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The first Subway on North Rhett Ave., North Charleston, SC. Nobody in front. I called in to the back to let them I was out there. I guess the didn't hear me for talking and laughing so loud. Add comment

booked an appointment for 3.15 and wasnt seen till 4.15. I should bill these clowns for wasting my time. staff was useless and said "it is what it is". last time I EVER come here. Add comment

service issues with a bad SWIM box. All DTV wants is for you to pay for monthly service insurance for equipment you don't even own. Spent a number of days explaining problem then waiting until a person types info on computer only to find out that the next department can't access that information. Escalating to another department resulted in an email falsely stating they tried to contact me. Call... Read more

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Very busy day at the Kasson/ Mantorville Mn Dollar General . Customers coming in non stop as fast as they are rung up . People lined up to end of store ( inside) . Customer had to go to receiving and ask for help on register Lisa the new Manager reluctantly opened a register with a real attitude problem and as slow as possible . All the while giving dirty looks to the other employee . Meanwhile... Read more

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I have been treated like *** ever since I got conned into this contract. The employees are not helpful at all and as for a fact just loan sharks!! I am never given the amount that I have left owing at all. I have to rely on them and that is a problem when I have had issues with them since day one! I will never deal with this low life of a company again! I am also spreading the word to all that... Read more

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Worst customer service I have ever experienced. I called ten minutes after booking to change one letter in one of the three travelers names and they wanted me to pay $224 dollars to change it. Every time I asked to speak to a supervisor I got the same word track that I would have to wait on hold for a long time and that I would just be told the same thing. After asking for the third time she... Read more

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Thank-You, I will go to best buy. Add comment

Those people do not know how to tell the truth. They are quick to blame others and they will withhold information or mislead you. Asking them to "own up to something" is like asking an individual who cannot tell time, what time it is. In busines, and in life, I have always belived there are no half-truths, there are only whole lies. Yet telling only a fraction of the truth is extremely prevalent... Read more

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My husband and our 2 toddlers visited Ruby Tuesdays today (location=westview and university dr , coral springa Fl) and had the worst portion size and customer service. We were charged the normal dinner prices at 11:15am (we were literally the first customers there,) the portion sizes were a friggin joke our toddlers enjoyed the same size chicken like we were served, when we complained the... Read more

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My shirt looks bad ink is treble Add comment