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Hello, I have eaten out almost exclusively in this town at this location since it first opened each week. Tonight I had a traumatic experience that left me shaking. You guys can refer to the store video that is aligned with my claims as evidence. I tried to order 4 dollar menu items, my usual, with the cashier I have never seen before who had to retake my order over 10 times and still failed to... Read more

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News bulletin: Here in Maine my local McDONALD'S HAS DROPPED NEWMAN"S OWN ORGANIC COFFEE . Now after 25 years of selling specialty coffee (I now own a window cleaning company), I have developed a knack for knowing quality. Getting a cup of Newman's Own Organic Coffee was THE main reason for me going to McDonald's rather than Starbucks. Recently I went through my routine of stopping at McDonald's... Read more

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I used my credit card to pay for 4 dresses at .The email said I would get a tracking # for my items, it has been three weeks,no tracking # and no dresses, I call the customer service number and some girl with broken English answered and started making up dates when my dresses were shipped. well I knew then it was a scam and my money was gone and no I say to you don't... Read more

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Review about Pizza Hut  Cheesy Bites Pizza from Monticello, Illinois
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I will never never ever use Pizza Hut in Monticello ever again. The pizza I ordered was wrong (pepperoni when you order cheese only) and you could not get the slices apart. The other pizza was suppose to be a meat primo and the meat was very sparse and one piece was virtually devoid of toppings. She got all defensive and said that they cut the pizzas the way they are suppose to cut them. ( her... Read more

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I had ordered an item from Ebay and a few days later after my package had been missent t least once to a different state it showed first as out for delivery and then delivered. My package was NOT delivered and was NOT stolen from the mailbox. Seeing as my package wasn't there I called the online customer service number only to be put on hold for an entire hour before being allowed to speak with a... Read more

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I ordered bacon eggs and sausages All old, cold and burnt. The waitress and staff including manager could care less. when my wife and I got the bill they added extra charges It took them three times to fix the bill. And still they over charged us. Once we asked them to fix the bill our waitress could care less and never showed up to the table again. We had to get another waitress to pay our bill... Read more

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mom was a health 64 year old. the first night she slept with this pillow she died - did the pillow kill her? yes, police investigators determined that the pillows noxious odor and deadly interior chemicals killed mom. hey are going to arrest that phony fro tv and make him eat the pillow. yep it killed mom,killed her dead, it did, it killed her. I cried i did i did for a lot of hours when mom died... Read more

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My daughter and I both have fine blonde hair. This coarse dark hair still attached and fried into this makes me wanna puke pulling this out of my mouth. What was I thinking eating here? There's no where else I've found to send this elsewhere. And I don't care to keep looking. There seem to only be wanting positive reviews with the $500 incentive to tell about my visit. As if I don't feel... Read more

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I have been a client of paypal over 10 years and never got "treated" like this. They blocked my account, because of a claim, since nothing arrived. Now "cannot access nor use the account", because of a seller. I DO NOT RUN THE SHIPPING COMPANIES, SO WHY AM I PUNISHED FOR OTHERS. I PAID, NOW, GOT A REFUND FROM A "STORE" NOT EBAY AND FOR ANOTHER PERSON, AND THE SUPERVISOR AGAIN LIKE THEM ALL... Read more

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