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Nissan Finance phoned demanding £1950.00 now - when I looked into the matter - I had paid 1500.00 the previous month. The do not follow english consumer law by reminder letter 1-2-3-final demand. And have stated in a letter that english law does not apply to them as they are French. I find this unbelieveable and have now moved our finance away from Nissan RCI- I recommend other people to do... Read more

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after everything ive gone through dealing with UPS, including being hung up on by an employee, i got someone on the phone who said that the local center will call my by 10am to tell me if i can pick it up. so what the lady did was the exact opposite of what i asked her to do--instead of speeding up my delivery by allowing me to pick it up 7am before trucks felt on their routes, i get to wait... Read more

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Last year i used Logo Design to design a logo which they did and i was quite happy with it. in may this year I took up the offer of half price website etcwhich it stated included SEO. It took along time to get this completed, basicly what ever i requested they ignored and rehashed something else but in September we finally finished it. Since then i have been asking why i do not have a precence on... Read more

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I went to mcd on tusc in perry township had to wait 5 min for breakfast come to find out the person before me just order coffee seriously I left my coffee said hope that speeds things up Add comment

We purchased a leather sectional which came apart at the seems within just a few months. The tech glued it rather than stitching it which immediately came loose. We tried having him come back out but had little success as he never showed. we paid good money on this leather sectional and the quality is just horrible! Now it's two years old and multiple springs have popped loose making it very... Read more

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I returned an item for replacement on oct 6. Said item was delivered by 2Go on Oct 4. As per their record they informed me that the item was received by jane doe on sept 24 thus no longer qualified on their 7-day return policy. I provided them docu from 2Go verifying my claim on the dates the item was received in their office and forwarded to me. But they just keep on mumbling that "return... Read more

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Just wanting to say that I never had any MAJOR issues with these guys... There are many online casino and bingo sites that claim that you are playing with real people in real time, but you never really know. Bingo Hall is different. Seems more genuine. They have a decent choice of games that change often and the couple of times I did have an issue with payment it got sorted, though it took a... Read more

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Today I experienced not only some of the worst customer service in my life, I experienced insanity. First let me give you some background. Last year I received a brand new HTC One as a gift from a friend. I couldn’t have been happier. The camera took great pictures, especially in low light and had great speakers that left me and my playlists the center of attention at many a rooftop party. The... Read more

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i paid extra money for faster delivery and extra money for expedited shipping. 5 days later i was still waiting. my package arrived in town this morning so i called to ask if i could pick it up instead of waiting all day. i was told by 3 employees that i could pick it up after the truck, which wont leave for 2 1/2 more hours, got back later this evening. they circle talked me, avoiding saying... Read more

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