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Just dined at winter haven fl. Your menu should say all sides 2.99 except asparagus is 3.99. This was not explained in advance so was surprised when we got the check. To be fair our bill was adjusted but the waitress was not very nice about it. It will be awhile before we go back. Add comment

Hello to whom it may concerned, We am customer that are outraged of what just happened on my television screen. My family and I just waited to watch the N.F.L. game on fox station. Patriots versus the Lions. Why is there a infomercial that showing instead of the game. Why show the pregame show, then show this *** infomercial. I am out ragged with this consistence of the program schedule. What... Read more

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Terrible customer service, will ignore your emails and phone calls regarding items never received AND poor quality of products. Shop at cbazaar or it dab instead, at least I haven't been ignored and sometimes refunded for quality issues. Add comment

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I am a disabled vet. that was on my way to a new job, a chance to get my life back when I had a motor burn up. Utilized money in my savings to purchase Sure Fire rebuilt motor replaced motor mounts, u-joints, etc. expecting this to be an investment in my future; expecting several years of untroubled service. Within 157 miles rear main seal ruptured pouring oil everywhere... This happened 5 months... Read more

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I was playing my game as normal an it started glitching out so i refresh my page to which then made it so i lost my air units to which i then spent my gold to speed up the repair spend my money an i get permanently banned for it i send a support ticket to which reply was Christopher Hey Zak, You were banned because you continue to manipulate speedup costs. As you continue to not be able to... Read more

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I used to work out at WOW and was invited to join their staff of personal trainers once they learned customers were coming to me for CORRECT answers instead of them. I had answers their staff did not. I was also hearing things about improper trainer relationships conveying inappropriate information to crank up sales. Being previously certified, I regained my certs and applied for a position. ... Read more

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I call location before picking item up and they said item was not in stock. i change the pick up location 5 times call all 5 walmarts to see if item was in stock, before i charge my credit card online. ALL 5 locations said item was not in stock. After all that i was on hold for each walmart 15-20. no one would pick up. I am award that is the hoildays. With that begin said POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!... Read more

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I upgraded to the galaxy s5 with US Cellular. I got the phone but there was something wrong with the camera. It never too a good picture. It was always blurry. I compared it to other galaxy s5 I've seen around but my camera was terrible compared to theirs. It was like a different phone. I took it to US cellular and they ran a diagnostic test. They said the test revealed that my camera is okay and... Read more

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I had been a DirecTV customer for many yrs. until recently. What a mistake by switching. I called customer service regarding bundling my services, with phone, Internet and possible putting in a home phone. I was told that it was not offered in my area. My neighbor whom lives next door to me has Dish Internet but it's not offered in my area. What a joke! Wish I would of known this prior to... Read more

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I was having problems trying to contact via email, the one they emailed me on. Couldn' it. The man that i talked to was very rude and cocky not only in his words but his attitude also. They lost paperwork, and documents. Add comment