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Monica out of methuen one of the best professional i came across. I dont prefer black girls but this one is the real deal. Id number26855521

they claimed i was going to be arrested and needed a lawyer immediately. I asked him for some proof he was from the irs-ss#, birth date or even who i worked for and he just kept on telling me my address. HA HA I just hung up on him-because of the scam and moreso that he could hardly speak good english WHAT A SCAM I HAVE READ MANY OTHER SIMILAR COMPLAINTS FROM THIS COMPANY REGARDING THE SAME... Read more

Was this review helpful? 0 0;;;;;;;;;;; These are all the websites that the company does business under and it is a SCAM! Do not, I REPEAT, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ANY OF THESE SITES. I will tell you my story and how I... Read more

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I have repainted an exterior building 3 times because I bought the best...Valspar Signature with Primer the first time. The paint is thin and runs a lot. It wont dry. It is shinny and wont cover. I bought the medium grade Valspar and repainted everything. I am still fighting the original paint job over 1.5 years later. The paint peels off in sheets. I scrape it and repaint it. I just... Read more

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Colin Ross ran the Ronoke Virgina office for Smart Circle under the name Phoneix Marketing. He was present during the lawsuit as one of Brian's lackeys. He claimed to be a lawyer. I have found out recently that he has no education or certification as such. Talking with a few of his ex employees they all stated that he stole checks from them and then just vanished after less than a year of running... Read more

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a week ago i buy mount cellphone holder over this website, took my money right away but never recieve a confirmation or receipt or anything say if they shipped or not i been try to contact them and leave a message never answer back.

The wig arrived - cost a fortune and was unwearable. The firm was uncontactable and delayed the shipping beyond the two weeks refund term. ADVICE: DO NOT BUY ANY WIG FROM THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU WANT TO LOOK LIKE YOU ARE WEARING ROAD KILL ON YOUR HEAD. It was truly the WORST wig I've ever seen and nothing like what was advertised. I put the financial mistake down to a lesson learned. I will... Read more

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I purchased a Restonic mattress, box spring and frame from Mattress Warehouse in Dekalb, Il. Within 4 weeks the box spring frame broke. i called Mattress Warehouse and he said it was abuse even before he new what was wrong and made no effort to find out what was wrong. It was evident that no matter what was wrong he was not going to stand behind the warranty. I called Restonic the supplier and... Read more

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I look up an item on line and it says 4 in stock in my store price $6.99 get there and the only choice is $15.49. This happens almost every time, HD card, mouse, wireless keyboard, thumb drives - this was a micro SD memory. They told me my item was a ship only so I called it up on my computer and showed them - 4 in stock - pick up today. Guess what - they found the item in inventory in back... Read more

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I bought 5 pairs of Swarovski stud earrings($59 dollar value) cost $10 card # xxxx xxxx 8917 never received earrings! Know one has followed thought ! Still, after months have not received the earrings!#?