In 1861 the United States was at war with itself. The South had succeeded and become the Confederate States of America where the government was more limited and slavery was legal. Today, the flag that flew on the battle field for the Confederate Army is very much a hot topic. Is the Confederate Battle Flag, or “Stars and Bars” a symbol of a Southern Heritage of a symbol of hate?

Many, including the retailer Walmart, feel the Confederate flag is a symbol of oppression, and the corporation has made the very public decision to remove all Confederate merchandise from its stores.
On the other side of the spectrum, there are many Southerners who feel the Confederate flag is just that – a flag. To these individuals, the flag isn’t a call for racism or oppression, it’s a symbol of the South. One man went to Walmart feeling just this way and asked for a custom cake. The cake was to be decorated with the Confederate Flag and feature the text “Heritage Not Hate”.

Walmart denied the order.

While we might praise Walmart for being conscientious and sticking to their guns about what they do and don’t allow, the same bakery made a rather stunning mistake immediately after denying one cake. The same bakery that held issue with making a cake decorated with a battle flag from 1861 had no problem at all decorating a cake with a battle flag from 2015.

Which battle flag? The symbol of ISIS in the Middle East. The same ISIS the United States is currently fighting as battles rage on and casualties mount. The same Walmart bakery who denied a Confederate flag cake made one depicting the flag of our country’s current enemy for the same customer.


After the customer brought his beautifully decorate war cake home, he immediately took some pictures and videos and started an online campaign asking, “Walmart, can you please explain why you are alienating southern Americans with this trash that you allow to be sold in your store, while at the same point Confederate flag memorabilia is not allowed?”

After the store took hold and started going viral – including reviews on this website – Walmart issued an apology. According to Walmart, the associate who made the cake didn’t recognize the flag. Apparently, according to a Walmart spokesman, the ““talented bakery associates take pride in what they create for our customers. It’s unfortunate that one customer sought to take advantage of an associate who did not know the flag or its meaning. This cake should not have been made, and we apologize for the mistake.”

Despite the public apology, it’s very likely the ISIS cake story will continue to make waves in the social media networks for some time.

Walmart Reviews


Accusations of Racism Persist for Retailer Zara

Accusations of racism are sadly nothing new for the fashion retailer Zara. First the clothing items the retailer made and sold were “culturally insensitive”. Now the brand is just plain racist.

The Center for Popular Democracy recently conducted a survey and found that Zara not only shows racial bias toward customers, but toward its own employees as well. More than 250 Zara employees were given the survey during their scheduled breaks at stores across New York City. The results of the survey revealed that not all things are equal between the whites, blacks and Hispanic employees.

It should be noted that Zara claims they were not contacted in regards to the survey. Apparently the surveys were given to store employees in the stores on a regularly scheduled work break -all without the company realizing it was happening.

Racism in Zara

“Findings reveal that both race and skin color play a role in the treatment of employees and customers.” The report summarizes the results of the survey rather succinctly but goes on to explain, “Lighter-skinned workers of color and white employees tend to have higher status assignments, more work hours, and a stronger likelihood of being promoted.”

It’s not just employees who are allegedly targeted in a negative way in Zara. Apparently store personnel are also trained to target “suspicious-looking” customers. A special code is used for these “suspicious” individuals and apparently most “special order” customers are black.

One darker-skinned employee showed up in a hoodie to grab his paycheck and other employees labeled him as “suspicious.” In fact, he was labeled “special order” and even detained in the store as he walked through on his way to the back office where he was to pick-up his check.

Denials from Zara

Understandably Zara has fought back against the label of racism, pointing out that roughly half of their recently promoted employees were minorities and that half of the scheduled store hours are allocated to minorities as well.

In fact, Zara went as far as to release an official statement “vehemently refuting” the survey, which they claim was done with “ulterior motives and not because of any actual discrimination or mistreatment.” They go on to say that Zara is an equal opportunity employer with “multiple avenues” for employees to raise concerns or dissatisfaction. Apparently Zara is a “global multicultural company serving valued customers across 88 countries, and do not tolerate discrimination of any form.”

The Real Customer Experiences

While Zara may be right about the lack of racism in their company, we have seen plenty of negative reviews from real customers on PissedConsumer about the quality of the merchandise as well as the customer service they have experienced in the store. Neither has been impressive according to the reviews left on this site. In fact, one PissedConsumer reviewer went so far as to claim, “I think Zara is pretty much known for poor customer service. Not only are the store employees typically rude and dismissive, but the corporate customer service is just as bad.”


Zara Reviews:


Nintendo has been a household name for generations. Just a few years ago, the latest Nintendo platform, the Wii U looked ready to dominate the market – fans were enthusiastic, the ideas were novel, and the rest of the market was jealous.

Not anymore.

In just a short six years, the Wii U has not just run out of gas, but crashed and burned. The Wii U, which looked so promising initially, has stagnated and sold a total of only 9.5 million units world-wide. This gives the Wii U the sad distinction of being the worst-selling Nintendo system of all time.

It begs the question: What in the world happened?

