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On Jan. 13th Origami Owl fired 150 of the company's headquarters and warehouse employees in Chandler AZ. Every department within Origami Owl from sales to shipping, to design, to even culture and marketing, all were either drastically downsized, or some departments were completely eliminated. Deputies from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department were on site the day of the firings to ensure no... Read more

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what a horrible experience... its now five weeks and i still havent received my prescription glasses. i went to the store last week and the manager thought it was funny and laughed at me because i requested a an additional free pair for their mistakes. there are many other eyeglass stores, i suggest you go to one of them. this place is terrible. why spend so much money and not be treated with... Read more

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I made a reservation to rent a compact car though Enterprise Rent a car in Monett MO, as I had to bring my son to the airport. They made the reservation, took my credit card information and told me to call around 10:30 am to be picked up. I call this morning and they tell me the reservation was made to have the car picked up in Kansas. I informed him that I had made the rental for Monett and he... Read more

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HI, i bought from and 10 days later EA emails me saying i have been banned for purchasing coins from their webiste. i ask them for a simple refund and they are telling me its a fake website and my account is fine, yet im talking to the support team from EA. so in conclusion if you are looking to purchase coins from them, DONT! YOU WILL GET BANNED.There is no message warning you... Read more

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I bought a heat surge about one an half years ago.I live close to the store in Canton Ohio.After I got the heater it really put out the heat but a month later it quit so I called the store and pack it up took it back.they were very nice about it and gave me another. It worked for about 3 months by then winter was over.The following winter I got it out and it didn't work.i took it back they... Read more

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This review is in regards to new Stihl Chain saw purchased 2 weeks ago. (Model MS-390) The saw is advertised as the number 1 chain saw in performance and value. Chain saw documentation was read, and recommended service procedures have been followed. (such as fueling mixtures, daily chain tensioning, and manufacturer recommended oils used. Usage has been medium duty at most. The chainsaw appears... Read more

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No progress has been made! Dear whomever really cares, We were promised seven tag hangers. I understand the concept that we do not need them every week but you cannot even squeeze ONE OR TWO from the tight labor, under staffed stores and money hungry big wigs!! If we cannot work more than 11.5 hours then we MUST have the suffice help to accommodate the work load!! We awe still putting tags up... Read more

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I just received my Pottery Barn Carlisle Sofa (grand sofa, not the sectional). I waited 6 weeks for delivery. It is just like the one pictured here and mine is Metal Gray Textured Twill. I must say I was a bit disillusioned with the photo on Pottery Barn’s website in comparison to my actual sofa. It is MUCH firmer than I expected, almost too hard. The textured twill fabric color and feel is nice... Read more

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I ordered Wen cleansing conditioner 4 or 5 years ago and have loved it from the first cleanse. It felt so wonderful, I couldn't keep my fingers out of it! In addition, I have colored my hair for over 30 years and have always had a problem with color washout - this with expensive salon treatments - there has been NO fade with this product. I have never experienced any of the hassles with the... Read more

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I have recieved these nonsense voice/calls/mails and letters !! I pay my bills! A few years back i wasnt working and applied for a loan thru one of those scam online loans (I didnt know at the time) i was approved and asked where should they put the money. Ingave infono for a h&r block card i no longer use, and never did i get the money. 4 years later this "Convergent Outsourcing" says i owe... Read more

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