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I just order prime power and followed the instruction on taking four capsule per day for 5days. I was not happy with this product. It did nothing for me I was kinda embarrass when the intimate moment came. So I call the Customer service number and spoke to Erma very rude person. But she said i would received my refund in 5 to 7 days. I decided to call back since she was so rude and this time spoke to a lady that cared about the customer much... Read more

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I was a newer model who booked my 2nd shoot with (Hasan) of Facet Studio around November 2012. I noticed him acting a little different from our 1st shoot in (February 2012) because yes, he did try to sleep with me on the first day of meeting me and was denied. So the 2nd time around he seemed to "act" "professional" and straight to the point. We were still cool, chatted up at the shoot like everything was cool and proceeded to finish the shoot... Read more

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I make a order on a dress my name is sandra davis adress 296 East 49th Street Apartment 2 Brooklyn New York 11203 somebody call me about my height it is 5 4 inches can you all please contact me at 718 909 4654 it's very important I need to dress by August 5 thank you order number is 13#44#29 Read more

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Ashley Furniture - Bought durablend leather couch and loveseat peeling and cracking.
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Purchased a durablend leather couch and loveseat from Ashley 2 years ago it started cracking and peeling everywhere. Called the MFS protection plan said not covered normal wear and tear. Was told this furniture would last up to 15 years if taken care of. False its garbage so is the warranty plan. Company refuses to do anything about. Will never buy anything from them again, everyone on this site should start a classaction lawsuit against Ashley... Read more

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Eber & Wein sends everyone who enters a poem a letter that that informs them that "your poem has advanced to the semi-final round of the National Amateur Poetry Competition". They want you to buy a book for $59 with your own poem in it. " There is no need to make a purchase and your poem MAY still be published even if you do not purchase...". You are soon to receive an "author's proof" of your work. They want you to... Read more

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I just dont get how your supposed to be a company to help people but you only service certain states that's smart Read more

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I want my information removed from They have ignored my previous requests from over two years ago now. Can someone please help me do this. I have seen thousands of complaints about this website. How has it become so that I am a now a member of this company. I never joined it. This website is not like facebook. You join facebook. The government is responsible for collecting people's information. The CEO is using people's information... Read more

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I will be posting this on the Amirite review board as well, but I would disregard any negative views left for this site on here. There are a bunch of children on both sites that are *** bent on continuing a petty feud that should have died out ages ago. As it stands, they are driving new users away from both sites (not that they care, to be honest) and are happy to continue said feud on any review board they can get onto. If any owner, of either... Read more

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They were here Thursday night and I didn't think my carpet was clean because of a funky odor that lingered. Also the carpet was saturated when they left. Why would steam cleaning leave the carpet so wet so Saturday morning I decided to go it again myself with a machine I purchased for $150 they charged me the same for one room. See picture for my results. What a rip off. Read more

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Singlemuslim - I WAS SCAMMED by a Sudanese guy
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This site is a total scam! You will break your bank account or your heart! I have attached below my story because I have already talked about it on several sites warning people to stay away from this site! I was used by this guy than later on dumped after being promised marriage because his parents said I was" beneath" him! Not because I was a murderer or a bully! Because I wasn't as educated as him! Apparently they think education and... Read more

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