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I am a new rider, not much knowledge of horses, or their care. The staff and the people at River Road Riding Club has been such a huge help! I know I can leave my horse and know that he is in good hands! Everyone is so friendly and I dont think that there has been a day that has gone by that I have not seen the owner there, making sure that everyone is happy and everything is going well. The big... Read more

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wanted to purchase chow chow puppies. puppies were very cute. phone number was califorinia number 657-214-.... puppies were in ma. scheduled shipment was to be in 1 hour or i would miss the plane. there credit card machine was down and could not pay with pay pal. i googled this firm and scam didn't work on me. be careful. us ship pets relocator... bad puppy deal.check out your seller, never... Read more

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I found my puppy on Next Day Pets. I saw her and immediately called Debbie and asked all about her. Debbie told me she was still available. I asked all the standard questions about the puppy and where she stayed and about the parents. She is a full bred Boxer. My boyfriend and I planned to drive up to MO and get her; as we felt bad to ship her. I didn't even meet Debbie, I met her sister in law... Read more

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My healthy 9yr old chichua died during her teeth cleaning. This wasn't her first time getting a dental cleaning. Normally it would go fine. Doctor said this time he did one side of the mouth and turned her over, and she started to regain conscious so he turn up anesthesia. He step and away and said the assistant said her heart stopped. He said he preformed cpr. She was injected twice with the... Read more

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On September 28th 2014 I suspected my parakeet may have been getting sick. Since this was a Sunday all of the vets in my area were closed. I thought about waiting until Monday to take her to see an avian specialist in Saline but this was the second day of her symptoms and I did not want to let her get worse without doing anything. From the first interactions the AEC staff had with my parakeet,... Read more

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We hired the Wheaton 60187 area consultant to help with house soiling problems. Absolutely no help. Do NOT WASTE your money. The company probably has good trainers, and I'm sure she might be helpful for other canine issues. It seems like this company's big "trick" is telling the dog "BAAAH!" akin to barking at them. This actually works. Our dog became much more obedient, and our children at... Read more

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Every time I take my dog there for exams he comes home with fleas and then I'm stuck with that cost too!!!! Add comment


At the Latham farms store in Latham ny shopping for my baby Yorker when I noticed the female groomer hitting the little white poodle dog on the head and pulling it's ear because it wouldnt turn it's head in her direction . Beside myself in dIsabelief I asked for the manager . I was shaking with anger and heartache that this trusted groomer would betrayed the owner and the dog itself , the cute... Read more

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i just followed up with U ship in regards to the puppy scam, they explained that if the email comes from anything other than domain it wasn't them please post this I don't want anyone else to go through this. I was scammed for 230 dollars however I don't want this to reflect negatively for the company as the domain was not scammers are good, hit you where there is... Read more

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Our 100 lbs. German Sheppard was supposed to receive their top dog pkg. got a call two hours early and when we touched him got a handful of hair. He was bone dry down to his skin, very odd for this dog, nails were only done on one paw because he was being difficult, and no cute bandana my husband had paid extra for. We sent him back with the girl to finish his nails because we had paid for it.... Read more

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