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A VS agent persuaded me to sign up for the VS Card Identity Protection Plan. She said the first 30 days are free, and you get a $20 gift card to VS. After 30 days, you're billed $12.99 per month, which you can cancel at any time. I told her honestly that all I would want was the gift card and then I would probably cancel it. No problem, said she, all I had to do was wait for the gift card to... Read more

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There is currently a class action lawsuit against Shell Vacations Club alleging fraud. If you purchased your "membership" from Shell in the past 3-4 years you may be able to recover as a plaintiff. Post a comment if you want to join/fall within the plaintiff class. As you will see from the posted complaints on this site and others (if you web search Shell you will find many others) the... Read more

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Called today to get them to come out to repair a Window that looked like something exploded inside of it. Was told seal had failed on window and would cost $145.00 per trip (1 trip to measure and 1 trip to install new glass) plus $70.00 to install window for a total of $360.00. Are you kidding me?? I think I can buy a new window for that much! Don't buy from these people. During the install... Read more

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Wesley Berry Flowers - 10/6/2015  HORRIBLE - DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM
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I spent over $100 on flowers and when I got a picture of what was delivered I was shocked. They looked NOTHING like the bouquet I had selected. Basically 6 red roses with a fall bow - I can't believe it is supposed to be the same order. I was annoyed initially when I realized that between the card and all the other delivery and related fees they were charging it was costing me $35 for... Read more

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Not really sure why they sent my 74 year old father this system and he denies ever ordering it either. I called to help facilitate a return, was on hold for 15 minutes and then someone came on the line saying I had a 30 minute hold or longer, or they would call me back within 48 hours. I went online and got my RA # and sent it back which cost me $13. If I don't receive a full refund I will update... Read more

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Wow...I can not help but notice that the people who tell us that Steven Zarelli is not very good at his chosen field (and untrained) are all articulate and knowledgeable while those who defend him can not spell simple words and have the grammar of a 7 year old. I know nothing about authenticating but I do know a little about the law. If in your ad you state that YOU are authenticating the... Read more

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My Name is Emeritis Clarke . I am a relative of Charlton Heston. His name has thirteen letters and Mr. Zarelli's story only focuses on one letter, the letter "r". When he wrote fast his "r" became elongated and resembled an "l" . I can assure you that Charlton Heston Never used a secretary to sign autographs for him. If you do a google search of Steven Zarelli, you will find that he has made... Read more

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I recently booked a ticket with Allegiant air and purchased their Trip Flex thinking that if my travel plans changed I would get a refund. WRONG! All they do is issue a travel voucher for a future flight minus several charges that they say are unrefundable. You are NOT told this prior to purchasing the Trip Flex, as a matter of fact you don't even get an email explaining the Trip Flex conditions.... Read more

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Epson printers will not work if one of the four color cartridges is empty. I tried to print a letter (black and white), but the magenta ink cartridge was empty. I went to the Printer Properties and set it to print "Black Ink Only", but that didn't even work. I called their customer service, and a person who could barely speak English said there is no way to by-pass the problem. He also... Read more

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Beware! These are Chinese companies that sell substandard clothing that is poorly made with cheap materials and are extremely small. I am a size Medium in US clothing and according to their sizing charts I ordered XL. Can't even get them over my head and they are garbage. Contacted both companies and was told no refunds. This is even though the quality is completely unacceptable. They remove any... Read more

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