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Monster Energy Drink - Review in Food Vendors category from Grove City, Ohio
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My husband was drinking a monster and noticed a weird taste. After drinking about 1/2 he decided to pour it into a glass and found bugs (alive) swimming in the monster. He is freaking out! I also took a sip when he opened it bc he asked me if I noticed a weird taste. I haven't drank any energy drinks since I found out I was pregnant but what is this bug? I added pictures with serial number on... Read more

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I have spoken to a few people posing as military. A total of 5 men (supposedly) all asked for money two of them want my babk account info. After deleting and blocking them they return under a different username except I know the picture they use. I tell them I am aware of their game. One of these mean cause my account to be frozen under investigation. And they're the scamming *** artist.... Add comment

I am so disgusted, came in to Dominos Pizza in Long Beach CA (8118) and the girl that took my order took my cash then went straight to making my pizza touching the dough and condiments. Her nails were dirty I wanted to throw up. Then a guy comes in from his break smelling like cigarettes and doesn't wash his hands. This is seriously violating food safety codes. Not ever buying pizza here, I'm... Read more

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Order was 30 minutes late and while i waited i got to listen to the manager scream at one of his employees for needing a managers override because he was busy maybe staff a little better so i dont have to wait 45 minutes for an order that should have taken 15 minutes and you wouldnt be busy ill never order from the marcos on duff rd again Add comment

My subscription expired Aug. 1. I was given no warning in advance that it was going to expire. At some point in the day I got a msg saying it was expired but they'd give me a little grace period to renew. (I forget actual wording). Then a few hours later, a msg saying it had expired and I had to renew for my data to be backed up. It would not be backed up until I renewed. So I renewed at night... Read more

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I decided to take the plunge and get some vidya games, got onto steam and bought grand theft auto vice city. apparently my brand new laptop is not powerful enough because the game crashes every time I try and boot it up. I payed ten dollars for a decoration on my desktop. I have been unable to contact steam to resolve the issue so I have been parted from my money. Couldn't even find a spot on the... Read more

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I ordered a pizza online today at approximately 12:30 pm. It arrived at 1:30, cold and nasty. In addition, Papa john's charges a delivery fee of 2.50. I had to go down 5 flights of stairs, to the curb and get the pizza. They had the nerve to tell me to tip the driver? for What? He never got out of his vehicle. I spent 26.00 for nothing!! I will never again order anything from Papa John's. What... Read more

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I think that the truck drivers should get free coffee/ drinks refills..... Add comment

First of all I think the coffee flying j sells is nasty. .they should bring in some loves truck stops the restrooms are on of the nastiest I've ever been to....the employees that they have working there are lazy...who's to blame for this non oher than the managers...that tells us how the managers r ... Add comment

I have a Jeep Compass 2012 truck with 47,000 miles needing struts, bushings, front rotors. I am disappointed about the 2,400 amount I have to spend and will never buy another car made by your company before I contact the BBB company I am reaching out for reimbursement from your company first. Add comment