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Adopted a kitten in U.S and the previews owned shipped him to me to Canada. After all the payments and everything im waiting to him to arrive. more that 12 hours and I don't have any info from anyone about my cat to arrive home . why nobody not communicating with me ??Why i need to sit and wait without info. They told me that they will let me know the departure and arrive time ASAP . I got... Read more

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World Pet Shippers -   mariabilson dog scam
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Hello guys. Greetings form Maine... My boyfriend and I were very interested in getting a blue tick coonhound. We found this ad on Hoobly Classified. We have never purchased a dog online before, we've always bought dogs locally... a friend of mind got a dog online and everything when fine. So we decided to give it a shot. I messaged her on tuesday.. I didn't want to give her any personal... Read more

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I bought my first puppy in 2012 from Doug asvi had previously posted. I went back in 2013 and bought another one. If I ever choose to buy another dog I will again return to Doug. Add comment

Just a rip off. 3 visits for $600. The trainer was a space cadet who talked to us more than working with dog. The dog doesn't even acknowledge "Bah". Got busy during holidays, it has now been over 2 months since the trainer actually reached out on her own to schedule a follow up. This is really a complete waste of money. It seems as though the trainers try to run your card ASAP, try to spin BS... Read more

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I was told I had the ability to cancel because it was so quickly after enrollment, so I did. Without any notice, a collection agency calls me 7 months after demanding payment. It would have been cheaper if I was told I couldn't cancel and didn't use their services and paid the $25/month. I had originally cancelled because they said their plan covered all vaccinations, but when my dog got boosters... Read more

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We came in with a stray dog on the evening of Janurary 25th and the staff did essentially nothing to help us. We were told that they couldn't give us any information on the owner, that they sent the own a facebook message, and that we could either sit with the dog for as long as it would take for the owner to respond to a facebook message or take the unknown dog back to our home with 2 cats.... Read more

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I sent Jeanette chaix. champion araki red rhana at matsang and another gold Tibetan terrier araki matsang if only. in return she was going to send me two regalia Tibetans in return. after many excuses the dogs from her never did materialise, I also paid all the airline shipping, she then sold my champion dog to another breeder. she then refused all contact with me. .this woman is nothing but... Read more

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Eleven years ago we signed up for Banfield's wellness program with our new puppy, Bo. It was great having the wellness program for vaccines and routine check ups. This past weekend we had to put Bo down. We have never had any emergency visits until last weekend. We ended up paying out-of-pocket $600 when it was all said and done. We called this afternoon to cancel the wellness program that... Read more

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My wife was working with Camille Oakie the owner of Furever Home Dog Rescue of Randolph NJ on the rescue / adoption of a dog. My wife had seen pictures and videos of a dog named Felicia and really felt this was a perfect fit for our family. We had just lost our beloved dog Baylee (13 years when she passed) a couple of weeks earlier and there was a big hole in our family. We decided to rescue a... Read more

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I found a Great Dane puppy on Facebook, the breeder that had them seemed completely honest and open about everything, she had an answer for every question I asked. She seemed patient and understanding about all my concerns. Just before I was to pick the puppy up, apparently he had a bad reaction to a vaccine and to be hospitalized for it, she could have lied and not told me at all, I wasn't... Read more

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