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I placed Am order with perfect credit .....they said they were sending the order and then 2 Weeks later ...nothing when I called they said I needed money down .what a waste of time ..frankly *** .... Add comment

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iPhone 6 order has been cancelled 3 times. Everytime I call no one knows nothing. I'm sick of AT&T and there service. Same with AT&T unverse Internet. a month long argument trying to get bill adjusted. Stay away from AT&T Add comment

I was making on time payments for 3 years. I do all my banking online and when 1 payment I made in March was returned they put it through again. That one was also returned. I had to close my bank account because of Identity theft and I forgot to notify them. I didn't hear from them or get anything in writing, so the next month I went to make a payment-realized I needed to change my payment... Read more

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CBC news has reported that CLV Group, a property management company, will sue you if you post a negative review online. Apparently they don't appreciate the negative feedback. Here is a portion of the article. Just thought people should know before becoming potential renters. From Ottawa student Olivia Parsons learned that the hard way. After moving out of her apartment in June, she... Read more

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The New Balance shoes smell terrible. Even a gallon of bleach could not overcome the stench. What is the matter with the company that they would not fix this ASAP??????? I paid big bucks for these shoes, and unfortunately bought two pairs the last time. There is no way I can wear these ANYWHERE, and it is a shame, because in all other ways they are a comfortable, reliable shoe. But it is... Read more

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I am pissed off as well, I was on my way to the hospital and the salesman pressured me to get the security system. and when I asked the salesman about the contract he told me it was for 15 months, it was 54 months and after calling I asked about the range for my call button, they couldn't give me an answer. Add comment

As soon as my contract is up im going back to Direct! I called to stop my auto pay on a Friday, while on the phone making this request I went ahead and made a payment. That following Sunday dish took out another payment that wasn't even due until 2 weeks later and refused to give me a refund. I hate how we cant all watch tv at the same time. ..poor customer service and my installation was not... Read more

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Worse dame food i ever had chicken half done soup left dry in emty cans other food dry and cold never ever will i eat in another golden corral restrant lancaster pa. almost 23 dollors what a rip off fryed food. was hard and dry mashed pototoes nasty. i want a refund l rynier atglen pa 19310 Add comment

I have been in some major commercial ads and even in one feature film because of JC/MTM. If someone wants you to take classes, it's so you can learn. There isn't a book that is going to actually get you ready to audition for major roles. Not everyone steps out ready to be Brad Pitt or Julia Roberts. In fact, very few people have any talent to REALLY do something in the industry. That's why it... Read more

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I bought a U-Line Beverage Center on 8/5/14 and the sales person told me 1 week I will get it , to come pick it up , then another week , he says its his distributors fault last I was told was 9/11/14 with free delivery I would get a delivery to my home , And Nothing not a call not a delivery , I went to store on Butterfield Road in Downers Grove and its closed , with a cheep sign saying Closed... Read more

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