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I bought into the site and payed full price for one year. I had access to everything Im, chat, I was able to send inspiring cards etc. I lost intrrest so I didn't want to renew. Few months after it expired my card was charged again! I spoke to a couple of CM people whom I became friends with, they said the same was done to them. Well we went on our marry way. I had to rebuild my... Read more

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If u are ready to waste almost 2 years of ur precious time, spend and waste Rs. 20-30 k, listen to stories for genuinely putting across your queries for understanding your skin ailment, take some medicine as prescribed by the doctor, further worsen ur skin condition, then this is the place to visit. I strongly recommend you not to visit Dr.Pranjal Shamsher. My wife Shipra took treatment from this... Read more

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Let me get this straight... You sign up for Hulu Plus to: -Pay money you could be spending on a legitimate streaming service -Watch all of the TV ads you basically cut the cord to avoid -Constantly wait for buffering regardless of your connection speed -Stare at a black screen and hope it times out so you can watch a show -Wish your show wasn't glitching for no reason every eight minutes -Wonder... Read more

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I just wanted to let you know how great of an employee you have working at your Marinette office. Her name is Tabitha Peterson. I recently went to the Marinette offices to exchange a digital cable box. Working there was a bright and cheerful Tabatha Peterson. She was so kind and helpful she was absolutely great. She had the best customer service I've ever seen. Not just from Timewarner but... Read more

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Very bad service from local agent, in Alexandria Egypt.. My washing machine doesn't work since more then a week, after several home visits still the problem has not been solved Add comment

The Texas road house in ft worth of beach is unprofessional, will not give me a termination paper fired me because I was new an didn't greet my table on time ,lost my important documents I needed them to fill out and is very rude. Never will i eat or support any texas road house in america. On top of them lied and said I quit when they clearly fired me!!! Add comment

Did you know Kraft caramels now come in 11oz package instead of 14 oz. No FUN when the recipe calls for 14 oz. Try counting out enough caramels to make 11oz - NOT possible. At least they could tell you how much 1 wrapped in cellophane weighs. And what a "pain" to unwrap all those little caramels. Let's go back to 11oz & raise the price as you already did on the 11 oz package. Kraft has... Read more

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My bag got stolen about a month ago. One of the items inside of it was a prepaid credit card from Netspend. I did not cancel or report it in because I knew that there was only a little money/balance left on it. Not thinking that whoever stole my bag would go ahead an rent 5 movies from Redbox(they still haven't returned the movies). Now I noticed that Redbox has charged my other card $30.44. I... Read more

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Cant have a shake at 240am told were not doing shakes were 2 baced up 3 cars in the parking lot and 1 ahead in the drive thru really what lazy employes Add comment

My name is Lillian Wilson. I'm writing you because of an incident that took place at one of your restaurants in Southern California. My brother went to the drive throw on Wednesday, March 25, 2015. He placed the order and pulled up to the wimdow. To pay for his order, which came to $25, he hand the girl at the window his debt card, the card didn't have his name on it because it was a... Read more

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