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Walmart refuses to reship items not received
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I ordered a bunch of items from WalMart and I did not receive all of my items. It was a big order and so it was spread out among several shipments. At first, everything was arriving on time or early and everything was fine. Then, inexplicably, I get 2 e-mails over the weekend, one on May 9, and another on May 10, that said that my items were shipped and would arrive Friday, May 8, and... Read more

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After buying ever pet food our beloved minpin started seizing and died every symptom written is exactly the same I'm more than pissed I'm irate! Your company cost us a member of our family and I will have restitution! If I do not hear from a company rep in a reasonable time I will take steps to sue for every thing I can get. That isn't going to replace the loved one but it will sure leave a bad... Read more

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ran out of pedigree...used your everpet and my dogs have been so sick. I am filing a lawsuit after seeing all of these reports! shame on you for selling a product that has caused so many pets to become ill. Trying to get through to someone at your company is almost impossible. This is not right! My vet said changing the dog food did it. How can a company get away with this type of behavior. I... Read more

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If there is any other way possible, I would advise you to get your pet food from another source. Those working for Pet Food Direct that are on the front lines on the phone are incompetent. The mistakes I personally encountered with this company are too many to hash over. Their auto ship program is a mess. They will say that it's chaotic because they are going through new changes however that's... Read more

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I bought my small dog a new brand of dog food it seemed like a good idea until I brought it home and the food was filled with ants the ants eventually got all over my house and in my let's mouth went back to store to get refund and thy were extremely rude Add comment

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Opened the cat food only to find that the contents was moldy. When I went to the Purina Canada site to complain the server kept on throwing up errors which means that nobody can complain. Great system for separating the customers from the seller. Opened the cat food only to find that the contents was moldy. When I went to the Purina Canada site to complain the server kept on throwing up errors... Read more

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I tried the Ever Pet puppy food and it made her sick. She wouldn't eat anything for three days. She barely even drank any water. She had diarrhea with shows of red. She stayed in her kennel most of the time. I also tried your buying puppy pads in the dollar store. She used it one time and it ran straight through to the floor. Most of it ran off the pad, and on to my hand; like it was plastic when... Read more

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I've been the feed vendor for a while but simply stopped. They are unable to pay their bills. I understand a tough economy, and I "Get" being a couple of days behind and being asked to hold a check or wait, but they are constantly behind, sometimes 5 or 6 weeks. I'd have more sympathy but the owner stiffs me 5 or 7 times a year for a couple of thousand and then tells me what a great time he had... Read more

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Today at 12:00 we were at the Tractor Supply in Hillview, Ky. There were very few people in the store. My husband and I are elderly but still live on a farm and TS is the only near store to us. My complaints today is there is never anyone who know anything you need, this has been going on for year, we have always bought our horse feed, chicken feed and so much more there for years. We were... Read more

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I got that dog food for my three small dogs oh what a mistake that was it made all of them sick and their still not over it yet I will neverbuy it or any other products by this brand maker. Reta luther chickasha okla Add comment

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