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I was rushed through everything things were not explained.every time I went there things were being done a different way. I never saw the same dentist twice.The office manager was very deceitful. I was charged for work that was never done. The staff never told me that the dentures were temporary and needed frequent adjustments. Also the staff did not listen to me when I told them I had a bad gag... Read more

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My fiance's mother was looking for a certain plant and the worker looked at her and said, "i dont kow go and look..." The same day at the same walmart we went to the sports section looking for something else and there were kids with no adult near them playing basketball around the bikes and almost hit several customers and one of which was an elderly lady in a wheelchair. We went to another... Read more

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I visited the Hackensack NJ route 4 location today. The service and wait time was extremely terrible and the management team needs to get on top of its employees so they can have the location run more effectively. I won't be returning and wouldnt recommended anyone I know go there. Add comment

it seems to me that Napa charges premium price for very low quality parts I had spent $900 in premium parts and in 3 months all of them went bad. They get their parts the same place everybody else does...CHINA, AND IT'S ALL JUNK. Add comment

i play several online games and war commander was my favorite until Kixeye killed it. This company don't care about your opinion but only cares about the coiners and usually they kill themselves which is what Kixeye is doing because the War Commander game is in a massive decline of players and money. Players complain to much, stop wasting your time and quit like i did and find something better. i... Read more

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ben davIs manager of steak and shake at west broad street should be fIred he Is very unfaIr to the customers as well as hIs employees. Add comment

I sent the unused tablets back and it has been over a month. they will not respond to calls or e mails and have not issued my refund. what a scam. I have a receipt from UPS that they have received my return, no response and no refund. a scam 100% refund is a bogus claim. bad bad, bad company, bad bogus, scam scam scam save your money, do not purchase this product, they are a cam, did I say... Read more

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Furniture is garbage at best. DECEPTIVE SALES PRACTICE! *** artists, ***. Never again. City and Ashley are the same company. Never with them again. Shady shady shady. Did NOT DISCLOSE FINANCE TERMS, nor the company, nor anything. Would not tell my wife what she was getting into or what the terms. These people are horrible.. NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS EVEN FOR FREE EVER AGAIN!! Add comment

I asked toll collector for receipt and she pretended to give it to me rolled up in the money and had the music blarring loud. Add comment

I ordered 3 items by April 11 and still i am waiting for my orders please help me Add comment