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My 2012 Hyundai Tucson with 36,000 miles has 4 problems, brake problem, seat belt does not retract properly, sensor in door damaged by seat belt and causes interior dome light to blink on and off intermittently while driving, Blue Tooth disconnects while driving. It took the Danbury Ct dealership 3 visits to fix the brakes and they claim they cannot duplicate the other issues. Then they said the... Read more

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Our spa was delivered in October 2013 only to fail electronically by October 31 2013. We have had 4 heaters and a new spa pack installed within 6 months. Our last attempt to use this spa left my wife shocked to the point she fell to the ground. Repeated emails, calls to both service and salesperson have gone unanswered. We are now asking the credit card company for help getting our $5800 back.... Read more

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Cashiers turn customers away b/c they are "changing shifts" -is this your company policy? Locking the door, I understand -but how long should shiftchange take to be turning customers away?

My husband and I are purchasing a foreclosed home under Vanderbilt Mortgage. Our loan IS NOT through them but they own the home. We signed an agreement and received a closing date. 14 days before we are scheduled to close my husband and I turned in our 30 day notice to our landlords. We paid for Aprils full month of rent so we had time to fix a few boo boos the home encountered during our four... Read more

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I ran across this company again after dealing with them over 3 years ago. I can't believe they are even still in business. I saw there website has been updated, so they are obviously still pulling this scam! I had the same experience as everyone else. They take your money, string you along with stories about delays with the manufacturer, then they just stop talking to you all together. I... Read more

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Dear Mr. Manager , I am customer habit of hotels Accor network in the world since 1998 , I am customer platinum No. 3081034020321407-2 years ago , I'm performing paraum feedback , who in my view should be seen as positive for your Hotel Mercure Leblon - RJ . Last month conducted a rescue almost my total score in order to provide my family a great holiday in Rio de Janeiro in an executive superior... Read more

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Lied to me!! Terrible procedures and customer service, seemingly no link between their call centre, depot and customer service dept. Finally arrived today- 1 week after delivery date. Infuriated.

I noticed you can't by regular latex behr anymore now its enamel and it suck its like using watercolors also runs easy guys why did you do this you had a great paint but not now

Iwas with my daughter We were down there for spring break good break. She got a game she wanted. We went to the cashier to pay we wait for 30 min. And the manager and the other where talking out loud .I can stand him and I cant neither lets get him fire.And saying other things but this got our attention.How can a manager talk like this. After they finished talking and laughing. The manager said... Read more

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I paid this website $435 on 3-12-14 to have a Seadoo shipped 500 miles. Had a carrier accept my offer procrastinated over a month. I contacted the carrier numerous times there was one excuse after another, after three weeks beyond my promised delivery date I contacted Uship customer service and was informed this was one of their top carriers. I guess my standards were set too high to... Read more

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