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Twice I went to them for two different things. This last one they were supposed to have balanced my tires a week ago. I went back and just left and all four tires were very out of balance. I had to stand and watch to make sure they did the job this time. Because they were so out of balance it means when I went in a couple months ago they didn't do the job then either. One thing I will say, if you catch them then they will finally do the job and not charge you. Read more

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On budget plan, $100.00 a month. Received letter will change to $416.00 a month. Lowered to $230.00 a month which I am paying $130.00 & $100.00 weekly. Keep calling & charging interest??? I AM making effort on my SSD income. 1 year ago I moved into my mobile home had signed as new customer w/u. Wanted furnace checked out. On 10/13, 10/16, 10/18 & 10/22/12 4 technicians later said same thing that I needed new nozzle & I should not be charged for same service twice. Well I was charged for all 4 calls!!! I have all the paper work.... Read more

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I just finished speaking with three different representatives and no one seemed to care about retaining their customers. They were very rude and inattentive because I asked them if I could split my payment and they didn't bother to ask a supervisor or look for other ways. I just decided to terminate services with them even if I have to pay the cancellation fee. The representative in cancellation did not even try to convince me to stay. Direct TV needs to know they are losing customers not because of their service, but because of their customer... Read more

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They declined my check at a store I always shop at but usually use a debit card. When my debit card was stolen I had to use checks. Telecheck approved a check for $40 but the next week declined one for $60. Their reason was that I didn't have enough history on the account. They told me I could try again and that even the declined checks would build my history. I finally figured out if I kept the check amount to $39 or less it would be approved. Try explaining to the cashier why my order had to be rung up in $39 intervals. What a pain! These... Read more

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jerks got me too for $66.75 ! I did not order it.Tried the $1 trial and now it seems I'm on auto delivery. Another mistake by me for not reading the fine print. I feel that they should have contacted me before for my authorization. All this started because I was offered a free I phone that turned into exorbitant number of emails from all sorts of companies and now its a battle to try and stop all this. Nothings "free" and be careful what you sign up for. Now I hope my bank will stop charges, we'll find out. Watch out for to good to be true, I... Read more

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On March 28, 2016, I saw Fernando Pineda at the MinuteClinic in the Mira Mesa area of San Diego, Ca. I had been in the clinic on a previous visit and had a very positive experience with a different nurse practitioner. My sinuses were infected and I had let the infection go on for too long to be able to safely drive to see any of my doctors' offices. At that time, I was having serious headaches, congestion, and pressure in my head on a daily basis. My sinuses were painful to the touch and my head felt like it was being pulled to the ground. ... Read more

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I would like to file a complaint about the store located at 3983 S McCarran Blvd, Reno, NV 89502. I do a lot of business with UPS and the post office. The store located above is closest to my business, so sometimes I drop off my UPS and USPS packages to them. Every time I drop off a UPS box or a bag of USPS packages, the staff seem to get upset or not like the fact that I am dropping off packages. I believe the reason is because some of the boxes I bring them are close to 50 lbs and the USPS bags have about 20-30 smaller packages in them. I... Read more

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My brother-in-law and I tried to work through Thumbtack as we were starting a business doing move-in/move-out for residential customers. Because Thumbtack saw we had a relative that had a felony on her record, they cut us off and said we cannot use them because of possible contact with her. How can they do that? They are holding something against us that has nothing to do with us. Of course they didn't refund money that was paid for quotes. When contacting Thumbtack they had no further explanation except "you were linked with so and... Read more

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Cand verificati ce sume cheltuite pe publicitate au pus aceasta înșelătorie OneCoin, și cât de convingătoare sunt schemele piramidale si prezentările lor, veti intelege de ce aproape 65% dintre persoanele care văd prezentările lor, persoanele în vârstă în special, sunt pacalite de această înșelătorie de tip clasic piramidal Rudele mele a pierdut o mulțime de bani catre acesti experti in inselaciuni. Oamenii ar trebui să știe despre acest lucru, pentru ca altfel escrocii gen "Doctor" Ruja Ignatova fac miliarde de dolari tepuiti de la oameni... Read more

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This concerns an experience at the Rose Radiology Clinic located at 4714 N. Armenia Ave Tampa, Fl. 33603 My physician ordered an MRI at this facility and Rose Radiology contacted me within a day or two to set up the appointment. Arriving at the facility per the appointment time I was ask to provide my insurance card and photo ID. Which I did. A short time later I was again called to the front desk and given paperwork to fill out, fairly standard no big deal. When the paperwork was completed and returned to the front desk I was than... Read more

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