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I have had the sane today I was pressurised into purchasing portfolio and I said that I wanted to pay over 24 months and they said ok but on the contract they put 12 and had £80 off me today so does this make the contract void because wrong installment overall and also didn't explain no T&Cs etc I'm so *** paying them Add comment

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  • Directv
  • 8 minutes ago
  • by anonymous
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On demand never works and the Internet is slow as balls. They said my household has the best Internet available but I get faster Internet from McDonald's wifi. When I call about these problems they say to unplug and the plug back in my router.... wow didn't think of that you morons. Don't waste your money on this *** service. Add comment

I ordered medications for my Dog from Entirelypets three weeks ago. I chose entirely pets as their price was better than my prior pharmacy. They promised prompt shipping. Two weeks later, no order or tracking information had been sent. I e-mailed their customer service center, no response. I then received a call a week later saying that the price had increased from 0.08 cents a tablet to 0.61... Read more

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Hi eveveryone. Im sadly an employee at the leade heights in pennsylvania. I would just like to say as paintline and all go. We have to do what our owner/ manager says. We bring up dings dents molsings overspray overtape damage eveeything. If its not paid for ita not getting fixes is what we're told. Dont have the correct supplies or tools. Paint booth ia falling apart. Oven only has like 33% of... Read more

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Internet speed is slow . because when i start my laptop browser not working . i can't download any thing because internet is very very slow .sometimes internet stop working. Add comment

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  • Husqvarna
  • 27 minutes ago
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My lawn tractor has been at the husqvarna dealer for just over one year waiting on a steering column bushing? I have a lawn tractor because my lawn is 2 acres. What is one to do? I've been push mowing since July of last year!!! Am I supposed to have a back up $3000 piece of equipment for when one breaks down? Absolutely disgusted! I will buy a new one and it will not be husqvarna. They really... Add comment

As above, over a period of three months or so I have noticed that various products from household cleaning products to over-the-counter pharmaceuticals are no longer available in sizes I can afford. I have depended on the discounts offered on so many things at Target over other stores for so many years. (Only Walmart has comparable pricing on specific items, but often their shelves are woefully... Read more

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  • Netspend
  • 30 minutes ago
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On 6/30/14 at 2:47 pm. I went to 7/11 on illuois and Westmoreland in Dallas. I put netspend card in the machine to get 200.00.The money drop. However it did not came out the machine. So I put my card in for a second time it charged my account twice. Every since Monday 30th of June 2014. I have been getting the run a round from the customers Service department. The only I want is to get my money... Add comment

Paying way too much for insurance on my phone almost 15 bucks then pay 175 as deductible to get a phone that looked to be used by someone and then you get the cheap china charger off of amazon and the headphones! Rip off but fast service. Add comment

possibly the owner of the store in Red Deer South yanked a shoe out of my 3 year olds hand and put it back then said to me the 9.5's are right there and walked away Add comment