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The toolbarn in New Zealand is not associated with toolbarn USA,toolbarn Nz is excellent! Add comment


We signed a contract for a new build home with Century in May. At the time we signed we were told that the home would take 4-6 months from dirt to finished home, 6 months being the absolute worst case scenario. We put our home on the market in July and sold within 4 days. We put a clause in our contract that we could rent back our home for 30 days after we closed in August because we were told... Read more

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Needless to say our experience with Vanover's Harwood Floor's was horrible. Esp. with the actual owner, Dwight Vanover. The man is a thug. No details needed. The company has been found guilty of tax fraud: Also, on their website it claims they are BBB accredited. Here's the BBB's website. ... Read more

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Installed aqua glass eleganza. Relative saw it and liked it he also installed. Floor cracked out on both of them so i went with a better brand. Recently bought a new house with unfortunatly the same shower and guess what less than a year here and this floor has cracked as well. Total junk. How can they get away with selling garbage?? Add comment


Lockridge Home Builders - Worst Building experience!!!
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I have not been in my home for six months and everyday I notice things that are wrong with my home from squeaky floors to pushed nails, cracks in the walls,the vanity not connected to wall.. Everyday im discussed with the amount of money I will be paying over the next 30 years for the crappy craftsmanship I have. Lockridge employees in the summerville location is very disrespectfuland not helpful... Read more

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The quality of there products is inferior Always finding different defects, Totally disgusted with this company from the beginning up until now still having problems and they are dishonest. STAY AWAY Add comment

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I bought a cabinet, after week, the assembly was wrong & poor. Local Ikea, are not helping. Regards Add comment


We were told prior to installation by Marvin Moskowitz that the doors over the oven would not peel well they did and had to be replaced. A simple heatshield would have prevented that. Another door is starting to peel so I ordered a heat shield over a month ago. One finally came the wrong size. Another one is now on order for over a week. Over a month has passed and we are still waiting to solve... Read more

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Let me start by saying I'm a pretty relaxed person and this is the first bad review I've written online. But this company really has upset me. I called around to find the best price and delivery time. EFacuets was not the cheapest, but they claimed to have the item in stock and it would be with me within a week. Two weeks later it had not arrived so I called and they said it was coming in that... Read more

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