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I contacted the breeder who muddled hello & I had to ask if I had the right number to purchase a shar pei. I asked for reasons to use her and she said it was my decision. She kept demanding I use a wire transfer, telling me that's how she does business & no one else cares. She then agrees to a cashier check for the deposit. She won't take whole payment up front via cashiers check, her... Read more

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I join the many of u whose have lost their pets due to VCA pet hospitals, their subjective findings(what a joke) cost my precious Marble, (she was only 10 young for a cat) her life. I'm so destroyed by her unecessary death i dont know if i will ever recover, PLEASE I beg you, if u value and love ur pet go anywhere but there. If they had paid more attention to her lab work, they would of known she... Read more

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We took our dog for grooming and they killed her. We dropped her off in the morning and about 1 hour later we received a call that they accidentally nipped her. They said they would bring her to banfield to make sure she was ok and we agreed. We were on the road to pickup our Granddaughter so she and the dog can be at a Halloween parade. We were 70 miles away when we got a call that we needed... Read more

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My dog was injured back in June and was in severe pain and when I called Banfield for appt, it was a Monday, to get in that day or next day they advised no appts till later that week, Friday. I had to go find a new veterinarian for treatment. Same thing happened in October, my dog reinjured her back area and was in severe pain but Banfield advised they had no availability for an appt until the... Read more

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Bought a chocolate lab, training her for a therapy dog...great dog, xrays and ct scan diagnosed her (at 5 months of age) with hip dysplasia, osteochondritis dessicans (can become a necrotic condition of the joints) needs surgery to correct hock issue, needs 2 surgeries to correct hips (need pelvis broken in 3 places to put hips together a they should be all conditions are genetic, discovered pam... Read more

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I took my little 3 year old Shih Tzu named Nina for a haircut, trim, and ear cutting. This was only the second time I have ever used PetCo for my little dog's treatment. However, upon picking her up, the staff was rude and unprofessional. I saw that my pet, Nina, was in pain on her leg and sad (whimpering). She was bleeding and had cuts under both of her eyes with a lot more blood coming from... Read more

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Puppyfind - RED FLAG
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My wife who has cancer Was on puppy find,found this puppy for 1200 with shipping 1400 seller called from (503-401-1117) I asked for photos and after tell me it was raining in California for two day finally received them( I check it out and weather forecast was 67 and clear) first red flag .....wife was in love with puppy,sent deposit of 200 through pay pal,when I got home later that night I... Read more

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I advise you all to do a little research before spouting such slander on the internet. Ann Marie is a wonderful woman who spends all of her time saving dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens. She does not believe in euthanizing any animal and works her butt off bringing very sick animals back to perfect health. She gets many cats and puppies from the Livingston County Animal Shelter which has helped... Read more

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Do not take your dog here. I took my dog there last week and my dog came home with fleas!!! The owner claimed it was not from her shop. I had a very bad experience with owner. She should not be able to care for pets. Add comment


Our Fleischerheim dog died today from complications of LUPIS. Two surgeries, constant vet visits. Over $20,000 in healthcare. We have 8 other healthy Shepherds from elsewhere, and when we breed, our lines are as clean as we can ascertain. This now dead dog was deeply loved and her body quit at 5 years. When she arrived by air, her crate was dirty, the dog was dirty, and had, at 5 months had no... Read more

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