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First I had to go to Walmart and make out some kind of money order made out to ACA. Then I had to give them 2,500 so I can get my car out of storage and this happemed twice this year and last year. I have talked to others and they evne told me I got ripped off and the second time I lost my job. In the mean time I was in a car accdident and the General Insur. came out to my house and took pictures... Read more

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I got scammed 2014,they impounded the car ,probably sold the car and kept the money Add comment

Bad bad bad!!!!! Really repossessing cars and then ask to get paid in full!!!!! Uuu hello thats why we get loans !!!!! Add comment

GO TO NEXTGEAR IF YOU'RE A DEALER LOOKING TO FINANCE YOUR INVENTORY!!!! AFC will ***! They have no loyalty to their customers, and treat you like a piece of sh*t! You can make payments on time, sell cars, get approved for increases- yet they will still harass you with their *** off auditors! I have never regretted a business decision as much as I have this one. NextGear has been wonderful to do... Read more

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I bought a 06 BMW 750Li, financed through Santander USA. The loan financed at $20,348 in 2014. One year later the loan balance is $19,404. I paid over $7000 through the course of that year and wondered where is my money going. I contacted them with this question, and all I got was a garbled explanation that did not make any sense. I requested a breakdown of the payments from 2014 to present, and... Read more

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Every payment I make on my husbands account, they put a negative mark on my credit! I set up automatic payments for this repossessed car and twice per month they report a negative account. My credit has gone down 40 points in four months all because of them!!! I've sent 21 emails asking for help with this, and no one responds!!! I've filed complaints with the BBB that they also refuse to respond... Read more

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They do not work with the customers at all on late payments when I had a Co'signer and we broke up and I could not afford a 457.00 bill per month. I explained the situation and I was paying as much as I could. I had to eat and pay my utilities and keep a roof over my head and and they kept saying we are trying to work with you. Yes I guess so by asking and calling every day for me to... Read more

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I'm a 5th time xTerra owner. Bought a new 2015 and 3 weeks after the trade I have not seen my refund check on the Grady. Customer sucks with hold times greater than 1/2 hour. If the new website is that bad committ a new phone crew for it don't hurt the normal callers. Add comment

I have a car loan with Wells Fargo. Although I took out the loan, my name was not on the title. So I cannot register or insure the car. So they said they would add my name to the title and send me something so that I could register the car in MA. While I wait they are adding insurance at a outrageous price to my car bill which I refuse to pay as I want to register and insure the car myself. This... Read more

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I was trying my best to catching up after getting a bad infection that went through my blood stream and left me out of work for a month. Got assistances for that month but my job had other plans and fired me. Let them know and pay what i could at that time with my last paycheck. Exactly a month i started a new job and was working my tail off to catch up on my loan. Forgot to call them Friday... Read more

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