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Went life style lift because I have been battling cancer and all the side effects. My husband did this because I was so depressed. He thought this would help me fell better about myself. Instead it was nothing but a ripe off. They talked us in to getting the lifestyle card, $12,500. Which they emptied. they did a laser thing and eyelid uuper. none of which was suppose to be done..The women... Read more

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I am a hairstylist. I was at a hairshow in March of 2012 when I first saw this product. About equivalent to keratin treatment, but suppose to ne enviromentally safe. You can watch videos of this on YouTube. Ordered products and began doing services at my salon in April. Everyone loved this product and booked to come back. A girl I work with, and myself, went to purchase products about 2 months... Read more

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I have never heard of a B/O being placed on B/O! My order went out on 01/21/15 and it was a backorder item upon ordering.  I was to receive an e-mail by 3/15/15 for an delivery date and today is the 17th, so I decided to look up my order status and the est. delivery date had been changed without notification to Jul 27 - Aug 10! I did NOT receive a phone call, a letter or an e-mail regarding... Read more

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Ocwen will not remove PMI no matter what. I have been paying for it for 5 years already, I have a recent appraisal done in the past 4 months that shows my home has appreciated from 300K to 430K. I have paid it down 30K and only owe 270K. What they are hiding behind now is stating that the only service the loan and the percentage is now set by the investor groups that have purchased the bundled... Read more

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For anyone that would like to make a complaint, here's the number of some vice president person. His name is Jerry Alderman and his number is 678-474-9477. I have yet to get a return phone call from him but at least I am leaving lots of messages. Maybe I can cause him some upset, just as his company has caused me. Please call him - LOTS!!!!! They deserve to hear from all of us. He sits in... Read more

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Planet Fitness will have you believe they are a no stress no hassle affordable club to exercise without the pressures often associated with other clubs. Of course that's till you see your bank statement! A friend and I both joined the club on Lyons Road in Dayton approximately a year ago. Unfamiliar with their billing practices neither of us had our checkbooks with us at time of sign-up. I... Read more

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Just like all the get you in, and get whatever we can get as fast as we can. The bottome line there is no truth to what they have to offer. I could go on forever about my disappointment and the money I paid for a WORTHLESS, INVALUABLE TRAVEL SERVICE. They tell you about the great deal when you let them know about your vacation plans, and they come back with this great price. But when you sign up... Read more

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Purchased $3000.00 membership in 2011. Lunch cupons worked, "free" cruise out of Charleston, SC did not. Tried to get refund of $225.00 paid for "free" cruise" port fees with no returned phone calls or emails...I'm still trying to get this refund after 1 year! I called the 888-275-9349, 888-494-0931 and 407-404-6830 numbers given and was placed on hold for 1 hour and 56 mins before hanging up... Read more

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Much to my dismay and disatisfaction, when shopping at your store in carpentersville, il on November 30, 2011, I find that menards discontinued military discounts. All the other home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe's make that discount available. Now that it is your policy not to afford military discounts, I will no longer shop at Menards. Can you explain why the discount was... Read more

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I was curious as to what your policies are for openly admitting that this company will not hire someone that has tattoos. I find it highly discriminate towards myself and also towards other Americans searching for employment just to be looked at like trash from your employees. I was not even given the opportunity to to fill out an application before being shut down at the door. I would greatly... Read more

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