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I ordered two rompers from them about 8 weeks ago.. I haven't heard anything since I placed the order. I check online and it just says unfulfilled.. What!! You cannot cancel orders and I am so frustrated I cancelled me debit card so that they cannot charge me! Add comment

I received a galaxy three phone about 9 months ago. Had a few problems with it. They gave me another one and i am having the same problems. Frustrated. I feel they should give me a galaxy 4. I haveheard bad results about galaxy three. Add comment

My sofa that I ordered last fall began pilling. I never thought the cushions fit well but didn't complain. I emailed and asked them to replace the fabric. I had to go back and forth for a month before they agreed to replace the fabric. When I asked them to replace the whole cushions and I would send back the old ones (I was worried about the new covers fitting the old cushions), I received an... Read more

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Briskets on sale out on Thursday went back Friday they still out drove to West Columbia to buy my brisket they had plenty. This tells me its poor management at Meat department had same problem last sale week with chicken and crawfish before that cant shop local like this. This store never used to run out of anything always had plenty but something has changed but I don't have to shop there always... Read more

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I had purchased an electric baseboard online from this company. It shipped in a partially opened and damaged box of course the product was damaged. I have sent emails, I have called the company several times left voice mails and can not get through to anyone and there is no response to emails or vm. Then I found this site and all of the same bad reviews I wish I had found this before I ordered... Read more

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Had a tank picked up with 45% fuel. Waited 1 month for a refund. Did'nt receive and when I called they said tank was 0% Add comment

They should be called the dishonest company. They have a free trial but you get automatically charged for a bundle and the other products you try on your free trial a month after and because I live hawaii the shipping is ridiculous! I called them the day after they had charged me n already they had sent the *** without me knowing or without my consent. Isn't that being DISHONEST!!! Now that I had... Read more

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Jim H., 05/22/2015Edit Outstanding care and service by far!!!. I had 5 molars removed and Dr. R was, well she is wonderful, very gentle and very strong :). She has the best every technique at pulling teeth that I have experienced in my 61 years of life. I am on my 3rd day and no swelling or pain, really that is just unheard or my experience with dentist. I was doubtful because of the reviews but... Read more

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Very clean and nice looking place but they make you wait way too long for a haircut... Add comment

CAMPING WORLD LAS VEGAS WORST customer service experience ever!! They sold us a total lemon and then refused to fix it. Had to hire an attorney to force them to make repairs. Now we just realized they FRAUDUENTLY sold us a warranty that was supposed to be for the WHOLE COACH but was only for the chassis!! Lawyering up AGAIN and getting the local channel 13 news team involved this time. A big... Read more

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