The limited vehicle coverage plan covers many costly repairs, but does not cover all repairs. Given that these are used vehicles it is difficult to determine when a particular component may fail. Also, depending on the miles driven while you had the vehicle, these repairs could be the result... Read more

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My car is financed through Santander. I have been unemployed since December 2008. I have managed to make all my car payments until now. I called Santander and let them know that I might be running into some problems making payments because my unemployment was running out. I was told there was nothing they could do.I find it very hard to believe that a company would not try to help a customer try to avert a problem. But not this company.... Read more

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Before buying a Autosave warranty for your vehicle take there contract to your mechanic and ask him or her to read it over you will find like I did the hard way that they mostly only cover what are called "hard parts " parts that don`t normally fail. Although there adds state they cover your motor and transmission if it should fail, but there contract most of the time gives them a way out and they take it. Times are tough enough don`t... Read more

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