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While most of the time they were great they, took my entire pay check for a car payment when I called they hung up on me 4 times, and one manager was extremely rude and was asking personal questions. All I wanted was to have my payment returned and posted the following week due to thanks giving they did not budge and got very nasty. I never thought they would be that rude and get like most other... Read more

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got a letter that said I been pre selected to apply for refinance. According to information obtained from my credit report. I put in a application only because they said in the letter that they checked my credit. I was told that I would receive a e mail regarding my application. Never did receive one. Finally I called and told I was declined. If there was any problem with my credit they would... Read more

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Tidewater uses unethical practice when attempting to collect. They will contact your job, and landlord without any regards to personal injury. I will be contacting the attorney general. If anyone has a problem with this company I would encourage you to contact your attorney general as well. Add comment


I have not had a issues with you all yet. but there are times in peoples lives things do happen. and its all about being fair. and yes there are some people who do take advantage. but being understanding is a better customer service. everyone is not out to take you for a ride. life is real and like I stated things happen. sometimes out of our control. But what goes around comes around. when you... Read more

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CNAC is the worst company to ever get financed through. They sell you a piece of *** *** car without even checking it to make sure everything is right. They take your money and then you're just added out. Stay away from these ppl! Add comment


You do realize you're dealing with a company that specializes in financing automobiles to people with less than perfect credit, right? You really can't expect to get the red carpet treatment when you do not deserve the red carpet treatment. If you had a 750+ credit score then you wouldn't need CarFinance, now would you? As for the late payment and any verbal agreements you had made with the... Read more

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They are skirting around things and do just enough to get away with things. Trying to navigate their website is ridiculous. If you want to have money taken out of your account it's through Western Union. I am on Credit Karma and they were a suggested vendor to refinance at a lower rate. I had my loan for a year with them and applied to refinance at a lower rate. Man, they shut that down in... Read more

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I found myself in an unexpectedly unfortunate situation where I moved into a house with a terrible landlord. After 3 months of living in that house, which had numerous problems that the landlord would not fix, I decided to cut my losses and leave surrendering my security deposit. That said I needed to come up with first, last month, and a security deposit, as well as moving fees to get moved... Read more

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I tynishia freeman got a letter from credit acceptance corporation same that I owe them 9016.68 in know they tried to garnished out my check but went I got this car i didn't know I wanna sign a contract they came in repossessed the car in sold it somewhere at for 4,000 dollar .. In the last said I put 2,000. Down but I only put 400 down on the car... Add comment


Capital One Auto Finance is an example of why we need better regulations governing large corporations, but they're not alone in their complicity. This company is ruthless in its collection efforts and they do not hesitate to seize either wages or personal property. Given the backward level of homestead exemption offered by my home state ($5000 in Alabama), Cap One can legally seize my home or... Read more

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