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I purchased an item on September 1st and contacted TeamBuy late in September to see when item would be shipped as I had also had to pay shipping. Response from nCrowd was that they had taken over TeamBuy on Sept 22nd and to ask for my money back from my bank or credit card company. They also offered 20% off on next purchase. This is same deal they are offering any new customers. Why would I... Read more

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I bought a very expensive umbrella (over $350) at Lowes by Treasure Garden. The very cheaply constructed base broke within two summers. The sides of the base came loose under the pressure of the sand that goes inside the base, to give it weight. Very dangerous situation. I have small children that stay under the umbrella which can collapse any time now. I removed the poll that holds the umbrella... Read more

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I ordered the same product that had previously been ordered. Paid the same price. BUT I received a completely different product and after many emails and attempts at contact not one single person has tried to help me. I cant get a single response or acknowledgement that there has been a mix up. BUYER BEWARE!! Add comment

I joined Retro Fitness in May, 2014 for $19.99. I requested a Personal Trainer just to jump start my workout for $120.00. I was told that I could cancel at anytime. I went through 4 weeks and cancelled. Retro had already billed for June, which they credited my account for. They charged in July, and credited my account. They charged in August. At that time i was told that I had signed up for a... Read more

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Ordered sheets online. Made a mistake in one of the sizes. Tried to contact customer service through LiveChat (just person) and called for days straight. Every department I tried to reach via phone put me on hold and then said all representatives were busy and to try my call again later...and then HUNG UP on me. HORRIBLE customer service! Problem still not resolved. Will never do... Read more

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I have been working with John Polumbo for several years. I use him when my clients need sales help. He is thorough and strategic, works closely with the sales team and sometimes acts as the sales manager. Results are dramatic (positive). I highly recommend John and his selling strategy. John is honest and sincere and will provide a positive boost to company growth. His focus on providing... Read more

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Paid for a dozen roses plus a card - total price 70$ - My gf got 7 Roses and no card. I told her to go to the local store who deliver it and they showed her the receipt they got. It was only for 17 Euros and that only covered 7 Roses. I have called on skype several times. First time, they picked up and afterwards I get no answer and it says my account is blocked. the us phone does not get... Read more

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I was bad so Santa Claus left me a lump of coal. I am trying my best to be good, but I am upset about the coal. Perhaps if I am nicer Santa will leave me a great gift, like a new puppy or something else special. I am writing this post on pissed consumer because I know that Santa is a big fan. He checks pissed consumer to make sure that his naughty list is correct. Santa if you are reading... Read more

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I had paid for credits on casino star and the next day they took my credits away so I personally think thats fraud Add comment