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Ordered a TV but the next day order cancelled say no stock. Check website still have but price already increased. Call the Lazada number many time but cannot get thru. Must be many people called to complaint like me.Called customer service say cannot check stock unless you order first. Insist must give your mobile phone first before you can ask anything else. No ethic company because want to... Read more

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I contacted the Kansas Attorney General's office and filed a complaint asking that Chevrolet be compelled to recall the vehicles and fix them with door handles that will not snap off. Here is the text of what I sent. Copy this text and make a similar complaint with your state and maybe we can get these cars recalled and fixed: I purchased a 2011 HHR used from Carmax in November. Within a month... Read more

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I was right by the bank when I mistakenly withdrew 10 dollars more than was in my account... I walked over to the counter and said here ya go I just withdrew 20$ to much. They then informed me that I owed 3 overdraft fee's of 35 dollars... 1 for the initial overdraft then another for the maintanence fee and another for the low balance fee... I found it interesting that the moment my account... Read more

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I said it before and I will say it once more thank you to the structured settlement quote guys and their idol Einstein Structured Settlements for helping me when I needed it most. There are a ton of issues wrangling with so many purchases and everybody has dirty laundry so it really does not matter who you work with as long as you are happy. Definitely happy with my experience with Einstein... Read more

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BUYER BEWARE!!!! Our Never-Ending Nightmare with Cabinets To Go We placed a nearly $4,000 order with Cabinets To Go on 6/13/12. The standardized Cabinets To Go receipt and paperwork we received stated that we should expect 1-2 weeks for shipping. Carrie, the representative in the Raleigh, NC office that we worked with and ordered from, told us we should expect 10 days for shipping. The 1-2... Read more

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I am refinancing my house with green tree. I find several numbers that not agree with the figures given to me for mr. dough in the loan dp. I called several times to find out why t his . It is my right to know wy adding those charges. He answer me so nasty that I got so upseset that we ending screeming each other. He told me I was sick I have to pay from m pocket was $9 hundred dollar and ... Read more

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We attended the "presentation" and "bought" this package because we were told we could travel ANY PLACE in the world. We attempted to schedule vacation a vacation in Oahu but was told there were no properties available. We then tried Toronto and other major cities in Canada but was told by the representative that they only have properties available in resorts outside (100-200 miles) from the... Read more

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On Jan. 13th Origami Owl fired 150 of the company's headquarters and warehouse employees in Chandler AZ. Every department within Origami Owl from sales to shipping, to design, to even culture and marketing, all were either drastically downsized, or some departments were completely eliminated. Deputies from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department were on site the day of the firings to ensure no... Read more

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checked out and tide item rung up at 10.00 manager was called to verify pricing of 7.50 manager was very rude stating the dates were on ticket item, i said to the rude manager the signs were still posted on the items and it had not been taken down.. as a customer you look at the price break.. i could see if one sign was overlooked, however none of the signs were removed.. he was very loud and... Read more

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I will first start off by saying I love my job at Harris teeter. I love what I do and always will. Yes, I am an employee right now with HT. I'm taking a very big chance by sharing something that most of you as consumers have no idea about. But since no one ever listens to the little busy bee workers I have no choice but to go public with this complaint. My job is very important, in fact every... Read more

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