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So I've had a pof account for less than a month. It seemed to be working well for meeting new people and I had hope for finding a woman to settle down with. I was never rude, never uploaded or sent any nude pictures. Whoever runs this site is like a dictator in their little computer chair, just deleting accounts at random for no reason. Someone else said something about how if one of the lady's... Read more

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Lending Club keeps sending me "pre-approved" letters and emails, but always denies my loan requests for amounts well below the limit and with a credit score well within the acceptable range. I believe it's a cheesy little scam for the sole purpose of collecting information. Pissed Consumer 1562 First Ave #205-1942 New York, NY 10028 United States Pissed Consumer Media RelationsPissed Consumer... Read more

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Invent Help, helped themselves to my money onlY! Notice the only thing that has been invented which was a hundred years ago is the Slip N Slide. Do not let this company fool you. It DOES NOT MATTER HOW MANY QUESTION YOU ASK NOR THE INFORMATION YOU READ, THIS COMPANY IS GOING TO TAKE YOUR MONEY AND RUN BESIDES RUIN YOUR CREDIT! In the month of July of 2008, I went to the company called Invent... Read more

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When you experience what people call "dark periods" in your life, do not resort to contacting the so-called psychics. The past few months have been pretty overwhelming for me. There are some events that have led me to a deep depression and intense level of vulnerability. Because of this, I have been making random choices without giving too much thought to them. I've only acted out of... Read more

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TLG Great fun debited my checking account $12.99 without my knowledge. Beware of this on-line scam. I had ordered business cards from and had put the order on my debit card. Some promo popped up from Great Fun. I kept trying to get out of it. They said that when I clicked on it that I signed up for a membership and they took my debit card # from my order with I had no... Read more

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My friend signed up to sell Nerium and she was nearing her deadline to win her free ipad so I felt the need to help her out and sign up as a consultant. Well I am not a pushy person, and cannot force people into spending $110 on a bottle of face cream! Apparently you need to be super pushy and have no life, because you are supposed to call in several times a week for training and go to meetings... Read more

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Vapek offers an attractive "Free trial" of their E-cig for $4.95 shipping of course. What they fail to mention on their website (unless you click the terms and conditions) is this enrolls you in a 99.95 a month "Auto-ship" program! and unless your part of the 25% that take the extra step to find out what the catch is your charged 99.95 in 12 days. If you discover this fine small print and decide... Read more

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Ibought my first pillow at Bed Bath and Beyond on the advice of my Chiropractor and was satisfied with the results on releaving neck pain. We gave the pillow to a family member and then ordered two king size pillows. Upon receiving the pillows and unpacking them one had a hole in the cover. I called the company and they gave me a RMA, with which I promptly sent the pillow back. Then is when the... Read more

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Was recruited to be part of a makeup artist team bridal team. One requirement was to use MA products on clients. Then was told that to use the products and join the team you have to join MA. They then sold the idea of a business opportunity to me and how i would earn money off business volume etc. I was on the fence and the deal breaker for me was that in addition to all these requirements if... Read more

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Menards Truck Rental Scam
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On Sept. 21st, 2013 @ 4pm I rented a truck from Menards to pick up siding that I had special ordered. I went to the store to pick it up and I also purchased more wood. I had several Menard's employees help me load the rental truck, I said I could load it, but they insisted, so be it. In total I had 5 Menards employees load up the truck and climb over it. In total... - 1 Menards employee... Read more

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