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Hi I work for a company that's does window installs outta of 42 Lowe's stores. I can't begin to tell you how frustrated my entire crew is. We are a great crew getting great feedback email reviews from our very satisfied customers. But the problem is at least once a week we go out to the job only to find out that something in their order was ordered wrong now we lose 2 days of work without pay... Read more

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nanloloko na sila ng mga customers. Hindi ni;a sasabihin sa inyo na matatagalan bago madeliver package na pinadala nyo, accept lang sila ng accept at pag bayad na sorry ka na lang, maghintay ka kung kelan nila gustong ideliver sa yo package mo na convenient para sa kanila. They should be investigated. Hopefully madala sa media mga ganitong kaso nila, wala silang pakialam sa customer, ang... Read more

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I bought several things on line but end up returning one item. I went to the store and returned and they gave me a store credit. What I'm upset about is that the item was brand new with tags attached but still not good enough to give me my money. I didn't like anything in the store, so I was force to look on line and see if I had better luck only to find out you can't use a gift card on line and... Read more

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I called 10 different Wal-Marts in the New Orleans area, over half of them wouldnt even pick up the phone in deptartment I was calling.. If I am willing to drive 40 miles to buy an item, they should be willing to answer the phone to let me know if it is in stock.. CUSTOMER SERVICE NEEDS WORK!!!!! Why dont you hire enough staff to answer the phones, Uncle Wally?? I would be happy to have a job... Read more

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I'm trying to get in touch with human services for safelink street team. I am a team member and my supervisors have given me no supplies to work with. I have had problems up loading documents and now they won't answer their phones. They had my daughter wait for 2 days for them get a tablet and wireless service that I was to be charged for and I still don't have it in fact they won't answer their... Read more

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I sent a parcel out Balikbayan box from Honolulu on July 5th, 2014. I have been tracking the package online and it seems to have taken an extremely long time in comparison to previous boxes that I have sent to the Philippines. I have utilized LBC exclusively for the past 15 years and have never had a problem in this regard. The customer service staff informed me that they have been having a... Read more

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No longer going to be a rep for this. At first this was a sweet deal. But it seemed like every order I put in came to me with something messed up. Much of the merchandise I did get was poor quality and some I was embarrassed to sell to the people who ordered it. I think that would sum it up pretty much but pissed of consumer web site requires that I put in one hundred words so I am just going to... Read more

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I've personally attended Armando's seminars, read his programs, and am applying his strategies. It's pretty awesome. When I don't follow his steps I make mistakes. He has made it pretty easy. His seminars are informative and fun to attend. The other students that attend seem to enjoy the program. I recently submitted two offers. I received a call from my realtor the following day saying that the... Read more

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Bad experience with Best Buy installers ! They damaged my wall, caused a severe leak in my utility room ! I requested they pay for the damages caused by the poor installers and they have been giving me the run around since FEBRUARY ! BEST BUY uses a third party to settle claims and they are HORRIBLE !!!! They say they will call you back but NEVER do , that is until I called corporate - then I... Read more

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The geek squad sucks. My son has a iphone4, and when we took it for repair, they gave us a hard time. I loved going there before the geek squad, you could get a replacement phone with a 50 dollar deposit until you phone came in. Also, my husband bought a laptop for traveling , he bought a very expensive warrenty, it was suppose to cover EVERYTHING, it got a cracked screen and they refused to... Read more

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