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It's Aug. 25 and I'm on the 4:30pm bus from Jacksonville to Atlanta. Is there a specific policy that states a passenger is not allowed to sit in the 2 seats behind the driver? I called customer service and they said there is no such policy. I spoke to a CSR named Tierra Wilson, who was polite and told me that it was ok for me to sit in the 2 seats behind the driver, in spite of the driver saying... Read more

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It seems is buying stolen credit card numbers from somewhere online. My card was charged for $ 1 last week and a new charge of $ 49.99 last night. And always in the middle of night. And I haven't even heard of this company before until I did some research online. It was good that bank recognized them as fraudulent and blocked the transactions right away . They promptly asked me... Read more

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Jessica Zamarron of Pink Sugar XO arrested for using stolen credit cards obtained by mail thieves Aret and Frances Frangulyan. They pilfered over 759 credit card statements in their car on one run alone. Aret and Frances used the fake credit cards to buy the stolen bikinis. She finally got taken down! Imagine this mail fraud ring throughout Metro Detroit! He got caught in her car and is... Read more

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Can't emphasize enough how little value there is in buying Advocare products. Seems like yet another multilevel marketing plan to fleece customers, lighten wallets with nothing remotely close to any effective products. The distributor claims there is a 100% money back policy. Can't wait to see how they handle this since everyone must want their money back given the uselessness of the products. ... Read more

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I went to a bridal show in October, and was put into several raffles. In July, a Mary Kay rep called me saying that I had 'almost got put int with he 2015 brides instead of the 2014!' She explained that I had won a free pampering session, a $10 value gift and that if I became a customer, she would do my make up for my wedding. She kept me on the phone despite my several cues that I had to go,... Read more

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One of the main reasons i use Netflix is because of how awesome they are. They have everything. Well it seemed that way. As of september 1st they removed sesame street. One of the most educational, and beneficial shows for children in my opinion. My 7 month old adores big bird and Elmo. I can understand Netflix removing bad content but sesame street?! Come on! Anything PBS related should be... Read more

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After reading other complaints on this site, there was no way I was paying NCO over the phone. I called 4 times trying to get a new letter mailed to me (I threw the last one away) so I can get the Access Code needed to gain entry to their website, and after refusing to give them my SSN was hung up on every time... I'm trying to get my debt paid so I can move and purchase a house and they're... Read more

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Do not trust this snake. She proclaims to be a Christian she is the devil. She is dating a married man with over 10 children. It is all about the money. She does not care about your real estate deal only the money. How can she educate you on preventing a foreclosure when she has had two. Her husband left her because she is a very nasty women. She only cares about her tummy tucks, Botox,... Read more

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GE Appliances - GE Monagram Refer bad parts WR55X10490
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Copy of E-mail I sent GE: I spent thousands of $$$ on putting all monogram appliances into my re-modeled home, purchased from Spencer's in Phoenix AZ. The Refrigerator (ZISS480DRISS) broke…of course following the warranty period by a couple months. The GE Tech replaced the invertor board (WR55X10490), it had gone bad. The Embraco (MFG) part number is VCC3 1156 01 F 04. This unit mounts directly... Read more

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I just bought a used 2001 Volvo S60 less that three weeks ago. It started having transmission problems, I went online to see if it had happened to anyone else, and I found it is a common problem. Is this Volvo a lemon? Volvo obviously knows about their transmission problem and choses to ignore it.I bought it thinking I was getting quality automobile. I don't recommend this car to anyone.... Read more

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