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I received one of these "Award Notifications" from "US Airlines" the other day in the amount of $1350.00 for 2 round trip tickets to anywhere in the US. Mine came as a 3 sided tear off envelope, the kind you receive checks in. It had BLUE blotted background and looks very real. This appears to be a check, with even an endorsement area on the back. It has everything on it that would convince... Read more

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I found an amazing deal on the Allegiant Air website Thursday, August 23rd, 2012. It was so good that I refreshed the page thinking there was an error. It kept coming back to the same thing. Air & 5 nights hotel was $169.60. So I booked it. How could I not? It was the desired dates I wanted and Garth Brooks would be performing on the last night I was in town... Three hours after booking, I... Read more

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I received a letter in the mail today March 28th 2011 with no return address only post marked Phoenix, AZ. The letter inside stated that US Airlines had been trying to notify me for some time now that I was the winner of two airline tickets worth $1400.00 and that I needed to call their toll free number to claim my prize. It was signed by their vice president Joyceln Hall. I did some research... Read more

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12/13/10 My husband opened a letter with no return address. Inside was a letter from US Airlines Fly the US Skies stating that he had qualified for an award of 2 round trip airline tickets,up to $1400.oo anywhere in the continental U.S. That they had tried to contact him several times without success, this was their last attempt. Call 1-866-995-9308. Of Course it was signed by none other than VP... Read more

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Urgent official document received in mail - marked "personal and confidential" - stated we won two free tickets on US Airlines with value of $1400.00 and this was Final Notification. Incorrect use of english language in document itself i.e. " We have been asked with notifying you of this award" instead of "We have been asked to notify you of this award." Another example, "it will be... Read more

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Etihad lost our luggage coming back from Pakistan to New York. After filing out lost luggage form and obtaining claim number we were told someone from Etihad will get get back to us as they needed at least 2 weeks to find out what happened to our luggage. After 2 weeks, no word from Etihad so we decided to call the number on the lost luggage claim form. This number was supposedly provided in case... Read more

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I called ASAP tickets about 1 week before my departure date and the agent found me a flight for $900 RT with a 2 hour layover in Munich.The agent said I have an aisle seat on both the trip to Munich and on to Turkey.You can't see the seat you get until 24 hours before your flight at which time I saw it was the worst center seat possible! I was pissed! But I got to the airport 3 hours early and... Read more

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I have read enough reports, blogs, forums, posts about these companies and their owners/ceo/president. I believe it is time everyone band together and file some class action litigation-lawsuits in US Court against these Corporate Titans. has a "F" Rating on the Better Business Bureau. How are they still allowed to operated and stay afloat legally or survive without someone taking... Read more

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Just received a letter, envelope hand addressed using ballpoint, .44 stamp, w/out a return address. The Postmark: Phoenix, AZ. Letterhead says "US Airlines". Says I have qualified for an award of 2 roundtrip airline tickets. Retail value up to $1,400.00 Says several attempts to contact me have failed. This is the last attempt. In bold type: Please call me today at 1-866-363-8023. Signed, Kristina... Read more

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I wanted to book tickets for three passengers to Philippines. I spoke to the two agents regarding the booking. I spoke to the supervisor who who processed the booking. He claims to be an expert and knows about the policy of the airlines (delta and PAL) regarding 2 free check-in baggage 50 lbs each passenger. Plus he claimed that he is familiar with Manila airports both international and... Read more

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