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Stayed at motel 6 in bend Oregon. We have bed bug bites all over us. It's a nightmare trying to was everything out of our car and luggage trying to make sure no eggs or bugs got in. Do not stay at this motel! We were in room 275 Add comment

ordered 4 items from e-trailer after checkout and choosing shipping and completing the order they then sent an email saying the items were actually back ordered and wouldn't be shipped for 4 to 5 days and then would take the 3 to 4 days to ship no where in the checkout process was this reflected. When I called to inquire the customer service reps reply was "you can wait or i'll cancel the order!... Read more

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I will never buy Asus again. Their technical support (LetMeRepair) are dangerously incompetent, and when it all goes wrong they won't correct their mistakes. Asus & LMR are completely untrustworthy. For existing Asus owners, return your device under warranty to LetMeRepair at your own risk. I returned my UX302LA Asus laptop under warranty to get dead pixels replaced. When it was returned I... Read more

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This game is not as advertised as only certain features are actually usable in it's current state. After spending $100 for the game and the expansion season pass to have all future DLC, I was sorely disappointed when I could not find any games in any mode other than TDM. $100 is a whole lot of money to spend for less than half a game. Trying to contact support requires you access a chat during... Read more

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On 22 June I ordered 5 watches from World of Watches. The purchase price of Au$667 was immediately deducted from my account. I did not receive any order confirmation or a receipt from them. I have contacted World of Watches through their website twice and sent four emails. I have not had any meaningful contact from World of Watches. The only feedback that I received from World of Watches was... Read more

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I was assured by Ackurman sales man that Im getting a month to month monitoring service with no contract. After a year and a half I tried to cancel they told me. I can't because I have a contract. Add comment

Nice parts sears thanks for screwing me. Now the part is on back order and wont be here for 2 weeks. Add comment

I purchased a tutu and shirt from her back in march 2k15. I was charged $91.95 3/27 for the merchadise. She refunded it, and charged it again 4/20. That should have been the 1st sign that something wasnt right. During our text convo, she told me "It was too early to talk....and text back later"!!! Very Unprofessional. So after that issue was resolved, I recieved the merchandise JUST IN TIME for... Read more

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Slow service ! Dirty floors and bathrooms cold food. Had to pay extra for toast! Add comment

This is the second time this happened to me where i bought Poland Spring water from Costco and BJ's. Either the stores stock their water bottles near the liquid soap/detergent area or someone at the Poland Spring's warehouse accidentally spilled soap into the water supply. I just recently bought a 32 bottle case and every single bottle smelled of soap and tasted like it. I took a large gulp from... Read more

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