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Turned on my Canon IPF6100 after two months of no use. Received a error stating close upper cover. Of course the cover is closed. I've googled the error and found out the a lot of people have received this error and that it pretty much leaves your with a giant piece of ***. I called Canon and of course they told me they have no idea why this would be happening. This is total BS. I suspect... Read more

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I worked for Kirby. No matter what they tell you, as a dealer you will never make a lot of money. The distributors do but the dealers don't. Yes you mite earn a few grand in commission. But you are driving around burning gas every day, you pay for the materials, and the reality is more and more people are starting to realize the markup. They start at almost 3 grand per unit but they will never... Add comment

Had the salespeople come out (fortunately I had checked this site for complaints and was forewarned) and they conveniently hadn't brought the supposedly free gift that they had already promised me. We listened for 2 hours to their hard-sell spiel, and the demonstration and we declined their many enticing (NOT) ways to pay for their over-priced machine. They were nice enough, and when they were... Read more

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HI Team please do forward this complaint to the relevant entity on my LG LED Smart TV. TVs 55LM6700 z1z1ngq4q519 delivered and installed on 07/30/2013. I had supported LG all my lifetime on its TV products, refrigerators and mobile phones etc... even today, my resident consists of 3 LG TV sets.However, since last sunday, 20July 2014, i have began to doubt its quality, see attached my latest... Add comment

LG has got to be the worst company to deal with ever. After buying a television that lasted only a few months, they allowed me to wait over a month to deal with two unsuccessful service calls before they decided I should return the unit. Once they receive it, then and only then will they send a check for the original price. So basically it's going to be at least two months before I have a set. ... Add comment

Paid for an extended warranties when purchased refrigerator, TV, and dishwasher. Been trying for 2 weeks so far to get refrigerator repaired. Their phone system loops back and sends you to the wrong departments. After getting to talk to the right people find out the computer programmer or whoever typed in the wrong model number. So after faxing in the sales receipt and waiting another week they... Read more

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GE DBL OVEN, two-year old Model PT956SRSS . Changing the house circuit breaker caused F8 error, failure of oven's electronic control board. GE repaired for $472 including $200 labor for 20 minute effort. Disgusting lack of GE hardware quality and $100 of labor was for a visit to tell me what the internet had already told me re meaning of F8 error displayed on oven’s control panel. I recommend... Read more

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An online order of a "new" Haier mini fridge arrived damaged, with multiple dents, in an unsealed manufacturer's box (the entire box itself arrived in another cardboard shipping box). Did someone honestly believe I would not put with the inconvenience of returning the item and just keep the damaged fridge?! Now I have to be inconvenienced and return it to a local store. When I called customer... Read more

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Over the past 7 years my Bosch oven has performed so so...the convection part doesn't let you cook 3 trays of cookies like they advertised. The computer module glue/adhesive dried out so we had to "gerry rig it"...back with paper clips to get it to stay in place. Now the door doesn't fully close so the oven turns contacting the company...they blamed must have been my... Read more

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Purchased brand new LG 14,000 BTU portable AC unit unpacked and installed the same. Found that the remote control does not work. Called LG, they told me it would take 7 to 10 days before I would get a new remote. After 2 weeks of waiting for the remote, I get a call from customer service and was told that they didn’t have the correct serial number and they could not send a remote for free… I... Read more

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