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I joined because my son was in it and wanted to support sounded good everyday usage why not why not they charge you for selling for them don't deliver products won't return phone calls only care that they get your money so top execs make a lot of money one of top exces is on felony charges this company is Truely one to stay away from they got me because I did not do my homework so my fault but... Read more

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Ordered a 3ton goodman January 9th paid in full.its March 25 no goodman and as of yet no refund.the price I paid was 1893.00 the sales person was Rick Lucas.super friendly until he got my money.never kept me informed like he said and also told me it would take six weeks at the latest.everytime you would call it was the same story.two weeks out.a bunch of bull!!!!.the last time I contacted them... Read more

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Truck 30087 cut me off today for no reason. He purposely sped up as if he was going to run over the truck in front of him. Dollar General should reprimand drivers like this and dismiss them before they cause a fatal accident. Add comment

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I am so sick of AT&T. They don't know their promotions and if you do not have this email saved from months ago they would not honor their promotions. My family has been with this company since 1995 there is no loyalty to their customers Add comment

Horrible company don't buy anything from them.. After paying off 1300.00 dollars worth of stuff, I went to buy a new T.V. When I paid off my current loans the manger told my husband and I that we could come back and only have to put 40.00 on anything. Well he lied, this company is a joke never again.. Don't trust them.. Add comment

I bought my daughters prom dress it was beautiful but she did not even have it on for 20 mins and the dress started to fall apart, the buttons started falling off before she even got into the car to go to prom. When she got out the car at the prom it was worst more buttons fell off and the fabric came off the buttons and the top at the neck area the fastener came apart when she started dancing...... Read more

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We went to the Denny's in Jeffersonville Ohio for dinner. They were not busy. We were not given silverware. Our orders were taken: one of the skillets with eggs,red potatoes,veggies,cheddar cheese and the new banana nut French toast with eggs,crispy bacon and hash browns. We sat for over 20 minutes with no contact or reason given for the delay. We left without getting our food. Had an employee... Read more

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There was an ad on craigslist mentioning that they're looking for an enthusiastic worker and to provide a resume in person or email. Assuming they'd like to see the person who could be a potential employee, I went in person and, let me tell you that was a mistake because it was perhaps the WORST experience at a Baskin Robbins. The first worker was happy and smiling and told me she was going to... Read more

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I had my Frontier serviced by Thomas and he is a thief, charged me $1000 for 2 O2 sensors and then after a couple of weeks after the Check engine light came back on and another service station told me that they installed faulty O2 sensors, he charged me another $250 for "inspection fees" and said that he needs to have 2 more O2 sensors changed; I had to pay for nothing and took it to another... Read more

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I like NACA because its one of the organizations you can trust to help you get your own home. With NACA, they helped me be a homeowner with the lowest interest rate in the market with no money down, no closing cost and the monthly payments are calculated in a way thats affordable for you. Its unbelievable but its true. Another important thing is that there are no restrictions on what area you... Read more

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