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After trying the "Sleep number bed" and a couple of high end pillow tops we decided on a Temurpedic "Deluxe bed". I'm a retired firefighter leaving on disablity due lumbar spine injuries and needed the best mattress I could find, Tempur had bombarded us with advertisements for years. To the point, this bed has not only made my back worse and caused hip and shoulder pain I NEVER HAD but... Read more

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Horse people ....please read this. I am not the only victim. Celeste Huston, and Robin Hale and many others have been cheated by this woman. This woman lives in Clare Michigan. To date those of us we know have been bilked out of over $1 0,000 by this woman. She is notorious for selling horses, charging for the paper work and never sending the paper work nor even contacting the registry that she... Read more

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Has anyone had a bad experience with any of the Gehan Homes Communities in San Antonio? I like way their homes look but I heard from a couple who recently purchased a Gehan Home thatvtheir experience has been a nightmare. I really like Gehan Homes but would like to get some feedback before I make a decision. Read more

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I have 5 Primary complaints about Jackson Hewitt this year (I've been a customer for the last 6 years and I will Not be going back again. 1.) When I went to have my taxes done the lady kept getting stuck on too many questions and she would just flag them for later. She spent so much time on fixating on one tax question that she only got have way through my return and then told me I need to... Read more

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Well, my girlfriend heard this infomercial on the radio about a weight loss product and asked me to buy it. She told me they would give you a $100 Walmart gift card for trying the product. The product is called Final Trim and when you call the number you don't talk to a real person. An automated machine guides you through the buying steps. They send you a 30 days supply for $7.95 and in order... Read more

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Go Matilda Visas and its managing director Alan Collett is a UNYTRUSTWORTH migration agent. Alan Collett is an accountant of GM Tax and a migration agent of Go Maltilda Visas. He also claims to provide other services like financial planning, businesses for sale, shipping, jobs, telecoms and more. He projects to be jack-of-all-trade but actually a master of none - HE IS JUST GREEDY!!! Alan Collett... Read more

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Hired in march 2012. Was offered a position where I would telemarket and go door to door selling lawn care. I was offered a guarantee of 2000 a month, but it was 100 percent commision 20 percent of spraying sevices would be paid out. I sold an average of 3900 a week walking 8 miles a day 6 days a week for approx 55 hours in rain, snow, and heat. No matter the numbers I have only received the... Read more

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I called in to order Flexiprin which claims to be a very effective pain reliever with natural ingredients. Even though they make a "free" claim on radio and TV and then use the word "free" supply, as with all things it is anything but free. It's "Bait & Switch" selling at its worst. When I finally reached a customer service rep she tried and tried to sell more of the product even though i... Read more

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I have to say that as long as I've been a fan of a number of your shows, such as NCIS and Hawaii Five-0, the increase of graphic violence on these shows has become appalling. I don't think it's necessary to show bodies slashed apart or close-ups of the murders. These are starting to resemble horror films more than quality family entertainment. These shows used to be able to get through... Read more

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I tried calling to the mesa walmart in el paso and the operator answered and transferred me to customer service and I was transferred 6 times and no one ever answered that facility is the worst walmart I have been to employees are rude including management. I not like going to that store and I try my best to not go and only fo when I really need something. The employees pass with pallets and want... Read more

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