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Clamencia omg only got athat after a second she is horrible so rudevi can't believe it she awfulbi will never return if she is there I will tell everyone not to go to that bk causevof her let her go she's rude can't talk English just horrible service am around obebperson said she was a manager no she awful she should not be one Add comment

Kohls charge card is a scam. They make it really hard to log in to your online account and you have to call many times before you can make a payment. By the time you pay there is already a late payment fee. This is not just first time.It happened to me continuous 4 months and every time. One day I understood only way stopping them from sucking my money is to terminate the card. I called them... Read more

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Their service in the Bank is not bad however their online and mobile banking services are abysmal. I have had to go to a branch office half a dozen times to reset my online password only to find myself continually kicked off the site. I get a message telling me to go back to a branch to show my ID and even after I do so I am lucky if the online banking works for even a day. It's a joke I am very... Read more

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HomeDirect scheduled a delivery to my home (even though it was only a porch delivery) I waited all day on a Saturday and they no showed. Sorry, would deliver the next week. No show again. Then scheduled the following week for a 9am-1pm time slot, but no show and no call. Rescheduled for today and again I waited by the door from 9 am to 5:30 pm with no show and no call. Customer service is rude... Read more

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How many people to one account when one is paying the other has no hook up except for cable?? Add comment

Just bought our second and last whole chicken from Perdue Farms. I spent more time plucking and cutting the fat off of each one than needed to prep the chicken. Where's their quality control? Also, no giblets?? How are we to make our gravy? Did you exchange the giblets for the fat? I wrote an e-mail to them after the first feathered and fatty chicken and never received a response. Is the... Read more

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I believe that this bank received our payment by mail but did not process it to make us to pay late fee charge. We sent them the mail together with other mails. All other mails were received by recipients in a few days but this one. Even when we made a payment online one day past due date because of this situation, they did not process it for a couple of days what I could see from the bank... Read more

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Some rep and managers are just taking advantages of people. I went to this AT&T store on 841 Flatbush Ave, to activate an unlocked tablet that I purchased online. This rep girl didn't even think, she just charged me $30 for a Sim card that she picked herself, then she tried to figure out if and how it's going to work. The tablet wasn't working when I left the store, but she guaranteed that... Read more

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I ordered a 78" Curved Samsung TV from AppliancesConnection. I am glad a got a great price from Appliances Connection. The purchase went all fine. I got my tv in about 2 weeks later. The delivery guys opened the box in my house and connected the tv on the outlet to test it. They did not set it up, but at least I was able to make sure the tv was working before they left. I am happy with the... Read more

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