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I bought a ticket on Air France. I refered a friend moments later who bought two tickets on the same flight 30 minutes after I bought mine. He paid $80 less per ticket than I did. I guess that's too bad for me-but I didn't need to hear Air France customer service actually SAY THAT-which they did;) And I WAS a member of their flying blue program when I called to ask how this happens. Arrogance... Read more

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I am sad to say that my first experience with Frontier was highly unpleasant and I will not be flying with them again. I was flying from DCA to DEN. Everything was going smoothly - made it through airport security with the luggage I was going to take as carry-on (which had VERY important medications because of my illnesses - cystic fibrosis, diabetes, arthritis, and transplant medications). ... Read more

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Showed up an hour early at Sanford Florida. It took the slow moving ticket agent named Sonya 30 minutes to check 6 people in. My wife was right in front of me, she got her boarding pass and I was next. She closed the gate and would not issue me my boarding pass because the 30 minute before flight deadline had passed. So I missed the flight. Obviously allegiant hires the people with the fewest... Read more

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My American Airlines mishaps... On Friday afternoon on August 29 @ 5:00pm, my sister dropped me off at the Mobile Alabama airport for a 6:45 flight with American Airlines (Eagle). Regarding my knee replacement, the security at the San Jose airport did not signal to show I have metal anywhere. However at Mobile AL security! I set off alarms. Previously before entering, the security lady asked if... Read more

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I was travelling from entebbe airport to dubai and ground staff from airlines was asking money for boarding see the level of corruption in uganda at the airport even and harassment by ugandan emirates officer's Add comment

I flew London to Kuala Lumper in mid August with my family at the start of a holiday. One of the four bags failed to arrive, and we were told Etihad had left 30 bags in Abu Dhabi, so we were not alone. We assumed the airline would get the bag to us, but this is when we found out about Etihad 'customer service' - our first few days of the holiday were in Sumatra, and within 2 days the found bag... Read more

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I booked a round trip flight to Montana. The airline I chose was United and was pleasantly surprised to find out I could also choose my seats. Exit row seats were listed as available at no extra cost so I chose them. Now it's a week before the flight and I'm finding out my seats are actually in the row behind the exit row seats, unlike the original seating chart I was shown when I booked the... Read more

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R these guys SO cheap I think they do not attach the AC from the airport & keep it on the lowest setting on the whole flight. It's impossibly hot, humid, babies crying! If u want to be sweaty, smelling your seat mates & hot on a 3 hour trip - have at it!! Add comment

Cheapoair twice tried to change a recent Seattle to Portland flight scheduled for 4:05 PM - at first to 12:05 PM, then to 11:30 AM. I received the following message: "We have received notification from the airline that changes have been made to your flight schedule." I was told I had to confirm the new flight "on an urgent basis." Not true. I had confirmed directly with Alaska Airlines, which... Read more

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Never In my life that I have ever seen so much *** in my life .why would you even want to run a *** airline business like SPIRIT its just plain wrong what these people are up to. Add comment