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Hello, I'm so glad I found this! I posted a video on my personal Facebook page November of 2014 and it has since gotten 1.6 million views. I had the SAME thing happen to me! The video shows the damage that accured and explains the situation. Sadly I have received a lot of very rude comments in regards to the video. It appears that people are more concerned with the success of this business and... Read more

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My wife and I booked a weekend out of town (110 miles away) through Orbitz. We got a confirmation and booking number. Upon arriving at our destination, we were turned away by the hotel clerk - apparently, Orbitz overbooked the hotel by about 6 rooms. Understandably upset, I called the 800 "customer service" line and was promptly put on hold. My wife and I sat on hold, in the parking lot of... Read more

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I am a rep for Scentsy. All the ppl that cheer for Scentsy are kiss *** ppl The company will not look after their reps. They cost reps more money and do not help. The owners earn money and give some trips away at the expense of their reps. I truly hope Heidi and Orvilles company goes down in flames and they struggle after everyone worked for them. Selfish *** ! Did I mention I hate Scentsy... Read more

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I calt in yasterday to return my kerrinuq and the guy Craig who sed he waz a specialist called me a dumb N***er and hanged up. this company is a SKAM. one hundid persent! It dint even work and it made my hair fall out and i even usd both of tha bottels. look at what happened after i used the free sample! neva again am i gonna get my free gift from my bingo game. stick wit bingo and not this... Read more

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Had my car freshner in my car on the middle console bc I didn't want it hanging from my rear view mirror. 3 days later i went to move it and it melted the black interior of my car. I have inquired to corporate a contact number for complaints. Read more

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Just like the previous guy I am very upset that I paid 205 bucks for a bunch of worthless Donkey meat. Its tough and there is no flavor and after eating it I got sick...I felt sorry for the salesman so I bought it :( My Bad. The brochure referred to Omaha meats and didn't say anything about Midwestern meats...Heck I thought I was buying Omaha steaks at bargain prices but the joke was on me..The... Read more

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I just got married and I had two dogs of mine with Banfield insurance I had cancelled and was up to date with all payments I was never notified Banfield charged extra money it cost me over $900 a year later my husband wanted the dog back insured he went too bad field and enrolled his dog and my two dogs the girl bat enrolled him never changed my address and just put him in my personal information... Read more

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Was sent an email for 20% off. placed approximately $ 170 worth of merchandise in cart, got the 20% off. Then when I tried to use my reward card bonus of $30 online, it indicated it was invalid. I contacted customer service and after going thru 15 min of telling them my score card number, item I wanted to purchase and that I tried to use my EARNED scorecard bonus with a 20% promotional..I was... Read more

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