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It took three months to even TRY and book our vacation of 3 days/2nights in Vegas; which we could've gone and been back at a cheaper rate by that time. When we finally got the details of our trip we would have to pay more than booking the trip ourselves through a trusted website (Kayak, Expedia, etc.) for hotel and airfare. Not to mention they put you in a MOTEL, your flights are so late arriving... Read more

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Don't ever bother sending your damaged handbag back to Coach and paying the $20 because they don't fix anything. These handbags aren't even manufactured in the US so they don't have any materials to fix them. Coach is a ripoff as far as I am concerned. I had a problem with two different bags where the handles frayed and cracked and Coach did nothing except send me a $40 off gift card to buy a... Read more

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I bought 6 dresses thinking they are cute right? wrong they all look very different in real life than they do in pictures. All dresses look cheap.. cheap fabric.. just bad quality, on top of that they were ALL short. I am 5'5 and they were all so short that if I bend down you would be able to see my panties in these dresses. So I reached out to the site to return the dresses, they told me since... Read more

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I did get an email from Akdr and tried to send an e-mail back and said no reply. This person was saying I should delete a page cause it was unknown. I never had anyone complain about it. And if it bothered Find A grave you guys could go and change it. But just there attitude in the email set me off so I sent them public messages in the heat of the moment and felt kinda bad after I sent it. Until... Read more

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In mid January, we cancelled our service with Direct TV and requested boxes to return the equipment. "Don't worry about it. You can keep it," they told us.  We still asked to have boxes to return and was not sent anything. All of a sudden I get a collection notice for $500.00+. We called again to request boxes to return their equipment. It was sent this time, but before we could get it in... Read more

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to all of you out there dont rent at cubesmart they are a joke i got robbed last month $8000 k of my valuables report it to santa ana police dep .. wen this happend you dont get help from managment their INS GREAT AMERICAN INS >will make it harder to get your money back they will need a receipts for every item was taking they don answer your calls or e.mails this little lady manager of... Read more

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I have auto pay with direct tv. I have been charged double and have added a sports package and I hate sports. It is nothing more than a crooked skeme to take money from people. They have taken 212.87 for my bill this month said I didn't pay last months bill *** it is auto pay and it was taken out. I don't have the time to sit on a phone for hours waiting for one of their non english speaking... Read more

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will never ever buy heartland again. Will never recommend heartland either. Will never buy from Lakeshore rv in muskegon Mi. What a piece of junk. The service at Lakeshore really sucks. the air conditioner does not turn off. You have to turn it off at the breaker. and when you do that, the air still runs from the batteries until the batteries die. And how *** was it to put the air and lights on... Read more

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Do NOT sign up for Arbonne. Whoever has introduced you to this company is LYING to you about the only $95 sign up fee. IN ADDITION, you are expected to fork over $1800 to purchase your products - and you have to replenish your stock every 3 months or so. You HAVE to pay by credit card. Twice per year you are ALSO EXPECTED to attend conferences. You can "earn" these trips but once you register... Read more

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