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The so called prophet named Tom Stamman who has a ministry called Impact Ministries International is a false prophet and ripped me off $800 on a feeding starving kids scam. He travels to churches and gives everyone personal prophetic words said to be from God but has told me un scriptural things like to divorce my spouse and all kinds of other things that where wrong and not accurate. This guy... Read more

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GE Appliances - GE Monagram Refer bad parts WR55X10490
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Copy of E-mail I sent GE: I spent thousands of $$$ on putting all monogram appliances into my re-modeled home, purchased from Spencer's in Phoenix AZ. The Refrigerator (ZISS480DRISS) broke…of course following the warranty period by a couple months. The GE Tech replaced the invertor board (WR55X10490), it had gone bad. The Embraco (MFG) part number is VCC3 1156 01 F 04. This unit mounts directly... Read more

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Hello Target: I purchased a 42" Westinghouse LED TV for $599.99here in Knoxville, TN on June 30, 2010. We have enjoyed watching "HI-DEF" since getting the unit. We purchased the three year extended warranty for an additional $79.00. Here is the problem in a nutshell. After loosing HI-DEF signal on a regular basis after less than a year. nd having our local Charter Cable TV service people check... Read more

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I went to the Walgreens in Chula Vista, CA store #02623, and purchased three items that were on 'sale'. I did notice, and called it to the managers attention that the products were expired nearly two months ago, as could be many other products elsewhere in the store. The manager took them back, and did not offer a discount, or replace them with a later expiration date. No appreciation said/shown.... Read more

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If you are on a state sponsored assistance (like the disabled), Walgreens can not fill your prescription out-of-state because they operate each store as it's own little profit center. As compared to other nationwide chains that can bill a prescription and send it to another store location to be dispensed. Oh, but Walgreens would be happy to sell you the medication at full list price, because they... Read more

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I work for Utla it a great place to work but however they don't seem to respect their employee I work for the marina del Rey store I help with the set up for that store and was hire as a permanent employee but the thing is I spend more time at home than on the job so how is that permanent position and when you call the manager to see if you are on the schulde they tell you they don't know but... Read more

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Daniel Kennedy Michael Gage living in Osaka Japan pretending to be an experienced private investigator in fact is a *** man as he tries to extort money from various victims with intimidation tactics and misdirection. He has some serious mental problems and if he makes contact you would be well advised to stay away. He is looking for money and most likely will give you false hopes and pretenses... Read more

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I found Garnier's new product Olia hair color on the shelves at Wal-Mart this morning and decided to give it a try. I have used boxed hair color in the past and have always had good luck. I used shade darkest brown 3.0. Following the directions I rinsed the hair color out in the shower and upon applying the conditioner noticed that my hair was coming out in clumps! Not only is my hair... Read more

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Complement of the season to you all, Do you need an urgent loan to pay off your bills and debts? Do you need funds/capital to managed or expand your business? Have you been turn down by banks and other financial agency because of your bad credit score?Are you in a very deep financial mess and you need an urgent loan to stand back to feet financially?Are you blacklisted? Have you been... Read more

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Ok, 88 years old not a lot of money but pretty hard of hearing. So I trusted my audiologist. From the second month I started having problems with the aids. Well 2 years later and constantly bringing the aids back for repairs from the beginning, the warranted aids are gone and now I am told, NO more free fixes. My Son is mad as *** with Siemens not fixing the same issues from the start and... Read more

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