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This place looks clean on the outside, but inside.. The dogs r sometimes overcrowded that they poo and pee on each other, the places reeks inside.... Add comment

I sent $900 to purchase a blue Shar-Pei. When the puppy arrived it was not blue but a chocolate with no hair. The poor puppy could barely stand up in the crate. She looked like she had been beaten & abused. They tried to say she was 9 weeks old my vet said she was much older because she had adult teeth but only weighed less than 20 pounds. My vet said the dog looked like it had been starved... Read more

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First time to Petco... A brand new Riverside store opened in Fresno and thought I would try their grooming services since they are closer to my home. (I am a long time PetsMart customer). My dog Lacy enjoys getting bathe and loves people. I shock when the groomer called me to tell me my dog was being aggressive, which I NEVER received a call like that ever before. Natalie the groomer said they... Read more

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This company in my experience is good with resolving basics. But when it comes to major behavioral issues forget it. I've noticed that they try to sell you their products which still don't correct the issues. I went to see a real trainer and my issues were literally resolved in a day. Initially I was pleased but once major issues developed they were not resolved I felt abandoned they claim a... Read more

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pet plan will charge two exsess,s if your pet is treated even if its the same treatment and could be over two days if the first day treatment is last day of policy and treatment continues into next day another excess is due so in two days they can take 2 premiums they have it covered in there policy document but it seems very unfair when I contacted to complain there answer was you should check... Read more

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Serenitydals has the most healthy, beautiful puppies I have EVER seen! I got my first Dalmatian puppy, Patch from them 2 1/2 years ago! He is an amazing puppy! Patch was potty trained by his 3rd day with us and even as a puppy he was so well behaved inside our home! We have 8 children and Patch loves each and every one of them! Patch makes his rounds every night checking on all the kids before... Read more

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I lent USD 1,500 to the Kleins, to be returned when they sold their next puppy. I have never got that money back, nor did they reply to my e-mails. Since they move a lot (because they don't pay their rent), I could not track them down. I also had a puppy selected from a litter. They were supposed to give me that puppy in lieu of the USD 1500. Next time I went to visit the puppy, it had been sold.... Read more

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I had the same issue as another reviewer. I bought a puppy from Clayton von warichek kennels and she is a very reactive dog. German shepherd people would call her weak nerved. When she was 3 months old she started growling at my son. I called Jonathon to ask his advise and he told me to hit her as hard as I could across the face. He said not to worry I couldn't injure her. Obviously I didn't do... Read more

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I wanted a dog for my kids and I search on the net for Melbourne location. But the owner is either at Darwin or Perth that required transport fees. Then asking me my detail and told me about her sad story of having cancer and going on treatment soon. I said I can't afford if expensive. So, she is willing to give me the dog for free and just ask me to pay transportation fee which is $200 for one... Read more

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I had a puppy that we found out had a tarxocoma ova in her fecal exam. It has been the only one since we have been breeding and we figured out that a racoons had been in our yard which is where she got it. I have a very nice grass padded back yard where my puppies love to be. I contacted purebredbreeders and they told me that still wanted me to send the puppy to the person who paid them!!! I... Read more

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