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Found an inexpensive roundtrip flight to San Diego from Tampa and booked at noon. Supposed to receive an eticket within 5 business hours, after 6 I received 2 text messages and 2 phone calls in broken english and a lot of static on the line in the voicemail, asking me to immediately confirm information. Half of the ticket cost had gone through. I double checked the websites phone number in an... Read more

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Flying out of sfo to Denver for a family wedding. Got here 1.5 hrs early. Got to our gate at 950. There was another flight boarding out of the same gate so a lot of people. Never heard a thing. Went to the front desk at 1000 and we're told the doors were closed and we missed our flight. What kind of service is that?! Sat on hold for 40 minutes only to get yelled at by the customer service... Read more

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Don't like to complain about companies in forums... But when a company like "cheapoair" lies to you and steals 500$ and 4 or 5 real hours of your time, then you can't do anything but call them and say what you think. And then when nobody answer, have nothing else to do but make people aware of this liars and don't make the same mistakes I did. I booked a flight one year ago, with the idea of base... Read more

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I canceled a flight due to a car accident and they refunded half the ticket. Then when I tried to use it again they said I have to pay the first $200 of the ticket before I could use the credit so I should wait to use it when I have around a $400 flight. Then when I finally had a flight that was $400 they tried to tell me I would have to pay 300 plus the flight difference. It does not make any... Read more

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During flight from Busmarck to Phoenix Mesa one of the pilots left the cockpit and talked and laughed with flight attendants for at least 10 minutes. Not cool. Unsafe practices! Add comment

My complaint is very minor to most I am reading. Booked flight to Cabo going down was okay. Tried to check in for flight back and website was down. Get to the airport and was gave seats in the back of the plane but I had paid for select seating. After telling them and showing them on my confirmation she was very rude and told me I hadn't. Its wrote right on the confirmation?? Whatever so... Read more

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I bought a travel insurance. So I thought my flight is protected. *** No!! My flight got delayed by 1 hour and 26 minutes. So I did my usual cancellation process. So first, their apps do not work. The website won't allow you to cancel. Then you call their 702 Number and they will place you on hold for almost an hour (they say maximum time is 26 minutes). The auto phone attendant will just keep on... Read more

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Does anyone tried take legal action???? I lost hope that I ll get my money back I am looking for other way to resolve this problem than wasting time and e-mailing with them. I have been forced to buy new tickets as mine - bought through AFT haven't been valid because travel agent haven't paid for them. I am getting tired to writing to them the same story that I am waiting for my money back and... Read more

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To whom it may concern, This was my first time flying with frontier airline. I was ecstatic that I was able to fly out of Philadelphia into Atlanta at a very reasonable price to be able to see my family more often. The experience I had was unimaginable. I work in customer service and if I ever handled a customer the way your Philadelphia staff did I would be unemployed by now. I left Philadelphia... Read more

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I booked a flight with Allegiant air and added a car rental to the itinerary. There was absolutely no disclosure on the rental page, or upon check out that no fees or taxes were included in the price charged by Allegiant, and I was going to be charged separately by the rental company $105. This was not disclosed until I received an email from Allegiant confirming the addition of a car rental. At... Read more

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