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Joined the site and bought a month membership with credit card. I cancelled my full access membership after a month doing exactly what they said to do (which is really tough to figure out}. My credit card was charged again for another month membership and it took a call to customer service and a dispute filed through my credit card to get it settled. Why? Site is set up with fake profiles to... Read more

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Found the post on Facebook and thought hey, why not!? Just sent off my pictures and then was told on email that they could "see potential". I should have realised from the wooden responses that there was something a bit dodgy. Anyway, they gave me the locations of the studio and I went. When I got there, it was very busy. Reassuring on a way, but not in another. I had my photos taken and after... Read more

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After 2 months on the site I find The website is filled with fake profiles , scam artists from Russia and Ukraine . You receive winks and emails from profiles that haven't been active for months .( Obviously work from the company trying to keep you interested in the site ) . The customer service is very poor and rude . They charge you even after you cancel your subscription and you have to file... Read more

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Hello my name is Mary. I recently visited an auto shop and was horribly disrespected by all staff. I only needed help with finding material. When I walked in I was terribly overwhelmed by very distasteful employees, as well as an extremely rancid odor. I can remember asking for help with finding vehicular accessories, and being told to wait and was completely ignored for several minutes. After... Read more

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Autozone - Did not accept waste power steering fluid
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Today(24th March 2015) I went to return the dirty power steering fluid i pumped out of my car and its less than 5 quat and return it to Autozone in Farmington Avenue, bristol, CT. The store manager(Kevin) at the store mentioned that the oil is contaminated and milky(what?) he does not believe that it was power steering fluid and that I pumped out the dirty power steering fluid with the Castrol... Read more

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excessive early termination fees on a CD, terms and agreement info never given when the CD was openend lying on renewal rates on a CD, arrogant manager named adam mahan also do nothing district manager poor customer service yada yada yada yada terma and agreement given when the cd was opened were about checking and savings excessive early termination fees on the cd that was openend at a branch in... Read more

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They offered me $26,000 on a car with a Kelly Blue Book trade-in value of $30,000. Also, they drove the car without my knowledge. If I had known they were going to drive it, I would have gone with them. I felt totally "worked" at that place. They're just another used car lot. I said to them, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME" when they made their low-ball offer. The car is valued at $35,000 in the private... Read more

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100% FULL

Pass-Guaranteed has been using logos and trademarks of other reputable companies without permission and illegally. Please post any and all contact information for PG's location and/or management. I will contact those companies' legal team to report this incident. They must stop misleading consumers. PG will accuse me as a competitor, sorry but I am not. This scammer should pay for the fraud... Read more

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I purchased VMware test 1V0-601 and failed. More than half answers to provided questions were WRONG. Obviously I failed the exam. I found out the correct answers and passed the test 2nd time. When I asked for a refund as was advertised the guy acted very surprised that I failed and said that it is very strange because everyone would pass that exam. He needed proof of failed exam which I emailed... Read more

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My son had a Kenwood Radio installed and they forgot to hook up the accessories. When they did, there was no A/C-Heat except the Defroster. After 5 repeat returns to get this corrected and learning they tampered with the Mode & Blend actuators and vaccuum lines. They had me take it to Dodge, who proceeded to inform me that the HVAC Distribution was out. Needless to say they denied... Read more

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