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i ordered an Alfred durantze topaz ring received it was debited full price even though I wished to pay in instalments received second Alfred durantze topaz ring which I never ordered I only ordered one it was a dull colour did not glitzen even though they have said personalised items cannot be returned I sent it back as I have said in this email I didn't ordre a second one can they still debit... Read more

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Hertz charged my card with £61.95 for super insurance that I specifically declined at point of hire. I asked what the swd @ £61.95 was on the invoice to be told its just hire costs! Customer services will not sort it out so going to take it further. Don't sign anything until you are totally happy you are only paying for what you want or have asked for. Will not be using Hertz again. Add comment

100% FULL

Lazboy - Worst Sofa Ever
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I was in the market searching for a new couch for my new apartment. I checked out La Z Boy because of my parent’s old La Z Boy sofa that I loved since I was younger. I was greeted by a nice and cheerful sales lady. I sat on a few models before sitting on the Collins which felt like a really comfy cloud with lots of depth in the show room. I made an impulse purchase on the Collins sofa and... Read more

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Spoiled Americans, don't you know we'll all live much longer if we can find a reason to be grateful.... Just wanted to say that my girls and I LUV Panda Express. Our favorite is the teriyaki grilled chicken. It's nice that not everything is fried and battered. I hope everyone will give them a second chance. Our local franchise had a sour employee. At first, I felt like you and almost considered... Read more

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I have attempted to cancel my membership on FOUR separate occasions over 2 years. Each time I was never given anybody's last name or title, it was always just "desk person" First Name. World Gym has a no phone cancellation policy, you must come in and you must bring your key fob, when I did this I was told that I cancelled "so soon" to the next payment due date that I would be charged "one final... Read more

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They are currently using the number 347-606-4316 Scam Scam Add comment

Bought golf cart for my 80 year old mother-inlaw. Took my money very fast. Service ended there. very slow to ship, paid extra for delivery to my house, could not deliver to my house,had to pay more to have it delivered to a company with a forklift, then another to deliver to my home.(no refund) Then when unloaded damaged in freight, took pictures of damage Driver took pictures noted damage, was... Read more

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Thrned in my ipad,iphone5,iphone4,to Amanda M.She screwed up from the start. Items valued $550.00 by Sprint, I did not recieve devices promised asked for mine back, didn't get them, cancelled servi e after a week, receied $800.00 bill from Sprint. I contacted sprint 9-27 thru 10-31. I asked for corpirate number to try and resolve and told the number can't be disclosed. I was sent a template to... Read more

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I have had a problem with my Gold account and I am wondering if others have had this issue. I have found that if I have an earned reward on my account that the Starbucks system does not count additional purchases correctly. I have been reporting this problem to Starbucks customer service for months, and until recently they have claimed “user error”. Now they admit the count is wrong and have... Read more

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I was pleased by the very reasonable prices I found for items on the Yohiba web site. I placed my order for "in stock" items totaling $172.03 on Nov 16, 2014 the amount was deducted from my account Nov. 20, 2014. Just as the others have mentioned, my order was confirmed by email shortly thereafter. A few days later I received another email stating my order was "awaiting fulfillment". I waited... Read more

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