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First there were the constant calls to call back some Stephanie Bishop about a check replacement and when I finally called the number 702-490-4950 it is in Nevada and she doesn't answer and it is Ymax with the hard to understand receptionist. Then weeks later I get another VM they are the Internal Revenue and filing a law suit against me this number 518-858-7343 belongs to a cell phone in NY.... Read more

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This place is a total rip off....they take your money and then don't want to give it back. They took my money after I had stopped the auto renewal. Then their system froze and ended up giving me a six month subscription I didn't even want and they refuse a refund my money. They are full of s h i t! Add comment

The Structured Settlement Quotes (SSQ) website at website is infected with malware according to a Sucuri Site check scan run on November 28, 2014. Sucuri states that malicious code has been detected on the website with a warning message that this is a critical problem. Structured Settlement Quotes, which is currently a defendant in a law suit in the United States... Read more

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THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM. I purchased 3 gift cards in November 2014 and instead of cards this company sent me COPIES OF THE CARDS. After complaining to them and days of emails they admitted that they retained the actual cards and elected to send paper copies instead. Reeks of fraud!!! I had to dispute the charge with my credit card issuer after days of getting the run-around from "Gabby". In... Read more

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Placed my order 11/13. Received an email 11/14 stating my order had shipped via USPS, and was given a tracking number. Received another email stating my order had shipped via UPS, with the same tracking number. This tracking number did not work for either USPS nor UPS. Received an email on 11/20 stating that the severe weather in Buffalo NY may result in delaying my order. Ok, I understand. Did... Read more

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I returned an order for an exchange they filed on my credit report that u never paid them. It was already paid the only thing I had to pay for was shipping Add comment

I bought a new washer and paid $553 on 10/27/2014. Within days I found the washer was not working. Lowes put me in touch with a service company, they came to fix it a few days later. They said they will come back with a part. That "monday" came and went- and six more times they said-"part delayed", "waiting for part", then "part will be sent from another location", then "technician is sick". I... Read more

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I purchased black tennis shoes needed to umpire summer softball league. At the end of summer, stitching on upper pleather/leather was completely separating to the point of flopping shoes. Poor quality stitching for sure. Add comment

Ordered tree 11/18 at box left warehouse on 11/20 and one on 11/24...4 days later. Therefore, we received 4 days apart! Very time consuming to "fluff"...spent 3 hours and still could not fill gaps. When I plugged in the top section would not light. Called customer service and was told they would send the top section only and it would not leave warehouse for 5-10 days!!! Then allow... Read more

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Same problem here. I ordered a stack kit with my washer and dryer and after 2 deliveries they still don't have it here. I also ordered a double oven and they came out to messure the opening to make sure it would fit and then canceled the order without saying anything, but didn't tell the delivery people (who I found out when they were here they don't even work for Best Buy) until they came out to... Read more

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