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I went shopping 12-20-2014 at the walmart in Athens,Alabama. I did my grocery shopping then i went back to elect tonic so my 10 yr. Old grandson could get the madden 15 game we ask 2 workers for help & hour later we finally found some one to come get it out of the case for him. Then we went to the toys so he could buy toy guns for him & his little brother. He was so excited about... Read more

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Can we sue Silverleaf Resort for their unethical and aggresive way of selling. My mom and i went due to i had entered a car contest and they told me that is what it was for. Then we sit for gours listening their sales pitch. I told them i wasn't goung to join because i didn't need it and was never going to have the time to use it. They kept talking got me the cheapest deal and told me that i... Read more

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I bought a package of the white fudge covered Oreos for the first time to try them out and upon getting a huge craving for them I opened the box up, expecting a full box of them. Which should have been twelve of them and was rather shocked to find one missing. Mind you, the box was unopened and the plastic sealed wrapper was undid turned prior to me opening it. I'm really pissed off that I spent... Read more

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I ordered bikes for my grand kids online for pick up at store. I received a confirmation indicating one of the bikes had arrived at the store on Tuesday December 16 and would be available on Wednesday December 17, but to wait for a pick up confirmation. I waited until Friday December 19 and then called the store. I was placed on hold 5 times and each time was disconnected. I called again and... Read more

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Ordered 3 necklaces for sisters who had lost their mother this year All needed mum on the front and her name on the back Exactly the same so they call had the same. I ordered, it took an age to even get a confirmation that they had been sent I emailed and suprize suprize I get the confirmation of dispatch the same day They arrive Not even in boxes These are silver necklaces Just put in an ugly... Read more

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Just to let you guys know that I was shopping in your store and I noticed a worker who was not wearing the regular uniforms your employees were. Instead he was wearing a red suit and red hat. He is overweight and has a white beard. Well I would suggest that you do a criminal background check before hiring people because this man has history or breaking into people's houses by climbing down the... Read more

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Have tried to cancel my order of Hydroderm. No response. They still keep sending it and I want to stop the order. Major scam in my opinion. Its a pity that celebrities endorse this product without actually knowing how hard it is for consumers to do business with them. I have read the complaints and mine is hardly the only one. Wish I had read them before I ordered the product the first time!... Read more

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Going to Miss all My Wonderful Friends and Customers at Woodforest National Bank —After Five Wonderful Years I ended up with a Bad Boss and she Fired me for *** Reasons---- with Brian Thomas and 87 others. Like · · Share Dixie Neely, Peggy Efird, Lynn Foley Williams and 22 others like this. Heather M Baughman .....Wait a minute?? What? Are you leaving? November 26 at 5:45pm · Like Leslie... Read more

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To the people that write I am a fool to rely and support ATS management and, for some reason, I am a bad parent. Why shouldn't I support them? Finding a job that pays as well as ATS, quickly, has been difficult. Currently, the job I have pays similar to our base pay and is off the books. I need to support my family, so for the present time, I will take what I can get. Getting my paycheck and job... Read more

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