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2 years into Nerium,long story short my boyfriend is a Brand Partner,I didnt want to be part of it until I tried the product my boyfriend signed up immediately because a brand partner called him after he dropped me off that evening....The Servant Leader Jeff Olson says "you will be a better version of yourself," truth is I have seen my boyfriend turn into someone I do not know anymore.Spending... Read more

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Several years ago I had a Bell Mobility cell phone with a three year contract. I had the phone for approx.. 5 additional years, never used text feature at all. Out of the blue I receive text after text trivia questions so every time I flipped the phone open $2.00 I call them ame amount for all those years now its $200 more told them no way I would pay that. Lady was very rude told me its simple... Read more

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Hulu Plus is turning out to be a complete waste of money! Terrible connection even with my high speed internet. Add comment

I ordered samples and paid and continued to pay as they charged my account 600.00 we returned unused bottles and the company said they don't or won't take any product back. This borders on fraud stay away they are a joke and the product doesn't work at all. I will never order anything on line again from the United States. I am presently looking into how to report them to an authority in the... Read more

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RIP OFF!! Unnecessary charges and lie about work. Harrassed my son for money and did not complete the work. All they care is about money and don't complete the work, nor are professional. Treated with disrespect and overcharged for services, lots of hidden costs. Very rude. Will file a report with the BBB of Omaha. They should be reported for false advertising. He had periodontal work, with... Read more

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Received product and about a week later they tried to charge my credit card for 87.63 . My bank declined the charge as being suspicious and called me. I instructed them to refuse any future attempts by this company to collect from me as it was supposed to be only a 4.95 shipping fee. Thanks to the constant vigilance of my bank they got no money from me. I also sent them a nasty email informing... Read more

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What looked like a $26.99 order, after rebates were applied, turned to $73.99. You only saw the final fees, after you submitted your order. When I tried to cancel the order by calling customer service, I was transferred to a department with only a recording. After trying several times, and being rudely treated, I called my credit card company and had a stop payment placed on the transaction. No... Read more

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I recently ordered 2 new pairs of glasses at the Wal-Mart in Newton IA. They screwed the order up right from the start. After 3 ½ weeks I finally get a call my glasses are in. A week later than promised. I arrived to pick them up; only one pair was in, they had no idea when the other was due. It’s now 4 weeks and no second pair. Finally made them refund my money as the pair received was... Read more

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100% FULL

Ecyclebest - I was fooled just like everyone else
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Should've typed in "ECycleBest Review" in Google before I sent them my iPhone 4S. 1500 complaints on the Better Business Bureau alone! They quoted me at $107 and then "evaluated" it at $8. I tried calling per their Terms & Conditions and like everyone else was put on hold then kicked off the line. I called 10 times and had the same result every time. This is a complete sham operation. I hope... Read more

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