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Everpet dog food has poisoned my dog. i think this dog food should be taken off the shelves. this is sad that someone wants to hurt poor animals. one pissed off customer. Add comment

I bought your product at Menards and returned with complains about this situation. I will never buy another Hartz animal food and I am telling all my friends and others not to buy it either. You make a mockery of the made in America sticker on the package. Why anyone would want to ruin what their company stands for defeats me. I have been watching red wing boots do the same thing. I hope... Read more

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It is a very sad situation for any dog or cat owner, bc to an owner their pet is just like a child to them. I know bc ours is... Whats even sadder is the fact that my spouse always bought the EverPet bc is was a cheaper brand and living off a fixed income just made more sense to go with the cheaper brand product. However one day someone had put a post on Facebook and I seen it and started reading... Read more

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Been buying Diamond Naturals Dog Food Chicken and Rice formula for years from Philadelphia, Ms TSC. Store never has more than two bags on shelf and we buy 5-6 bags per month but live 30 miles away. Store says call in week before and they will order the extra bags for Tuesday delivery. Worked for about 6 months and then they told us that the factory was out. Called factory and they advised they... Read more

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I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. My dog only had the sh!ts for about 4 days. He made a full recovery after I tossed out the everpet dog food he had stopped eating and fed him a name brand food. This stuff is terrible, spend the few extra dollars and get something that won't harm your dog! Add comment

My dog also seizured and threw up three times!!! Never done it before and did so about 20mins of comsuming EVERPET jerky treats!!!!!! Will never buy again and will make sure everyone I know, knows not to purchase either!!! Who uses a product in a treat thats used in antifreeze?!?!?!!!!!! @$$holes!! NIKKI --BERLIN, PA Add comment

Everpet caused my dog to start having seizures. I am sorry to everyone whom wasnt as lucky as I am and their poor babies passed away. Its horrible. Add comment

Friend of mine who is in dog rescue was given several bags of this dog food as a donation, her friend who lives hundreds of miles away was also given this dog food for rescue by the same gentleman who was trying to help the rescues. They ALL became very ill. One died. Another in critical care, all with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Hundreds of miles apart. Both vets contributed it to the... Read more

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My dog had been on a PetSmart diet since I got her four years ago (the rescue had her on PetSmart food). They changed packaging (labels) and were repeatedly out of stock this past fall Hey- stuff happens. The local store (Aventura, FL) would tell me when there would be a delivery, but the couple evenings I went there after work (on delivery days), I was told that the truck only delivered two or... Read more

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The second shipment was over 15 more. I emailed them about the price difference and they emailed back saying: Thank you for contacting PetFoodDirect. The $46.81 is the previous price for that itme on auto ship and has been updated. That price doesn't include shipping and tax. Sorry for the inconvenience and Thank You for using PetFoodDirect for your pet's needs.. Regards, Kaylina C. Customer... Read more

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