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I arrived in this country December 2012 and took out a Telus Mobile contract for which I had to leave them with a $900 deposit. In March I returned to Japan to arrange visas and study permits for my wife and our 4 children. Telus continued to charge me exorbitant bills while I was away which I could not pay because TELUS does not accept Japanese Visa Cards. I have just returned to find TELUS have... Read more

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I have been working at Visiting Angels full-time (less than an year) Management rude, they all gossip to each other like high school girls. The on call management never answers the phone at night when needed for emergnacies. Very unorginized and low pay you have to work your butt off to make a okay amount of pay. Office staff doesn't acknowledge an aides concerns over problems with client(s). No... Read more

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In a blog on this site the marketing director Mrs Natalie Hall of RL360 says " RL360° is authorised to conduct business in the UAE through our Representative Office licence from the Ministry of Economy." This may be right in general terms but unfortunately it is not licensed to conduct insurance business which is a federal crime to do without the right license. I would say this is therefore... Read more

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Tradesy allows fake products on their site and does not verify their authenticity prior to them being listed on their site. Additionally, they protect the seller, not the buyer. They allow the seller 5 days to "confirm" your purchase. So if you decide to cancel your order in those 5 days, or if you learn information later that the product is a fake and want to cancel, there is no option for... Read more

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Ordered a shirt, was sent an email saying it would be delayed, sent MULTIPLE emails and called the number provided, I have heard nothing. So, they take my money and gave me a ruined mothers day. I didn't order a ruined mothers day, I ordered a shirt. I didn't order a late shirt, with a side of no communication and frustration, I JUST ORDERED A SHIRT. WHEN ALL YOU DO IS PRINT ON CLOTHING AND RUN... Read more

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It is extremely frustrating to have a biased announcer for the new york rangers tampa bay series on a network that is broadcasting nationally. There are plenty of unbiased announcers to choose from. At least have two announcers. One from each team would be nice. Anyone but Doc Emerick is preferred. I prefer my unbiased Sam Rosen over a biased Devils announcer. At least Sam announces other... Read more

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If you are thinking of joining this service to get leads, don't....they attract the cheapest customers I have ever seen. I am always nice and say thank you for responding. However, sometimes I want to say "go ahead and hire the guy who is going to dump your stuff along side the road." Based on my research we are one of the cheapest providers around and we still get "that it is pricey" Run your... Read more

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Ive been with a few phone companies so far and decided to give Telus a try since I got a discount with them where I worked. So, I go with this plan with 3G data and it suppose to come up to 65 maximum from what I was told, wrong, try over 70 dollars a month. I never use extra minutes or data ever. Then when my iPhone broke, I had to update to be able to have a phone which made my tab a high... Read more

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My dermatologist prescribed Carac cream for pre-cancerous spots. I had her call it in to Walmart, where my Humana drug plan is. They said it was not covered by my Medicare Part D plan and the cost was $2850.00 per ounce. I called my dermatologist and she gave me the number for Philidor. The sent it by mail and only charged me $75.00. Something seems to be amiss here. I wonder if these are... Read more

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Todays date 5/22/15. On March 18 2015 I ordered two free collars. All I had to pay was the $7.95 shipping. The next day I noticed my bank account was charged for a $27.00 book on dog food secrets that I never ordered plus an additional $7.95 for the collars. I immediately contacted them and told them to refund my account the $27.00 that I never ordered the book. It took several email attempts... Read more

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