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Do your homework before even thinking about signing any papers. Selling cars for 100%-150% over Kelly Blue Book and all Black Book Loan values and they are calling it a service??? And then getting these unregulated so-called Financial Institutions to finance these Illegal Loans. All PPl with credit problems..PLEASE Do your homework then walk away. Definitely check loan values against Kelly... Read more

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I called and told them I would be in to pay $60.00 owed on the car on friday, my car gets towed on thursday. They then tell me that it will cost 400.00 for the towe and 800$ for the loan amount plus 75$ or more for the storage and on top of that 75$-100$ to get my personal items. Please..Please.Dont do any bussiness with Texas Car title and payday loan they are a rip off I've had that loan with... Read more

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TD auto finance deducted my total loan amount from my cheque acc after i paid my loan in full a week ago and set my acc in negative leaving all my transactions declined on a Sunday.. Worst bank ever. How much have they stollen from their other customers? Add comment

Never received my Title upon purchased and complete payment of my vehicle in 2005-2006 & I am unable to transfer liability to my daughter or prove my ownership of my own vehicle Add comment

I got car car loan with Santander USA. I have made payments on my automobile every month. I know twice I called in and told the company I was unable to make the full payment because of unseen problems. They said they would work with me. RIGHT! My car was repo and I had to take a personal loan out to get it back. But the worst part I wasn't informed that my car was about to be taken. And second of... Read more

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Westlake Financial is the worst company ever. Their customer service is horrendous; representatives don't help you at all. They are untrained and ignorant. One rep engaged in a shouting match with me and was very unprofessional. They send dear john repo letters even when your car is only 1 day late. They called me on early mornings, late nights, and even holidays. They are sick and the people... Read more

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I have been with them for 3 years just traded in my old car for a different on, so happens that my boss did not sign our pay checks so i called and asked to pay tomorrow after work, mind u never been late before and they told me no. Jennifer from the Glendale Heights location told me to have my co signer pay. It it better be tonight. I am so through with this company i will never recommend them... Read more

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I was turned down on a trade in for a better car do to negative money owed on the car I'm trading in y they just can't add it to the new loan I have never been late with my payment I'm very upset with tidewater f motor group Add comment

They have continually tried to add insurance to my vehicle although they have been provided proof the my vehicle is insured. They call and hang up daily. When I call back they are very rude and keep asking what is the location of my vehicle. I have never been late with a payment. And my insurance is paid yearly. When asked for the owners information they refuse to give the name of the owner or... Read more

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