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I purchased a Dyson one day ago and saw the price drop, on, by $40. Figuring they had a price match policy, I called and asked if they'd credit the difference. However, I was promptly told that they would not be matching any pricing, even their own, due to Black Friday and would not resume such activity until December 2nd. Asking to speak to a manager resulted in a (2nd)... Read more

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I put the oven cleaning cycle on for 2 hrs and after the cleaning cycle finished the oven no longer worked. We turned the circuit breaker off and waited a few mins. turned circuit breaker on but the oven never went back on. This is Wednesday of Thanksgiving week...tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I have family and friends here but sadly no way to cook a turkey. Kitchenaid people were of no help... Read more

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I purchase the Maytag convention stove with a larger oven. I needed this because I bake a lot. This holiday season, thanksgiving, I had to buy two turkeys that cost me over 100.00 dollars (organic) because I did I thought someone cut the oven off. It is taking all day to cook a 16 lb turkey. It is thanksgiving holiday! and they stated they are sorry but they cannot do anything about the... Read more

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Went to store after they havent credited my credit card for a return. They wont answer the phone. One salesperson behind the counter with at least four employees standing behind her doing absolutey nothing. Was told to go away ill get my refund. They take peoples money immediately but dont return it with any sense of urgency. I see why they are going under. Horrible store. Add comment

After waiting a month and going thru 3 different service calls I still have a brand new dishwasher that floods the kitchen everyone you try to run it and they want me to wait another 11days for them to return...never again!!! Add comment


I bought an Apple MAC laptop 6 months ago (May 2014) from QVC, the computer wouldn't turn on. I took it to the Apple Store who informed me that the 12 month warranties that come standard on Apple (MAC) computers was not valid because the warranty starts the day QVC the computer (October 2013), not the consumer. Turns out the hardware needs to be replaced. Lucky for me Apple decided to take care... Read more

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My kids tablet did the same thing. I thought it was going to blow up. Unsatisfied customer. Add comment


I used their website email facility to request assistance with a 2 month old microwave/convection oven. They responded with "somebody will contact you within 24-48 hours".....2 weeks later nothing.....sent a fax to their Customer Service Office (got confirmation of fax going thru) acknowledgement or anything from them. 6 weeks later wrote letter personally to CEO and faxed this thru -... Read more

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I ordered a vacuum from today. the website wouldn,t function correctly , after the 4th attempt i finally found a number to call to help me. The very pleasant lady helped me and took my order. By taking my order on the phone all she mentioned was that she would be sending an E-mail confirming this order. I checked it later and the address was wrong. It was all but impossible to find out... Read more

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I recently went to a Best Buy mobile express store and make contact with the representative upon him verifying I was eligible for an upgrade there was no one in the store he then told me I had to make an appointment which was an hour and 10 minutes later. When I told him that I couldn't stay an hour he told me that he couldn't help me they obviously don't need business that bad if they're... Read more

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