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First of all I became an ACN ibo for $499.00 then my wife joined for another $499.00 with the line that you are in business for yourself but you are never alone. We went past the 10 business days without really doing much of anything and should have been kicked out and refunded our money but instead we were led on and told we were making it. I went out and bought suits so I would look nice for... Read more

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I purchased Hulu plus so that i can watch tv shows and movies similar to netflix, to which i am also a paid subscriber, while i am away from home on my laptop. However, you must still log into another paid cable service to watch programming on hulu plus. As i am simply away from my house which services me Dish network via satellite and a DVR which i can record several shows at a time. I guess i... Read more

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100% FULL

Lowes - Lowe's refuses online fulfillment, changes web site while I'm on phone with corporate customer care
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cust id 1963692 10/24/2014 Today my wife and I went to Lowe's to get some tools and look at tool chests. Standing in the store we check online and see this deal on a Kobalt chest, item #351117 and see they have one remaining in stock. We checked the aisle but didn't see it, or even a spot for it. We went back and looked at the demo models and saw the chest. $469, with the item number shown... Read more

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my mom broke 2 hips so we were told by doctors she must have a firm mattress - we purchased for $1000 Simmons Beauty Rest. We had the mattress 4 months and it completely sank in the middle. My 80 year mother falls into the gully in the middle and can't get out. We waited 2 months for the warranty department to come to our house to verify. I paid $25 dollars. they found a stain on the... Read more

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Very misleading. All is receive is an automated response. Their excuse is that they claim a different company received the commission. Just another internet scam. Add comment

Free lotto is taking my money from my account n this is the 2nd time h poo w do i stop them from taking my money PLEASE HELP Add comment

I have had 7 harassing calls tonight from Ymax using the number 937-919-5413. The person, who speaks with a thick Hindi accent, claims to be from Microsoft and demands access to my computer. He says my computer is "at great risk" and wants money and access. He called 7 times in 20 minutes. He was rude, demanding, and would not stop. My husband spoke with him on the third, fourth, fifth,... Read more

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Approximately 14 months, my parents bought a recliner for my mother who is disabled. They called the warranty number listed and was advised that since it was purchased over a year ago to contact another company that does business for them at a astronomical price. I found this to be unacceptable and inquired as to why they do not stand by their product. They stated that there was nothing they... Read more

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I returned a voice mail from Ryan Clark at Safety Services leaving no relevant information other than I had to call as soon as possible to become OSHA compliant. When I was done with work and returned the call, one of his colleagues answered and explained to me that I needed these services to be OSHA compliant. When I pressed the issue and started asking questions he seemed to be a bit put off... Read more

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Same story as most deceptive "terms" signed up for a trial then they shipped me an order where on my email receipt does it refer to the terms ....said I can keep it for 60% less to give to a friend HA concerned now they have my credit card info to sell to someone overseas learned a valuable lesson there is a chump born every day Product did not work and will not deal with them again please... Read more

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