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I told the salesman, Ricky, exactly what I was willing to pay for a specific car. He said "if I can offer you that price will you buy it today ? I told him I would buy it tomorrow as it was for my son to go off to college with and he'd have to see it first. He agreed. He also told me he was a manager and as such could offer that price. The next day when I "pulled the trigger" and agreed to pay... Read more

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Terrible they slow n unprofessional at Methodist on union smart mouth i set for 4 hours b4 i got call for a xray in memphis tn Add comment

Carbondale family dollar store terrible service very poor trained management they don't know what they are doing never go to this store. Add comment

I signed up for the trial period only at $2.95. They charged me for a review of $19.95 which I did not sign up for not did they disclosure there would be international transaction fees. Scam Artists!!! Add comment

My name is Natasha Anderson worked at Dollar Genral for 3 years at store 3183 in Vicksburg Ms had several complaints about Lakelan called Home Office several times never got response back.She was tryin to find reason to teminate me.Lakelan coach me for my register bein 4.65 short it was found.Then coach me again I kept callin Home Office never got responce she was racism towards employees Lakelan... Read more

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Investors United School of Real Estate Pros: Office building instead of weekend at motel, library with computers for off hours learning, mostly friendly staff and excellent information on contracts. Cons: Will sell you your own dream, slanted towards those who can spend big and politely snobbish towards students with less money, promises of 'Earn while you learn' or 'Success Guaranteed' and offer... Read more

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It's a grocery store!!! The cashiers know what they are doing as they also have a system. Let them do their job. Your bread, eggs and produce as well as chips go in the top (if you don't have a child). As far as asking the payment question, the reason for this is because if you are paying with a card, you can swipe it anytime and don't have to wait until the end of the order. Most people wait,... Read more

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Went to Allentown Platos Closet on Sunday. Took 26 t-shirts in. They bought 11. Came home with 10. Hmmmmmm?? When they ask you what you brought - make sure you give them a number of shirts, shorts, dresses, shoes, etc. Or make sure you sit with your things. I happen to "shop" around while waiting. I would recommend watching them go thru your things. This was a test. I had a lot more to take,... Read more

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I ordered something through this company and never received anything. They got my address wrong, and charged me a restocking fee for never getting me my item. It took me weeks to get a manager to talk to me since everyone else just kept on saying the same standard response and not helping and all and in the end the manager only told me to bring it up with Amazon. They're charging me for never... Read more

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I am like everyone else I needed a loan got the loan now have been paying for two years and my balance is still 2,500 with a loan of 2,600 the pay off balance is 2,856 they take money for late fees when ever they want without notice even though I'm told there are no late fees til after the 15th of the month and it's due at the first this company should be put out of business and have to repay... Read more

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