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Was in Rapid City, SD and had to fly home for an emergency to Williamsport, PA on Aug. 9, 2014. My original ticket was to go from SD to Dallas, to Phil to Williamsport. Fog delayed all flights (out of airlines control) so I tried to work with AA agent to change connecting flights as I knew I would miss them and they refused. That was the beginning. Once in Dallas, I was sent 4x across the... Read more

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I booked a ticket for someone and my name came as the traveler, I contacted edreams straight away and they told me I will loose all my money because it cannot be changed or cancelled. So i decided to contact the airline directly only to be told that edreams were lying. The airline said you can cancel any booking made within 24hours free of charge. Edreams is the worst travel agent that exist, do... Read more

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im an college student and I've had my fair share of *** thrown my way but this by far was the shittiest experience i have ever had in regards to a "business". my flight was scheduled to *** at 4:06 on monday October 13th, i arrived at the airport 2 hours early (2:06 pm) like they suggest only to find out at 4 it was delayed, no biggie. when the plane finally got in we then find out the the pilot... Read more

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Sitting on the runway in phoenix for 30 minutes so far. Pilot just came on and said we will remain here for who knows how much longer??? Apparently our gate "is not ready". Great. This is the worst airline. Rude. Over priced. Bad service. Every time I fly them I end up wondering WHY?????? And yet here I am again. I guess I am the ***. Add comment

Lots of hidden fees and terrible customer service. The only reason I flew them is because I had free tickets and it still wasnt worth it! I fly United and Southwest more than 100 times per year and have never had them size my carry on bag. Frontier size checks all bags so they cam charge a higher bfee if it doesnt fit. Pathetic Add comment


I fly US Airways on the shuttle almost every week for business, so you would call that loyal--correct? I am still in Zone 5 every time I board the aircraft. That means I am LAST to get on the plane and frequently have my roller-board checked. The reason there is no room for business people's roller-boards is because US Airways charges for luggage, so leisure travelers who would be happy to... Read more

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I have a 2ways ticket "San Francisco - Dobai - Sana'a - Dubai - San Francisco" vai Emirates Airlines, I'm now in Sana'a and I will go back to Dubai - San Francisco on Wednesday, October 29, 2014 but the Emirates Airlines office in Sana'a confirmed me that my hotel voucher in Dubai is cancel and I already payed for that !! So I demand that to solve this problem because my trip is too long and has... Read more

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$35 for a cary on? This is not an airline rather a robber. I had no choice but to pay but i have the freedom to let the whole world to know how Frontier airline is going fast for bankruptcy oh well. .. Add comment


Air flight held until they could say it was weather so they did not have to pay for over night stay Oct. 13 flight 813 from Roanoke Va to St Pete FL. I would never fly this airline again. I would say young girl who was working tryed her best . Airline should remember not everyone had means to go to hotel and buy three meals . If they would just told us at 6 : pm that we would not be flying... Read more

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i've been a customer for years as they fly direct to the 2 cities I travel to. i buy insurance and anytime i've ever called them i've had long wait times. ONLY reason to ever call them is because their web site is so limited and tells you to call when you want to make a date change. use to wait 10 min. to 20 min. last year i've been calling i's much much longer. only ones' that care less... Read more

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