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I'm putting a complaint because I had two more payment to finish paying and now it show three payments.I feel that this crest financial is abusing thecustomer.iI will never finance from this bank no more and I will let people known about this.we trust this crest financial but it no good.. Add comment

I was trying to call my airline's frequent flyer program and somehow misdialed and got these people. They made themselves sound like they were affiliated with the airline, so I signed up for the offer to get a $100 rebate card and gave them my card info to charge $1.95 to my card. I distinctly asked them would they be able to transfer to me to the airline at the end of the call. As the call... Read more

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I purchased a nordic track treadmill that started making a loud squeaking noise within six months. I reported this to icon and they said it will take 12 weeks for a part to arrive. After 12 weeks they said I need to open the front of tradmill and tighten nuts and apply Teflon. This did not resolve the problem. They now say the squeeking noise is normal. It obviously isnt and has been confirmed by... Read more

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On 4/4/15 we purchased a queen mattress and motion perfect platform for $3500. Delivery date was set for 4/25/15 with a delivery window of 9am to 1pm. As of 11pm 4/25/15, our items were NEVER delivered. We called customer service and the local store regarding the delivery and were advised by a manager that the delivery time frame is a courtesy to the driver, not the customer, AND that we should... Read more

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I sent in a renewal payment in Jan. & then w/out checking I sent in again in Feb. Guess I thought I had forgot to pay! They probably count on that! So, suckered that I am, I was supposed to be signed up for a free music box also...huh! Thanks guys for suckering (2) renewal notices out of me & NOW sending me another renewal notice...who does your books????????? Add comment

Yes I got serveral phone calls from various sales people from holt, I told all.of them my situation they say I promise I can get u in whatever vehicle I wanted so I even told them my credit score they said that , they could do. I drove almost 2 hrs to get there and immediately I started getting this person then that person never even saw the same person twice . After being there and telling them... Read more

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Myself arthi i am 2014 pass out BE candidate from Bihar University. as per the above talk, even i went for same consultancy calld EQUATOR SOLUTIONS, even i paid the amount of 300, but it was not fake i got placed for ibm as software developer. i don't regret as a fake one, may be your were not selected any how. not worry about others, i got placed by equator solutions thanks sir and mam, I... Read more

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Every *** night, at about 1 - 3 am, when I am trying to watch a movie from Netflix, which I pay for, using my Sony DVD blu-ray player that has built in streaming, the wired internet connection for it is disabled in my router. I have to reboot my router, reboot my DVD player, and maybe reboot the wired hub that feeds it. My main Comcast modem and computer do not get an interruption of service,... Read more

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I got ripped off from a seller her name is summer in mesa az talked to offerup and cant help me never buy from this site again rip people off and do nothing wont ever buy off internet again Add comment

I got car car loan with Santander USA. I have made payments on my automobile every month. I know twice I called in and told the company I was unable to make the full payment because of unseen problems. They said they would work with me. RIGHT! My car was repo and I had to take a personal loan out to get it back. But the worst part I wasn't informed that my car was about to be taken. And second of... Read more

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