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This company does not value your business. My new HVAC business enrolled with them before opening. With no prior notice, Merchant Bankcard sent me an email message cancelling my service because they had no business phone number or license on record. The business number had been provided weeks earlier, I receive calls daily, and the license holder was to be hired. We had informed Merchant Bankcard of this numerous times by phone prior to this... Read more

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I have to say, I'm extremely disappointed. I expected good quality judging by the price and advertisements but that isn't at all what i got. It's *** expensive and everything I've had was mediocre or just plain inedible. The Fall Pumpkin Soup tasted like perfume and the use of spices was overwhelming. It tasted more like a latte than a soup. Now I'm trying the Tomato Bisque... it's Prego sauce. With black pepper. Literally, I'm not kidding. I... Read more

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My relative is selling this product to everyone in our family and she insists that its the best choice for retirement. I'm not a financial expert so I don't know who to trust anymore after reading these reviews! Can someone explain the WFG whole life policy in plain English and tell me if I'm losing? Read more

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I contracted with Empire Today to install vinyl flooring throughout my house which included 2 beds 2 bath and the kitchen. First of all they cancelled on me the first day and then they finally showed up the next day around noon and only one person spoke English. They all left except the two young men who couldn't speak English and were not at all professional installers. I think they were the sons of the lead worker and he spoke very little... Read more

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On 5/29/16 I ordered a purse for my daughters bday. Sent three emails as to status of order. No response. Took my money. I finally did online chat today. Representative said they would credit back my account within five to seven business days. If they actually do it I will be surprised by the way they conduct business. If I do not receive my refund back to my charge card, I will pursue further action. The representative said she... Read more

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My husband, my two sisters, and I join this gym and had paid on time for 2+ years with no problems. When my husband's credit card that was on file was stolen, we cancelled it and got a new card from our bank. That day we had received over 30 phone calls demanding a new card number. It got so bad that our phone would simply get over loaded and drop all the calls we connected too. We asked for them to put our number on a do not call list but... Read more

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Skinny Dip Noodles Customer Service is the Worst
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Skinny Dip Noodles show misleading images about their noodles. All the recipes show regular pasta and not their skinny dip pasta. Just look at what their pasta looks like and you can tell its not the same. For example; they market this one type of noodle as being "macaroni", but on the bag it says penne. The recipe images show penne, but also macaroni noodles. And they are NOT their skinny dip noodles being used. I received a shipment of the... Read more

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I went to pick up a pizza today and when i got there i paid over 13.00 for one large pizza which is to muchbut we wanted to try the new bacon stuffed when i got home 5 min from there the pizza was cold and it tasted awful i will not go back and i will tell my frieds not. This was in swansboro nc Read more

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This company seems to use stolen credit cards to process phony charges. I never heard of them or ever contacted them but they managed to charge my credit card for $148.32. I'm over 80 years old and have no reason to use any of their products. Its a simple criminal theft...BEWARE...I have no idea how they capture people's credit card data. Cancel your card if they steal from you! Probably they got my data from credit card theives. Its also... Read more

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I still have horrible internet service through Comcast/Xfinity. Sure after they ran a separate cable for the modem, it worked great for a few days and they did credit my bill $20 for the month and I should receive 11 more months of the $20 credit. I agreed because after all It did work sometimes even though it was super slow and supposed to be Blast. There are Multiple outages in my area every day. There are times like today that I cannot even... Read more

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