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I'm going to keep it simple we purchased the Aspen Estate Fir, the most expensive tree. Received it in two damaged boxes. Tree looks like it has been received by someone else, returned and sold again to me! We fought the battle and lost and we're stuck with a $1400 tree. Two sections of lights did not work. The remote did not work. Their way of handling it was they were going to send me some... Read more

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The manager real mean and snotty the night shift is lazy and will not serve shakes I've been going there for years the service is really terrible tidwell 290 store Houston Texas where is the egg nog shake Manager will not even give u mayonnaise for your burger I will stop going there cuz of their attitude Add comment

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I ordered mirror from kohl's online catalog and package was delivered yesterday. Take a look at the photo and that was what happens when you receive a broken mirror. You can see the item was really poorly wrapped and packaged. They even didnot tap the bubble sheet! Please any customer, be really carefully with touching your mirror package from kohl's. Add comment

Nothing happened I just feel that the women on FOX News starting with Fox and Friends at 5 am Houston time should be dressed in accordance with their reporting. they look so un professional. they should not look half naked on the curvery couch. Greta is the only women who reports that is dressed most of the time in a blazier and looks nice and neat the others with bare legs and bare... Read more

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Was told 20-30 business day in july of 2104, numerous emails back and forth telling me I will receive the credit. It is now 11/22/14 still no credit, they are telling there is an issue with paypal...they keep telling me i will receive the credit..They send emails conforming the credit will happen. I have spoke with a manager and he refuses to let me speak with another manager. They also state... Read more

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Steve's Towing and Woodbine Auto Collision Centre at 101, 105 Rivaldo Rd in Toronto are the same outfit. Just watch out. They are both extremely deceptive and non-ethical. Steve's towing will aggressively will come and take your car after the collision, bring it to their own collision site, won't and deliberately delay releasing the damaged car. Hard sell to have your car to be repaired at their... Read more

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The fried vegtables were cold. Alot of the dishes were empty no food. The white choc fountain wasnt working so the choc did not harden. I have been there many times and this was the worst ecperience i evet had. This is the Saratoga, NY one Add comment

My jack in the box tidwell in 290 shake down at night no shake till 7 am and where is the egg nog shake my favorite what happened the attitude at this store is terrible Add comment


We had the unfortunate experience of dealing with these charlatans. They DO claim that there will be no charge for the portfolio upfront over the phone. Of course this is a misrepresentation as they request a fee of £2000 after the 3 hours it takes for the process. If you happen to reject their proposal they will then offer to sell you a selection of photographs (of very poor quality) for an... Read more

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