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My complaint is actually in reference to me being disrespected, experiencing anxiety attacks, and completely verbally abused by Angela Michelle Batten. She is the worst person I have ever come into contact with. The way she runs her establishment is sloppy, sneaky, untruthful, and untrustworthy. She deserves to be fired! She can't keep any employees because she is so disrespectful and... Read more

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I bough my car in 2007. I know I have a lot of problem to pay on time. But they do to me is not right. After pay off my loan, I find that I need to pay almost 2,000 more for late fee, with no help. They don't help nobody. I hope never have something to do with those people. I pay my car like two times for the real price. Know I only need to pay 454. to get my title. The reason why I don't pay on... Read more

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I already knew my car was going to get repossessed and I called capital one to see if they can give me some time to make a payment. A collector named Taii or Tae that's the name he gave me. Right away he told me to check outside my home and see if there's a tow truck and I said no then he goes on to say well there should be one right there pretty soon and I said I'm not home and he says they'll... Read more

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This the absolute worst credit building car company I've ever dealt with. I've been to the point where I want to give them back their *** *** car. Not only has the car given me issues, but the customer service is ***. My payment was never received, call my phone umpteen timesaver day. Sometimes, I would let the call just to keep tally on the calls. Add comment

Only good response they have are from dealers wich is advertising spam Only the car dealers are satisfied... Not us customers...di not do busyness with them. Add comment

Terrible customer service (more like disservice) I'd like to meet these mouthy people in person. We'll see who who gets served then. Add comment

My car was totaled nov 2014, TD bank got paid by January 2015 in full, but they still have the whole amount I owed them on my credit report, this is in spite of calling them more than 6 times. Their service is horrible, phone wait time is at least an hour and they do not take care of the customers. Add comment

Haven't. Got my title formy 1999 gmc suburban Add comment

I have a loan...and I am current....I submit and do payments online...they started calling and calling all hors of day and night and demanding a payment and were really rude...I explained overtime that I had a payment and of course they said I hadn't and they show no finally I figured maybe I didn't make the payment...well today I got whacked for 2 payments and am struggling for my... Read more

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Just paid off my car loan with UnitedAutoCredit early on the 15th of May. Dont see why people have a problem,pay your bills on time and dont try to get breaks on being late or behind on a second chance subprime loan and you will never have a problem. I paid my payments months ahead and not only saved interest but paid the car off early. Great company they approved me when no one would. Now my... Read more

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