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I called several years ago and just asked about the courses. I never received any papers or documentation for anything. But yet they are still trying to collect. They have ruined my credit and I can not get anyone on the phone to talk about it. They just give me the run around. I am so beyond frustrated. I mean if I attended or even got the course material I would be happy to pay my debts, but I did not request a thing. Please if anyone knows... Read more

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This program sucks! We've been in Naca for 2+ years! It's always something every time you go. You bring that paper work, more and more. Now, when it's time to go back you have to do the same thing all over again and update it. Never ending! Read more

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Would not accept my check for patio furniture..stating Target has a check writring history policy? I was not aware of it posted somewhere or am I the only one that had no idea until I was humiliated to no extreme at the check out! The "'woman" at Target gave me no info only to call number on back of my check to find the reason..Had nothing to do with my bank or my account..Target would not take my money because I have not written a... Read more

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I bought through j.d byrider in dec 2012 well i traded it in last year and bought me a newer car with a better interest rate a better over all. Well i recently look at my credit and notice they had run my credit in jan 2015. I hadnt traded in my car yet. When i called to inquire bout this they say this is normal practice if u make a late payment of six days well i was 3 days late. I believe they run ur credit to run ur credit in the dirt so u... Read more

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My name is Judy i read a post online about Mr Ramsy Dave three days ago when i was searching for online loan lenders. So i was convince about this lovely testimonies i read about him which makes me to contact him for a loan. I was asked to fill the loan application form which i did, they provided me all the necessary document which i also signed and we came to the last step which i was asked to pay for insurance i was scared to pay this because... Read more

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The Worst Experience ever Riding with Greyhoind.The Stations are Dirty and the Employees have attitudes as it seems they are over worked . The bus schdules are all fouled up express isnt express and 1 transfer becomes 3or more. If your planning to travel Greyhound Dont do it!!!!! I say catch the Train,Plane or any other mode of transportation other than Greyhoind the absolute worst. They need to be shut down!!!!! Read more

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she and owner locks horses in stalls with no H2O, stalls only cleaned 1x weekly, this joke knows nothing and someone else will ride horse, if it can actually walk without being buted! So if you have any feelings for your horse do not sned them to this farm you will regret it. she needs to be banned from horse/training world and her bf is no better! One lady was paying for stall board and everytime she went out to this so called joke of a barn... Read more

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I have been filling a prescription for a controlled substance through a Walgreens pharmacy for six months now. Each month the prescription has been filled 3-7 days early with no problem whatsoever. Prior to this, the prescription had been filled at a CVS pharmacy for years. I changed pharmacies only because I moved. I have had the same doctor prescribing this for about five years now. I have never had a problem filling this prescription before... Read more

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Evan Tereszcuk said he was a software broker and promised he could get my small business a very popular internet sweepstakes software. Having worked with him on other software I believed him. We paid him over $16,000 for this product. Day after day went by and he kept saying the software and server would be in our office very soon. Everything he said was a lie. He promised we would be up and running in no time. Once we caught on to this and... Read more

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The price charged at the register was higher than the shelf tag and your employee wrongly tried to shift the responsibility to me for holding up the line to correct your error. When I told the clerk the price she rang up was not the price on the shelf, she asked me if I wanted her to go check the price on the shelf. What a ridiculous question. If it is YOUR policy to do so, then do so, don't make me look like the one that is holding up the... Read more

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