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I've been taking my dog Bella (she's a Maltese-Yorkie mix) to Petco to be groomed since 2011 when I adopted her. I used to go to the store in Providence, RI. Groomer- James was FANTASTIC. This past Wednesday (03/25/15) I took my dog to the groomer at Petco in South Attleboro near my new home since James is no longer with Petco. From start to finish I received nothing but the absolute WORST... Read more

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Other Company - Review about Chihuahua Puppy from Boston, Massachusetts
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Big scammer wanted me to send him money and he would have the puppy shipped Omg and saying his mom died and he was away, he claims to be form Cambridge but is in minnesota. Nope I will not send any money what kinda *** is that. BE AWARE AND NEVER SEND MONEY FOR A PET UNLESS YOUR ABLE TO MEET WITH THEM... Read more

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What an absolute joke of a rescue. They gave me a kitten with distemper which sickened my other cats. The rescue didn't find it important to inform me that the kitten's sibling had already died. I didn't find this out until i contacted them about my kitten being sick. The director didn't care at all that their negligence sickened my other animals. Their response.... "Sh** happens". REALLY??!!... Read more

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I contacted Benny Bulldogs regarding a puppy they advertised on their website. I checked them out as best I could seemed legit. I unfortunately made a transaction with them. They day I was supposed to receive the flight information and didn't, I went to their fake website only to find their account was suspended. I am a disabled veteran and wanted the puppy for companionship. I was too eager... Read more

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I left my dog & cat at the Whittier Ca. Petsmart Hotel for 11 days with instructions to groom my dog while there. seemed simple enough. When I returned to pick them up I was told my dog was at the groomers and wouldn't be ready for 3-4 hours. I canceled the grooming as I wasn't ready to wait another 4 hours. If I ever use this hotel again I'll give them exact instructions as it seems they are... Read more

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I had my rescue dog dna tested by Mars Vet dna test kit. To say my dog looks like a golden retriever mix is a understaement. She is longhaired golden in color, has feathers on all four legs, has a beautiful bushy golden retriever tail and has webbed feet. The Mars Vet dna wisdom panel came back declaring she was a mix of American Staffordshire terrier and a french bulldog. This test is obviously... Read more

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So I went to petsmart in mayslanding to get my dogs nail clipped. I have gone there for at least 6yrs with my dog. We walked around before going in the store like we always do. When we got into the grooming part my dog started to have seizure. She is almost 7 yrs old and this has never happened! I believe that she must of ingested something outside before going in. Anyway when she started to have... Read more

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I trusted puppyfind site to be a safe place to look for a puppy. What i found was a horrible experience I was guided to a person with a page on the site that started a scam which cost me well over 1000 dollars and would not be so bad except i have no puppy to show for the money that was taken from me Beware of any what looks real good deal on English bulldogs,snd if the first thing you recieve... Read more

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We have been using petco several yrs to have our german shepards nails trimmed. Today when wegot there they told us they could not do her nails because she was muzzeled.never had that problem before . this just costed them our business and and to any one i can tell. Not to use them! The regulations r not even listed on their web site the regulations should be done because it costed us an... Read more

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Well my husband and I put our 7 in a half year old cat into his carrying case and went to Petco so he can get his shots. OMG there was so many Dogs so our cat started to freak out. I tried covering his cage with my coat. But it did not work. So We decided to leave. I think they should have different times for the animals. First hour should be for Dogs and the next hour should be for Cats. Every... Read more

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