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crappy service internet and phone keep crapping out everyday. had techs come over several times and nothing is being done. I am done with your crappy service. going to another service provider. lives in Laughlin Nevada. service and price and not worth it done with the crappy service. done with this company, do not recommend anyone to go with you. you have lost a good paying customer and never... Read more

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the super bowl had the songs signed, my wife and i are both deaf. you had the cameras on the sign language for less than 10 seconds. i was going to ask you how *** you folks were but the answer is evident, very, very very ***. i just don't know what to add. it would have been better to let people see the sign language interpreter. you ruined what would have been a beautiful moment that would... Read more

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First I want to say that im very upset because I buy everything from lowes because of customer serive over home depot. But man they gave me the run around when I showed them I found a price cheaper at home depot. So she checked online and when she found that lowes price was $200 dollars less she said ohh, please hold. I knew at that moment she would say no. It was a Power Smart 24 inch snowblower... Read more

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The Dollar Tree in Midlothian Il is the most filthiest stores I've ever been in! Inside and outside. There is always Garbage laying all over outside its disgusting and an eyesore! Im embarrassed to say this store is in the town I live in. Something needs to be done about this Add comment

horrible exchange service i experience at the rainbow on 87th dan ryan i will never go back, they over charge for item Add comment

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  • Pizza Hut
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Store number 744020 I will never order pizza from them AGAIN. They are liars. Add comment

We moved to Prattville Al area this year and were so excited they had a Outbacks. BUT after 3 time you 'out ! Terrible service, it takes 45 min just to get wings. Fire them all an start over. Add comment

I dont ever consider leaving reviews for anything..BUT I AM SO $^%*ING PISSED RIGHT NOW!! I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE EVER EXPERIENCED ANYTHING LIKE THIS!! I placed an order at 2:30PM with an expected delivery time of 3:45PM. its 4:45PM and still no food. i call they tell me ddriver had car trouble and sent out another driver but should be arriving in the next 20 minutes. 6PM still no food. i call... Read more

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Im pretty sure im going to get all kinds of negative on this, and thats what makes this country so great. We can say pretty much whatever we want. Frankly i vould care less what the people rant about what our forefathers did to the natives. Because it was a cultural slaughter that involved numerous nationalities over hundreds of years all over the world. So save it for hostory class. I should not... Read more

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Keystone RV – Roof blew off and paint on front faded
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I purchased a new 2014 Keystone Laredo 292RL from Candy’s Campers in Murfreesboro, TN. We have had a number of complaints with the workmanship but, the most disturbing was when a large section of the rubber roof ripped off while driving down the highway. Keystone authorized Candy’s to do the repair. My trailer went into the shop in October and it was not returned to me until January. The... Read more

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