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I have been a customer with Edgepark as of 2009 when I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I began receiving colostomy supplies without issue monthly. Last year the processing for orders became more involved, they started to require me to approve an order 3 weeks in advance and then when I get a call to remind me to verify my order. So I would go online and the order would be pending my... Read more

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I bought the MI3 via in the Philippines as they are the only distributors for this phone here. It cost 10.599PHP. I was working fine for about three weeks after which it would not turn on, only a red light would blink. I have used the phone normally, no drop, no rain or anything like that - so being a Chinese phone I would simply this is a factory default and it so should be repaired... Read more

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1. successful candidates of financial advisor in Austen Morris Associates- read the last sentence: must be......., or 3 years unrelated sales experience. So the financial advisors Austen Morris looking for are sales people with 3 years experience. This will make them successful candidates. You should not be surprised AMA will change this posting soon after reading this post. 2. Its funder-Greg... Read more

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I purchased a game for my daughter in October as a Christmas present. At Christmas she received the same game from a relative. On January 3 I took the game to the best buy in Arora Illinois and thought since I had the reciept it was a simple ten minute return. Wrong. I was told that that software returns, to be returned in full, the time limit was 30 days and that had expired. They would offer... Read more

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I signed up with this company on March 3rd 2013. Initially, they said all the right things to get me to signed (don't they all) but I jumped out there with blind faith. The price wasn't bad until I realized I was getting strung along with little to no work getting done. They did get a few older things off in the beginning but every one of them came back a few months later. I was furious and when... Read more

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In June i downloaded a tap4fun game from google play. To really progress in the game you must must make in app purchases.(pearls). Over the next month i purchased $351 dollars worth of said pearls and really got my game up and going. I set everything where i wanted it and didnt play for a few months. Last night i logged in and was amazed to find that the game developer had taken ownership of my... Read more

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USA CASH ADVANCE SCAM: Foreign accented man called to confirm a loan but needed me to obtain a new government law requiring a verification voucher! When I had money and was at CVS, 11/7, Walmart or other locations.....I was to call him and then he would tell me the person to whom I would make the voucher out to for a total of 260 dollars (down from 400). The loan would then be deposited into my... Read more

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I've been working in the hair industry quite a bit, and then this company HAIR MODELS GLOBAL comes along and emails me even though I never signed up with them. So, they promise to pay right away 14 days after u work a gig. lmao....yeh right. *** scammers! I left my old agency to join thinking I would be paid faster. They gave me the run around about this document needed, that document needed. By... Read more

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My mom got me a gift card from Territory Ahead for Christmas. Kept telling me to 'check my e-mail' because they were going to send it there. Well, I checked my e-mail and my spam folder and definitely never got it. My mom double checked the e-mail they sent it to was correct and had it e-mailed again. STILL didn't get it. Finally had to have them send it directly to my mom's e-mail and she... Read more

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I was seduced to this product by "give-away" promotion. Skeptical, I read the fine print and did not find any of the typical red-flags. However, one month later, there was a 78.85 charge on my bank statement. When I called the company and told them that I did not want to continue receiving their product and asked to have the transaction cancelled, the customer service agent was rude and refused... Read more

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