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Flying as a family JFK to Orlando - spring break. Booked an early morning (8am) flight on Delta to get down to Orlando in time to meet up with extended family. We got to JFK on time (awakened at 4:30am to do so) only to arrive at the gate and have the flight cancelled moments before boarding. Delta's first officer was mysteriously missing. (They also cancelled a flight to San Diego for the same... Read more

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In 2015, Delta removed the opportunity to get the extra two inches of legroom at booking time for Gold Medallion fliers. Now, we have to wait until three days before the flight to see if any seats formerly known as Economy Comfort (in reality, Economy Slightly Less Discomfort), are still available. Oh, or we can pay an extra $99 for what was free until 2015. Management doesn't give two sh*ts for... Read more

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Same thing happened to me and my family in two separate occasions, their website and tv monitor said flight was delayed when we came there 15 minutes before the delayed time, the flight door had already been closed saying we called you three times over the PA. Stupidity over the core.. I spent 80 dollars for hotel and another 100 dollars to drive home as they had only room in to the nearest... Read more

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My pnr no.sdsy6g Booked with airasia first time and had a pathetic experience as booked the flights on the website on 25th april 2015 and its been three days didn't got the the fare is changed and they will refund after fooling around 3 days. Also faced such a bad customer services looks like no one there is concerned about there customers also the agent assure to wait for few hours and... Read more

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Booked 2 tickets for nine thousand dollars. I Had to reschedule the flight within their guidelines. They refused to answer calls and emails. Said they were keeping my money and good luck getting it back. Steve Boro is the name of the agent. I have tried countless times to call, email, with absolutely no response. This has been going on well over a year and has still not been resolved. Amazing to... Read more

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I searched economy for an upcoming trip in June. A flight with Business Class seats for the longest leg of my flight was offered for a few hundred more per ticket, so I booked that flight. About two weeks after booking, I get an email with a flight change, my flight had changed time by about 5 minutes, but suddenly, I was booked in Economy instead of Business Class. I have spoken with several... Read more

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Sabation at Sanford airport smart *** cocky Add comment

Late going to vacation and several hrs late getting back hom. Communication terrible Add comment

Currently stuck on the plane at the gate for an hour (so far) because they cannot get the door to disengage. They had to turn the power off so there is no air and, we are in Texas! I asked for water as it is really hot and dry and they said $2 on a credit card! WTH?? I'm sitting here because of mechanical issues and we are already an hour late and you are still going o charge me for water? I... Read more

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Set up for flight to attend sons graduation. Had to be back at work early Mon AM. Delays on both sides on first flight of the day coming home! Late for training (significantly), and coming I barely made it to my sons graduation due to the delay. Could not get through on phone to get flight arrival time (after delay), not updated in site (!) and agents disappeared from counter at airport. Grrrr.... Read more

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