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One of my close friends did get hurt working for this company. He's Dead now, A car accident. what did this company do? A Sunday , Feb, 14th, He received a call for a single tire delivery. That's right, one tire. Dave was a delivery driver as a Favor to Us, ( my other friends that work for this company)Dave would pick up tires from the tire rack or other stores in the area. He was paid by the... Read more

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the lady that hit me received a ticket for not yielding the right of way. went to st. farm immediately after it. st farm called this afternoon to tell me that they were only paying me 2600.00 and they wanted my car. i haven't even talked to the other lady's insurance. st farm agent tried telling me it was my fault even though she got the ticket! my answer to settlement is a big fat no i want my... Read more

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My learner's permit son started to make a left turn, not seeing the oncoming traffic.He pulled out of the turn in time to avoid a collision, but the oncoming SUV aimed straight for us and totaled our car. Our insurance, Encompass, has been nothing but stellar through the entire process: they easily arranged for our rental, investigated the accident scene (and denied the other driver's claim b/c... Read more

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I Went to Active Green and Ross to have my water pump changed because it was making a noise. I had to wait about two hours until they started the work, and then it took them another hour to finish it. The mechanic said there was a lot of air trapped inside the system. They gave me a price for changing my water pump at the beginning, and once the job was over they raised the price by $100 saying... Read more

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Do not deal with Ron Pratt at Oakridge Nissan he is a *** kept trying to force me into signing a paper saying I would buy the vehicle from him and it was not even the vehicle I wanted I refused to sign it so he starts raising his voice asking me if I was there to buy a vehicle or nothe is by far the worst and rudest salesman I have ever dealt with because of him I refused to go back to Oakridge... Read more

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After trying to take advantage of Progressive's Snapshot device to save money on my policy, It turns out that stopping at a sudden intersection light change will count as "hard braking". Therefore, you are a risk and won't save. According to their actions, it's apparently better for you to keep going through a light change. I'm in MI, and we don't have sensor lights, so they change whenever they... Read more

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I used to work at Sina Auto Sales in Baltimore. This dealership is by far the worst company I have ever experienced. The first week of working there I found out several shocking things about the cars sold. First off, all of the cars sold there are a piece of ***. The company has their own "in-house" inspector that "approves" the inspections on these cars. I directly spoke with the inspector and... Read more

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Eugene Greene is a liar and *** artist. He also made racist comments about Asians calling them Ching chings. I wonder what Kia will think of that. He made a deal and now won't honor it. Add comment

Have a 2010 fleetwood pulse and wondered if anyone has had a problem with a leak at the front of the slide. Add comment

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