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I was charged $12,500,00 for a face lift by lifestyle lift in February 2014. I paid $8,000.00 down and was told the remainder would be financed through Care Credit. It was financed through a company called Healthcare Financial direct. I've paid them over a thousand dollars in monthly payments and they refuse to send a statement of my account. Lifestyle lift botched the surgery twice. They didn't... Read more

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Called on Monday, told delivery Tuesday , called Tuesday told Wednesday called Wednesday told Thursday called Thursday told if someone comes out they will charge me 175.00 extra because I was at 15%. I was no longer at 15% because so much time has gone by. No respect for customers. They do not honor their delivery schedules and don't care if you freeze and run out if gas. Asked to speak to... Read more

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8 days ago I booked my flight for Las Vegas. I was planning on attending my best friends wedding. In the meantime, my aunt was admitted to the hospital, and diagnosed with a non treatable brain tumor. She was given another 2 weeks to live. I called allegiant and spoke to a customer service rep named AMY. She told me there was a 7 day cancel policy, and that's ONLY if you buy the protection... Read more

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I live 1.1 miles from your store location in a residential neighborhood. You policy about a delivery area is not very good. If I am faced with getting in my car to get food, I would much rather have SUBWAY or order from any of the other food delivery services that are further away, yet still make deliveries to my neighborhood. We have local pizza establishments, Chinese food, to name a few that... Read more

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Suburban sent delivery one day and a technician the next to do a leak test. He never did the leak test and said we needed a piece of safety equipment so he locked us out. We were having a free spaghetti dinner in the hall the next Saturday so we hired another company to provide fuel. Now to return the fuel that Suburban locked us out of, Suburban will charge a $1 per gallon ($96.). Think how... Read more

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I signed up in January after moving to a new apartment that didn't have a gym on the property. When I signed up, I was given exactly two options: a 12-month contract at $45/month or an 18-month contract at $40/month. I told them at the time that I wasn't comfortable with either of those options because I didn't know how long I would be staying in the city and I didn't know when the gym at my... Read more

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Avast Experience April 11,2015 – Avast was recommended to me by an IT person to solve the virus problem on my computer. I went on line and downloaded the free version. April 11,2015 – Called Avast and they suggested to upgrade to the Comprehensive version for $49.99 but if I really wanted to guarantee no problems ever again to get the Premier Version for $69.99. I was told that that would solve... Read more

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Anytime Fitness - anytime fittness rosenberg  tx
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an employee of anytime fittness placed an advertisment flier on my windshield. i called the number posted on the flier to address my concern over not being able to remove because it was stuck to my windshield. The manager Paul was rude and said he did not place this on my windshield. He yelled and threatned me if i was to do anything about this he would sue me for something or other. I am upset... Read more

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I haven't had any major issues with the minimed pump. The people are nice to talk with, but they lie. Shortly after I got the pump my employer changed insurance companies. I told medtronic and they said they would check with insurance and let me know before they sent me any supplies. WRONG. I got an email from UPS that medtronic had sent me a package, and then a few days later another... Read more

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I did exactly as directed to switch from a black to white membership and also changed the automatic Draft from one account to another. Of course I am being charged on BOTH accounts now for two months at the higher rate and I will have to go back to they gym yet again with paperwork from both accounts proving they are overcharging plus incur stop payment charges on both accounts. It's not the... Read more

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