Browse Complaints and Reviews internet dating site is that site a scam? Mate1 Notice is that also a scam? Just asking if it's a scam as well. I have always just went for the free basic service and always waited to see if any women respond.I think is a scam as well. I've my e-mail on every site that I've a profile on and no women ever contact me except the cam ***! Rude FInders use... Read more

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Do not hire Kearney, Nathan Peter (ABN 91959173959) if you would like a quality job completed - We hired Nathan Kearney to paint our 3 bedroom flat prior to selling. Our flat contained 2 x feature walls and was completely empty when the job was completed. We tried to make things as easy for them as possible - they had no furniture to work around but we were still charged... Read more

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We went with Gutter Helmet due to it’s so called, “respectable reputation,” however our experiences with the company have been nothing short of a nightmare! We paid a premium price for Gutter Helmet and expected a high quality product and install; however that’s not what we received. After install of our new gutters they would not drain water correctly and leaked constantly! We called them out to... Read more

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I recently have a law suit against Kohl's #642 here in San Antonio Texas and against Mike Robson, one of their managers :/ Mike Robson filed a false police report accusing me of yieling at associates and at customers. The video could have prove my case in court but instead they turned in an affidavit saying that the video i was requesting had gotten damaged and that " ONLY HALF " of the... Read more

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Harry Taggart Took Willow the dog without the owners consent after being trusted to look after her FACT ! Harry Taggart has rightly been dealt a WELL DESERVED blow to his ego FACT! I am very happy that this wonderful lady has been reunited with her dog..... FANTASTIC NEWS that's is Karma fact ! She and her Aunt have been through *** over this and they thoroughly deserved a positive outcome....... Read more

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I wanted some rubber wristbands for my non-profit organization. When I ordered them the color on the screen was basic green. When they arrived from CHINA (although the company is bases in Texas) they were wrapped in cardboard and duct tape. The wristbands were lime green and very cheaply made. I requested information on how to return them since it was not anywhere near what I wanted and was told... Read more

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Find A Grave owner Jim Tipton is a thief he creates a website for members to add burial information thus creating so called "memorials" he uses these memorials for ad space and charges members to sponsor these memorials. He makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from the deaths of others loved ones and provides no service to the survivors. He and his administration have a set of so... Read more

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HELP! We have had our Samsung DLP TV for 2yrs 11months when all of a sudden white dots started to appear on the screen. Does anyone know of a recall or a lawsuit that is going on so we can join. We Called Samsung and they just basically blew us off and told us our warranty was up and there is nothing they could do. I even spoke to the manager at Samsung. We still have a copy of the reciept... Read more

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Gutter Helmet of the Pikes Peak Region improperly installed new gutters, continually misdiagnosed leaks and will NOT accept accountability for damage done…STAY AWAY!!!
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We originally had our old gutters replaced due to water leakage with new gutters through Gutter Helmet of the Pikes Peak Region a few years ago (Colrado Springs, CO.). Our sales representative (Linda) had the installers (Zac and Scott) install the new gutters. After the install we continued to have water leakage, so I had the company come out (yet again) to fix the problem. This time the employee... Read more

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After being a member for 6 years, 6 months, 20 days and contributing over 22, 000 memorials, over 67, 000 photos and fulfilling over 7500 photo request. I was targeted by a jealous member that had a friend that is a administrator. I sent the below email to Jim Tipton requesting a refund for the 10 memorials I sponsored. I have NEVER recieved a refund and all of my years of hard work remain on... Read more

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