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booked a flight in july 2014 booked over the phone the flight was for october 2014 when i received my bank statement Etihad had taken £50 from my account for no reason I rang then to query this they listened to the phone call and stated they would refund this back to me but this had to be done at head office in abu dhabi. 8 MONTHS, NUMEROUS PHONE CALLS AND E-MAILS, COMPLAINTS MADE AND NOT... Read more

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Delays after delays and then ran out of fuel. Add comment

I did a reservation on expedia and tried to cancel my reservation. I called several times during the day from 8am to 9pm. Everytime the hold was for more than 2 hours at a time. When I made the reservation it didn't take 1 minute for someone to answer the phone. But to cancel a reservation it took all day. I still haven't been able to cancel my reservation. I will have to pay cancellation fee if... Read more

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Started in PIT 6am , now setting in Atlanta (worst group of "I don't give a ***" employees) waiting for Melbourne flight 9:43 pm which is the closest delta can get me to Orlando today . B terminal is a war zone, all flights delayed. Delta needs specials ops team to calm customers that are near breaking point . Delta 'a employees in Atlanta SUCK! Add comment

No crew to fly, but they put us on the aircraft any way and here we sit! Add comment

I was flying to Denver via southwest, with a two and a half hour window to catch my flight to San Francisco via Frontier Airlines. SW Flight out of Phili was delayed. At PHL, I spent the time I was on hold on customer care line for 55 minutes, looking for a Frontier representative. Once I found one, I hung up. The representative said Frontier would not exchange my ticket (without a charge for the... Read more

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My sister is 24, single mother, just recently diagnosed with cancer. I am completely DISGUSTED with Spirit Airlines. My sister purchased tickets in advance to send her daughter to her scheduled custody visit for spring break, weeks before she learned that she has a very aggressive CANCER and has start chemotherapy immediately. The oncologist told her NO FLYING and that they would provide a... Read more

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Fight 745 to ponce puerto rico on Wednesday March 4,2015 at 11:30pm was the worst flight i ever took n the last on jet blue then they wonder why people dont take trips its because of the airlines make these flights a nightmare and dont think they owe us the traveler on jet blue airline a aplogy and reimbursement for services not given and for jet blue incompetence on said flights you jet blue... Read more

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I miss flight 117 at 0910 this morning. I get help from the lady at Gate29 who was rude & who told me to go to next flight at Gate28, which was leaving for Austin but headed to PHX first. She told me to wait until everyone boards & then see if there was room on the plane. I waited until everyone boarded the plane & asked if there was anymore room so that I could board. Then the lady... Read more

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Our flight was suppose to leave out at 6:05 from indianapolis to denver and from Denver to Las Vegas on 2/22/15 got to the airport around 4:30ish and was told then flight was cancel ask when was the next flight leaving Indianapolis they told us Thursday so we ask around for another flight couldn't fine one so we went back to the counter ask what can we do because we are suppose to return back to... Read more

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