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I have never ordered from Pet Food Direct; however, on November 22, 2014 a $54.29 charge showed up on my checking account as "in processing." I called on November 24, 2014, told them I had never ordered from their gave the information needed to stop processing the payment or if it was too late for that to refund the charge. The amount went through as processed on November 26, 2014, I called... Read more

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i spent $18 on two bags of worthless dog food at first my two dogs ate it after two days they started throwing up. and had the *** for 3days the vet said they was dehydrated he asked what i feed them i told him everpet dog food he said throw that stuff away it harms your dogs. im out $18 for worthless dog food and a $200.00 vet bill. i cant get a store refund cause i got it at dollar general and... Read more

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I order a large order of canned cat food every month and have for the last few months. This time their 32 pack Poulty assortment by Friskies had a can I pulled out that was badly dented and not only that the lid had somehow been opened either by the pop top or some other way. When I pulled up the pop top there was MOLD growing all over inside the can! I was so disgusted. I mean this is the brand... Read more

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I was in the store yesterday 12/7/14. When I got to the register, I declined to sign up for the rewards card. I was then informed by the cashier that I would not receive the sale price on ANY of the items I was purchasing unless I signed up for the card. I repeated it to make sure I heard correctly that without signing up, you get no sales prices ever. There was NO signage saying you only get... Read more

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12/06/14 I was double charged for fish food while on trip to IL.Called store, oh yes, sometimes our machines DO that, just bring in receipt & we'll fix it. Well, I can't, I live in KY. Well, take it to Petco there. I can't. Petco here. Sorry, we "could" send gift card instead. How can I use giftcard for a store I'll never see again? I just want my money back. Didn't tell them, but... Read more

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There is not a word to describe how disgusted I am over the simply nourish dog food I just purchased. Just as I was about to give this food to my two dogs I saw crawling worms throughout the bag.. And I'm talking tons of them! I also purchased the food for my cat and spent over $100 on the brand today in hopes of finding something better than blue buffalo for my cockerspaniels allergies! I'm in... Read more

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I am going through the same things. My order was sent and received but it contained the wrong items. First call was no problem "so sorry" we will replace it. She could give me no confirmation number but said I would receive an email, after 4 days no email, no replacement order. I then got a call rom UPS saying Petco had reported to them that I had not received my package, I explained that was not... Read more

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I just tried to place an order for Temptations cat treats for 25 cents each and was not able to do so. I called their toll free number and was informed that the website needs to be updated and that item is being removed/deleted from the website! This company does not honor their sale prices. I have clicked on the email to UNSUBSCRIBE and even that doesn't work. They need to hire people that know... Read more

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