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Do not purchase from this store. If you do, especially do not buy the extended warranty. I purchased and item, bought the extended warranty, and even had the sales manager write down the terms and conditions and the item broke a year later, which is no big deal because things do break. I went back to this store to have this taken care of under the warranty they sold me and they checked-in my... Read more

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Had a switch a roo game played on me ...price was negotiated on a 2016 demo car (used) 4000 miles I was told it had 3000 miles (lie)...than they low ball my truck trade they said they would give me 5400 not great but they came down from 36 to 29'500 on the demo model ( which is a used car)..ok I was expecting 29500 - 5400 (trade ) =2410 so I expected the car to be around 24 plus around 2000... Read more

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Let the buyer beware... Be sure to carefully inspect any fixtures that you have ordered from Decor Island. I unfortunately did not, and now I have a kitchen faucet that I am unhappy with. I was told that the item I was purchasing was all metal and it turns out much of it is made of plastic. Add comment

I Patrick Brodsky and family were shopping at party city on Sunday July 26th an were standing in line waiting to get checked out when a manager by the name of Muhammad was being very rude to a customer and his cashier Beatrice the situation made me very uncomfortable he was calling the cahier *** and retarded he threatened Beatrice she would get fired for being rude to customers I knew this was... Read more

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I had the most worst time at Golden Corral in centerville Ga. we reserved the banquet room for 6 pm for a baby shower and they had us standing waitin till 6:45 for it then as soon as we sit down to eat around 7 they start telling us there gonna have to seat some guest in there with us that was unexceptable when we refused they said we didn't have it filled up we told them more people were comin... Read more

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*** SERVICE I HAVE EVER RECIEVED. we waited 20 minutes to be seated and our food took over an hour. Add comment

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There threating to commence my account because of fraudulent payment which is not true because i myself authorized this transaction. What seems to be the problem? Add comment

This people stole my money after the trial period i have already informed my lwayer and the bank before that i rang them to solve the issue with them they told me only £20 could be giving to me as a compensation. Add comment

Very poor service they have, I was suppose to make a booking for tomorrow 8/2/2025 but mistakenly made a booking for todays 8/1/2015 at 9:45 because of a glitch in the app, and made a booking at 9:24. When I called them to get a refund, they completely denied because they can only do it 2 hour before the show. When I asked them if my 65 bucks is going to go to waste and they said yes. Never going... Read more

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I started out with buying a 9 dollar pocket hose now I bought a 20 dollar pocket hose I am a disabled senior and they are light weight and easy to use but only last about a month before they explode and blow a huge leak I have now bought four of them. Nice concept but they don't last very dis satisfied Add comment