The Death of the Wii

There appear to be many causes of death for this particular platform. Some feel that the jump from the Wii to the Wii U wasn’t very innovative after all. Why pay more for the same system, revamped?

Others claim there simply aren’t enough Wii U games to keep the players interested and active. This may be very true as most game developers aren’t interested in creating for the Wii. They would rather create something new and novel for the Sony or Microsoft systems instead.

But one of the individuals closely involved in the original creation of the Wii U claims it’s not a simple answer as to what went wrong, but rather a fundamental flaw-in-the-universe sort of issue. Shigeru Miyamoto, the designer responsible for the Mario, Donkey Kong and Legend of Zelda franchises is more than a bit convinced that customers simply never understood the Wii U.

We just didn’t get it.

What the Wii U Was All About

When the Wii U was designed and released it was wasn’t created to be a game machine and tablet, according to Miyamoto. Instead, it’s really “a game system that game you tablet-like functionality for controlling that system and give you two screens that would allow different people in the living room to play in different ways.”

Unfortunately, that explanation doesn’t particularly clear the matter up – especially as we use similar technology that “speaks” between tablets, phones and the television almost daily in many households.

It’s just this emerging tablet and phone technology that put the digs in the Wii U. Miyamoto explained that “unfortunately, because tablets, at the time, were adding more and more functionality and becoming more and more prominent, this system and this approach didn’t mesh well with the period in which we released it.”

So, in short, iPads killed the Wii U.

But Nintendo does have a chance to rise again from the ashes of a failed game system. The Nintendo NX is going to “catch the attention of a large number of players and get them excited again.”

Unfortunately we’ll have to wait more than a year to see just what Nintendo is planning next.

Nintendo Reviews:


Reviews about Multi-Level Marketing

Melaleuca – Never again

Avoid Arbonne ‘Business Opportunity’ like the Plague!


RIP OFF- ACN is a scam all the way BEWARE

The sales pitch sounded simple. Sell these great products to others and make serious money! It’s so easy – the products sell themselves! A lot of people find themselves in a position to sell healthcare, beauty or any number of other products on behalf of a company, and more than a few realize that perhaps the sales opportunity is not all that they had hoped for.

If you’re thinking about selling products for a company, go in with your eyes wide open.

Multi-Level Marketing Basics

The term “multi-level marketing” sounds innocent enough, but it has a rather negative connotation and with good reason. Multi-level marketing is much like a pyramid. The first person who starts a company gets others to help sell the product he’s created. He takes a nice percentage and the new salespeople keep the rest.

Those salespeople can then arrange new sellers under them where they get a nice percentage and the new sellers keep the rest. But the now-middle management has to also shell out a percentage to the guy on the top of the pyramid, so he takes a bit more from the new seller on the bottom. Multi-level marketing works by increasing the number of sellers on the bottom of the pyramid so that the funds from those sales continue to travel up to the top again.

Ultimately only the individuals at the bottom of the pyramid are actually selling products. Everyone else is selling the idea of the products to individuals looking to make some easy money. Unfortunately, the easiest money of all is made by the folks at the top of the pyramid taking a cut from everyone else.

Making Money with Multi-Level Marketing

There are countless opportunities for this sort of business. Just about any work-at-home company selling products of some type in “parties” or online events follows this scheme to a certain degree. But for the new seller there are additional costs to factor in as well.

    The Buy-In
    After the big sales pitch your head may be swimming with ideas about the money you’ll be earning and the car you might be awarded for being a great seller. You probably are convinced that selling with be simple and you’re ready to take the next step. For many companies, this next step is a big one – often bringing a price tag of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

    When you buy in to the company, you may be asked to spend $500 or $1500 on a “starter kit” or a list of resources. You’ll be convinced you’ll sell these products easily and make your money back, but that may or may not be true. Many would-be sellers find themselves the proud owner of $500 worth of stuff they don’t really want and can’t use. And if you don’t want it, who does?

    The Monthly Cost
    Even if you do find a product that sells well and that you’re passionate about, check for monthly costs and fees. There are some companies that require you spend an additional $100 per month or more on new products in order to stay in the business. This can add up very quickly, especially if you haven’t managed to sell the $500 worth of stuff you started with and the $100 worth of stuff you were forced to buy last month (and the month before, and the month before…)
    The Friend Cost
    Finally, there is a hidden cost to multi-level marketing plans – the cost of friendship. You are encouraged to speak to your friends and family to sell the various products you’re now so passionate about. What they don’t tell you is your friends and family are going to be sick of hearing about your products, especially as you become more desperate to sell the stuff that is accumulating or required to stay in the program.

    Social media barrages, parties complete with required purchases and advertisements and encouragement to join the company at every turn will most certainly turn your friends and family off – potentially damaging relationships.

A great deal can be said for some companies that promote the sell-at-home model, but others are little more than a pyramid scheme in carefully designed marketing materials. Think twice, or perhaps even a third time before you get involved in one.

Reviews about Windows Installation

Window World Sucks!

Window World Christmas Fiasco! AKA HOUSE RAPE!! Louisville Franchise!

