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Walmart - Horrible service and a very filthy store
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At Walmart on Fallbrook in Woodland Hills, Ca. I have to bag my own things as the checker just stands their. The check stand in the back is never open and the front lines are so long. I've downloaded some pics and even those do not give the full picture on how filthy the store is or the potential hazards of items falling, etc. this wasn't just a one time experience and it's not getting... Read more

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I got an oil change on my 2000 BMW 3 series 5 days ago. I have driven about 45 miles since, as I was turning a corner, I heard a high pitched squeeling sound, I figured it must have been another car seeing as how I had just gotten everything "Checked out" under the hood according to Pep Boys standards. I proceeded up the block when I see smoke starting to pour out form under the hood. Next thing... Read more

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I mistakenly let my 4yo daughter stay with my step sis in San Antonio due to hardship (we were living on 18 wheeler with my bf). 2 wks later she calls CPS on me bc I refused to let her run my life. She told them all kinds of lies. The caseworker in SA refused to tell me allegations against me, and claimed "CPS is above the law and police". We then moved to a hotel in Dallas. Caseworker there came... Read more

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100% FULL

I prepaid for a vacation at Westgate and agreed to a 90 presentation. Unfortunately I had a medical emergency & went to the front desk an hour and half before the presentation time. I was told it was ok & she hoped I felt better then 2 wks later I got charged an additional $700 as a penalty fee. This is ridiculous.....I was now told by a supervisor that I should have gone to the local... Read more

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My Celebrity reservation was tampered with and I have been attempting to get an explanation about what happened for 4 weeks without success. I have spoken with a laundry list of Celebrity's staff on multiple occasions and even attempted to contact Mr. Michael Bayley through his “Contact Michael” email link. My wife and I booked a 2014 Asia sailing of the Millennium. We had booked the cruise... Read more

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I bought two products from a friend who decided to become a consultant. When you look at the catalog, beware that the total and sales tax and other add ons make this product not worth it. The shipping charge just makes me want to go the dept store and browse and buy onsite, real time, and with no worries of whether it will get delivered. Ask what the total will be IF you decide to purchase! Do... Read more

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This company makes money from harassing people over "zombie debts" and preys on people's lack of understanding of debt laws. Zombie debts are old debts that have passed the statute of limitations on collections. In most states, debts over 6 years old or so (depending on the type of debt, check your states laws) are legally null and void. You *can not* be sued over these debts and they *can not*... Read more

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I really think that the general manager at that location is so unprofessional she sleeps with her crew and she has slept with her whole management team and other managers from other stores and I think you need to sleep with her In order to get promoted. She has had sex with employees at her work office she should of gotten fire when everyone complained about her she had 4 employees quit on her in... Read more

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I did an extensive amount of research on Advocare before proceeding and Im glad i did not listen to a bunch of reviews from the 10% out there that cant follow instructions and could not commit to something as simple as this. You see, some people can not handle the fact that they are a failure and have to blame something else or they would go insane. I did not feel the spark at first but on day 4... Read more

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