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I have been a subscriber to Guru Aid for almost a year now and they have helped several times ! This time it was a huge job as it required re establishment of my desktop. The service I received was exemplary and the staff at Guruaid are to be congratulated on their efficiency and patience - I am thankful to Both Nitim and Tejas who did an excellent job. I would recommend Guru Aid to my family... Read more

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I went in for a tire repair on my Toyota tundra. It's 3 weeks old. The greasy guy approached to sit in my truck and I asked if I can drive my own truck. After this he ignored me and refused my service. So I gave them the greasy hood ornament they left on my truck and left. What ever happened to the good old days when a customer meant something to a business Add comment

I used to be an AT&T wireless customer and would like to bring to your notice what really goes on with AT&T customer care. I know its a long post, but I'm giving you every detail so you can judge how unfairly treated I feel. I had a contract with AT&T through which I also bought a Samsung Galaxy S3. I cancelled this contract in March 2014 because the monthly bill was proving to be... Read more

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I went to davids bridal in glen burnie and the experience was horrible. First the manager had an attitude as she checked me in, she had a huge frown on her face and a smirk. It made me feel like i ruined her day somehow. Then there was a wait for the consultant to come help. When she finally did come she made a comment about how large my *** are wth and i had no idea what to say. Them we go to... Read more

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Ordered free trial kit for games$4.95.they charged me a119.00 dollars.if something seems too good is.couldn't afford to lose that money. Add comment

Years ago I purchased two Total Pillows @ a grocery store. I have used them daily and love them so I bought the set of two As Seen On T.V. Clever Comforts Total Pillows labeled from Hampton Direct. My old pillows had a smaller hole in the middle (more beads) and are still going strong. Apparently the seams of the Hampton Direct pillows have insufficient material. Both pillows were used a short... Read more

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Poorly made, terribly sown, company impossible to reach for a return. Do not order from China Add comment

Biggest scam ever save your money!!!! Buy the book for $50.00 it will tell you every thing they tell you. They do not train your dog they give you tips on how to. 6 years later and $600.00 my dog is The same as the day I through my money out the window with bark busters. Add comment

Terrible- never use this company. The man on the phone was oh so happy when I was signing up then as soon as I handed over the $200 deposit he did not want to know about me. The cleaner who came had ZERO cleaning experience she didn't know how to use a vacuum or iron. I called for a replacement maid as I was entitled in the contract and when I rang the man said he had no record of me and my... Read more

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