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HELP! We have had our Samsung DLP TV for 2yrs 11months when all of a sudden white dots started to appear on the screen. Does anyone know of a recall or a lawsuit that is going on so we can join. We Called Samsung and they just basically blew us off and told us our warranty was up and there is nothing they could do. I even spoke to the manager at Samsung. We still have a copy of the reciept... Read more

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Hello Customer, I am sorry to hear your dome cracked.You may purchase a replacement dome for only $15.00 plus s&h cost by visiting or contacting customer service at the phone number below. Thank you and have a great day! If you have any further questions please contact customer service @ 1-888-689-2831 by phone or via email M-F 8am-6pm(CST) just... Read more

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I was living in Dallas, TX and working as a bartender, making roughly 300 bucks a week. I decided to move to East Texas to go to school in Tyler. I was in desperate need of a job and was browsing Craigslist one afternoon and I stumbled upon an ad saying "IMMEDIATE HIRING!!". I continued to read the ad that stated they were looking for "enthusiastic, outgoing personalities to join a team of... Read more

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Good day. I am writing to bring to your attention a fire hazard your product clearly posses. I had purchased a warmer some time ago and have used sparingly over the past year.. I plugged it in yesterday and the unit catch fire before my eyes. Thankfully only my counter top was ruined along with the unit itself. Had I walked away from the unit and it happened I would have likely have suffered... Read more

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My wife and I purchased a Cabrio washer from Lowes a little less than two years ago (factory warranty is twelve months). Our machine came with the see through glass lid. It turns out that the plastic frame that attaches the lid to the washing machine is a very poor design, as the spring loaded hinges put too much tension upon the plastic frame and it WILL crack/break over time. The replacement... Read more

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I purchased a new 40 inch "digital" Element HD TV and found out that it won't receive a signal without adding a converter. Support says it isn't built with the digital qam tuner. Why does it say it is a digital TV. It says right on the instruction manual that it is a digitaI tv.I will never consider any Element product. They tried to blame it on the cable provider which I contacted, they say... Read more

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There are cockroaches living inside my Keurig coffee maker. They are no where else in our kitchen. We have cleaned out every cabinet and closet. Every thing in our pantry is enclosed in a sealed plastic bag or glass jar. So, there is something inside the coffee maker that attracts these bugs. I called Keurig to find out whar to do about the problem. They acknowledged that other people have... Read more

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In anticipation of Thanksgiving I used the self-cleaning feature on my relatively new (2 1/2 years) old Kitchenaid oven today (Model KEBC107KSS05). After I did this, the oven would not heat up. When I called customer service, I learned that this happens with some frequency when the self-cleaning feature is used. I was advised to turn off all power to the oven for 5 minutes and then turn it... Read more

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I purchased a Panasonic Plasma HBTV HT-46PZ80U approx. 2 years ago. The TV was working fine until August 4, 2011, at that time the TV would not power up, just a series of 10 red blinking lights that repeat indefinitely. I did quite a bit of trouble shooting and research on Panasonic Plasma HDTVs and more specifically my model #HT-46PZ80U. There is a wide spread problem with the power supply board... Read more

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I posted a complaint on this company about a Sony motherboard that I had purchased on the 3rd April. The company involved was called based in China but has a UK domain which makes it appear to be UK registered. Anyway the item/order arrived this morning so issue has now been resolved. What I would say to future customers is to be aware of the time scale and the fact... Read more

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