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Due to a hail storm in May 2014 I ended up with damage to the roof, siding on the west side of the house, fascia, trip around those windows and the gutters. My insurance company recommended First Choice Repair who in turn sent Reroof America to address the repairs to my house. In February I had a leak above my kitchen window which I brought to the attention of the agent who came out. I... Read more

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When I got the estimate, I was told that any rotten or wet wood around each window frame would have to be replaced since my windows are over 50 years old and the house itself is nearly 100 years old. Fine! Powerhome came and got the job done 3 weeks ago. Fine! My brother inlaw Dominique came to visit yesterday so I showed him the 14 new windows that got installed. He's a building inspector..But... Read more

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These were $800+each and these high end windows all have problems of never sealing out the cold or wind. They performed like $150.00 discount windows we originally had. After spending 35K to have every window in the house replacement with new construction models I should have kept the cheap windows. All bottom gasket jambs leak air as well as midpoint gaskets. Entire window was replaced due to... Read more

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Lennar Colonial Heritage has the wisdom to fire subcontractors and managers and then hire these incompetents back. The houses look good but are not and fall apart fast. At Colonial Heritage the main problem is rain water runoff, the place floods with a simple light rain and stays wet forever, roads unfinished are washing away, houses are leaking. Lennar has to be in bed with James City... Read more

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Purchased a full house of Pergo Plus laminate. Flaws were found that showed up in the beginning and when contacted Pergo stated that they would replace a few of the flaws and then more flaws appeared and Pergo stated that they would fix the floor in the beginning but would not guarantee the floor in the future. More flaws have appeared and I am not satisfied with this floor. This was not... Read more

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I just received my building and shingles where blew off in transport.No one seemed to care all they wanted was there money and said that they had two weeks to fix it and someone would contact me in a week or so that ridicules they just don't care Add comment

Renewable Property Services Ltd workmanship is very poor and unprofessional and also the standard of work carried out is not to satisfaction more like a cowboy job. Service magic is definately not a good site to find a professional person. The best way to be recommended is a word of mouth from family and friends. The work carried out was not up to the required standard even after made to... Read more

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Beware! Beware! Beware!!!! Unbelievably BAD customer service. Ordered two lights that the web page said was in stock and the payment came on my charge the next day which was January 8th 2015. Never got a shipping email so after a week I called and was told I was number 16 in line and the hold time would be approx 58 min. I waited AND waited it seemed forever. While I waited I sent an email to... Read more

Was this review helpful? 0 0 has several listing of Adams homes for sale. We looked, and sure enough they were using a photo of our home as advertisement for other homes, not completed in our neighborhood in Punta Gorda, Florida. They are so awful I don't want to even talk about them. They lie from top to bottom. Our drainage was poor so they half rigged a fix. My wife twisted her leg in the ditch And hasn't... Read more

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It seems as though the bulk of the posts on this site are from one specific person with some sort of axe to grind against Burell Built Construction. I just thought I would take a moment and author a post based upon our experiences over the past couple years. We first contacted Corey Burell for an estimate on replacing our hail damaged roof. His estimate was extremely detailed, very thorough... Read more

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