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I placed an order with Lealean Pet Supplies on 10th February my account showed that order went to the warehouse for shipping on the 11th Feb but still no order has been received. I have tried to make contact by Email on numerous occasions regarding the delay but haven't had one reply so far. There is no other method of contact available no phone number known. I have recently read that they are a... Read more

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I am new to SmartPac.. after ordering the supplements for my horses I discovered they would not eat their feed with the supplements on it.. so I contacted customer service and found them to be so helpful in trying to resolve this issue. Jessica, customer service rep. worked with me and is sending FREE trial supplements that might be a little more palatable. I am more than happy with this company... Read more

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I bought several items from lealean pet supplies for my birds and dogs. I ordered on the 1st of January and received my products on January the 8th. One of the bags of dog food had been opened not sure how or where but the bag was broken. I contacted lealean pet supplies and told them what had happened and within 4 days the bag was replaced no questions asked. I appreciate the service as I no... Read more

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I come to buy some food for my small pet and when I go to the cashier I present a 25% off coupon then the cashier call the manager and she say the petsmart policy is no accept coupons I don't say nothing just pay but when I went before to buy food I see an American people give coupons and they accepted for me that looks lake the manager is discriminatory I tall you cause I buy my pet food there... Read more

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Dropped into the Pulaski store, on our way to Syracuse. While quietly walking through the store, I came across the products for animals (in a cooler) for treating Parvo etc. I had been wanting to obtain the price/info. so that I could go online and see what the best/cost effective treatment would be for my dogs. Since, I did not have a pen I took out my cell and snapped a picture of the... Read more

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Terrible company. Shipping takes way longer than expected. Then, they cancelled my online order 5 days after the fact due to the dog food product being "out of stock." However, when I submitted the order 5 days earlier, the website said there were 6 bags available for purchase. Called customer service.. They are an absolute joke! Do NOT order from this company!! Just read the other reviews.. No... Read more

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Everpet dog food has poisoned my dog. i think this dog food should be taken off the shelves. this is sad that someone wants to hurt poor animals. one pissed off customer. Add comment

I bought your product at Menards and returned with complains about this situation. I will never buy another Hartz animal food and I am telling all my friends and others not to buy it either. You make a mockery of the made in America sticker on the package. Why anyone would want to ruin what their company stands for defeats me. I have been watching red wing boots do the same thing. I hope... Read more

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It is a very sad situation for any dog or cat owner, bc to an owner their pet is just like a child to them. I know bc ours is... Whats even sadder is the fact that my spouse always bought the EverPet bc is was a cheaper brand and living off a fixed income just made more sense to go with the cheaper brand product. However one day someone had put a post on Facebook and I seen it and started reading... Read more

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Been buying Diamond Naturals Dog Food Chicken and Rice formula for years from Philadelphia, Ms TSC. Store never has more than two bags on shelf and we buy 5-6 bags per month but live 30 miles away. Store says call in week before and they will order the extra bags for Tuesday delivery. Worked for about 6 months and then they told us that the factory was out. Called factory and they advised they... Read more

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