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Your customer service is horrible . I worry for existing customers because you have fleecing down as good as a carney. Add comment

I have tried numerous Clover Valley products over the years and have never been satisfied. Call me a glutton for punishment, but I was always skeptical. Their products are made of extremely low quality for profit, that is quite obvious. I have no idea how they are still in business, let along turning a profit. Every.Single.One of their products are mostly chemicals. I wouldn't even consider it... Read more

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Hulu plus is by far the worst streaming service available. The constant ads and unreliable streaming sessions make watching your favorite shows gut-wrenching. And to to it off... They stock partial seasons of shows which just *** me off thinking about it. I'm getting rid of hulu plus! Add comment

I ordered a free sample that carried a 4.95 shipping charge. This charge was used to get ahold of my credit card information, which opened the door for the unsolicited shipment of a months supply of the medication that carried a charge of 79.97. It is a disgrace when a company can use these kinds of criminal practices and not only get away with it, but continue to flourish using the... Read more

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Buckeye,AZ. Bought 4 tires 1100 dollars worth. Had 2 months. Tire's tread was falling apart. Discount manager said he would credit me $247 and I needed to buy new tires. Had to take emergency trip to Ca. Stopped by Discount tire there. Guy, said my tires had been recalled and I could have a free set. Took him up on deal. Buckeye was going to take my recalled tires and return them for cash and... Read more

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I am beyond disgusted that a company can get away with this ***. I, too, participated in a survey, and took advantage of the so called "free gift" with stemologica. I was charged 3 times for something I had agreed to pay 2.95 shipping fees for. there was another random charge for 5.95 and then the 169.00. I called them and go tthe same standard line that I agreed to send the product back within... Read more

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I have made numerous complaints including issues found when I moved in. They do not have any kind of interest in fixing tenants issues. My range coils are uneven and I can hardly cook on the ones that I have. They have not been able the fix the problem and I really think that there is no plan to do so. use less management. it is just a gettho. I do not understand how these people are on business.... Read more

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I swapped my main line to Verizon and Tmobile screwed me over!! My bill was only $56, with discounts. After i cancelled the line, they went back and added every discount i received to my bill and said my bill was past due for a month of service i didn't have with them. TMobile *** suck and I will never do business with them again. Add comment

I was charged then they asked for a photo of my picture ID and a picture of my credit card. I refused and told them to either refund me since they'd already charged me or to send my clothes. A day before my clothes were sent my card was used in a fraud! $1290 stolen from the same account. When I got my clothes the quality was awful and the sizes are so obscenely off they couldn't fit my 12 year... Read more

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