It starts off with a simple plan – you need to replace some windows. Or install some new siding. But anything costing thousands of dollars is going to quickly escalate beyond simple. In fact, if you’re not careful, your simple plan to bring out a company to replace windows can quickly dissolve into a major conundrum.

Windows and Window Installers

There is a simple truth to keep in mind when you buy discount windows. Sure, the advertisement says you’ll be paying less than $200 per window, installed, but consider where the pricing savings will be. The window’s price remains fixed. The price of labor can change. In this case, the price of labor will have to go way, way down in order to install your windows for the quoted price.

This seems like a great deal – windows installed with a minimum labor charge! Unfortunately, paying the minimum labor price guarantees you the minimum amount of labor.

When installing windows, there is a great deal more to it than pulling one window out and installing another. Windows have to be forced out, screen removed, windowsills cut and replaced. Most importantly, if the windows are not installed carefully and correctly they will leak both water and air making them a wide-open pathway to the outside environment. Exactly what you were trying to prevent with your new windows!

Sloppy Siding

The same can be said about siding on your home. Sure, discount siding sounds good, but what does it look like in reality? The discount comes on labor, so you can’t expect the laborers to take more than the absolute minimum time to do the job. Often that means they don’t measure twice – that takes longer than measuring once! They cut corners – literally sometimes. And when the job is done, they aren’t going to do more than a cursory clean-up around your home.

After all, you get what you paid for!

Using Discounts to Your Advantage

It’s easy to find the problems with discount windows and siding, but there are benefits there as well. If you plan to use discount installers, be prepared to do a lot more reading and following up. Read the contract you’re signing carefully – both front and back. Anticipate the installers by clearing the areas around the house or windows and moving items away from the windows or walls on the inside. Take down drapes and blinds and store them carefully.

The more busy work you do, the less the installers have to do and the more time they have to work carefully on your windows or siding. It stands to reason, however, that you should be available to carefully monitor the work and point out big issues along the way so that they can be corrected before the installers leave.

Reviews about auto parts on Pissed Consumer

Partsgeek – Parts Geek Sucks!!!!

Partsgeek – No Exchange for Broken Part They Broke

Partsgeek – NEVER Order From Them!

If you are working on your car, you want to get quality pieces. After all, driving a machine that weighs hundreds or perhaps thousands of pounds around town with inferior parts is simply a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s hard to know who to trust when it comes to ordering parts. What companies can you count on? Sometimes it’s just a gamble.

Check Reviews

In our modern age of internet awareness, the first step before you order anything is to check the reviews online. If multiple customers are complaining about an issue with a company, it stands to reason that they might have a real reason to complain. Sure, one or two customers might just be difficult to please, but when dozens of customers complain about parts being broken or things being delivered incorrectly, it’s likely that the issue is company-wide and unlikely to improve before you order something.

Lowest Price Isn’t Always the Best Deal

The lowest price on something can be a great deal – but only if you get what you want. What good is it when a cheap part arrives broken and then you have to pay extra to ship it back to the company and restock it before trying again to order the part you want? Low prices often mean reductions somewhere else or perhaps some hidden fees. Checking the website and the reviews others have posted can give you a good idea of where those hidden costs are coming in to pay.

Be Wary of Shipping Costs

Retailers often hide costs in restocking fees and shipping costs. You buy a $5 car part and it takes $5 to ship it to you. Now you’re paying $10 for the convenience of ordering it online. Perhaps this makes sense for specialty items, but if you can buy something down the street or pay $8 somewhere with free shipping, that initial cost may not be the deal you expected it to be.

Likewise, read the fine print for restocking fees. If a company ships you a broken part and you send it back, you may have to pay a 15% restocking fee even though you did absolutely nothing wrong. In a situation like this, the company has little incentive to package things carefully or send things swiftly since you’re going to be paying for shipping and paying them to return broken goods either way. This can be a bad combination if you’re hoping to get timely delivery of quality parts.

Reviews about camper on Pissed Consumer

Avondale AZ Camping World no customer service beyond point of sale

Worst Customer Service Ever!!! Camping World of Denver is Awful!

Camping World – Review about 2015 Keystone Cougar Xlite from Sandy, Utah


Buying a camper or recreational vehicle is exciting. Suddenly you have the means to travel the world. To see new things and try new experiences. But the first thing you must do is get that camper off the showroom floor and into your own garage or storage facility without losing your sanity or savings in the process.

Slow Down the Buying Process

When you go to buy a camper, the first thing you’ll need to do is slow down. Don’t get in a rush. The dealer is excited to sell you the camper, and if you’re working with a big camper dealership, the last time you’re treated like a star customer is when you’re shelling out quite a bit of money on the new rig.

That means the dealer will encourage you to take the new camper off the lot, in essence taking possession, of the camper right away. The sooner you take possession, the sooner the deal is done and the camper is no longer the property of the dealership. This is good news for the RV dealer, but not nearly as good news for you, the erstwhile buyer.

Many problems on campers are not discovered until the camper has left the dealership. Some dealerships are honest and will take care of customers when something like this happens. These dealerships seem to be rather few and far between, however. Other dealerships prefer to let the camper leave, even with known issues, and then stall on repairs as long as possible. After all, the store already has your money!

