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I had a wobble in the steering wheel, especially noticeable at low speed. I was near Belle Tire in Saginaw, MI, so stopped to have them check the tires. (I had purchased the tires at Northwest Tire about 19 months ago, but Northwest has now closed all stores in Saginaw). I was told that the problem was cupping wear on the tires (hard to see) due to bad shocks and stabilizers. I decided to... Read more

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Carmax - Poor service dept!!
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Took my newly purchased 09 Mercedes Benz Gl 550 for some issues they were to address and my car was BEAT up! Dropped it off and when I picked it up my pristine rims had scratches and deep metal to metal damage! All 4 rims were damaged as the result of an un trained mechanic trying to balance wheels he had no clue about! The front bumper looked like it had been hit or rubbed on a car or pole, had... Read more

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Big O Tires - Tie Rod and BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE
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Back in Febuary of 2014 I went to Big O Tires on 3600 West and 5400 South in Kearns, UT to get new tires. While I was happy at the time with there service they said I needed a new INNER Tie Rod. So, I figured that it was still from the accident I had out of Vegas where I hit a ladder on the freeway, I paid to have it fixed. About 2 weeks ago I went to have an oil change and make sure my car was... Read more

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Rude, projected racism will from az again. 13221 Nacogdoches road. Add comment

My 2013 Explorer tires look like this please explain to me why I need to pay full price let alone anything at all for that matter to replace these tires when I have 30,000 miles on the car and have an oil change and tire rotation every 3,000-5,000 miles. This is the 3rd time I have had to bring this car into the dealership one time after being stranded on the side of the road with 2 small... Read more

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Had appointment set. No show and they said they broke the glass. They said they had to reorder and will call first thing in morning. No call or no show next day. Waited for call but had to call and see what happened. They said they can come later in the afternoon. Knowing we were waiting on a phone call and have things to do. You are wasting my time. Not happy. Already paid for it and yet bad... Read more

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Paid over $1200 dollars for transmission. Took 2 1/2 weeks to get it after paying for it. After finally getting it and installing it, it blew up in less than 200 miles. The store I got it from told me to bring it back for a replacement. Puled it out and took it back. The guy ate the store said "It doesn't work that way. You have to call the warranty dept." I asked why I was told to bring it in.... Read more

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I purchased a boat that was in need of engine repair from and acquaintance. I am not a mechanic and initially wanted to use Bethel Marine to repair my 16 foot Bayliner Trophy fishing boat because they are privately owned and considered a small local business. I contacted Bethel Marine shortly ofter purchasing the boat by phone and described the issue that my boat wasn’t getting a spark and there... Read more

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Worst service I've ever had. They had my car an entire day (was a loud squeal coming from front) and never once called me with an update. Had to call them at end of day for them to say they heard no noise. Next day I hear squeal again and call. Service guy says there was no record of my car being there the day before. Hmmm. He says it might be brakes and that they would get to it that day. I wait... Read more

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3 years ago I bought a warranty through Penn. I spent just under $2000, thinking this would cover unexpected repairs. well took my aztec to dealer for head gasket repair. They contacted company and told me is have to pay for diagnostics and disassembly and penn would cover part and reassembly. my deductible was turning into a $600 bill! company isripoff and won't refund money. Add comment