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I have had two credit cards that I use only for purchases of Zuliliy goods and in the past 3 weeks both credit cards have been hacked. Despite my numerous purchaes from Zulily, and my love of their service and products I can no longer buy from them on-line. Something is bad wrong with fraudulent activity!! I strongly suggest that some in-depth review needs to be conducted as this has to be more... Read more

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I had my neighbor buy mattresses from OMF. In two weeks, he told them the bed wasnt comfortable. They had someone look at it, and told him that he abused the bed, and it wasnt warrantable. He tried to return it, but was told they have a NO return policy. Why are they allowed to advertise? Its legalized theft.... Add comment

I am owner of a new business. I really like Pilot Varsity pens. I was at the Office Max store, and asked if they carried them. They said that I could order them the pens and pay for them at the store. So, I did. Then the fun starts. My office is in an office building. Essentially, they don't seem to know how to make a delivery to an OFFICE BUILDING . When I finally went back to the store... Read more

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Worst, nasty, cheap food I have ever had in my entire life. Even the staff is cheap as they think that the things they put in tortilla came from their pocket. I ordered maxi melt and it was like somebody gave food to their pets. no cheese inside at all and charge me Dollar 0.20 extra for chicken and I got 4 small piece, even my dog say, I don't want to eat that ***. This looks bad, taste like... Read more

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Mop water used to clean showers Add comment

I don't know why they keep Snow White ride and Pinocchio ride open. My grand daughters even when my kids where little the ride scared them. Wish they would put more up to date rides like frozen or don't something better for Snow White like they did on Disney world Add comment

There are 12 members of our family that enjoy traveling together. My wife and I purchased a membership, because they promised to save us up to half the regular cost to visit Disney World in Florida. They couldn't find us a motel inside the park with any discounts. My daughter found better deals online than they could offer us. It appears we wasted a lot of money on false promises! We were led to... Read more

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Went to take a shower after a long day of driving. Asked for an extra towel. While waiting i happened to look in the mop bucket that water was black. That was going to be used to clean the shower. I walked out. Grabbed my stuff and left disgusted... No shower for me tonight... Better than getting some sickness.... Horrible horrible horrible.... Add comment

This is the worst site I have ever been on. I joined 48hrs ago and have been on a total of 2hrs. Every time I try to sign In It tells me mechanical error and that they are working on It. Meanwhile I'm still getting emails from people by the way I can't answer because I can't sign In. It Is absolutely ridiculous playing this game. I get that It's free but I'm really surprised they are still around... Read more

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i thought I purchased 2 tix to a concert after putting in all the info of my credit card I waited to see the purchase before submitting when in fact it went straight to purchase. I paid for 4 tix not 2 . I contacted them immediately n they said too bad deal is done n no refunds. Now I told them I was 65 only wanted 2 tix when they told me to sell them on line or give them back to them to sell. I... Read more

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