Inspect Twice

While you should absolutely do an inspection at home once your camper has arrived and you start cleaning and preparing it, you should not sign on any dotted line or take possession of the camper until you have done a very good and detailed inspection at the store. Don’t just walk around and look at the pretty stuff, check out all of the hardware and details as well.

Are there small tears in the fabric or dents in the metal? Does the door or slides jam? Are there signs that water may have gotten into the camper somehow? Open cabinets, peek into every service space and really look. Have the tech or sales person – not you – open and set-up every aspect of the camper. Hook up water, gas and electricity and test them all.

If there is anything that isn’t satisfactory, you have no obligation to buy the camper. This is the time to slow down, request repairs or changes before signing and to be ready to walk away. Sometimes it is necessary if the dealership gets pushy or insists they will take care of the issues right away…as soon as you pay for the broken item!

As the customer, you are in a position of power when you’re the buyer. The dealership is anxious to please you and you are carrying the checkbook. Once you write the check, however, you are no longer the customer. You are an owner – even if the camper you were just sold was dirty, damaged and in poor repair. It’s far better – and easier – to get issues resolved as a customer with a big check in hand than as the owner of damaged goods.

Reviews about Mothers Day flowers on Pissed Consumer

From You Flowers – Failure to give me what I ordered

Flower Delivery Express – Flower Fraud and Scam

Proflowers – Review about Mothers Day Flowers in Hays, Kansas

Run from Proflowers

Mother’s Day is one of the best (and easiest) holidays of all. To celebrate the day you simply need to find your mother something special to tell her that you love her. With our many different floral delivery options, you can actually send flowers from anywhere in the world to your mother for her to enjoy on her day. The ease of delivery makes the process simple, and every mother appreciate a nice thought on a special day.

But what if the flowers you’ve ordered aren’t a very good reflection of your feelings? What if you spend a nice amount on flowers and get almost nothing in return?

Unfortunately, the many florist shops on the web know that Mother’s Day (like Valentine’s Day) is a flower-sending holiday and many companies are simply out for as much profit as they can rake in, regardless of the actual product delivered.

Inflated Prices

A common tactic over Mother’s Day is to sell inexpensive flowers in an expensive arrangement. You order the “deluxe” arrangement that is specially designed for Mother’s Day and find out that you’ve paid for three roses and some baby’s breath in a cheap vase. Not exactly the type of hey-I-love-you-lots sort of look you’re going for – especially if you’re charged close to $40 for those three stems!

Too-Good Deals

Of course, there are also some good sales on flowers on Mother’s Day. The companies want your business after all, any many hope to lure you in with a special offer. You might hear the offer over the radio or see an ad while you’re online.

A dozen roses or a hundred blooms for $20 sounds like a deal, so you start the ordering process. And then you learn that $20 may be all you’re paying for the flowers, but you’re also charged a processing fee, a delivery fee and who knows what other fees that bring your total up from $20 closer to $50. Naturally you may not learn this before you’ve gone through a lot of hassles filling out forms, but even with some special handling, roses don’t normally cost $30 to ship.

Shady Deals

Then there are the deals you need to stay well clear of. Sure you might pay more than you’d like for shipping with a too-good-to-be-true deal, but you’re still getting $20 worth of flowers at the end of it. In other cases, websites require you to enter your credit card information before you can see the final shipping prices.

By then it’s too late. Even if you close out of the window, your credit card information has been sent and received. Whether you wanted them or not, you’ve ordered flowers and they probably aren’t the cheap flowers either. By the time the flowers actually arrive at your mother’s house, or worse, the home of your mother-in-law, you can expect the quality of the flowers to match the quality of the company whose shady dealings sold them to you without your full consent.

Reviews about life insurance on Pissed Consumer

Globe Life Insurance – Not Paying The Claim


Globe Life Insurance – Horrible experience.

Life insurance is never any fun to think about, but it is most certainly important to consider – especially if you have a spouse or dependents. As sad as it is, dying is expensive, and have a solid life insurance policy gives you peace of mind that all of your accounts can be settled and your funeral costs covered without leaving a burden on your loved ones.

Of course, life insurance is just what you need for peace of mind – unless it’s not.

Sadly, it’s often only after a loved one passes that we discover issues with life insurance. That is why it’s so important to do your research ahead of time in order to sort through potential problems now rather than giving those close to you even more misery later on.

Customer Service Can’t Be Bothered

The first big clue that you’re dealing with something fishy is when customer service can’t seem to be bothered with questions or concerns. In some cases you can’t even get customer service on the phone in the first place to take your money. If you’re fighting representatives in order to give them money, you’re dealing with the wrong company. Take your money elsewhere and find agents who are respectful of your time and payment.

A History of Not Paying

Life Insurance exists for a single reason – to payout when someone dies. So what do you do with an expensive life insurance policy that doesn’t actually pay out when you need it the most? Do your research now on the experiences of others. If you realize that claims that should have been legitimate like car accidents and unexpected blood clots are being turned away, you have a giant warning sign to not proceed. Likewise if the company seems to find just about any reason – digging through years of research or claiming a lapse more than a year ago – find another company.

