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From You Flowers - Review in Flowers / Florist category from Westerville, Ohio
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I ordered the 'stunning pink lilies' for my partners grandmother funeral. Pink was her favorite color. Once the flowers arrived they were not pink at all. They were spring yellow. After haggling with customer service for 30 minutes they only gave me $30 off my total of $68. I'm still out almost $40 for a product I didn't pay for. I don't understand how I still had to pay for a product that I did... Read more

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Im a member of pueblo bonito prefered passport .. And its worked just fine for us we have had great savings all over.. And had no problem booking weeks when we ask for them... Add comment

I've read a number of complaints about heartland but I must say I had had nothing but great success in getting warranty handled by heartland I live in Canada and basically have no warranty because I purchased my unit in the USA .heartland has handled any requests I have had to my satisfaction I have had no issues during the warranty always sent any part required I will agree the loose water lines... Read more

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Went to get oil changed and tire roation. They switched my rims with damaged ones and put a crease in the rear passenger door. Stay away Add comment

I visited Lenscrafters in College Station,Tx on 02-05-2016 and was not impressed.While the associates were polite and all had college rings they offer nothing as far as help in finding frames that would fit and be appropriate for the client.While I was there,I along with at least 6 other people were told to just find a frame they liked.When questioned about being measured or what frames they... Read more

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I had pictures taken in Grand Rapids MI in 2000. I wanted these so when I am old I could look back on my youth. To my dismay, my picture is actually peeling off and leaving bright white patches on my picture. These were expensive and they are not holding up as good as my family pictures I take with my camera. I called one of your locations and they said they do not keep a backlog of pictures,... Read more

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I thought British Gas were the most useless and incompetent company I ever had used until I got involved with TNT, everything they told me was wrong, I'm still trying to get a parcel a week after it was meant to be delivered. They are all jobsworths and need to realise without customers they have no jobs. Utter chaos and totally useless, I could have got my parcel quicker myself. Add comment

Nothing in this store costs a dollar, you'd be better off going to safeway or giant food, they are about the same as 7/11, but 7/11 doesnt advertize being a dollar store, and you can get gas, coffee n a big *** at 7/11, dollar general is in no way a bargin, they should change their name to overpriced foods n not much of it Add comment

I have experienced all kinds of problems with the You've Got Maids in Charleston, SC, franchise owner Blake Hawkey. Received services from company for several months. Owner would never establish cleaning day or give notice as to when staff would arrive. Always a surprise visit. During one cleaning in the summer of 2015 approximately $20,000 of jewelry was stolen. Owner acknowledges... Read more

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Ordered a cake a week in advance for pick up at 12. Recieve call at 1130 that it won't be ready until 1:30 and ask if that ia ok. I explain no that is not ok. I can pick up no later than 1:00. They are rude say ok and then when i get there at 1:00 cake is not ready and wait until 1:20! Top it all off they are still rude as if i have done something wrong. Add comment