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I applied DeckOver wood coating to a deck,to wood a concrete floor and it isnt working..It is coming off of all the above..I am very dissatisfied with your product. Never again...I know of 4 other decks that are doing the same...I am a contractor and will no recommend your product to others. I think there are other deck treatments on the market that must be better than yours.... Read more

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I am a contractor. I have been selling products from several large manufacturers including Alside for 30 years. We have sold 3 times as many of the other products, but our warranty calls for Alside windows is 10 times that of all the others combined. Mostly glass seal failures. When the Alside truck arrives, we have dozen's of sashes for service every week. We have only a handfull of sashes form... Read more

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I have owned my home now for about 10 years. Built in 1963 it came with the original wood windows. When i bought the home i knew it needed new more energy effiencient windows. So i started shopping, doing my research on internet and invited several companies out to my home to give me a free estimate. Out of 4 companies all but 1 didn't spend 3 hours with me. Window World of Harford only took... Read more

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Not only about LGI but businesses in general if it is to good to be true don't do it. Hold your money, if they want your business they will wait, if not walk & walk fast. Add comment

Dusty installed a water feature several years ago...despite the fact that it looked very's was constructed very poorly. Nothing but leaks...water bills over the roof. He came out a few times and tried....then complained that since I live in boulder would need to charge a service charge plus a ridiculous hourly rate. I have spent thousands over the years with other water feature... Read more

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Their homes look good from afar but once you are in the home for a short while, you realize they take the cheapest route for everything they do from vendors, tile , flooring ,etc.. and then they don't stand behind their workmanship. Horrible, customer service and follow-up. They have a repuation for getting the cheapest subcontractors in town to do all their work and then find they are lousy... Read more

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Bought this house brand new in August 2012, so you can imagine my surprise when, during a severe rain storm, I found water running down one of the smaller bedroom walls from a seam in the ceiling. This house is less than two years old. There should be no water running down walls when it rains. Gehan Homes sent out their roofer to identify where the leak was coming from; he banged around on... Read more

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If you live in the Philadelphia are and you have a flat roof they dont know how to fix them. I just dont understand how your a roofing specialist but u dont know how to fix a flat roofs. The real reason is if you live in the city or if low income they dont want to work with you. Add comment

I ordered a twig tree and when it arrived it was missing branches, and only half of the lights worked. I called and was transferred to customer service. The woman was so nasty to me, and when I stated that I wanted to return for a refund and would ensure one was given, she accused me of threatening her. I asked her specifically how was I doing that, and she responded by my saying I would make... Read more

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I ordered grape plants from tyty in 9/5/13 recieved the plants and planted with the instructions sent on how to plant, come spring nothing showed up, plants were dead. instructed to send plants back with a $25.00 check. plants were replaced with no luck, stems looked dry planted again with no luck. mole with mole in roots, again plants. were replaced and still no life to the plants. The blue... Read more

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