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Worse company ever!! I fell behind because I had a health issue I called to make arrangements and I made the majority of my payment and they still took my car and won't give me back my items in the car!!! I'm hiring a lawyer because this company needs to shut down!! Add comment

I tried to submit an unfavorable review on Pep Boys' web site and regardless of how I changed it to be less harsh, they still would not accept it. Even when the Review was strictly factual, the rejections kept coming. What kind of company accepts only favorable write ups? What kind of company disallows any criticisms? I can understand a company trying to protect their reputation, but when they... Read more

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This is my 7th time using my larado travel trailer and my fridge is not working right. Took 2 days to cool. My ac units are experencing surges. My recliner doesn't recline. *** of a job keystone!!! I'm retired marine corps. I'll be driving this piece of *** back to the dealership!!! And the toilet backed up after using the tank washer! !!! Add comment

100% FULL

I requested a report for $1 and I got a few extra charges of .09 cents for optional services (x5). Then, when I received the credit card statement (paperless billing) a few months later, as I don't check my emails frequently, I noticed the .09 charges five times, plus an $18.95 charge from January 2015 to June 2015. I had to call my credit card company to block the payments. I phoned and they... Read more

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Jacob Janowski the operations manager at Naperville, IL is a very deceitful person allowing cars that are unsafe or previously wrecked to be sold. He makes the technicians and body shop patch these cars up and hide the damage. Carmax keep changing their standards and now sell cars with accident damage they wouldn't previously sell in the past under old standards. Everything they do is aimed at... Read more

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Turns out your research is inaccurate. I looked into this and called Capital Reman Exchange last week. Mr. Bendever isn't employed with the company. He was there in a consulting capacity for two months and as of April he is no longer with this company nor is his spouse Lilie. Lilie was listed as one of the initial 3 owners but the current owners of the company are Brian Byrne and Brain Pfister. I... Read more

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Speedco in Conley GA just outside of Atlanta is absolutely one of the worst businesses period. Pulled in to get a simple PM because I seen two of the three bays empty. They told me they were only working out of one bay because of man power. I counted 10 technicians and 5 of them were in a group just talking and smoking for a hour doing nothing. Will never use Speedco again! Add comment

Reading the comments here is very interesting, I've purchased and sold 2 vehicles at Carmax in the past and have not experienced any issues. I've never had to pay out of pocket with the extended warranty. On the trade ins, I've always received more from Carmax than other dealers were offering. I would suggest that potential buyers do their homework ideally prior to purchasing, but definitely... Read more

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In early June 2015. I purchased a new Harley Sportster 883 low. upon purchase I was told that I would go to the rideing course to be taught how to ride. So I set up the class for July 4th weekend. I waited my mouth , in excitement for the big day. The first day of class was learning from a book . And thu I learned something, it was not from the coaches. The second day of class was to begin... Read more

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We have a 2014 discovery. 5 minor things wrong when took delivery. 4 fixed and 1 continue problem as dealer ordered wrong part then lost correct part. On first trip home from mesa az. Arrived in seattle and 1 slide out stuck in extend. Emergency service got retracted. Went to Poulsbo rv for repair.what a nightmare. On trip to east coast stopped at factory in Decatur who fixed this problem along... Read more

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