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last year i had $1000 in late charges and today i have $24, ive only been making my regular payment, this company has took my regular payment and paid off the late charges my car should be paid off but no they have took my car payments and paid the late charges, this is wrong how can you take someones payment and apply them where you feel they should go . im angry and nothing is being done ive... Read more

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Hello, I purchased a 2015 Toyota Prius C on March 28 at Elmore Toyota yesterday and deal with an internet guy name Paul. I check out and it listed $17,350 and Pual called me to come down to see the car while I was at Soutcoast Toyota. I went down to Elmore thinking it cheaper but got scam by their finance manager. I was told by Paul that the car has backup camera. We didn't back... Read more

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I bought what I thought was my dream car from chacon. I have bad credit and found the exact car I have always wanted, I put down $4500 and drove off happy! (No it wasn't income tax time, I worked my butt off to buy the car I truly wanted) One week later I started having minor problems with the vehicle, ok no big deal, it was still under warranty. I got the car fixed, then as soon as I would fix... Read more

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Yes we are behind on our car payment. We have called them 2 times this week & explained how & when we make a payment. Wednesday March 25th, after receiving a payment, they called us 6 times!! Now today March 28th so far they have called once. I have chewed them out for excessively calling & harassing us. What's worse is supposedly they entered notes in account the first time I've... Read more

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They are the worst. Never had to deal with money hungry people before in my life.. This company is horrible. They will repo your car for 50 dollars. I wish I had never financed with this company.. You pay your note and they still r ere posted your car just to get more money out of you.. They Need to be shut down for what They do to people. Add comment

They sent the repo man to get my car over 45 dollars and I just made my payment that day. Add comment

I got a 2013 kai soul at CarMax and was finessed thought Westlake back in 11-24-14. When I got the car I sit up my payments to be taken out of my bank account on the 10 of each mouth witch was my due date. On 3-22-15 my car was repo by Westlake for being behind on my payments. I called Westlake on the following Monday, it took me 25 time to finely to someone on the phone. On person I spoke with... Read more

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I have to say the vehicle was complete crapp...but the collections rep was amazing! She was always polite and very willing to work with me. Add comment

They appvd my loan, 3 weeks later get a letter stating they have to charge higher interest that I am now denied. Been on hold an hour, and imagine that no one available to talk to. Verrrry concerned that I am being scammed. Add comment

By Far the WORST bank to finance with!!! it is Taking them more than 4 to get a PAYOFF AMOUNT TO ME! I have been calling everyday, been hours on the phone with them trying to get them to email me a payoff letter. Every time I call they say they will send the request to the manager and I will get the letter within 48 hours, never got anything the 6 times I have called! I finally spoke with a... Read more

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