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The "unorthodox approach to boarding" is something to cringe at. When questioned, the flight attendant assured me that this method was faster. I ended up having to wait for everyone to disembark the plane to retrieve my backpack from the rear. In a poor attempt at humor, the attendant giving the safety briefing made quips about adultery and choosing which child should die in case of an... Read more

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Worst airline ever - rude staff. Play the game of flight schedules. US Air far superior. Will ban southwest from a travel option for my company and would suggest all to do the same. By flight delays they waste my companes productive staff time. What if it was a reverse - ypu dont think they would complain? Add comment

On a Wed, changed my original flight from Sunday to Friday, which I got charged a $200 change fee for (expected that) and another $100 in taxes. Since I am in the military, I did not find out my schedule until Thursday afternoon. I could no longer make the Friday flight, so tried to change it to a Saturday morning flight on Thursday, less than 16 hours after the first change had been made. Got... Read more

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Minneapolis is cursed to have this as our hub airline... I can't remember the last time I took a flight without significant delay... A simple hour flight to Chicago can turn into a all day ordeal... Two days ago on our flight to Chicago the delay was over twice as long as the flight.. On the return flight to Minneapolis the same *** thing... Beware of their *** stories regarding delays..this... Read more

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TO CALL THEM I'M TRYING AND THEY TELLING ME TO CALL BACK NO CUSTOMER SERVICE, EMPLOYEES INCOMPETENT TO ANSWER ,,,,,,CALL BACK TO TALK TO A SUPERVISOR ?????????????? ?????????????????I AM EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED AND UPSET..THIS COMPANY NEEDS INVESTIGATING !!!!This company is a total fraud and scam. There is no comittment to the bookings they take, no customer care and no complaint... Read more

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I write reviews for nearly every thing that I purchase online, which is a lot. I find reviews helpful when looking to purchase things online so, I do the same in hopes of helping another. With that being said, I'm giving Allegiant zero stars because, my experience with them has been absolutely horrible. I purchased 2 tickets to travel from Grand Rapids, MI to Honolulu, HI. After purchasing the... Read more

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I had purchased a ticket on Dec 14,-2014-now edreams is saying they canceled the payment because the airlines is full i called at 6:00 am i got tr transfered Add comment

There is only 2 hrs to have the chance to speak to a real live person to voice your complaints about any adverse Frontier Airline experiences! The other time they are "answering emails" that can take up to a month to resolve!?!? Has anyone actually gotten any sort of resolution from these customer service people? I have major MAJOR buyers remorse for purchasing my ticket with this company they... Read more

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Like many other reviewers, I too was the victim of this company's bait and switch pricing that suddenly became "unavailable" when I tried to submit payment. Contacted customer service to resolve (I call bullsh*t that 4 seats availAble since noon were coincidentally purchased at the exact time 7 hrs later when I attempted to reserve). Following my tirade re: unsavory /unethical/ scammer marketing... Read more

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Hi I am very dissatisfied with our resent flights from Calgary to Phoenix on November 28 2014 us airways 415 at 6:35 am, airplane was pushed back from terminal de-iced and waited for two hours as the flight crew tried to get #2 engine to start, then de-iced before ***, we arrived as our connecting flight us airways 556 was taking off, they did not hold the flight for us, it was the last flight... Read more

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