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  • Directv
  • 2 minutes ago
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Direct tv sucks just plain aweful Add comment

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  • Nfl
  • 8 minutes ago
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What was the ref thinking on blowing the play dead. Do the refs just not want Green Bay to win???? I'm confused the nfl refs and the weather man are the only people in history that don't have to do their jobs correctly!! Get your *** together or fire them all. When I can call the game better from my arm chair there is something wrong. I love this great sport but you are ruining it for us all!! Add comment

We paid for a lifetime membership with the north american hunting club. Now we are no longer receiving any magazines. Luckily we have had this for around 15 years so probably got our moneys worth but certainly is fraudulent behaviour. Would have been curtious to at least explain what happened. We all know businesses can fail. At one point in time i was able to contact someone on a phone... Read more

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Go to craiglist don't waist your money on Ashley Madison nothing but fake adds Add comment

I had to throw away a family size box honey maid graham crackers. They smelled and tasted like kerosene. I did try to throw them to the birds, but they wouldn't touch them. I ate 3 of the whole ones and thought it was my imagination, but opened a second family size box of 3 boxes and it was just awful! I then bought some Giant Eagle Generic ones and finally could eat one that didn't taste putrid.... Read more

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Didnt care for the atmosphere or the food. I will not be going there again. Add comment

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  • Jcpenney
  • 30 minutes ago
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Want to store today and manager Monica was so rude and disrespectful. I will absolutly tell 10 of my friends so they can tell 10 more about my experience. I work in retail and would not tolerate my employees treating my customers that way!! How do you let 4 people do seperate transactions then tell me my cashier can't and then laugh and throw my products in my daughters face. Add comment

I went to walmart in okeechobee fl. I was in line waiting in electronics. There was a rude tall guy with brown hair. Very bad attitude. All the idiots in electronics were horrible. Most were incompetent knew nothing abt the Black Friday deals and were really ***. No one who waited for a phone could get one. The shoppers were all crazy idiots. They harassed me and another shopper there non stop.... Read more

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I was in line for the sales event for Black Friday on today 11/26/2015. The manager whom I have had problems out of every time she's in the store ,everyone else is friendly and greet me and asks me do u need assistance. I've complained on this same lady before,but no response . I feel she's racists and very disrespectful to me because of my race. She always frowns ar me when i come in the store... Read more

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I just want the word to get out that indeed lots of us toyota owners are having serious problems with mice getting into both engine and cabin spaces and nesting. It's expensive to clean out and repair the wiring damages - and the owner is responsible. Toyota is not taking responsibility for faulty design. Recurring mice infestations are not something any car owner should consider normal! Toyota... Read more

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