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  • Applebees
  • 6 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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Waitress was a very bad service. Forgot my daughter soup. I ask for napkin 4 times and never got it, she kept forgetting it. We had to wait a long time for the waitress to come to the table.we should of walk out. Add comment

Hi sir, i bought new dish washing machine, and, water heater from B-tech, which the partner in Egypt, i bought from alexandria branch i prefer it than the LG, Samsung, or, another stuff, for quality, service, etc.. but, i surprised after i bought the devices from around 20 days, and, waiting the Ariston technician team to come and connect it, without any reply, i tried to call the Ariston Egypt... Read more

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Lazada Philippines - Lazada Sucks
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I ordered a "Oromismo bluetooth bh-503 over-the-ear headphones" it arrived after 1 week, the package sucks, my headphone became an Apple Headphone (thinking it's clone) there is no manual in the box (should i charge it with 220v or 110v)? i just said LOL What kind of service is that? Now I wouldn't trust lazada to give an original item, so to those who would read this, please be informed and be... Read more

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THIS IS AN UPDATE: after having the same issues as most folks, getting denied warranty repairs & basically getting the run around from Whirlpool. So after many moons trouble shooting & hrs searching the web, trying used/new parts I finally thought I figured out my no start trouble. The washer would start,click a couple times & if I was lucky it would finish a wash cycle, more times... Read more

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I was followed while shopping and treated more of a potential shoplifter opposed to a customer. I contacted the store in regards to the incident and was made to feel as though it was my imagination. The person told me that the stores one and only female loss prevention worker was not working that day. I was also told that they had no way of viewing the incident because no cameras are in that... Read more

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My refrigerator stopped working after only 2 years. It was NOT the bottom of the line. I bought the extended warranty. It's been 6 weeks, 4 repair visits, at least 12 hours on the phone, and them forcing a check from me that they were not entitled to because I had the extended warranty but the repairman would not leave until I gave him money. I've been without a refrigerator for 6 weeks now in... Read more

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Pegasus Agritech... almost laughable! I hear this is run by ryan singlehurst (aka ryan smith the senior director of agt) with minions amine benkaddour and mark mcgairey also of agt. License Number 6292204 licenses them for "Green Houses & Equipment Trading" see for... Read more

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  • Garcinium
  • 7 hours ago
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I was offered a free trial with the only cost being $2.99 for each of the bottles. It showed the cost as $0.00 and so I went ahead. 5 days later there were 2 deductions of 119.99. I have emailed but have had no reply Add comment

I bought a Pocket Hose after seeing it in a neighbor's yard. She said her first one burst, but she bought another one. I bought one and used it for a month, then it burst. I bought a second one and stored it inside when not using, as the instructions said, and it still burst. I saved my receipt from Home Depot....but it was one week past the 90 days return policy....but I'm hoping to get my... Read more

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