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I bought a large locket 5 days ago & I lost all of my charms. *** locket opens easily. The magnetic obviously is done well because it opens easily, I feel very hurt that I lost all of my charms, they meant a lot to me, since it was about me. I don't think I will ever purchase another Origami item again. I'm so disappointed with the craftsmanship. They should all be screwed on lockets. Wish I... Read more

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I brought a pair of Sam Edelman flip flop sanders. I wore them to a cookout at a friend's house. When I was leaving my foot slipped a little on the damp grass and the shoe broke in the area of the decorative Sam Edelman button. The shoes are ruined. I have several other pairs of Sam's shoes so I am especially disappointed with the poor construction of this pair. They were not cheap! Add comment

The models where very rude and very unhelpful! The store was a complete disaster and the signage wasn't even right. The employees just say behind he cashwrap and talked. Also one of the girls was wearing such a small shirt that it barely covered her *** and her whole stomach was showing! She might as well had been wearing a swim suit top. Add comment

Scott Allan / Scott Karosa FINED $7500 by NV Div of Mortgage Lending Scott Allan (formerly-known-as) Scott Karosa is ordered by the Nevada Division of Mortgage Lending to pay a fine of $7,500. Mr. Karosa made FALSE statements on Mortgage Broker application about himself in applying for his mortgage broker’s license. He did not include important information about his SUSPENSION by the Financial... Read more

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In my opinion this FDC with John Young signature is a forgery and it does not compare to original examples of john Young's real signatures. It is my opinion that this is a terrible forgery and the Zarelli Certificate of authenticity is either questionable or perhaps a big mistake. I have collected autographs for well over 30 years. I was a dealer for a while but I am currently retired. I met John... Read more

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Tide container defective- the tide bottle fell and the bottle opened where the tide label is. All 170 floz all over my carpet- completely ruined. Add comment

Probably the worst consumer experience I have ever encountered! The owner of Phamegram was extremely rude, accusing me of things such as "broke" and a "cheapstake" and making impudent comments just because I asked questions regarding the conditions of his services and what were to happen if I things weren't able to work out and I couldn't continue with his business. He told me that his business... Read more

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I have Cbeyond service for my business and they are terrible. I have been trying to activate 2 business mobile phone with them for over 11 days, I call them everyday and spend with them 20 to 30 minutes and nothing gets done, and the best part, they signed me in for a contract for these phone and they gave me monthly rates. I can't discontinue my service with tem as my business contract expires... Read more

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Primestyle - Review about Diamond Ring from Brockton, Massachusetts
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A month ago we ordered a ring with an .80 center stone, J color and VS2 clarity. We received a .73 center stone totally yellow color we got an appraisal done and it was a R-S color. I cannot describe our outrage, we called them and they try to up sell an upgrade! We got our money back. Read more

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