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Avast runs a classic scam. You download their anti virus software and it freezes your computer every time you use it. After rebooting several times, you call their customer support and they tell you you have too many errors (which all computer have) after they have you open msinfo32 so if you pay them $199.99 their tech support can "fix" it. The classic ransom scam where they download malware... Read more

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Spirit Airlines overbooked a family flight that I booked six months in advance. After having a wonderful stay at the Hard Rock Hotel in the Dominican Republic, we arrived at Spirit Airlines, only to find out they overbooked the flight and we would have to stay in an alternate hotel until the next day. They cancelled our flight and promised us a free round trip flight to anywhere we chose for the... Read more

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I do not want to pay more for free tv. If we all Fold and pay more for a free station who wins. DTV WILL JUST PASS ON COST TO US AS THEY SHOULD IN A FREE MARKET. Ch. 5 makes a boatload from advertisers why should they get additional monies from us when it is a free broad cast. With all that said please feel free to switch even though I will not. If you of not want to switch you can pay 20 bucks... Read more

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100% FULL

Dormia Mattress - Waterbed Doesn't Last
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We bought a Dormia Queen waterbed and base frame from a store and the frame busted that night. As we were laying there... it actual creaked and pop! I ended up purchasing another base from Dormia directly... and low and behold... it was designed exactly the same way. It was poorly designed to support so much weight. So, I added wood to support the weight and it has lasted. The bladders and... Read more

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First Premier suspended my credit card because I was making to many payments towards it. They asked for various information to be faxed over to reinstate my card. I'm on day ten since sending the info requested. I won't be using them when, if, I get my money they are holding. I'm contacting the BBB regardless to address this business. My advice to anyone considering signing up with Premier, DO... Read more

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I have personally used Sales By Helen for a sale and have nothing but wonderful things to say! They showed up on time, went above and beyond to help in any way they could and made the whole experience much smoother then expected. I have enjoyed their services so much I now find myself frequenting their other sales! Thanks Helen, John, Brad and the rest of your amazing crew! Add comment

This company is a fraud, do not buy anything from them. You will not receive it and will not get any response from e-mailing or calling. I ordered a t-shirt and tank top two weeks ago, never got a confirmation e-mail or anything. Tried sending three e-mails to get ahold of the company and got no response. They claim to have processed my payment through PayPal but it isn't showing up on my PayPal... Read more

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My son was struggling with reading. He was below grade level. After about 2 months at Sylvan he was at grade level and feeling more confident at school. I am very pleased with the results. It was not cheap, but I would rather pay for something that works than waste money on something that doesn't. I would recommend Sylvan and will use them again if my son needs help in the future. He actually... Read more

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My regular vet is 45 minutes away and not always available on Saturday so I took my cat Snuggles to Banfield. She was spraying very small amounts of urine but it contained blood. She had never sprayed before and was obviously telling me something was wrong in the only way she could. I took her in and the insisted on vaccinations (for their personal protection, like a shot would protect them if... Read more

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Complete scam all they want is money too hard to access Add comment