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I would like to "THANK YOU" Find A Grave by not allowing the "Act of Fraud" being played out by banning a contributor know as Kari Norstog #127282490. After Kari Norstog was banned from "Find A Grave" on April 15, 2014, Kari Norstog signed up eight more times as a contributor to Find A Grave. Find A Grave deleted all the fraudulent names provided by Kari Norstog. The names were are as follows:... Read more

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On Sunday, October 19, 2014 I entered Best Buy in Valdosta, Ga. to return a television I purchased and received slow, bad service! They treated me as if I had stolen the television, after being told by an employee at the store, that Best Buy is the manufacturer of this product ('39' Insignia flat screen tv, Model # NS-39D400NA14)that has stop working completely!!! I was told that I get another... Read more

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Last night I waited until nearly closing time to go over to the store in Goodland Ks.,hoping to avoid the ***,gabby,needy,babyish,childish,goofy clerk who never ever ever shuts up.But he was there,anyway,because, apparently,he does not have a life,especially a social life,so has to live at the store.He yelled "boo" at a little kid and she screamed on and on for five minutes,like she was... Read more

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I am lodging my complaint here to raise awareness about what’s going on at Vida Vacations. I made the mistake of believing what my Vida sales rep told me. When I was looking at Vida, I told them we rarely used our 2 weeks per year that we already had with Shell Vacations. The Vida sales rep told me that this was not an issue at all, that we could easily sell our Shell timeshare through a... Read more

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It is now 8:43 PM and Teleflora said they would deliver the flowers by the end of the business day, well obviously they failed to keep their promise. I tried calling Teleflora several times and I just kept getting a recorded voice. At one point, they just kept me waiting and another time they just disconnected the call. Unfortunately, I was unable to get in touch with a Teleflora... Read more

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When I first contacted Capital Direct Funding Josh Taylor responded within a day. He went through their services with me and their reputation. I asked what he would require to obtain a bridge loan so I could do a cash deal to win the bid on an investment property. I told him my time frame and amount needed. I was prepared to put over 20% into the deal. This bridge loan was for 60 days so that I... Read more

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The ad says this is a free trial but they charge you $4.95 for shipping for a month's amount. What I didn't see, was that I had to cancel within two weeks and when I didn't, they charged $79.95 for the month's supply. First of all, nowhere on the internet does this product sell for that much per month and secondly, the customer service person was really rude. She was very quick to cancel "my... Read more

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My daughter and a few of her friends stopped to eat at Noodles & Company after doing some shopping. My daughter fainted in the restaurant and hit her head when she fell. She was given ice for her head and was offered a call to 9-1-1, which she declined, and they filled out an accident report. She gave them my contact info and they knew she was a minor but yet did not contact me about this... Read more

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I just wanted to exchange the boxes for a smaller size and a rep suggested that I return the item for refund and order the right size, the rep prepares for their "nameless 3rd party carrier" to come pick up my item, I waited the whole day and no one came. long story short, I contacted them countless time about the no show carrier and it was already the 4th attempt for pick-up. They have no other... Read more

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This company is a joke. I wish we had done more research about them prior to going with this organization. They have horrible customer service. A new assessment fee is always added on. There is never availabilty where we want to go. There is never a resort available for a "getaway" when we want to go. We have been referred to several times. We are not using Festiva because we can... Read more

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