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I never write online reviews. However, I am so upset, I feel I must speak out. I took my Bichon Frise to Petco for a groom. Her hair was long and had some mats. They explained that she would have to be shaved. I wasn't crazy about it but agreed. I think they were lazy. But, that is not why I am unhappy. My adorable, happy dog has not been the same since I brought her home. She lays on the... Read more

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I took my cat to Banfield for a routine cleaning and two hours later, received a frantic phone call from the Dr, that I should get down there right away because she wasn't doing well. The reality is that she had passed away and they couldn't revive her. She was perfectly healthy when I took her in, and I was told she was healthy, at the appointment. They could not explain what had happened. By ... Read more

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I take my 3 dogs to the Newbury Park location in California. I only have Dr. An take of my dogs. Every time I go there the staff take such good care of my pets. They love going there. The staff always greets me with a smile and can't do enough to help me. They answer all my question with care and concern. As For Dr. An I love her so much for loving and taking good care of my pets. I would... Read more

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Help at home from chicago il is a state run agency for seniors. They are very irresponsibile and take money for hours not worked from the state. they do not send replacement for workers that do not show up. Meanwhile client is without assistance from the night before. left sitting in the wheelchair with no food or assistance for toiletry. When they do come they sit and do not do thir job sit... Read more

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we are affiliated with help at home in Chicago Illinois who is a state run agency that is supposed to take care of seniors this agency is very irresponsible does not send the proper help much less help on time if someone calls in sick they do not replace them its a bad agency to be with and I will make sure that this will be addressed with the state of Illinois and they will lose their license Add comment


I would like to register my American Bulldog puppy, but I am not sure by the website if she qualifies. She is a register NKC and I have enclosed her papers (only four generations) but I have also enclosed her parents linage which goes back to what I believe is to 6 generations. If she meets qualifications let me know and I will mail the forms and the fee. Thank you Patsy if you do not... Read more

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I have a yorkie that was pregnant and due Oct.23 I took her in Oct.18 because she was jerking and seemed to be having sezure's I told them she was due Oct.23 they did not even look at her they told me to hold on a minute and came back out with a paper on welping they told me to take her home and make her comfortable that she was fixing to have the pups I asked was this normal because I have never... Read more

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I have been going to PetSmart for grooming for over 16 years and always had a great experience. The last time I took my dog to get groomed she came home loaded with fleas so I was quite disappointed and will probably not return. I spent 85.00 for a full grooming and then end up with fleas. Very disappointing...and my dog suffered. She did NOT have fleas when she went in! Add comment


I took my sweet blind dog(she was blind since birth) to Petsmart..she was well behaved it was her fifth time there .the first few times.they burned her chest with the blades,the fifth time they cut the tip of her tail off,it was just sickening. ..they called me and told me they had taken her to Banfield. I was not angry or rude just very concerned for my dog.when i went to pick her up they... Read more

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I contacted the breeder who muddled hello & I had to ask if I had the right number to purchase a shar pei. I asked for reasons to use her and she said it was my decision. She kept demanding I use a wire transfer, telling me that's how she does business & no one else cares. She then agrees to a cashier check for the deposit. She won't take whole payment up front via cashiers check, her... Read more

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