Strange Rules on Policies

Finally, if you start looking through the paperwork and notice that there is more than the usual fine print, start reading a bit closer. If the company is planning to raise your premiums at random times – like when your child is 16 or 26 – slowdown in your consideration. It could be an industry standard to have certain rules about premiums and such, or it may be that the insurance company you’re considering is trying to take you for a ride. Before you sign on any dotted lines, talk to at least one other company first to see what sort of fine print you’d be dealing with there.

Reviews about apartment rental on Pissed Consumer

Greystar Properties – Bad Management

Greystar Properties – I’d rather be shot in the face than to live in that apartment again!


There are some great perks to renting an apartment. You often have nice amenities and you can skip all of the yard work required. In some cases you can pay a bit more and have your trash collected from your doorstep or enjoy covered parking. Of course, there are some potential problems that come with renting as well. Chief among these is the quality of the company actually managing the property.

If you wind up in a complex managed by a lazy or even immortal management company, you’re unlikely to enjoy your stay – and that stay is contractually obligated once you sign on the dotted line. For that reason, it’s best to really examine a property before you sign off.

Check the Property Management Company Online

Many would-be residents don’t take what feels like an extra step, but doing some online research can save you some huge headaches. Search for complaints against the company managing the property you’re considering.

It may be that you find a few complaints from residents who didn’t get their way and mistakes do happen, but if you find an ongoing and extensive list of problems, especially the same issues across different areas, you know you’re in for a similar negative experience if you sign-up with this particular complex.

Drive the Complex before the “Tour”

Once you walk into the rental office of an apartment complex, you’re going to get the full speech and guided tour to see the property. This tour is going to be under the supervision of the rental office and can give you a lot of good information. Before taking that tour, however, take a tour of your own.

Drive around the property to get a feel for how people use the gates and parking lot. Are there broken down vehicles throughout? Are the gates wide open despite being advertised as a “gated” community? How hard is it for strangers to enter the property without a code? If you can drive around and cruise right up through a gated apartment complex, so can anyone else. Even worse, if you live in a locked building, do non-residents assume they can follow you in at any time? How is that safe?

Take the “Real” Tour

You might even get out of your car and take a short walk to look at the things that aren’t on the official tour list. Check out the state of the dumpsters. Is there trash piled around the dumpsters or stacked by the doors of the apartments?

Any signs of animals and vermin? Any evidence of squirrels or rats? Does the property away from the rental office look well maintained? Junk in the pool? If things are looking fishy, there’s really no need to take a tour. A badly maintained complex isn’t going to magically improve once you move in.

Reviews about propane delivery on Pissed Consumer

Suburban Propane – Unregulated, bait and switch, price gouging, unfair business practices

Suburban Propane – Suburban refill price 9/15/14 $5.59!!! Nearly 3 times the refill price of competitors

2 people in our park used Suburban Propane and charged different prices per gal.

There are many choices when it comes to heating your home. One of the best for those living in more rural areas is propane. Propane is straightforward enough. A large propane tank is installed on your property and the gas lines are run from the tank into your home. Periodically when your gas gets low in the tank, you call the company to come and refill it.

Of course, like so many things that should be straightforward, some problems can crop up with this simple heating solution.

Scattered Deliveries

If you’re living in a cold climate and you’re relaying on propane for heat, having a steady supply is not just important – it’s critical. Unfortunately, sometimes propane companies don’t feel the same urgency that you do for a steady supply of propane.

These companies might move delivery dates around, even though you called in plenty of time to leave yourself some wiggle room. Of course, if the truck doesn’t come for weeks, it’s hard to gauge how much gas you’ll need and that can be downright dangerous.

Disregard for Safety

Using gas for heating and cooking can have its own slew of possible issues. One of those is a gas leak somewhere in your home. When you’re working from a propane tank, it’s easy to see when a leak is occurring – the gas simply disappears from your tank.

In the case of one family, the tank ran empty quite unexpectedly. The family immediately called the propane company to inspect the tank and the lines for a possible leak. Concerned about safety, the customer was rather irritated when the tank employees didn’t show up for almost twelve hours. When they did show up, the workers simply put a bit more gas in the tank, did a glance at the outside tank and declared it fine. That’s certainly not what a concerned customer wants to hear.

The next morning the tank was empty again – so much the “fine” system and the refill.

Price Gouging

Finally, one of the biggest obstacles you run into with refilling a tank with something like gas is the cost of refilling it. The first time you fill your tank you’ll likely be offered an introductory rate. Every time after that, however, you may be paying through the nose.

One propane company is allegedly charging customers more than twice as much as other companies in the area. Customers, many of whom are stuck in contracts or with fixed refill schedules are paying two or even three times as much for their propane gas as they would be paying if they went with another company.

Sure, the price of gas fluctuates all of the time, much like the price of oil or any commodity, but if every other company is charging around $2.50 per gallon of gas delivered, why would another company sell their gas at $5? The short answer is because people are either locked into paying that ridiculously high price or they don’t know any better.

