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Hello, We purchased this dishwasher on Jan 30th. As of today, March 5th, we are yet to wash a load of dishes successfully. I don't know who to hold responsible, the store where it was purchased, or Whirlpool. While repair techs have been dispatched, it is still unusable. The dishwasher was purchased as a floor model. When installed at home, the motor did not work. Consequently no water movement.... Read more

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my range caught fire cooking. It melted connector. THIS STOVE IS ONLY 8 YR OLD. UR PRODUCT SUCKS! Add comment

Last month a purchased a television on Feb 2nd. I paid to have the item delivered by Feb. 10th. The television did not arrive until Feb. 23rd and in checking the tracking information I discovered the television had not even been shipped until the 16th, (6 days after it was supposed to be delivered!) I requested a partial refund and currently they are still fighting against reimbursement. I shall... Read more

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  • Keurig
  • 11 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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for those having trouble with little to no flow out of their Keurig brewer you need to clean that top needle that Punctures the top of the kcup. Add comment

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  • Best Buy
  • 22 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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My wifes SS# was used to open a credit account at the Hurst tx store and when the police went to get video evidence of fruad the security department of store had erased video instead of saving it for the officer. I guess covering up fraud is easier than dealing with it, on the bright side I got 5 rewards points. Add comment

Purchased heater from either sam's club or costco in late fall of 2012. worked fine initally. Product was used as intended, only as a small area supplemental heat source. Main heat source is electricity powered central system for entire home. During off season heater was stored in original box in a climate-controlled building. As such, unit was used only occasionally in a couple of rooms not... Read more

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I've made several payments to my account online, yet they claim those payments put me behind and demanded I give them another $190 the day my $70 payment was due. I paid it of course, but she showed me a list of my payment history and there were several unnacounted for that went through my bank account. Everything we have gotten from them has been damaged. I will never do business with them... Read more

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Your prices are ridiculous, i just purchased a humminbird 999 brand new online from another place for 1279 no tax and free shipping you sell this exact same thing for 1499 and i ljve in macon ga where we have a bass pro shop Add comment

My son wanted to place an order with the company but the sales person on the line became really rude when he was asking questions so he said forget it and cancel this order now. 1-1/2 wks later the order arrived and his debit card changed now you want him to pay for shipping back an order that was cancelled. Not acceptable. Never order anything as seen on TV it is a scam. Why was this order sent?... Read more

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  • Lowes
  • 1 day ago
  • by anonymous
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Go to appliance store for appliances. Not Lowes. They do not know anything and do not do any repairs etc. also avoid whirlpoop-poo at all costs. My dryer quit heating after 2nd week. Add comment

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