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Will never buy this product again after witnessing a family member's one dog refusing to eat it and the other dog vomiting multiple times afterwards. Very frightening that this poison is legally allowed to be sold in stores in this country. Add comment

I'm checking out and i forgot I had left my 10% coupon in my car. I was told i had to have it, no exceptions. No problem i was thinking I'm the one who forgot it. Finished loading my 3 bags of chicken food and 1 bag of cattle cubes. Brought my receipt back with coupon and stood in line waiting my turn. People in front of me didn't have a coupon and the cashier without hesitation pulls out a... Read more

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I ordered two boxes of dog treats from EntirelyPets. Their prices were good and the shipping time wasn't bad but when the package arrived the items were smashed up and the treats inside the box were crushed and many of them unusable. The box used for shipping itself was in pristine condition so I don't think this happened during transit but believe that the items were already in this poor... Read more

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I received a USPS package containing one can of cat food ($1.99) with shipping ($5.95) charging $7.94. to my credit card. Admittedly this is a small amount, but the fact is I DID NOT ORDER THIS NOR DID I GIVE MY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION TO THIS COMPANY. The receipt allows returns within 4 weeks of the shipping date (June 21, 2015) but reading the several reviews on several websites, I cannot... Read more

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I found a medical needle I my dogs everpet food Add comment

I had a very negative experience with this company. Ordered a few things plus 2 cases of dog food. Big shipping charges, unlike other companies who shop free with a minimum ( mine was about $150). They contacted me saying they only had one left. Without sending me an updated bill. I called, was put on hold after talking to person . 5 minutes, I hung up. Finally got them to send a bill. 2... Read more

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My boyfriend went to petsmart and they were out of the eukanuba so he decided to buy simply nourish. He calls me on his way home to say he grabbed a bag with spiders on it and went back and all the bags had spiders, so he brushed it off. we just opened open the bag and saw bugs flying inside it with what looks like nesting of an animal. we've been buying from petsmart for years and this was the... Read more

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I got the ever pet from dollar store because it said it was made in the u s a and got address in Goodlettsville tn an I feed my two puppies these treats , makes me mad they allow these stuff in here Add comment

I usually buy this everpet dog food if I can't afford our other. My boxer was vomiting and would not eat. I already lost one dog I am not losing another. I will sue you if something else happens. This is what happened what else. She did have the poops and laid around. She would not play. She is my baby. we already lost one dog from this I will not loose another.We struggle to buy the one they eat... Read more

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