In a case like this, it may be time for these customers to get legal representation or complain formally. For any new customers, complaints about the issue may be all they need to steer clear.

Reviews about camera on Pissed Consumer

America Cameras – Extremely bad customer service!

America Cameras – Be careful about buying from

America Cameras – SCAM!!! DO NOT do business with these thieves!!!

Some places offer low-priced merchandise and they don’t try to hide behind brand names. You want to spend just a couple of dollars on a toy? It will be made as cheaply as possible with cheap materials, but that may be just what you needed at the time and don’t mind paying just a bit for just a bit of quality.

Other places, however, offer brand name merchandise for quite a bit less than every other retailer. How can a website offer you a television for $200 less than everyone else? Why would a high-quality camera be $100 less in one place than another? Sure, it could be a sale or a special promotion. But stores lose money on those sales to bring customers to the store. Stores who sell below cost lose money all of the time – unless you’re paying for something else.

Additional Merchandise

Let’s say you bought a camera for $400. Everywhere else online it was at least $500 – a deal almost too good to be true. So you click the Buy button and wait for your camera. But you don’t get a camera, at least not right away. Instead you get a phone call from the company.

It turns out that camera you just bought doesn’t come with a case or battery. Would you like to add those to your order? Suddenly your $400 camera became a $600 camera. The company loses money on the camera, but earns quite a bit by selling you a $10 case for almost $100.

Shipping Costs

It’s not just additional merchandise that can run up costs. Shipping can cost a pretty penny, too. Especially if you pay extra for shipping and then the shipping is “delayed” negating the entire service you just paid for.

One man bought a television online and paid for overnight shipping. When he called to follow up with the company, he was told that the company simply doesn’t ship televisions overnight. They certainly didn’t offer to return his money. In fact they hung up on him.

Tough Customer Service

If you’re going to work in a business where you roughly persuade and possibly even deal customers dirty, you can’t have gentle souls working in your customer service department. Fortunately, an overworked, angry customer service agent is all you really need to run a business like this and having a shortage of representatives means you can bet customers don’t stay on the phone very long.

In many cases, irate customers called up to complain or follow up with concerns about their purchase. The customer service response was to be rude and simply hang up on them. That’s certainly not a “customer-first” atmosphere.

Delay the Product

Finally, if you really want to make money by selling items well under retail prices, you can simply not send the product that the customer bought. It’s simple, really. You buy one camera. Then you sell your camera to five different people online. You make five times the profit!

Of course there will likely be some complaints from customers about not actually receiving the camera they purchased, but that’s simple to handle. Tell them their product is delayed since it’s coming from overseas. If the customers get tough, you just has to get tougher. Hang up on them!

Reviews on Pissed Consumer about kids clothing

Once Upon A Child – Sickening reviews!!

Once Upon A Child – Review about Clothes Selling from Findlay, Ohio

Once Upon A Child – Pick and irrational when deciding what to buy!

Once Upon A Child – Review about Kids Clothing from Norwalk, Connecticut

Children, especially babies, outgrow clothing and toys in a record amount of time. It’s hard to justify spending hundreds of dollars on a new baby wardrobe every few months, so it makes financial sense to try and sell back those gently used clothes to regain some of the original expense. As many people have discovered, however, selling children’s clothing and toys through a consignment shop or second hand shop isn’t always as simple as you might think.

They Won’t Take Everything

The employees in a second hand store will often pay for the clothing items they take, but it’s a certainty that they won’t take everything you bring in. A popular consignment store might have dozens of customers coming through every day to try and sell all of their baby’s early wardrobe. There is no way that the store can take every one of the items offered – even if they are gently used.

You may think there is nothing wrong with a jacket or baby outfit, but if the employees in the store look it over carefully and noticing pilling, broken zippers or even the smallest tears, they won’t take it. They can afford to be choosy after all – they have dozens of customers coming in the same day offering similar clothing items. It may be frustrating to lug five bags of clothing into the store only to lug four and a half back out, but you can’t blame the store – they can afford to be picky and have no shortage of clothing and baby gear to pick from.

Prices Have to Be Low

You paid $20 for an adorable outfit. You take it to the baby consignment store and learn that you’re only going to get $2 for it. Shocked and offended by the offer you leave the store in a huff. This is an extremely common occurrence in a second-hand store, but it shouldn’t be.

The store is in business to sell second-hand clothing at a low price. In order to have special sales and offer the lowest prices on the quality clothing, they must buy high quality clothing at a low price. That means the clothing you bring into the store are going to get a low price. And yes, the store will then turn around the sell them for more. That’s the way a business works.

It doesn’t actually matter how much you paid for an item a year ago, it matters what customers are willing to pay for it now. If that’s $3, you’re going to get $2 for the item so the store has a bit of room to try and make a profit.

It’s Not Your Only Option

As frustrated as customers get with second-hand and consignment stores not paying them what they want for their baby clothing, there is another option. In fact, there are many options. Taking your clothing to sell takes most of the work out of the process. You show up, you profit, the store works to resell and they profit.

