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paid sign guy(originally he on Ceres ave , Fontana) to do my restaurant sign $3000 (2003). and only work about 2 week. i try reach him and he said he will come to fix it , but he never come. try to reach him again , he won't answer , went to his business and try to reason with him, but he move his and doesn't leave any clue where he move businesses.So i stuck with not working sign for... Read more

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To start with the girl who runs the CS DEPT, lol aka Samantha is an old time hustler from niteflirt. This girl lies about anything and everything and rips people off coming and going. She also has a PSO webdesign site where she posts raving reviews of HER OWN SITE, MPS pretending to be someone else! If you call their "Support" Number, her cell phone lol, 951-331-5129 you will always get her or... Read more

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They must have just called you around the same time they talked to me. (Just saw you posted only a few hours ago). Same here. Bought a too-good-to-true vacation package back in 2010 for $598. Didn't take the vacation. Now they are calling me saying I need to pay them another $497 to keep my account from going into collections. Such ***. The guy kept threatening me about it but when I brought up... Read more

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About 3 months ago, my loan was transferred to pennymac loan services. After a few months of getting to understand their process of accepting payments I began to realize that it was much more difficult to pay them in comparison to Bank of America. I'd mailed in multiple checks to PennyMac because they don't have an online payment area. Unfortunately, a few of the payments were rejected due to... Read more

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THE TRUTH revealed AFA tour July 16 to the 27 AFA don't believe in the HYPE. As the old saying goes, “If it seems too good to be true, then it isn’t” as I found out first hand after going on an AFA Ukraine social tour. While the company touts how reputable they are compared to other companies, from my personal experience with a group tour, the Ukraine trip I went on had many problems. Men are... Read more

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I will NEVER shop at Kmart again. Their employees are so freaking ***. After picking up a few things. Went to the registers to pay for my items. The *** cashier hit the total button before scanning my coupon and scanning my rewards card. She asked another employee to help cancel my transaction to start over. That was 10 minutes of my time wasted. Not only did this *** screw up in the first place.... Read more

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I paid for services back in December 2013 and they never showed up to do the job. I scheduled again and they didn't show up a second time. I requested a refund of my money and have emails confirming they will pay me but now in September of 2014 I still have yet to be refunded my monies. They kept telling me to be patient but 9 months of being patient is BS. They are unethical and have terrible... Read more

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The newest SCAM by Brent is called He has rebranded perpetual green is claiming to be a cleantech company. Jackie is his new sidekick on this SCAM. Scary how many people Brent Ivie has frauded and sadly will continue to fraud. Do NOT give any $ to this company! Don’t do business with Douglas Stuart of Sandy UT either. Crooks, liars, and some of the worse... Read more

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The situation is exactly like the others posted. Someone came to the door representing Commerce; asked to see the PGE bill (which we pay online); stated we had received three mailings (which we had supposedly been aware of...not!); didn't have a card; didn't have any information to hand out; was unable to direct us to an online source; gave the impression this would save us money;... Read more

Was this review helpful? 9 8 Do not get any delphin vacuum cleaner. Its a Scam. I bought mine for more than $3500 claiming that they offer 10 years warranty and some additional parts. It is almost 6 mths and they have not even delivered the additional parts which was agreed during purchase. I paid in full and they just run away. Even they do not honour their 10 years warranty. Its... Read more

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