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The worst airline in existence. The staff is rude, the flights are miserable, and they stuck me on the tarmac at LAX for four hours. Flights are often late and have a lot of mechanical issues. I'm pretty sure it'll be the cause of my death. Plus side :pretty cheap Add comment

No explanation for delayed departure (1 hour late), missed connection (at gate right at departure time and they would not let me board). No apologies. No recourse. You, as the passenger, are ***. Add comment

I had to book a flight today for my 87 year old mother from Tampa to Pittsburgh. We always fly Southwest between Tampa and Pittsburgh, but the flight was going to be more than $300 one way because the trip is unexpected and only 2 days away. I'd heard about Allegiant Air's cheaper flights, and they fly out of Clearwater, which is much closer to my mom's, so I thought I'd check them out, and... Read more

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I received a free round trip ticket with the purchase of a house through cambria mortgage. I made a paid reservation and a reservation to use my voucher. I mailed in the certificate for redemption and they didn't receive it. The have the certificate number, confirmation number, and everything else they need to make sure the certificate isn't going to try to be used again. Because they don't have... Read more

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Flight 437 to Las Vegas delayed 1 day due to pilots running out of hours. Allegiant refused to reimburse for lost hotel room in Las Vegas or hotel room in Peoria. Flight 436 returning to Peoria delayed 1 day due to numerous mechanical problems with several planes. I was on Flight 436 that is making national headlines due to aborting takeoff. Allegiant kept us waiting in the Las Vegas airport... Read more

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The pathetic airline I have ever travelled in my life. rudely behaving cabin crew members.. do not know their own airlines rules that they take a full ticket for a 2 years old baby. didn't allow a 0.5 L of water in my bag when even I was telling him it's just for the sake of baby the security personal just trashed it and even not allowed me or my boy to drink it so not to be wasted and then in... Read more

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I recently had the worst flying experience that I've had in all my travels. On Friday August 14th I had a 12:45 flight from Nas to FLL and 7pm from FLL to LAX. Firstly JetBlue customer service was extremely horrible or perhaps should I say there was NO service for the customer at all!!! no advance notice over the PA system that the flight was being delayed for 3 hours nor was a reason given.... Read more

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I have call many time and leave a message needed a supervisor to call me back bothered to get to New York they change a flight didn't send us an email we had to buy brand-new ticket for $500 each one way only going to pay the hundred dollars one way on the specials that they had no one could've respond back to us no one get back to us the flight was delayed very bad customer service and still... Read more

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Flight left 45 mins early and I missed it. No one was even at a desk to help me book another. What's the point of a scheduled flight time when you leave whenever you want!? The whole reason people pick flights is based on dates and times. Worst airline ever. It's pathetic. I'll never fly them again. I almost missed a funeral if it weren't for another airline stepping in to help me. Add comment

This airline is worst than Spirit. Disorganized! Add comment

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