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Shirts were suppose to arrive on Thursday, Sep 18, 2014 for some techs we had going into the field on Monday. I call Helpdesk and Tina told me that they had an issue in the factory so that is why the shirts were delayed. I said I needed them asap and could she overnight them and she said no. I asked for a manager and she said she did not have a supervisor or a manager, sounds like a lie to me.... Read more

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My name is Sharon (Roxie/Ohio). I have read many Roca Labs reviews and decided to tell you my TRUE EXPERIENCE with this best weight loss regimen I have ever used. It is the only weight loss that is truly effective. As oppose to those anonymous "reviews" of people claiming to be users of the formula, I am a TRUE user and this is my TRUE REVIEW. I am also attaching my video as evidence that Roca... Read more

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Bought a set of Hercules Terra Trac A/T's, one tire took more weight to balance than the other three. Tire vibrates on the highway and can be felt through the steering wheel. Had them re-balanced twice with not change. Contacted Hercules and qulaity dept. said it's probably Out of Round- thanks alot. Says go back to installer for warranty adjustment which is now out of state for me due to... Read more

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I had gone to a local Hair Cuttery in 2012 to have "Double Dimension" (dye plus highlights) which had to be done over twice in the same visit - I liked the final results after 8 hours and decided to visit the Ocala Hair Cuttery again in 2014 for an all over single color. When I had the consultant explain, I was told I'd need color correction. This was to be $145. But they colored my roots bleach... Read more

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Ordered a helicopter from Showed up not working. I sent it back for an exchange and never received one. I called, they said they would send another helicopter. I waited the 7-10 business days and still no helicopter so I called again. They promised a replacement was in the mail THIS time, again I waited 7-10 days and still no helicopter. Called again and asked for a full refund.... Read more

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Kitchen Aid refrigerator (purchased from Lowes) started leaking water at only one year old; takes a week for A & E to come out and all they did was order a part without even looking at it, so nothing was fixed yet. A couple more weeks before next visit to replace the part but it continued leaking. Now a new appointment is scheduled for him to come again in another week but he won't be fixing... Read more

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I sent the $ and I get a card like peice if paper and a membership number and a bunch of junk mail advertisements...if it's Too good to be true it probably is Add comment

In a nutshell, their information tends to be OLD, EXPIRED, and USELESS. Looked up tenants that stiffed us for rent. They're still listed as living in the same house. I have a hard time believing these guys have dropped off the radar completely after a year. What a WASTE of my time and money. Add comment

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Ive had decal problems since ive bought my new 26' Premier. Now they are saying they will not cover labor on the replacement of the decals. Not happy with Keystone. They need to fix their decals Add comment

Went to a Verizon store for a phone upgrade. Simple enough, understood all the costs involved and was ready to be on my way. Just then a manager walks by and drops a notebook in front of me and says "here take it, it's free" I told him "thanks but no thanks, I don't need a notebook". He then said, "well, give it to someone as a gift - it's free".That sounded like a good idea and I once again said... Read more

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