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once you buy an RV from there you are pretty much done they don't care about you anymore I bought an RV which was mice infested *** everywhere buyer beware avoid these people Add comment

I ordered a blue and gray chevron baby seat cover and got a blue and green chevron blanket. Never again will I order from this site! Add comment

I'm technically a Southwest Rapid Rewards member, but I don't use this airline anymore. The only reason I flew with them last time was because I had a voucher and enough reward points to get a free roundtrip flight. I doubt that I would use them again, even for a free flight. First, I missed a connecting flight due to a flight attendant mistakenly announcing the wrong gate information. (I realize... Read more

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Kaiser is a total 'Suck Fest'. I switched to Kaiser in Jan 2015. I have been trying to get two very urgent medical issues taken care of. The 1st 'Dr' (I use the term facetiously!) was a TOTAL Quack. In the end, I laughed in her face and walked out. I started looking for medical help through Kaiser in late Jan; here it is 3/31/15 and I still have not had any medical care and my problems are... Read more

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Purchased a refrigerator and was never told I could not place it in the garage. Put food in it and it never froze I didn't know that there are special units for the garage as I said neither the salesman or the manager told me not to do that. Called Whirlpool and was told that the warrenty was void because it was in the garage (We live in maryland). Went backto the store in annapolis talked to... Read more

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I want to know if they rip off people. Add comment

Received a bill with instructions on how to pay with a cheque. I have no cheques, so I made an online profile in an attempt to pay there. After finding my way through the clunky site, I managed to find what I was looking for but kept receiving an error. So I gave up and called. I was re-directed twice and then hung up on. I called back and the exact same thing happened. I guess I will have to... Read more

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I just received a call from cash advance USA offering to loan $7000 wanted $400 up front told him I could not do that and you don't normally have to give money to get a loan. He got my bank account number before I became suspicious of him. I am calling my bank to make sure nothing is pulled from my account . Beware scam !!!!! Add comment

For two times now, they were so late filling my order that I ran out of medication. The customer reps lie about the order status and when to expect it to arrive. They are always courteous (you can tell they are trained) but not truthful from one day to the next. The plan to get an "emergency supply" from a local pharmacy has never worked because OptumRx always throws a wrench in it. And get this:... Read more

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I ordered a food gift pkg. from Harry & Davids before Xmas 2014. I ordered it on line and when I didn't get a confirmation in an email, I called the company. They reassured me that they received the order & it was being sent out the following day. Upon talking to my sister whom I had sent to, she said she never received it. I called & talked to a H &D rep. & after putting... Read more

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