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Shoprite Jabulani is the worst of all I've been at.lf they don't give u change short with R2 every time u buy then they only can offer R200 when you withdraw.Or only cash in every till u want to pay at I don't have words to describe such service. Add comment

A representative by the name of James Musella came by my mother's home, on a Saturday, while she was out of town and my elderly aunt was home alone. My mom's dog was going absolutely nuts. The man was insistent that he come in and check the alarm (which my mother does not even have). The previous owner of the home died more than 2 years ago and he did not even know. My aunt refused to allow him... Read more

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Jenna thanks for your care in the first horoscope.I would have replied,but my e-mail is having problem with sending out messages.PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP TO OVERCOME ALL THESE OBSTACLES AND TO POSSESS THE OPPORTUNITIES,BUT THE PROBLEM IS THAT I DON'T HAVE THE MONEY TO PAY FOR THE 2ND HOROSCOPE READING.PLEASE HELP ME.THANKS AND GOD BLESS Add comment

Never have I seen such a boondoggle by their "fulfillment" department. A pack of untrained orangutangs could do a better job than the current minions. They used a 10x10x41" box to ship 13 items which didn't fill 50% of the box, no problem EXCEPT they used NO packing material. Imaging the condition when it arrived. One bottle of liquid opened completely during transit and destroyed six... Read more

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First date in 14 years and very Special Lady. Thought Ruby Tuesdays in Bayminette,Al.would be a good idea. Wrong ! Don't eat the Lump Crab Combo ! Add comment

Two things happened to me. One; the clear coat on the wheels of my brand spanking new Soul started peeling on one wheel. They pretended to take pictures. I know they didn't because the next time I went to see them (since no one ever called me back) they took pic's again. Months went by. NOTHING. Got rid of the Soul. Reason for buying in the first place was I purchased a new Forte. I love it! The... Read more

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I called Assurance Wireless and told them my phone was stolen while I was in jail and they used all my minutes up. I was told another phone was issued and I'd get it by the 21st of April. (that was on the 16th). It's now the 25th of April, I have no phone nor do I have any minutes. The agent at Assurance wants me to pay $5.00 for a "top-up", but I never used the minutes and want them credited, I... Read more

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My women just got declared innocent by the jury on the burglary charges she was up on. She beat the rap the man wanted to put on her. I wanted to get her flowers to express the happiness I felt that she was not going to prison. This place did not offer I beat the rap card or something similar. I had to settle for a congratulations card which did not precisely meet my requirements. You would think... Read more

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Why are crackers a crumbled mess? Add comment