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Some sellers on Poshmark are wonderful. Others you must be very careful of! It has come to my attention that @1hermitcrab is a scammer, a cheat and a liar. She misrepresents all of her merchandise and charges women three times the amount for items. For example: She claims that she travels far and wide to buy upscale cowboy boots and then charges women a fortune. @1hermitcrab buys her boots from Zulilly at a fraction of the cost that she sells them for. She also buys her jewels from JTV, QVC HSN, Ebay and other markets and rips women off for... Read more

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I bought a hamster cage and the cage wasn't even full. It said there would be 4 attaching corners to stabilize the cage, but there were only 3. There were supposed to be 2 cage attachers, but there was only one! F*** you petsmart! Add comment

don't waste your time or money with philadelphia escort traci lee,she always shows up 2 hrs late for outcall,always tries to upsell, asks for tips,and rushes the session. my last session with her which will be my last ,our appointments were usually 150 but i texted her on her cell# asking her if i could *** on her *** for 200.she said sure,but when we it came to that point during the session she moved out of the way when i was *** i ended up hitting it all over my sheets.i asked her why she moved after we agreed up that activity ,she's going... Read more

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This place is so corrupt and awful it would be hard to convey everything here. I will mention the big stuff: When our son wanted to go to CU Denver, we eventually found Regency at the Villas thinking it was a fairly manageable price and situation for him. What we didn't know was that we would then be treated completely unprofessionally, experience corruption, lies, thieving, misrepresentation, hear all kinds of horror stories about other students' experiences. Upon move in, the place was filthy. The toilets were soiled and had "hairs" on them.... Read more

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Ulta - Review in Cosmetics and Toiletries category from Los Angeles, California
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SHEILA at Ulta on Arroyo Crossing Parkway in Las Vegas, was supposed to be giving me a Dermalogica facial for sensitive skin. INSTEAD SHEILA Decided to put a BLEACHING Product on my face and on my mouth, without even consulting with me.This act of pure evil has caused damage to my face for the rest of my life.IT WAS DONE ON PURPOSE.I NEVER EVEN GOT AN APOLOGY. PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS LOCATION At Arroyo Crossing Parkway in Las Vegas. Read more

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Told witness and manager that I got stain on sleeve if jacket. Manger came can over and looked and walked away. It was because counter was not all the way cleaned. Add comment

They refused to give us our prescription and made my husband redo his eye exam..We had to do this a year after the last because his glasses were breaking contanstly and wouldnt replace. Add comment

I think your show home to win is discustimg. I see you dumping perfectly good materials ie soaker tubs toilets etc. They just smash it and throw it in the dumpster. I guess when it's not your own money, you don't give a *** about recycling. Thank goodness all I have to do is change the channel. They are all acting like spoiled brats! I'll be vey surprised if you respond to my letter. Henry Schwagly. Read more

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There was a couple with a young child acting out and when we said something to the manager he ignored the first few people who complained and then was acting rude toward us for complaining Add comment

On Feb. 17,2016, I purchased several pcs, of accent pcs. I visited the store several times looking for a white entainment console. Marie Cruiz was salesperson, told me she didnt hv white on display, but could order it in white, March 30, 2016 del. Each piece was $250.00 ea. After reviewing my receipt the next day i noticed a price error. $399.00 for the desk and chair. Kim in finance, was to correct the error and send me a copy of the correction, took several call to get her to mail it. Upon arrival of my delivery iI noticed the next day that... Read more

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