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The so called prophet named Tom Stamman who has a ministry called Impact Ministries International is a false prophet and ripped me off $800 on a feeding starving kids scam. He travels to churches and gives everyone personal prophetic words said to be from God but has told me un scriptural things like to divorce my spouse and all kinds of other things that where wrong and not accurate. This guy... Read more

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I was interested in obtaining a High School Diploma so I seeked assistance from Midwest Adult Academy. I took the required exam and scored high on it and recieved a High School Diploma as promised.I was told by the administration assistant that the Diploma was recognized by several Colleges including M.A.T.C. I attempted to get into M.A.T.C as well as several other Universities using that so... Read more

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First of all GREG TAYLOR has had many run ins with the law concerning his business dealings as well as assault charges...just to name a few! He even made the top ten list for "Angie's List 2012" for Houston Texas. He promises to do the job, gets some money up front and then half way does the job, needs more money...then you may or may not ever see or speak to him again... I got a 1000.00 refund... Read more

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Lied To And Abused By Manager Saprina Garcia at Walmart Supercenter 9500 Clifford Street, Fort Worth, TX 76108
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People Google this Walmart at 9500 Clifford Road in Fort Worth Texas and you will find they have MANY complaints about Appalling customer service. I have never seen a Walmart with store employees who will say anything, humiliate anyone, just because they feel like it. I went into this Walmart the other day and after shopping decided I needed to make a quick call and walked over to the customer... Read more

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No bacon in the crust. No bacon in the trust! Bad pizza. Way disappointed. SHAME ON YOU BLAKE SHELTON! Wats with this lame pie? No bacon. Almost no cheese? Just gives pizza hut an excuse to burn us on like 25% OF toppings. I paid 17 bucks for this lame pizza hut pizzaa. I've had a better hot n ready from little ceazers. Get real pizza hut. You owe me a better pie. Sux pizza hut. I quit you. ... Read more

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We used to buy insulin for our Yellow Labrador from WALMART. Purchasing 6 viles, the "LAZY and Incompetant" Pharmacist decided to grab the insulin and scan only one, when in fact she combined Humilin N and Humulin R. The "R" is fact acting usually ysed only by the Vets so as to monitor. When our dog's muscles gave out causing her to fall down the stairs, it was down hill from there. Walmart did... Read more

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Been a while since we visited the Disneyland Park and those magical memories. Wow we always loved the welcome feeling and home town hospitality. So you can imagine the shock we got when we visited for three days. First we got our tickets online from and they were not cheap 4 of us was $1060.00. We stood out inline day one waiting and struck up a conversation with others. Soon we... Read more

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When you get a receipt from shopping in person at Target they say on the bottom you can win money by completing their online survey about your shopping experience. First of all, I've NEVER once heard of anyone winning this money! Have you?? There needs to be an investigation into this and a verified winners list disclosed! Secondly, my issue is that I went to the online site, entered all my... Read more

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I'm very frustrated because when I went to check out (as everybody knows they have 20 registers but they just open 5) I meet a cashier wich in the beginning told that she was new associate, I could notice that because she was so slow well I understand that, so of course after she rang me up I gave her the coupons that I have and one of them needed I guess and aprove, she turned her light on for a... Read more

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We went to Target store for Black Friday sale on Thanksgiving evening. We arrived @ 6:30pm & waited outside in the cold. At 7:15pm. an employee came out & said all 50"TV tickets were handed out. We are very upset about this situation & we will not patronize your business again. We were close to the front of the line, can't believe all 50 tickets went so quickly. We can't believe all... Read more

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