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I have had them over 25yrs and I now have a second home. This company has consistenly gone down hill after a hedge fund took over. Management could care less about customer service or employees. They are only interested in the all mighty dollar and that's it. I feel very badly for the employees because they are all hard working people who are trying to do a great service but can't because they... Read more

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Bought flooring for kitchen and 3 bathrooms at RC Wiley. We were told this was a 2-day job and scheduled for December 1st and 2nd. The contractor came out mid day the first day (they said due to issues getting the materials from RC Wiley). Ended up working most of the week until 10 pm on a couple of nights and still was not able to finish before they had to go to another job. They contractor... Read more

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This Lowes location should be awarded best in class clusterfuck for worst attitude and highly Incompetent Manager Ordered a couple of internal doors 2 weeks back, paid in full. 2 weeks later receive a phone call saying, the order isn't placed, because of internal error. Please come over to store to re-order, our system should hopefully be working this time to take orders! The store manager "ALEX"... Read more

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I was also scammed for snow plow removal. Please call the New York State Attorney General's office and fill out the paperwork for a formal complaint: 546-7430 to file a complaint; this is the only way to stop him. Currently there is another contractor who is in jail for a similar crime. If enough people file a complaint, charges can be brought to bear against him and his company. I believe... Read more

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Bad Business here. The contractor , Hamzeh Assaf, Hybrid Construction in chicago did not pick up any of my materials, did not place any orders and did coordinate the workers. I did all of that! All Hamzeh Assaf did was come in 3 times to pick up his payment. 2 weeks into the job, he wanted to he paid in FULL. Then the job, which was only 460 Sq ft ran 5 weeks longer and costed far more than... Read more

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100% FULL

American Exteriors - Poor install
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Just got my windows installed not impressed . If your selling quality windows at the estimate things change later. I had four windows installed 2 of the windows have scratches by the window sill and a ding on the top I guess the installer dinged it in the truck or who knows. The window in my kitchen who ever installed it broke my glass tile backsplash by the window and left all the pieces of... Read more

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pretty simple. went in worked with jim kruger (who has several other failed businesses). we should have been on our toes after amateur design and explanation about the project but contracted with him because he seemed like such a nice guy....mistake!!!!!!!! The project cost more than wrong product and was a horrible experience that will last as long as we are here :( He was the... Read more

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I also had a problem with my bathroom faucet, the metal corroded and stated leaking, I've been contacting Pfister by calling, sending pictures and emails, I've been without my bathroom sink for more than a month, this is unreasonable, I'm going to forced to buy a new faucet, I am truly dissapointed. Add comment

Construction on new subdivision, complete and total disregard for the people who live in surrounding area, truck noises at 7am, pumps that run at a high pitched hum 24-7, no regard for people who must get up for work the next day, arrogant supervisors who will give you very nasty attitude and won't even try to compromise, sand that covers every inch of your car, home, pool ect. water trucks on... Read more

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