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Please, if you EVER get a movie from DMC & you KNOW you didn't order it, DO NOT OPEN > mark it refused & give to USPS (copy the tracking # down). They can't bill you for it if you can show you returned it, & you don't need to pay to return it if you don't open it (postal worker speaking). 11/24/14: I accepted the offer of a $4.99 blue ray by switching my format option. 12/2/14: A... Read more

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Conn's is a ***!! Worst furniture store I ever experianced. Also out ragious delivery fee. They told me about delivery charge of $79 after I was approved. Not allow to deliver home with own vehicle. I wasted approxmately 3 hours of my time in this store! NO STARS! In fact minuis STARS!!! Marilyn of Tucson AZ. Add comment

Walmart say they will match prices, THEY DON'T AND THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTMOMER. I brough the add for a stand mixer from Sunbeam, sold online and delivered for free by Sunbeam, but Walmart cashier and head cashier argued that it is not a local store, so they don't do price match. HEY THEY DELIVER FOR FREE, THEY ARE LOCAL EVERYWHERE. It is the third time that I have hard time to get a... Read more

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Bought a new eletrolux hotplate it doesn't work. They wont replace it and they all talk rubbish over the phone. Its been three weeks and we have gone backwards. Add comment

Bought personal heater. Both elements burned out after 5 weeks! Contacted edenpure and they told me it would cost me to ship it back for warranty! 37.00ups. Never sent back too pissed! What a P.O.S. heater! Have a sunheat brand heater. Using it for 5 winters now and not one problem. Dont waste your money on this junk! Add comment

I bought this montell williams health master on july 2012 and in march 2014 the motor started to fail and made a lot of noise and now it smokes out when starts to blend this is a real scam as we hardly use it. For those of you who are planning to buy this item "DON'T DO IT" by any means this a real TV scam I am still waiting for the replacement of my blender as there is life warranty but the... Read more

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I ordered and paid online for an item it's a portable speaker and initially gave me a date of shipment but after 2 days receive a email saying there is no definite date (back ordered) oct 15 and two months later still waiting today dec 18 2014 not a word from them still BAD CUSTOMER service Add comment

purchased from them worked great always smelled like plastic was burning,then the dome started to crack,dont even try to get someone on the phone,never gonna happen,but if yiu were to order one they answer immediatly,i would never deal with this co again very bad on customer concerns once you buy it they dont want topurchased from them worked great always smelled like plastic was burning,then the... Read more

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I ordered a NuWave oven on Dec 4th. The initial payment came out of my account the same day. It is now December 18th and I am told that I entered a wrong address on my order. I know my address as I have lived here 25 years. They say they tried to contact me by e-mail and telephone. The only e-mails I have gotten are, it seems, dozens of e-mails to sell me more products and "upgrades". She... Read more

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I ordered two items from v tech online. I got shipping conformation that both items were being shipped together the box arrived with only one item. I paid for both. Can't seem to find a number to call. I emailed them and they said sorry there was an issue they couldn't send it. I emailed them back told them to refund the money then they emailed back and said it was being shipped well we waited... Read more

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