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Went into Mastercuts of Panama City and the customer service alone was awful but I just shrugged it off and continued. I chose a girl named Tiffany out of the only two stylist there, midday. Anyway, I needed my hair shaved with a 1 1/2 inch guard cause it's the Miley Cyrus type cut. I started inching really bad on my scalp immediately after my cut and when I got home it just intensified. My...

Wayne Kristall OK, I'll keep this page very short and to the point. Attorney Wayne Kristall is a dishonest attorney that will lie to win a case or situation. He has no moral center. The Law Offices of Wayne P. Kristall is located in Southfield Mi and if your needs are for an attorney that will ignore court orders, aggravate witnesses, or flat lie in open court then Mr Kristill is the lawyer for... Read more

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I have flight to Istanbul via Egypt air , I called them they said there is no such flight from Saudi Arabia to Istanbul! Booking #: 22785363 Please help me, thanks

(Whirlpool = Worth-less) Un-be-lievable! 2-year old machine and it is shot! Called Whirlpool got an offer for an extended warranty $357. (Better than the $1000 repair, or buyung a new one for $750). Then they RENEGED on that! Can I speak to your supervisor. "I am the supervisor. I'm sorry I cannot refer you to anyone else." AWFUL experience. No wonder they are experiencing high call volumes!... Read more

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I went and bought the product where I always get my hair color from. I have never had problems with anything from other brands of hair color. So i go home and get ready to put the color on my hair. As I was about to put the color on my hair the bottle almost completely broke in half. I have used this product before and have never had this happen to me. i mean as you see the bottle is all cracked,... Read more

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UPS Store - Warranty Repair Went Awry
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On 5/12 I took a large item to the UPS Store in North Arlington TX off Lamar St for a pack and ship return option on a warranty repair being charged to the Guitar Center Pro Coverage account. I brought this item in with the shipping label and specific instructions on how to both package and bill this item with points in BOLD stating that the item needed to be double boxed or UPS would not cover... Read more

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bought 3 3 piece dinner specials and one of the pieces of thighs have hair in it I am very upset take this

OMG. I wished I had found these reviews before I had them build this hellhole room. Should have done better research. My roof also leaks very bad. They came out twice to put caulk on the seems but it hasn't helped at all. Trying to get hold of these jerks is nearly impossible. I guess they figure since they are in Canada, there is nothing we can do. They guessed wrong. I have contacted a lawyer... Read more

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The title pretty much explains it all. Ordered a dress originally $45 or so dollars, on sale for $22.99. A deal. I had never bought clothes from the site and it was part of my first order. When it arrived, it had TWO brand tags on either side of the dress. WTF? I called and let them know of the situation and they immediately offered a refund and apologized and also gave me $10 in credit.... Read more

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Received two voicemails from a CPS employee regarding my boyfriend's mother. I have no idea how the company obtained my phone number. She was adamant in her message that I give her location and contact information on my boyfriend's mother. Very sketchy. Found this court document though: