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Costco/Kirkland Dog Food Killed My Dog!
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On November 11, 2012 we bought a bag of Kirkland Healthy Weight dog food instead of the regular Kirkland Mature dog food which we regularly use. The bag of Healthy Weight was grabbed inadvertently, but we did not think there was a problem and decided to use it anyway. On the evening of November 12th, our adult son, Andrew who was staying with us while he was in transition, opened the bag of... Read more

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Do not buy EVERPET Dog Food. It might be cheap, but it's going to make your dog sick. SO many complaints from people all over the US OF America. It comes from CHINA people, that's why it is so cheap. IF you love your dog, you will not purchase any of their Pet Food items. THey are all made in china.... Live 99% of all of their other items in this store. They don't make any of... Read more

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These people don't have a clue of what they're doing. They just opened a new store in West Sacramento and it's being run by a bunch of idiots. One guy asked me if I wanted dry dog food in a can, huh? No such thing. The capital *** is named Tiffany and says she's the store manager. What a laugh! She couldn't manage her way out of a wet paper bag. They don't know anything about animals which is... Read more

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100% FULL

Walmart refuses to reship items not received
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I ordered a bunch of items from WalMart and I did not receive all of my items. It was a big order and so it was spread out among several shipments. At first, everything was arriving on time or early and everything was fine. Then, inexplicably, I get 2 e-mails over the weekend, one on May 9, and another on May 10, that said that my items were shipped and would arrive Friday, May 8, and... Read more

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I bought a bag of simply nourish dog food. My boyfriend opened the bag very little and scooped out a bowl of food for our dog. After eating it she was really sick throwing up all over and diarrhea through the night. In the morning I opened the bag all the way and found stringy web cob web like things stuck to the sides of the bag, flying bugs, and crawling kind throughout the entire bag. It was... Read more

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I bought 50 pound bag of Simply Right Complete Nutrion Pet Care (Lot # 142212 Best Used By Oct. 20,2014) for my 5 dogs 2 adults and 4 5 month old puppies. They ate some the first week and then the second week i noticed that one of the females was not eating and was isolating herself. I noticed she threw up and then did better. Then i noticed the following day that another pup named Winchester... Read more

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I purchased a bag of midwestern sweet mix and within two hours of feeding it, my horse was down. The feed had a weird smell and was off color. I have spent over $1700 in vet bills and now he has to be put down all because of bad feed from rural king. Rural King has blown me off and has said there feed was not the cause. But its very odd that we feed out of that bag for the first time then two... Read more

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I have been feeding Exceed chicken and rice from Sams Club for over 10 yrs or so . I have noticed several changes since then . For example the original bags were black and yellow and has changed 3 times . Besides the color of the bags there has been a change in ingredients also . My dogs normally had solid stool and maybe one or twoturds a day . Now my dogs are losing weight and there stool has... Read more

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I have four older ex-shelter dogs (11yr+) who are my life. I try to give them the very best of everything. I used to buy canned Merrick Dog Food, but for various reasons, I decided to look for a replacement. I tried the Kirkland canned dog food believing the Costco reputation for quality. I have used it for many months, not really sure how many, but yesterday (Dec 17, 2011) I tried to buy... Read more

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