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Ordered a bracelet as a Christmas gift 3 weeks ago and it has never come. The website claims delivery in 1-2 weeks. The "tracking system" is a complete joke and has no legitimate information. I have emailed customer service and I actually did get a response back. However, He did not acknowledge my request for a refund! Gave me a coupon code for 15% off my next order!!!!! Are you kidding me?!?!... Read more

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Avoid Ian Hayel also known as Iyad Hayel. If you want to loose your money go ahead, I had bad experiences from this guy just an average adviser. Just be careful, not all financial adviser or prefect some make their money from commissions so no sale no commission. Most of these overseas companies target and prey on the expat to cash in so always do your homework and look for the best company with... Read more

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I had a bad experience from Ian Hayel also known as Iyad Hayel who work at Oxford International Financial Management in Qatar stay away from this cowboy if you don't want to lose your money you been warned. He only cares about making a lot of money from new clients more clients, more commission more money so he is basically more like a sales man then a financial adviser making a false promise... Read more

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Hi Sir/Madam, Subject: Complaint for Lost Items in my checkin baggage. Please find attached is the baggage Tag I have been the customer of Etihad Airways from past 3 years and very much pleased with the hospitality of Etihad,but recent experiences of myself and my brother in the shamshabad airport made me worry so much and lose the trust of the Airways due to baggage. Following is what happened... Read more

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I am not a man of many words but went to the Hair Club at 11 yonge street. Alliyah said this was the Ferarri of balding solutions. The consulation was free and there was a suspense when she left the room for a long time and brought in a second consultant. But let me do a little math: Initial wig cost which is glued to your shaven scalp - $4000 Replacement every 2 months (your existing hair... Read more

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Hello anonymous, First of all, if you were in fact in the military (as I was) the first rule is to "suck it up and drive on" this coming from a FEMALE veteran. Secondly, this is a "transformation camp" not a gym. Most of the trainers are in fact trainers at other well-known gyms. 6 weeks means that your goal is to lose the weight in that time frame. The money up front is due to the fact that... Read more

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I have ordered a ASUS power bank from Lazada and It was delivered through LBC from Manila to Cagayan de Oro. 12 days has passed since the time Lazada sent it to LBC, until now I haven't received my order. I have checked the delivery status on their tracking site (, and for 12 days it is still on "ACCEPTED" status. Are you kidding me? The item I have ordered was not that big.... Read more

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On 10/27/11 I went through the drive thru window Wendy's located on South Sherwood Forrest blvd, in Baton Rouge LA around appocimately 11:00 AM. I ordered a Baconator combo, replace the fries with chili with a coke to drink and a #1 with cheese, replace the fries with a salad, with a Dr. Pepper. I drove to my husband's parking lot and awaited him to come out for lunch. In the mean time I began... Read more

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Backpage - Review about Fraudulant Charges from Chicago, Illinois
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This girl will steal your money she offers 30 min for 50 $ so i gave her 80$ after 5 minutes of bj she told me that her pimps were right outside the door if I didn't leave they were going to beat me up and take my belongings do not call this *** she will rip you off her pictures are fake she's fat and short and has a pimply face and has cigarette breath she's on south side Chicago Read more

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I am a black card member which allows me to bring a guest. My wife comes as my guest. The planet fitness in Rocky Mount NC just got new message beds. When my wife and I went to use the beds, we were told that I was the only one who could use the beds, but my wife couldnt. Now I am paying 20.01 a month for a black card and my guest cannot use the message beds? Thinking about going to the YMCA.... Read more

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