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Macy's Online is worlds worst service(slow (over 5 minutes per screen), nonresponsive (too many closing of "oops" screens), incompetent (takes over one hour to calculate order amount on a two item order), takes multiple clicks on icons before there is any reaction, items disappear while waiting for calculations so items have to be deleted (remember only two items ordered) and it only has the... Read more

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I have been trying to cancel my Melaleuca membership account for months but they will not let me. They keep telling me to fill out a form (that is not accessible anywhere), and fax it in by the third week of the month and if they process it in time, they will stop shipping automatically. I am extremely frustrated. I cannot get a manager on the phone and when I finally did, he told me that I... Read more

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If you're thinking of ordering anything from Belleza Jewelry, think twice. They offered a Cardinals bracelet back in October ($17 for a $110 value allegedly). Long story short, they sent me a shipping notice in December that was totally bogus and then sent me and all other poor fools who ordered from them excuse after excuse claiming that their supplier was out of the STL charm. I eventually... Read more

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To begin I would like to say this. this is a negative "review" also known as a complaint:) If you even act like you're thinking of doing this school don't. They only accept credit cards which should pop out and say "scam" automatically. If you don't do it they will call you everyday, this is their "guarantee" if you will. They will use a phone number machine to make it look like... Read more

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I currently work at Wetseal in Bayside, store 100. For the last three months, they have been cutting everyone hours because my boss said cooperate told her to hire about 11 new people.From my understanding of this job, the more you sale the more hours you get. I am one of the top seller in my store and for over a month I have either been on call or not on the schedule. That has resulted in... Read more

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I took my car to Walmart for an oil change in May 2009, to save my husband the time and trouble of doing it for me. When my husband changed my oil again in October 2009, he removed the filter and found written on the filter the date of 12/17/08 and the initials of the service technician at another auto service center where we had work done (including an oil change) on December 17, 2008. I was... Read more

Was this review helpful? 23 134 I am a former employee of READ CAREFULLY! My name is Travis I worked for for 2 months. They offer 2 days of training to sit with someone and throw you on a computer to make sales. Misleading the customers there computer are NOT SAFE! They... Read more

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Jonathan at the Michael's Brentwood (St. Louis) Missouri store told myself and my daughter that we should nurse OUTSIDE in the 104 degree heat instead of quietly in the craft room. My daughter was fussing and needed to nurse. I went to another employee who asked a store manager and was extremely hesitant to find us a place to nurse. One of the three patrons in the craft room finally stood up for... Read more

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I had my loan with B of A, than GreenTree took over the loan. Greentree stated I owed 2k when I had paid the money to bank of America in 2010. They started to foreclose on my home when I did not owe any additional payments. I sent them proof of payments that had been made by bank statements and canceled checks as proof that the payment had been made.. I had to pay 10k to reinstate my... Read more

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