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Horrible Horrible customer service! I'm beginning to think this company is not a credible business based on my complaint and all of these others!! I was charged for my whole order & received half. I have called 3 times and they can't seem to find it. In addition I received a large sleigh that was broken and customer service was insinuated that I broke it!!!! They said they needed to file a... Read more

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Grabe ang lazada..pag small item ok sila..maybe dito k nila hook..para mawili kang,mag order ng,malalaking items...nagorder ako ang tagal panay follow up ko tapos ng dumating na yung items dipa nakabalot sa 2go na box or plastic...nagtakaw ako syempre pero diko pinangsin un kasi mag holiday...after holiday nag install n yung o.s. Aba sila memory dump..tinawag ko agad ito at inform lazada..tpos... Read more

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Centurylink customer service is non-existent... This is proven by thousands of dissatisfied centurylink customers. When centurylink has an "outage", they simply play a recording when you call technical support. The "customer service" will hang-up on you when you ask for a supervisor or manager. You will have to call and speak with at least four separate people over the course of an hour or more,... Read more

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I came inside rob dingeman while he was blowing marlin and jacking Scotty and Paul herdsman at THE SAME DAM TIME. Celebration y'all because I was scammed out of my money . It's about darn time this happened. I can't believe what went on for customers like me. Wow. I have been reading the FTC is in charge now. I wonder how many other customers are trying to get refunds right now ? I am livid with... Read more

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It's incredible how these managers are still making posts trying to defend the owners that they were sucking so hard and good. Let's talk about NICE in Jamaica. .... Also busted Also a scam. Rob and joe and Paul and Justin and marlon are all on robs boat with his Botox wife catching fish to eat while employees get no paychecks Keep defending this company while I keep injecting robs big head... Read more

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I played pch scratch off lotto & scratched off x3 bonus entries & received nothing wad there a mistake? Which I'm sure there was! What did I win? Please let me know...I play 99% of the time everyday please help or 503-957-6578 Shelly Ritchey... Add comment

Dear Big Bosses of AA, By right we could be back from a long planned holiday happily today! Now the agony is to fight for the refund that is long overdue to us! Does Airasia has a financial crisis? We booked flights in MAY. Reminders on our trips by Optiontown since Jun or Jul till Sep. In Oct, luckily I did read very carefully on the reminders to ask us to ‘sell’ away our options.....guess that... Read more

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Sign says OPEN TIL MIDNIGHT OR LATER,but they were shutdown by 11:45. I wasn't the only one trying to go through the drive thru. Fase advertising . I went by 10 minutes earlier the lights were all off and cars were in the drive thru. Add comment

I added my $45.unlimited straight talk, 15digit pin,to reload. I expected my phone to speed up again. .Why isn't it speeding up like usual? Add comment