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I worked here as a bather I saw the animals treated so badly I quit after a month. I actually love dogs I already had a job I got this job because I thought it would be fun and I would make some extra money doing something I love. Not the case. I would never in a million years bring my dog here, never advise someone else too either. They treat your dog like absolute *** they do not care about... Read more

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  • 15 minutes ago
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You have become *** artists!! You need to be ashamed of yourself!!! You steal from your customers plain and simple!!! Charge them an arm and a leg and offer crappy service anymore!! You got to big for your britches Sprint by we your customers whom put you there and now you scam them!!! Add comment

I did not have any success in selling the program even though I blasted out a weekly email advertising the program, advertised the program in print and online, and mailed out thousands of postcards. Now, I discover that Kip Herriage and Karl Bessey are nowhere to be found. I called their office phone and their fax number...both disconnected. I also emailed them at with no... Read more

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Hi This is my second head set sie2. Problem mainly lies the insulation they use is so low quality that it starts corroding just after few months n goes sticky then the copper inside is exposed, now it looks shabby as well now fear is it wil stop working....can't they make good insulation . If want to contact 9820018703 Add comment

Since joining I've had my picture show up on other peoples profile view, yet when you go into the profile my picture wasn't there. Contacted Eharmony and the response was that I wasn't connected to wifi while using the app. Was instructed to connect to wifi and log out and log back in. I had to actually delete the app completely. My other issue is the plain functionality of the app, it's not... Read more

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I felt like a second class citizen. During the interview the manager rushed through the questions. He even cut me off at times, while I was giving my responses. He acted as if he didn't want to hear what I had to say. He acknowledged a few of my great responses. He told me there were available slots for the time I wanted to work but he was interested in male candidates. I knew I had the job until... Read more

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I Didn't expectate to pay to transfer From my Cell to majicjack so but it happen International calls i put $ 10.00 lást Year and i make ONLY one CALL and all Money gone This Year i put ANOTHER $ 10.00 and gone AGAIN so My yearly SERVICE expire in April next Year and i hear a Message the my yearly suscripción IS expire no phone # where you can CALL For discusión the Problen The chat Live IS... Read more

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I went to McDonal's on 10-22-2014. I had the worse experience with the mgr. I asked for a burger straight from the grill and fries w/o salt.I rcvd a dry burger and stale cold fries. When I complained to the so called mgr. She was very indignant. She said " I can't please everyone If you don't want the food I can give you your money back you can go to the McDonald's down the street." I... Read more

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I thought a good deal with getting 60% off buying 3 pairs of glasses for $1300! I went back so many times to get them adjusted because I was not able to see properly. I was away for 3 months and when I got back, I went to see my optometrists and told them the prescription they wrote were not correct because no matter how many times I went back to get my glasses adjusted…I still could not see... Read more

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