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They were called American General Finances when I started dealing with them but I guess they just changed their name to Springleaf. I guess because some marketing expert determined that the name "Springleaf" is a better one to deceive people into thinking they have better business practices than the MOB, which they do not. Their website makes them appear all warm and friendly and they have... Read more

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i have taken a paid membership(SH86997316) for a period for my son which was expired two weeks ago. As a member i was entitled to access certain no of phones , unlimited chat and email and all these services i have availed to a certain extent, to my utter disbelief all the facilities which i have availed after duly payment of all charges put on hidden mode from me means i cant view it now... Read more

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I ordered only the hair regrowth treatment supposedly for free by just paying 3.95 for shipping and handling. A few days later I got a phone call saying I could essentially get the entire system on a monthly basis and it would be charged to my credit card. I emphatically said "No, don't send it to me because I definitely don't like automatic enrollments or opt-out business practices." Two days... Read more

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Our company began contact with one of Infusionsoft's sales representatives, Chase Frost, who demonstrated various aspects of their system that was supposed to help automate our processes;most importantly, our customer registration page. This would include customers being able to select the swim lesson packages they would like to purchase, through an infusionsoft landing page and have that... Read more

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China Mail doesn't track package from USPS. Ali Express sent wrong product, and when I sent it back, China mail lost and won't track package. AliExpress is a scam at worst, and a terrible seller at best. AliExpress takes no responsibility for sending me the wrong phone. Their advertising on their site misrepresented the phone, and then when they realized they had fraudulently advertised the... Read more

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I moved to Loxahatchee FL in December 2014 (The day after Christmas). In January 2015 I had a complete ac installed by Aztil. I found out the system was $1800 over the price of the exact same unit CMI offered. Fast forward to July 5, 2015 and the temp reaches 93 degrees without a heat index. My nice new Rheem ac freezes up and the house reaches 87 degrees and climbing before my family had to... Read more

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My wife and I purchased a Cabrio washer from Lowes a little less than two years ago (factory warranty is twelve months). Our machine came with the see through glass lid. It turns out that the plastic frame that attaches the lid to the washing machine is a very poor design, as the spring loaded hinges put too much tension upon the plastic frame and it WILL crack/break over time. The replacement... Read more

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Friday, had Vivint Internet installed. Saturday and Sunday = great service. Monday, Internet down went down at 10AM and stayed down into the late afternoon. Tuesday, Internet down at 10AM and stayed down till late afternoon. I called in on Monday and Tuesday only to wait on hold for 45 minutes each. They claimed that they could see my equipment and that it should be working even though it was... Read more

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I ordered the solid color overcoat with faux fur collar. It hasnt came in a month. This sight doesn't give you the tracking number. It doesn't respond to your emails. It doesn't let you cancel the order. So many things are wrong. It told me fast delivery..... yeah right. It totally is a scam. I dont think it will ever show up. The reviews are fake. The whole sight at first seems too good to be... Read more

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Open Gate bought the PennySaver almost two years ago and took all the profits and when they knew they were going to shut PennySaver down so they did not pay any of the vendors or rent and did not pay the employees the last two week of pay or there vacation. They did not tell us that they stopped medical and they took our 401K money we allocated to put in for the last pay period. They did this... Read more

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