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GARY GREEN, esq. filed a class-action lawsuit against Santander Consumer, they have violated Fair Debt Collection Practices Act & Telephone Consumer Protection Act. The lawsuit claims that Santander breached its contracts with consumers in the way it charged fees. Contact them: & MEHRI &... Read more

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I have a car loan through Wells Fargo Dealer Services. For the last several months I went through a period of struggles and was not able to make the note on time. I got about 60 days behind in November so they sent someone out to repossess the vehicle. I was not home at the time and a phone call to them got me the balance due. I paid two months payments. I then made the payment in December just... Read more

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Capital One Auto Finance Is a FRAUD and Wrecked my CAR!
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I have been lied to ripped off and threatened by Capital One Auto Finance then my Car got wrecked. This is AFTER I gave them $33,000.00!! I purchased a car in 2007. It is a 2007 Nissan Altima 3.5 with leather, Bose, Navigation, Moon roof, Rear Spoiler, Power windows door locks brakes & seats, Custom 20" Chrome wheels. I applied for and was approved for a ":Blank Check" auto loan through... Read more

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I was laid off in 2008. Just to stay afloat, I took a job working at a movie theater. As a result of the lower income, I fell behind on my car payments. I concede that is my own fault and I take responsibility for that. Three weeks ago, I got a new, full-time job and began catching up on my debts. I had a 2007 Ford Mustang with a loan through HSBC Auto (which was acquired by Santander). I made... Read more

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We have only one complaint for your pissed off readers - get some reading glasses Regional Acceptance's technical contact line is 8 6 6 in red caps. We have tried to get Regional to increase the size and color of their phone number for the people who misdial it and call us repeatedly with no avail. Please call them with your problems 8 6 6 (866) 644-7687 when you call... Read more

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On January 14th we decided to purchase a car from JDByrider on 5600 Sahara Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89146. We gave $600.00 down and we're told that we had to make payment of $200.00 for the next couple of months in order to complete our $1500.00 down payment. We completed the paperwork from with a gentleman named James who is the Finance Manager at this location. Lou Rodophele is part owner and Don... Read more

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First let me say my credit score is over 800. I purchased my first house 2 months ago and began paying my bills through an online bill payer for convenience sake. After the 1st payment to Sheffield was electronically drafted from my account Sheffield contacted me saying I was late on my payments that I didn't make my last payment. I contacted my financial institution and they gave me a tracer #... Read more

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Title issues are not the doing of the finance company when refi or purchasing a unit but the previous lien holder of the vehicle. New auto loans must have the title come from the dealership. If you are having difficulties you may want to refer back to the dealer or previous finance company. If you are trying to get your title after paying off your loan you may want to confirm the total amount has... Read more

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I am filing a class action lawsuit against westlake financial, the hankey group, wilshire consumer credit, burns national llc, collateral recovery service and w and w auto recovery. if you have had dealings with any of these companies please contact me at the companies are illegally repoing cars and going about their collections against the fair credit act. they cannot... Read more

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I currently have auto loan with Santander and have been paying Santander since March 2007 when they took over my loan from Citi-Financial. I paid Citi for a year and prior to that I paid the dealership where I purchased the car in 2004 for a year. I have been paying on this car for 6 years and my maturity date was 2/2012. I have had 4 deferred payments, and was told I still owe over $5,000. I... Read more

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