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Still nothing............ My money is always in by 12:00 am, and now I'm being charged inquiri fees up to $12 for checking what's going on, embarrassing getting declined at the gas station! Add comment

Sitting at a gas station waiting for your direct deposit to hit is so not cool. Get it together Money network! Add comment

I wanted to leave a positive review but I can't. Overall, the shopping experience was as described. Took about a week to process (as advertised). Once shipped, took another week to reach me. There was a tracking number to follow its process. I did wonder about the quality due to the price, but placed an order based on the very positive reviews. Now this is the part I'm REALLU UNHAPPY about. I left reviews about the products, some good some not so great, to warn others of the quality. This explains why so 'many' people raved about the products.... Read more

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the new watch list is terrible i dont need hulu to push a bunch of shows on me that i dont want to watch, i just want to watch the shows i want in the order i want. it was already bad enough before that they would only play 3-4 shows from your *** order and put in some of their shows, now they are trying to push a ton of more garbage on me with this you have made it harder for me to spend my money to watch the shows i want to watch in the order i want to watch and it is now easier for me to just rss torrent and watch the shows how i want...... Read more

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As a former employee, I was hired to jumpstart sales - challenged by Chris Reimels to do 40k in 6 mos while doing customer service . After writing 60k while Wife was on bed rest for our child ,I was thanked by saying I abandoned my job ( didn't call until afternoon of day one- and not paid over 4K commission. Thanks Allstate Kings Park Chris Reimels 49 Indian head rd 269 5200 ( 631) .btw baby is 30 days old and doing great. Great company your running Mr . Wilson Read more

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Our whole cheer team was set to fly out today to head to Florida for the 1st annual D2 Summit. Last cheer comp of the season when 30 mins ago I get a text for Alleigant Air saying "Flight Canceled"!! What!!! No time to book a new flight at a decent price. I could understand if it was delayed or there is bad weather. But they just flat out cancelled it 10 hours before we were to fly out! Never again will I use this airline, I don't care how much it saves someone. The team is going to be so disappointed when they realize they are going to miss... Read more

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Has anyone gotten their money yet? This company is about to lose so many customers after this. Add comment

App isnt working, wont let me log into the site online, tried calling customer service and " press 5" for customer service and then the call automatically gets disconnected. What a *** shitshow, lol. I got 7 bucks in my account. Thanks you piles of ***. At least I got painkillers I guess, LMFAOOOOOO. But seriously this is complete BS I can't believe my account is gone and all my paycheck is gone due to this shady company. If your work deals with these absolute incompetent morons, try and switch to something else because it's gonna keep... Read more

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Seriously pissed i can't get money I'm out of gas and can't get to work because of rod where is my money been calling and can't get an answer Add comment

I want MY money. Holy ***. Add comment

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