Browse Complaints and Reviews I have bought products according to your sizing. Then after returning 2 reecently sent womens products at the largest sizes I.e. xxl, they would not fit an M in Australia. I have bought (yet to recieve) a male Koren coat, L. It wil lbe too small. I have sent the 2 womens products for returns and cash back. I intend reporting your organisations to our Government authorities... Read more

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I just got my tulip from amazon tore my hair out, was frizzy hated it,the good news is amazon takes stuff back no problem best customer service ever. Add comment

please please forgive me find a grave and lenda tuck and everyone else I have wronged. I am nothing but a ugly f.a.g hag. I am the result of ***. I am a vile evil HEARTLESS HAG. I LIE LIE LIE, I CONTINUE TO COME TO THIS SITE BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE MAN IN MY LIFE MY KIDS DONT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH ME I ALSO WANT TO SAY THAT IS TRUE I DID HAV E A PICTURE OF ME WITH AN EIGHTIES HAIR DO ON MY... Read more

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I bought mcafee Total protction.It has never worked properly and I have made at least ten calls to them in a month.The problem has not been sorted. They do not phone back even when they say they will. I will never use them again. Dreadful company!!!! Add comment

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I was at pizza hut edmonton alberta , jan31/15 around 1:00p.m found a hair in our dipping sauce really gross told the waitress so they offered us free dessert left there offer in the trash can outside 137 ave was the place slow as *** too not a happy camper contact info Add comment

Arrived at concert only to be informed that they sold several different tickets for our same seats. We paid vivid 300 dollars 3 months prior to the concert and had to buy an additional pair of tickets on site. When I spoke to a vivid customer service rep they told me they're happy we found additional tickets so our night wasn't completely ruined. Unreal! Will never buy from them again... HUGE... Read more

Was this review helpful? 0 0 is easily the most horrible, inefficient and unprofessional online furniture store in India. We had ordered two items--a wine rack and a shoe shelf. The first arrived all broken! It was disastrous. When we repeatedly complained spending hours on the phone with the dumb customer care agents, they took weeks to send someone to pick it up and give the refund. Then comes the turn of the... Read more

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Finally, my friend got her income-tax and was able to repay the loan that I had made to her. Since she had lost her debit card a few days before, she decided to transfer the money to our local Walmart MoneyGram. We began the transaction at 6pm and at 8:45pm (while we both were standing in Walmart) she received an email saying that they needed more information and to call them. She immediately... Read more

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SQ 0221 Singapore to Sydney, on arrival I left a Kindle and my contact lens case on the plane, I went back 15 minutes after landing, but it was being cleaned and I was told to go to Baggage Services. The service there by the Singapore Airlines staff was very poor, I was treated like a nuisance, the form to fill in was pretty useless if I have to make a claim, no reference number, no copy for me.... Read more

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