If you want to keep all of the profit or at least maximize the amount you get for your items, you may have to do a bit more work to sell those baby items at a yard sale, flea market or online. Put yourself in control of the sale and you control the price. Simple!

Reviews about necklace on Pissed Consumer

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We do a huge amount of shopping online. There are so many customized products available through websites and global connections it would be a shame to avoid the opportunities that the internet has brought to retail. But sadly just because it online shopping is available, it isn’t always a good idea. There are always a few possibilities for problems when you place an order online, but checking for a few tell-tale signs of issues can help you steer clear of the worst problems at least.

If you’re considering ordering from a new website, take a cautionary approach and do just a bit of research before handing over your credit card information.

Online Reviews Are Negative

It’s natural for every company to have an occasional negative or neutral review. After all, we are people helping people and we all have a bad day occasionally. But it is certainly not natural to have one negative review after another online. If you do a quick search for the company you’re about to order from and find negative reviews, be cautious.

As you read those reviews, you may learn that what seemed like a pretty necklace or a really good deal isn’t much of a deal at all. Customers post about their negative experiences so that you don’t have to repeat the madness. Hopefully you’re willing to heed the warning.

Limited or No Contact Information

Dig a bit on the website and look for contact information. How hard is it to get in touch with the people at the website? A reputable company is going to have a great deal of contact information available. You should be able to find email addresses and phone numbers to the different departments in a company. Even if you’re just working with an individual, anyone running a serious business is going to have published contact information.

The rule here is pretty simple. If there is no contact information, there should be no sale. It’s pretty shady business practice to not allow would-be customers contact a person at the store with questions or concerns.

Test Order Goes Wrong

Sometimes you have to gamble a bit and order something pricey from an unknown website if you’re going to have the item in hand before a holiday or birthday. But other times you have plenty of time to try out a new site before sending them hundreds of your dollars.

If you have your eye on a pretty necklace that costs well over $100, keep an eye on it, but don’t order it just yet. Instead order something else on the site that costs considerably less as a sort of trial run. Try to order something you want or can use as a gift in the future, but if your $10 item arrives damaged, late or never makes it at all, it’s a pretty good bet that your $100 item isn’t going to do much better.

On the other hand, if that $10 item arrives intact and is of good quality you can continue to order from the site with peace of mind about all future purchases.

Reviews on Pissed Consumer about cabinets

Cabinets To Go – Warning, warning stay away from Cabinet to go

Cabinets To Go: Dishonest and Totally Unprofessional

Cabinets To Go – Cheap Chinese cabinets, they are never in stock and WAY overpriced

The kitchen is the heart of the home. A place to gather. A place to cook. A place to eat together as a family sharing tales of the day. But how do you build a kitchen without cabinets? Not very well.

Unfortunately thousands of customers have learned a difficult lesson about buying cabinets. These customers opted for cabinets from a discount vendor and many are still waiting for parts of their order – in some cases a full year later!

Flashy and Bright Advertisements

It’s not just cars that are sold through flashy advertising. Kitchen cabinets – thousands of dollars’ worth of cabinets – are often sold the same way. A television commercial comes on and tells you about terrific savings. Thousands of dollars off! Terrific savings! High-quality products! Sell! Sell! Sell!

While eye-rolling at times, advertisements like this do produce the desired effect. You remember the company name. You remember those great deals. And when you have $4000 to spend on cabinets, you go with the company you think of first – the well-advertised one.

Finding Excuses Not Solutions

Sadly, the attention to detail ends with the commercial break. A many pissed consumers learned the hard way, once you start working with the cabinet company or the cabinet company’s website, you’re wading in a mire of problems you can’t quickly escape.

You find a cabinet you like and you order a kitchen’s worth. You pay your $4,000 as expected and wait to be updated on delivery. A week later you’re still waiting. And the week after that. And the week after that. Finally, if you’re like most customers, you start looking for answers, and in this case the only thing you’ll find are sorry excuses.

The cabinets are backordered.

The parts are on order.

Only part of your order is available – will you take delivery for those?

It will be just a bit longer due to manufacturer issues.

We’ll look into and call you back.

What you want are cabinets. What you’re getting is a run-around. Unfortunately this particular run-around doesn’t have a bit of fun and it doesn’t end well. If the company ever manages to find your cabinets and have them delivered don’t expect much.

Questionable Deals on Cabinets

You get a call to schedule delivery and excitedly await the cabinets. Unfortunately when you open the box you realize that the cabinets aren’t what you ordered. You may be missing pieces. You might have one or two doors or cabinets missing. You might even realize you’ve waited weeks and weeks for the wrong color cabinets since the company ordered the wrong ones.

At this point you have only a handful of options. None are particularly good options, mind you. You can continue to harass customer service to send you the missing parts and cabinet pieces. Or you can send the whole mess back and start working to cancel thousands of dollars in merchandise. Or you can just throw up your hands, consider a lawsuit, work with what you have, and experience the rage that comes with a very, very expensive lesson learned.

Reviews about gardening on Pissed Consumer

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Burgess Seed And Plant Company – Sent all plants back and got NO refund

Dimeo Farms – Worst customer service experience in my life

Willis Orchard Company – Grapes and lies

Dimeo Farms – I ordered 10 bushes, when I called with a question, was told I was wasting his time.

