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Called today did not want to go the that again! By that I mean I talked for what seemed to be hours! Trying to b courteous and say no unable to afford them I am on disability.can badly afford essentials. Repeated numerous times my illness causes me to pass out if over excited or anxiety is high. Forced to OK before I passed out employee was informed of this! Fortunately lady who help me was... Read more

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What i want to complain about is about tecno camon c8 not being able to multi-task . instead it starts open app again. And my other problem about tecno c8 is that on pressing HOME key it loads first which customers don't like. I'll be gratefull if you can fix this , or create an update to fix this . Thank you Add comment

Placed a valentine order on 20 Feb for delivery on the 14 which the site said was open. Got an email confirmation and money was exchanged. The next day I received an email stating they were going to deliver it on the 25th????? I called and they stated they couldn't deliver it on valentine's day, I asked why and they said they were all booked. They also stated that I should have read their... Read more

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Did you know that you have a thief working as a cook in the Lisbon store well you do he robed my house of a 32 inch flat screen smart tv he is a thief and should be fired asap Add comment

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Worst service ever,no body speaks english,never received card been lied too by them hung up on and they are scams Add comment

This company is a scam. They get to busy to make their deliveries and simply say they couldn't find the person. I still haven't received my order. I am filing a complaint with the attorney general office and suggest all others do the same. Add comment

I'm a 54 yr old mother of 4, and got a thin single page letter out of the blue the day before my father's funeral in Jan. 2016, saying at the I owed $196,000 in student loan debt!! I about fell off my chair! I had had ok credit the past several years. I put myself through 3 degrees and worked several jobs, and had a few smaller loans, that I thought had been paid off. I haven't been in... Read more

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I made many, many complaints of very substandard medical care. Pharmacies despening sugar pills "very watered down or some similar ingredient getting paid for fraudulent medications. I tried to get pills tested several times with no success. I asked many others doctors and they refused also. I was told by two Labs, " Yes we test pills but you have to take it first". the other "Yes we test... Read more

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This is by far the worst home warranty company I have ever come across. Their "contractors" are terrible, rude and unprofessional. And that is being very kind. The plumber they sent to unclog a pipe - did not feel like doing the job. He said it would be difficult and take a long time. So he got in his truck and left. No- I'm leaving- I need to get something - no explanation at all. And I am... Read more

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I placed an order for Valentines day and took advantage of early delivery (to be delivered on 2/11). I have ordered many times before and thought it was strange that I did not receive an email today stating they were out for delivery. After I was not successful at tracking them I called your poor excuse for "customer service". I could not understand her, she was very rude, after a few minutes she... Read more

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