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Dog get sicks every time her eat this dog food, he never been sick before. Dollar general needs to hurry up and take it off thr shelf before they lose money and customers! Add comment

I have five puppies and the momma dog; they were all fine until switching to this dog food. Two puppies died. One is one the brink of death, and the momma dog and two other puppies won't hardly eat it, but when they do they just lay around and act sick. Add comment

I ordered items on-line. But three of my items which were to cases of cat food and 1 large container of kitty litter were changed by TARGET without my approval. First of all I live in Manhattan, New York City and TARGET sends me an email stating that they can't deliver my 2 cases of cat food that I would have to pick them up in New Jersey!?!?! Then today they send me an email stating that my cat... Read more

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Tried forever pals .wished i dogs are sick.take that *** off the shelves Add comment

I have a 13 week old puppy. He is a shorkie. He was healthy, entergetic and happy. After two days of eating your treats, he's lying around, diarrhea with blood in his stools. If my puppy dies then I will be suing. I am a paralegal to a personal injury attorney. I will find as many victims of your food as possible! I love my puppy and he's a part of our family. My other dog would not eat these... Read more

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Just found a piece of metal in my dogs bag of food. Add comment

If you order from PetFoodDirect, CHECK THE EXPIRATION OF YOUR FOOD! I had no idea I (and apparently others) have been sold expired (or near-expiration) pet food and treats for YEARS! I wonder if this is what accounts for their discounts? I believe it's because they sell us the old and near-expiration inventory that other legitimate companies won't dare sell to responsible pet-owners. My little... Read more

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I tried it once and my dog didn't like it. Now, I use Orijen and my dog likes it. He's healthy and happy pet. I don't think that making a 100 words review makes sense. I am trying to do a quick review for everyone to get a quick overview of what I am dealing with here. Please make sure to give us less number of words. 50 will be great :) Now I have to say that dog food is essential for your... Read more

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Don't buy it! That's your advice. Even the Great Dane would not eat it. Must be made of sawdust is my only conclusion:( Add comment

Do not buy at petco. Tried to return dog food with their "No Hassle" policy. Boy was there a hassle . Tried to resolve the issue with the store manager Amber. She was a very NASTY person to talk with. She was not willing to exchange our dog food the same food just smaller *** size. We used a coupon which she said to us your basically *** out of luck with an exchange because we redeemed it and... Read more

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