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Re-dialed the number 5053483275 and had a computer message to hold. I live overseas so I randomly have calls (1 a month or so) from this number at 2 or 3 a.m. my local time never leaves a it was 6:50 a.m. A woman came on the line and asked how she could help me. I said I received a call but the caller left no message so why did they call me in the first instance. She said I... Read more

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I saw that this company has look at my credit report without my permission for 21 times in the last two years.... WFT why can these people easily access this??? Wonder how the know your address? Wonder how they got any of my info? They called me and told me I'd would be charged with grand larceny if I don't pay since what the called was for over $1000... I cried while the guy screamed at me. When... Read more

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took all my deposit money for car. I never got..and didn't return my deposit because they think they are owed it because they offered me a car that had illegal tires on it....... Im going to court...I will have my lawyer start a litigation for criminal procedures and bring this company down... before they know it I have a private investigator on my side. and will take it to channel 3 on your side... Read more

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Conxumer Cellular will advertise that your former AT&T phone will work on their system...but don't believe it. My attempts over 5-6 hours with both CC and AT&T plus three minutes with HTC convinced me it was only a come-on scam. Sure, you can possibly make and receive a phone call...but internet connectivity, not on your life! Because that is where the big companies are really raking... Read more

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the past four months Iv been making payments for a bill I didn't know exist. I was so scared to go to court so I worked out a payment arrangements. I was emailed a payment plan, but nothing tangible. I have a feeling this is a scam my debit receipts don't have a name and it just doesn't feel right. What to do to get out of this ? Should I just stop making payments or should I contact police. I... Read more

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Flower Delivery Express - Wish I could turn the clock back two hours!
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So many issues! Hidden service charge of 19.99 Discount price mysteriously transformed to full retail at checkout. Two discount offers posted ON the site are not authentic links. The "Upgrade Now!" button is not a link. The mechanics of the site are unwieldy and amateurish, including the frequent refreshing that erases info you just entered, and the weird message entry panel that divides your... Read more

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KDs Auto Sales - Dishonest, greedy and completely dishonorable people!
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Purchased a supposedly like new car from KD'S auto sales in Margate, Fl. Spoke to Kris of KD'S auto Sales and he assured me that the vehicle was in excellent condition and like new. I told him I was 71 years old and this would probably be the last vehicle I purchased and I was assured by him that he would even let his Grandmother drive this vehicle across country. I am SURE GLAD I am not his... Read more

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I was seeking a job, i filled many applications and was called by ths company who said they had job for me i took randstads offer went in for orientation, these people manage system with no sympathy they are low they have no people skills, i was hired by randstad to work my way up into very popular inside company. It didn't take me long realize these people were benefiting from my hard earned... Read more

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I made a complaint back in May & was never contacted! I stayed in Louisville Kentucky @ a Red Roof had reservations BOTH times, & I asked was it ok to arrive @ 5am & check in. I was told sure, however the 1st time the attendant made me & my child wait til 6am in my vehicle! The next stay she made us wait til 7am. If I need a room just off a 6hr drive why am I not allowed to check... Add comment

I emailed to cancel my subscription a month ago. They never cancelled. Charged my account 24.99. I called 5 times left voicemails. No return call. Called again. Spoke with someone who said system was down. She supposedly wrote down my email address and phone number and would cancel when system comes up. We will see. Add comment