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We started feeding our bird dog pedigree a couple of week ago and he started to vomit and have loose stools, eating lots of grass and drinking water excessively. He is also very tired and he cannot not walk as of today. We took him to the vets and gave the vet a sample of the pedigree he was eating and it had wires or plastic sticking out of the food. Waiting to hear back from the vet to see if... Read more

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I ordered cat food from Pet Food Direct for my kitty that was having trouble with throwing up his food. Friends told me to try grain free food. I ordered the food from Pet Food Direct. In the mean time I had to take my cat to the vet for a check up. He wasn't throwing up any more but doctor wanted to see him. It was then my vet said that he would need a different kind of food (prescription)... Read more

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Bought my pup a bag of ever pet dog food and now hes *** blood and wont eat unless its table scrapes now have to take him to the vet. Picture shows black wire in the dog food and i looked and about 95% of the pieces i found had wire in them. Highly pissed everpet should pay! Add comment

I bought a bag of Blue Buffalo. It was bad. Had mold and clumps. I wrote CEO Kurt Schmidt. I sent proof of purchase. I received a letter from them. They will Not replace the bag. Their service is terrible. These Blue Buffalo people are rude, dishonest, and downright unprofessional. Horrible service from rude, arrogant people. They Do NOT stand behind their products. Blue Buffalo clearly puts... Read more

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My dog died today barely a year old saw reviews of the Everpet brand and have come to the conclusion that's why my dog is dead! Bought it because I was tight on money and a week and a half later I have a dead dog thanks slot everpet Add comment

I had got a bag of family pet beef and chicken flavor variety premium dog food .our lil boy nibbie (lil terrier mix)ate some of the food wasnt even 24hours he died and suffered horribly...I hope no one has to go thru this pain we half to go thru ...Boycott the food.. Add comment

I thought I'd try SmartPaks again, I'd previously stopped due to issues with automatic shipping and not receiving email notifications to change or stop the automatic shipping. This time I made sure to check the box stating NO to automatic shipments. Well, guess what, I got automatic shipping anyway! I also did NOT get email notifications to stop or change the shipments. I went online to the... Read more

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Had a terrible experience with the purchase of something that I never took delivery on. I was charged for the item, even though I canceled it. I had to pay additional money to return it because it came to my home. I had to wait one month to get a portion of my money back. I will never use this company again. It is not worth it! Thanks for taking time to read this, you will appreciate knowing... Read more

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Was broke looked like a good buy for the protein and fat percentage. My dog ate 30 lbs of this dog food and got a horrible rash and still has it a month later. After losing half of his hair and doing some research we finally realized it was the dog food. Never buy this for your dog. Should file criminal charges for negligence and animal cruelty. Dollar General should be sued as well for still... Read more

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