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I don't recommend this company to anyone. They harass and call you all day long.. I never missed a payment but hard times do come sometimes and they do not work with you at all. Overall bad customer service! Run away if you hear Credit acceptance corp Add comment

Usually pat bill online so to avoid extra fees, but website has not been functioning for days now. Very frustrating! So i am now forced to pay by phone for additional fees. Not too happy about this Add comment

I have been with veros credit for a year now and they never mentioned that I will be charged twenty dollars every day that I don't pay my car note. When they tell you, you have ten days to pay before your charged a late fee!! But then I'm told every day within those ten days your being charged twenty dollars!! I called to try to get this fixed, the first person I talked to was nice and... Read more

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I have never had an account with GM or Americredit. I don't know why the IRS would accept this without proper notification to me. I am pissed off about this not to mention that that this is no where in any of my credit reports. Add comment

I called credit acceptance due to the fact I was being rushed in from work to have my child, I was worried about my car payment not being paid the entire time. She was a complete *** on the phone and finally said I'll put a not call when you can. These *** continuously called threatening me. When clearly I couldn't do anything I was tied up in the hospital. I became a month behind! I went back to... Read more

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I purchased a car from mcmc auto burleson texas april 2014. Also opted to add high tech first extended warranty for 1495 plis taxes and interest added to my car note as well. July 2014 xar has problems. Took to shop. A seal/ gasket needes to be replaced. It was leaking water and overheating. Mcmc tells me that warranty tells them part is not covered by warranty. The mcmc. Auto guy says warranty... Read more

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I went to trade in my car that I had they showed me several cars and I picked one that I thought I could afford when I went into the office they told me that the deal was the take it or leave it they charged me 10000 for a 3000 car I could take the deal or leave it there was no other choice if I wanted the car that was the price I did not know really how much the car was worth until I checked a... Read more

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I was four days late on a car payment. It was my first late payment. I was getting paid the next day. I received an auto-dialer call from them on day 3. I called them back and told them I would be paying the next day. That wasn't good enough. The manager of the company for which I work forwarded me a recording left on his voicemail from Gateway One Lending, as spoken on the voicemail, saying... Read more

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