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This company does good job convincing you to sign up with their services. They make it sound like your business will be easily sold within their services. You end up just being another number on their sales website. No attention is brought to your business listing. Once you sign the contract with them, you don't hear from your broker again. No effort is put into your business sales strategy.... Read more

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I bought the Phonak Nano hearing aids, one for each ear. (8,000.00) six months later the right one exploded into pieces. The audiolgist sent it back to Phonak. They, Phonak, decided it was not a defect. They state they have a warranty... Thats wrong! They will only replace it one for $250. They state it has a 3 year warranty... THIS IS NOT TRUE. You will be ripped off. Even though I bought the... Read more

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i had two girls come in smelling like marijuana to clean.I told Allison Forbis about this problem and still has done nothing about these two girl.It makes the cleaning authoority name look bad having girls smell like *** and very unsae to be in someones home touching their things high.i want to know why these owners are not doing anything about this...why are these two still working there?i gave... Read more

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I have been buying the nabisco chips ahoy cookies for decades. As usual everything gets smaller and costs the same or more. Lately, they have had a funny taste. Each time, over the past few months, they seem as though the recipe has changed. After reading other stories about other nabisco products, I realized it's not just me or my family. I will never buy nabisco products again. I purchased them... Read more

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they sent me a free trial of one of there cream which I don't even use because its nasty , to my surprised while checking my bank accnt I found out that they charge my card $55.97, I am very upset .I don't believe that they can do this. now I am calling my bank how to stop them from taking more money in the future. for those shoppers out there BE WARE OF THIS COMPANY. I learned my lessons... Read more

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Walmart, When you say pick up today for an online purchase, it should really be available to be picked up today! You tell me now that I have to wait tomorrow when the store is open 24 hours?!! At least inform the customers before they make a purchase that 'pick up today' has exemptions!!!! I am very disappointed. This is not good business. Please update your online store or your customers will... Read more

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In 2/2014 I purchased a bunk bed and mattress for my son and a bed and mattress for myself. A couple of weeks later my son started having bites on him and my husband and I blamed it on mosquitoes which oddly we never really seem to think mosquitoes shouldn't be out now. 4 months down the line of him getting bit off and on, my stepdaughter came to visit for the summer like she always does and woke... Read more

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Walgreens pharmist at 7339 gravois ave. St. Louis mo. 63116 refused and flagged my husband's prescription that a doctor just wrote him for a horrible tooth ache. She says he got a "similar" prescription two weeks ago (a much weaker medication for a back injury) horrible experience, she also used profanity speaking to my husband. We are transferring all of our prescriptions from walgreens and... Read more

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I order car parts online alot. IN the last year I have only received parts shipped fedex on 3 occasions. The first time their website tracking info said my package would arrive on a Saturday. I was pretty happy because I thought it was going to take until Monday. Well Saturday came and the website said it was on schedule, Saturday evening came and my package didn't arrive, on top of that the... Read more

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Unless you want to deal with the most frustration you've ever had in your life... NEVER EVER sign up for the ADP Flexible Spending Program. This is a benefit plan often offered to employees by their employers. It provides automatic tax deferred deductions to be taken out of your pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses. ADP is extremely strict about members providing the (* REQUIRED) itemized... Read more

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