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A couple weeks ago on Saturday I had a massage set up for two people. When I arrived, before 3pm, the store and the surrounding area was empty. Apparently, they closed the area for a short time and it was quickly released within 15-20 minutes after my arrival. I hung out and waited for about a half hour leaving my last message 39 minutes later. Nobody picked up the phone or returned my call even... Read more

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Ordered a washing machine everything in check. 3 days before the order found out it was cancelled. tried to get an answer as to why?. No reason actually no one could give me a reason. Every operators name is Sheryl. This company is only interested in selling . They are fake and the customer service SUCKS. Not one operator on several attempts could give me a manager. They are wolves protecting... Read more

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In just 1 week I've had two calls drop. One call dropped at 5 minutes and the other dropped at 10 minutes. There was no warning of the calls being dropped. I am guaranteed a 15 minute phone call. So why is it that my calls can just end whenever? I dislike this *** company. They're not good!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Add comment

I am employed with burger king and I need to talk to someone that can help me my name is Antoneshia Box please contact me at 815 9770909. Thank You Add comment

Sent $300 money gram for kitten after multiple pictures were sent to me. Promised by breeder that kitten would arrive the next day. Money was withdrawn by other party and can't be refunded. Notified via email that for shipping an additional $720 was needed. Complained to breeder (they only Texted, ignored my calls) and transport company (spammed me with emails) that I was not notified of these... Read more

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Need service in eau Claire, pa. Been asking since 2011; bubkis Add comment

Received a so-called PRE-APPROVAL with an authorization number in the U.S Mail. The ad reads, plug the authorization number in for your rate. Well, guess what? Like so many others that got pre-approvals and subsequently denied, I was one of them. Web Bank seems to be the catalyst for this loan and also Prosper. As we know, Web Bank's reputation precedes itself with credit cards at 29-40% interest... Read more

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Over the weekend my internet stopped working after 3 calls to Mediacom they told me a technician would come out on Monday in a week . You got to be kidding me it takes them 8 days to have somebody to come out and fix the problem . I work from home I need the Internet . After my contract is over I will switch to a diffrent provider Mediacom customer service sucks .Before Mediacom I was with a... Read more

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We helped our daughter buy a home at 705 E. Park St. Lakeland last week and the realtor furnished a Home warranty thru you. The AC unit failed to operate last Wednesday and we called you ... set up appt. today for 8 to 2 pm, your ac tech never showed and my wife waited all day for him in the sweltering heat and was planning a staying ere tonight with ac working,,, but your slug never showed or... Read more

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We purchased a Kenmore Elite 24 cu.ft. Bottom Freezer refrigerator, model# 78043, in Feb, 2015 and installed it in late April, 2015 for our new kitchen renovation. We loved the appearance of the unit and the space available inside. We had been noticing for the past 3 or 4 weeks that our food was going bad and an unusual odor inside. At first, we thought we had just purchased some out of date... Read more

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