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I placed my order using my debit card they with drew the money and its now march and I checked my order status it says waiting for credit card approval. there is no way to email them of why this is on hold sense they already took out the money. There is a phone number they give but there office hours are the same as mine so its hard to call they do give an email but you can not email that it... Read more

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On 3-1/2015 employee Zamora at station in Hialeah Florida would not sell me a bottle of wine because it didn't have a price on it.she refused to look for the price and said that it wasn't her problem with an attitude of too bad that's my job,I almost fainted on disbelief that she didn't wanted to sell at all,never will go back. Add comment

There are 2 photos of me on here. I would like to know how they were put on this site. I am taking this to the police. I would like to know WHO posted it without my consent. Please check the email address of who posted my 2 photos. The only person i can think of is my ex husband guiseppe camerlengo or pep camerlengo. My email address is I would like the information... Read more

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2015 fr3 25ds this goes on and on in most all storage bays. Dealer says salt first caused this then states manufacturing sprayed something on them and has to jump through hoops to get them replaced . Add comment

I guess the only smart thing I did was order only $8.00 worth of product. I did so as a test to see how it would work out. I ordered Jan. 15th, and it's now March 1st, and still haven't received my items. I can live without the $8.00 apparently wasted, but will never order from them again. Like many others I wouldn't give them any stars. Now what is up with this site? I'm done with my... Read more

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hulu sucks. They will have the first season of a series and then the last and nothing in between. And also half there anime doesn't even come in English like wth. Yeah it's cool that you can get an episode right after it goes on TV but the ads are not even worth it. They play the same ads over and over again. And half the shows that they do give you the episodes to the day after they air suck.... Read more

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we purchased a home from this company. do not make the mistake we did totally dishonest company. extremely poor quality and when you call to ask for the repairs that they promise to take responsibility for(they are lying) they *** you around until time that the law requires them to resound by expires. we have over 30k in damages and this million dollar company has no compunction about telling... Read more

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Recently contracted morgellons disease when the symptoms hit i started itching so bad ,and iv been having the worst headaches ever in 53 years. Went the er at scott and white. This is what happened...the nurse directed my girlfriend and i to a room where medical equipment is stored and had us wash off in a mopbucket sink. Then we were escorted thru a constuction in apair of socks and robe thru... Read more

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December 2014 I ordered 2 Knifes, they took the money out of my account 1 week later. They sent me, your package has shipped. January, I contacted them by E-mail. They said 2 weeks, then said could be a back order. March 1, 2015 still no knifes. I requested the order be canceled and the money put back in my account. Nothing from them! I will never purchase any thing from North American Hunt club... Read more

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Watered down gravy and soggy chicken breast Add comment