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this began on 8,-4, A&M was hired for $575.09 to repair ,my washer.said there was a magnet that needed to be replaced(washer would not spin) Maytag BravoXL was only 3 years old. Also hired him to repair ice maker on refrig. after opening the water,said it needed a valve.This icemaker had never been hooked up, I didn't quite understand how this was possible.So He charged me another... Read more

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I would like to "THANK YOU" Find A Grave by not allowing the "Act of Fraud" being played out by banning a contributor know as Kari Norstog #127282490. After Kari Norstog was banned from "Find A Grave" on April 15, 2014, Kari Norstog signed up eight more times as a contributor to Find A Grave. Find A Grave deleted all the fraudulent names provided by Kari Norstog. The names were are as follows:... Read more

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Three years I have been dealing with this company. I finally decided to just voluntarily let them re-posses the car so that I didn't have to deal with them anymore. Extremely rude, threatening, they even laugh at you when you are talking to them. I had finally had it when they told me they would not accept any other payment from me unless I wired it through Money Gram? Now, they wont come and... Read more

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My husband and I are now added to the list of everyone that has posted here against Vanderbilt. I'm not going to use up the few words allowed by explaining how they are and how they treat all of us. I am putting this out here so that if anyone wants to join me, and if I can get enough people to back it, I am going to contact and attorney and for one...file a class action on all that want to... Read more

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I don't have a problem with Food Stamps and feel that it can be a good program that benefits a lot of people. However, yesterday, I stood behind 3 women in line at Sam's Club with a cake that was 3 feet x 1 1/2 feet with Hello Kitty decorations. $60 dollars...and she paid for it with a SNAP card. $60 dollars! This just chaps my butt. This is just wrong and a bunch of ***! There is... Read more

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I was at heartland Walmart when I got into line at express. There were maybe 4 people in front of me. There was one cashier, and another girl who wasn't wearing a vest, I assumed she was a csm as she told the cashier she is going somewhere. The cashier was going very fast until she stopped to do a MasterCard application which was SO unprofessional. I said "excuse me, can you call for more... Read more

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i placed an order on the 4th of september today is the 22 and i have not gotten my order yet.i have been calling for weeks no answer no response until today telling me that my order has to be shiped from some where else and i won't receive it until next week sometime.these people took my money without even having the product in there at there so called store in very very very upset and i would... Read more

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I have been reading through this site and am completely confused at people who have said you couldn't cancel. I know at least a few of the complaints here are false, because I know of at least one person who works for another company that told me they had posted on here multiple times. I think it's unfortunate someone does something like that here. So, in an attempt to try to clear... Read more

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UPS delivered a new lawn mower I had ordered online. Since there were no cars in the driveway and the UPS driver was apparently in a hurry, he didn't bother to check to see if I was home, nor did he bother to notice the eight security cameras recording his every move. He hoisted the box over my six foot gate & let it go! He couldn't see what was on the other side of the gate but obviously... Read more

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Our firm has been in involved in a long-running investigation of online auction fraud, including that we believe which takes place on the website To provide you further background, was founded in 1999 by a California pawn shop owner who was looking to liquidate his excess inventory through online auctions. Our investigation leads us to believe that, since that time, Bidz has... Read more

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