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i got this story from alley cat allies newsletter. I know this woman had good intentions but seriously...if you find some kittens why would you be *** enough to just take them to the humane society without waiting for their mother to come back??? We found kittens in our backyard with no mom present. At that time, we had no experience with feral cats or abandoned kittens, so I called our local... Read more

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I hired Dannie to ship my horse from SC to ME and he told me my horse would be picked up in SC on Monday and delivered on Tuesday. My horse was loaded on Monday and did not get to me until the following Monday. Dannie took my horse to his house in Missouri ( so he says) for a week and would not tell me why or how my horse was doing or any contact. When I told him that since he would not tell me... Read more

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This review is ridiculous almost every breeder does their own docking on tails, their own dew claws, micro chipping and worming do ur research people b4 writing such a bad review Add comment

I registered a complaint concerning Kismet kittens. I requested a call back from them and what I received was a text message telling me I was an ignorant buyer and to never contact them again. I would think a reputable breeder would have responded with a phone call. Obviously not a reputable breeder. Add comment

This was my fourth and last appointment for dog grooming at the Bend, Oregon Petco because of scheduling problems. First appointment went well. A recommended appointment was set for the second visit which I had to reschedule. Arrived on at scheduled date and time and was told the appointment had been cancelled. I never cancelled the appointment and took a day off work. Confirmed third... Read more

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We purchased a kitten from kismet kittens and thought we were getting a persian kitten. We received no papers on the kitten and it certainly is no persian kitten. It looks nothing like a persian, doll face or otherwise. He doesn't have any resemblance to a persian in the way he looks or behaves. I have shown him to a number of people that breed persians and they were shocked when they seen the... Read more

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Love how my well plan auto renewed, even though I haven't used the service in months........Then when I call to cancel the store sends me to an 888 number, where not only they refuse to issue the 24.95 that's pending.....(not even the two months prior!) but tell me to call the store where I started, Thanks for lying every single moment of this fiasco... DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE!!! Holy ***, I'll... Read more

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I have 5 dogs on their plans. Since the franchise owner sold back to Banfield, the service has gone from great to horrible. In an emergency, they say they have no appointments, they are a wellness plan, but posted on there wall, it says we take sick or injured pets first. I tried to cancel all plans and they said they would charge me for the balances. I can't get service but I have to pay $200.00... Read more

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I had a scheduled appointment on a Monday at 9 AM. 10 AM rolls around, no call, no show. I called and left a voicemail. Then called again at 2 and was immediately sent to voicemail. It's been a week and still never heard back from the owner. Do NOT use this groomer, she is completely unreliable!! Add comment

My shi tzu went for went for a simple haircut. Then later, to get a call from a girl saying she CUT HER TOE OFF!!!! She didn't just clip it or anything, she had scissors and KEPT CUTTING HER TOE UNTIL IT WAS HANGING ON A PIECE OF SKIN. THIS IS FURTHER THEN CRUELTY!!! This company needs to be shut down!!!! Unbelievable, my dogs is undergoing surgery right now. I have no idea how she is :'( They... Read more

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