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I enrolled in Ashford university.All they did was take my money,these people are bad news.Stay away ,research all schools you might want to attend.I have found out that A large majority of these schools are scams and there Diplomas mean nothing.Contact your state education dept.They will usually tell you the online schools that are acceplbe in your state.Unfortunately I made the mistake of... Read more

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QUALITY HYUNDAI New Haven CT (fornerly of Branford) does not stand by the warranty. I purchased a CERTIFIED USED CAR . Delivery did not go well. Upon arriving home with the car, the driver side door did not open. In order to open the door the window had to be rolled down and the door only opened using the outside latch. I called told salesman, made it clear that due to work schedule, I would... Read more

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I received a email on my phone from target thanking me for my Itune purchases. I don't do I phone stuff. im straight Samsung. so I look more into email. and realize someone hacked my account and were I had my saved payments from last order. they had access to my debit info ;. 150.00 WHIPPED OUT OF MY ACCOUNT IN SECONDS AND I HAD BILLS TO PAY. I REPORTED FRAUD AND HAD TO SHUT DOWN MY ACCOUNT.... Read more

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I walked in planning to sell three shirts I had never sold anything to platos closet before. so the lady very rudely explains to me it has to be in a bag or box in order for her to touch it. So I walked back to my truck amd grabbed an auto zone bag and returned inside. She was snide. I had an express shirt thats plain pink a Ralph Lauren striped shirt and a plain black chaps shirt. She clearly... Read more

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I called Trac phone to switch my phones to the Family Plan,When the time came for them to receive my Monthly Minutes on 10/26/14 my Primary Phone Received them and my Second Phone did not and was Deactivated.I called Trac phone to see what happened was told I would have to Buy a new card to add Minutes to my Second Phone as it was inactive wait 3 days before the new card ran out call back to add... Read more

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I recently went out on maternity leave and requested a deferement on my loan because I am currentyl waiting for my money from disability. They denied my request and told me to borrow money from somebody! How do you say that to a customer? Mind you I pay ALL my payments ON TIME! I am very serious about my credit and paying my bills on time! Its unfair to ruin my credit because you feel like it!... Read more

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I drove three-hour to view a home example (open house ). I was given paper work and a brief tour in a book and the gentleman took my information walked off and left me sitting at a table for minutes while he talked to another family ,then came back said that out business was done and that I was lucky to have a VA Mortgage and moreover i didn't have or make enough money to live in these homes! I a... Read more

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OK, everyone who is planning to use i-ready or any other products by curriculum associates, Its a rip off. Ridiculous pricing, (30$ f****ng dollars a class!?) Extremely easy (I'm getting grade 1 stuff for a test that 'gets kids at what they know'') AND BABYISH!!! Other students complained that it was easy and the math teacher did nothing, but believe in the websites lies. It says it adjusts by... Read more

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I called this Pizza Hut for a takeout for a pizza. The Indian guy that answered the phone hung up on me when I told him I wanted to order a pizza. So I called back and he yelled at me telling me that I need to stop calling this number. I just wanted a fricken pizza! I asked him what I did and he refused to tell me and told me that if I call back he'll call the police. I called him on my... Read more

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