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Frank showed up at my home after I waited two weeks for the service that his receptionist swore he was proficient in servicing a Canadian made Insta-Flame gas fireplace. After tinkering for about one hour with the unit, going out to his van for a smoke, he said the parts that needed replacing were obsolete because of the age of my fireplace. For $3000.00 he would take it off my hands and replace... Read more

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Oct. 17, 2014 I had my Yamaha YBR125 serviced for Preventive Maintenance. Mechanic in Tres Hermanas Motors Corp (Phils) made adjustments on the Iddling and Air Pressure that made my unit poorly starting. I went back, he raised the RPM to a level thats so annoying and told me that the Diaphragm needs to be replaced. I went to another dealer to have a 2nd opinion. To my surprise after spending the... Read more

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Do not go to this ORTHOPEDIC ASSOCIATES. I went to this office and Doctor Zohair Shedzad Alam who I have used before said he can't do the surgery as good as Doctor Bleckner, so he referred me to see Bleckner,. and had an MRI and scheduled surgery a couple weeks earlier to have it today October 23, 2014. I had to go to Holy Cross Hospital a couple weeks earlier to register and answer questions... Read more

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I brought a pink and black gym shoe it's the most uncomfortable shoe I've ever worn,it's like the sole is not even your foot leans to the inside and it makes your ankle ache. Add comment

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Lowes - Lowe's refuses online fulfillment, changes web site while I'm on phone with corporate customer care
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cust id 1963692 10/24/2014 Today my wife and I went to Lowe's to get some tools and look at tool chests. Standing in the store we check online and see this deal on a Kobalt chest, item #351117 and see they have one remaining in stock. We checked the aisle but didn't see it, or even a spot for it. We went back and looked at the demo models and saw the chest. $469, with the item number shown... Read more

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Today as I returned home from grocery shopping a RUDE UPS driver was blocking my space (which CLEARLY had my apartment # on it) as well as other parking spaces. I rolled down my window and could hear talking and realized driver was in the truck. I blew the horn and he came out and immediately had an attitude. I asked him to please move and he stated he wasn't and that he didn't know it was my... Read more

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Hi its (CrimeTime)my keyja's nick name i beat a guy in game and after that he said me that i stole his points lol and he blackmail me to bann me because he have musiq (mod) friend and she also helps his friends to bann peoples without any reason u can see pic since last 3 years m playing in keyja but mods here abusing them power very much because adminstrator dont punish them if they do wrong... Read more

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I was involved in a car accident on September 24th 2014 in which the who i had hit was uninsured and driving when he took off from the scene of the accident he got out of his vehicle and commented he did not have insurance and that he was going back to jail, he took off when i called 9-1-1 and reported the accident. fire n rescue along with the Colorado springs police department came well i was... Read more

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Ace Canopy - Review from Parkville, Maryland
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Ace canopy sells nothing but junk i bought one it had a 5 year warranty it did not last 2 years i emailed monica we went back n forth 1 text she sent said she was sending me a 10x 16 and i got a 14 x 20 come to find out she texted the wrong person so it is very evident that they do not know what they are doing besides selling total garbage n they lye they tell you there be in touch 24 to 48... Read more

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Suburban Chrysler Jeep Of Garden City - Chrysler was charged for a new part to be installed and the dealer used the old part.
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Chrysler was charged for a new part to be installed and the dealer used the old part. Insulator Center Insulator Torn Under Shifter from previous Rear Main Seal Replacement. I ask Suburban Chrysler Jeep Of Garden City to replace this part #52122269AC and they just glued the old one back together. They had it for four days and still did not replace it. I don't think that Chrysler should be... Read more

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