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Bought the CD downloaded it it sint explanitiry nor complete . I called their line ended in Texas they had a hard time finding the canadian phone number as it isnt on there anywhere waited anouther hour only to find out the CD isnt complete and is hard to understand said by the person on the phone at turbotax.The only thing turbo aboutitis your money gone ..oh and try to fill the form for the... Read more

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I logged in my profile this morning and it gave me someone elses profile I could read his emails all and everything he had writtend to ladies everything they said ,, also all his private info I ha d access to call the site they gave me a *** lady who told me this was the top boss no one was above her she could not speak proper English took 15 mins to get across why the problem she was she kept... Read more

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I am absolutely amazed at this stores inflated shipping and packing charges. I had another shipping estimate from a freight company which was going to crate and ship my tape machine. Their estimate was for $270. When this store estimated $220 I thought I was getting a better deal even though the item would not be custom crated. Boy was I wrong! The store manager,John, Told me he would call me to... Read more

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I've been with Optimum for years. Last year I was suddenly hiked up to $125 per month. I was told that was the normal rate and I had been on a discounted rate. The past 2 months, it suddenly jumps up to $175 per month. I'm told I'm now on a preferred package. I didn't ask for this change. None of my channels changed. I called today and asked why the sudden hike. They tell me that I had been on... Read more

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DO NOT, I REPEAT!!!! DO NOT BUY OR SPEND MONEY AT GARDEN RIDGE unless you're ABSOLUTELY SURE that the product is what you want because they WILL NOT let you exchange it or give a refund if the tags removed, even if you have the receipt and tag In hand. Once you buy from them, you're STUCK with your product, defects and all. I had this experience a few years ago and was just about to purchase a... Read more

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Fred Meyer has a senior discount day on the first Tuesday of each month. So, seniors like me make a big shopping trip and save $10 to $30 on FM's already good prices. Management requires you to tell clerks that you are a senior, even if you know the friendly clerk and the clerk knows you are a senior and you are in line with five other seniors. The friendly clerks often start talking to you... Read more

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We have been ripped off too by Appy-Ppl, Kyle Bonar and his merry crew of pirates. If they ever ring you just tell them politely too *** off. Please report them too Action Fraud,CIB,Trading Standards and the whole world. Lancashire and Birmingham trading standards are well aware of the company and the scams that they are doing on small hard working businesses. Look out soon of the footage of... Read more

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Have been going here for 25 years, today I was in line and cashier called me to follow her to her checkout I did then she took 3 people infront of me, when I asked her why she said that it was management policy, the customer in front of me called me mean!, I spoke to red shirt mgr and she just looked dazed and couldn't follow the simple question as to whether that was policy to lead a customer... Read more

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100% FULL

I'm in the process of refunding my item.. Then sabi nila bawal refund ung item bigla! What is the meaning of Lazada's Buyer's protection Program and 100% Satisfaction guarantee? - It's BULL! It started Feb 4, 2015 when i received a Seagate 3TB DESK Drive but I ordered for a Slim portable hard drive. I immediately shipped back the item thru LBC. Feb 5, 2014 I called Lazada Phil as soon as I... Read more

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