Spring is in the air and that means it’s time to start preparing and planting gardens – especially if you’re hoping to grow fruits and vegetables. As you turn your soil and prepare your compost, give some thought to your plants this year as well – do you know what it is you’re planting? Do you have a plan for ordering your plants? If not, perhaps it’s time to do some planning.

Checking for Organic Seals

Organic plants must be grown in certain conditions from seed to harvest. If you are planning an organic garden, be sure to do your research before you pay for any plants. Anyone can put words on a website or flyer, but only certain companies actually have a seal to show the plants they create are, in fact, organic. Look for the seal if companies claim to be selling organic plants. Dig a bit deeper. Organic plants are almost always slightly more expensive, so consider your research time money well spent.

Work with Friendly People

Like so many businesses, growers have to compete for your business. If you’re not satisfied with how a farm is managed or you realize you don’t particularly care for how a seller is speaking to you, his customer, the solution is simple. Don’t do business there.

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if a customer service environment is the right one for you. After all, most sellers are glad to smile and take your money. The real truth comes out when things don’t go smoothly after money has changed hands. This is one of the nice things about online reviews. Read what others have experienced and learn from the stories online.

Buy Locally

There are a few benefits to buying your plants locally. The first is that buying plants that are grown in your area ensures the plants you buy will continue to thrive in your yard. Not only that, but buying plants locally means you can actually see the quality of the plants you’re buying and you can see the conditions in which the plants are grown. Spending hundreds of dollars on plants sight-unseen can be dangerous for your pocketbook. You can never be quite sure what it is that’s being sent your way.

Of course, sometimes we want something special and you have to send away for it. If that is the case, be sure to work with a company willing to overnight or at least express ship the item to you. If it’s going to take three weeks for a tree to arrive, what could be the hold-up? A farm where the trees, vines or shrubs are grown isn’t going to take three weeks to dig up a plant and ship it – the plant simply won’t survive that long. Shop around until you find someone willing to move fast. Plants aren’t forgiving if you drag your feet.

Reviews about yard cleaning on Pissed Consumer

Ace of Blades Ottawa – Contract NOT honoured by Ace of Blades

TruGreen killed patches of my yard

Grass4Sale – Cancelled order without notifying us!!!

Do Not Use Show Me Tree Service

Grass4Sale – Charged for grass not delivered

When you pay companies to care for your lawn, you expect some sort of results. Your grass should be greener. The snow and winter debris should be cleared away. The fallen limbs hauled off. There is nothing worse, however, than paying for lawn services to improve your lawn, only to realize that the “improvements” have made your yard much, much worse.

Clearing the Snow Away

The first step to a healthy front yard is getting snow out of it. Granted you have to wait for most of the snow to melt away over your grass, but you can still work on your walkways and some areas after a bit of snow clearing. Sadly one family found that moving snow is a job best done under supervision. After paying a company to remove the snow for them, they were out a hefty sum and stuck with every bit of snow that fell. Perhaps some neighborhood kids would do a better job in the future – for far less!

Bald Spots in Your Lawn

Once your grass has been uncovered, it’s time to fertilize your lawn and start eliminating weeds as they crop up. Fortunately you don’t have to do this all by yourself since there are so many good companies just waiting for your call. Unfortunately, you have to be sure that you call the right one to help.

One customer found that after six years of faithful service, the yard company came to kill weeds in his yard – and wound up killing large chunks of his grass instead. Needless to say he was not at all thrilled by the experience. He tried to regrow the grass twice – only to have the same “treatment” kill off the new growth in the bald spots. Finally, he cancelled the lawn treatment only to find that when left alone the grass is growing just fine.

Sodding the Lawn

Of course, sometimes you have to lay new sod to make your lawn great again. If this is the route you’re taking, consider dealing locally where you can speak with an actual person about the grass you’re ordering. Two different families tried ordering online only to discover that their experience was less than they were expecting.

One family was charged for almost twice as much grass as they actually had ordered – and they are still working with the credit card company to fight back against the charges. Another family prepared their soil, lined up friends and waited anxiously for their sod…which never came.

Removing Trees and Debris

Another customer found out the hard way that paying someone to cut down and then remove unsightly trees only works is the tree cutters stick around to do the heavy lifting. He hired a company to remove some trees but then got stuck with a pile of cut wood when the guys cutting the tree bailed on him. Of course, if he hadn’t paid them halfway through the job he might have had better results, so buyer beware – there are some “workers” who will only work until cash in their hand. Don’t pay the full fee until the full job is complete.

Reviews about workman’s compensation on Pissed Consumer

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What a joke of a company Gallagher Bassett

Gallagher Bassett Services Sucks!!!!!!!!!

Gallagher Bassett – Review about Caseworker from Indianapolis, Indiana

If you’re injured on the job, you’re entitled to workman’s compensation. The premise is simple – it’s the implementation that goes absurdly challenging. How do you determine how much money you get? How do you sort out just how injured you are? Is the company liable for a mistake you made?

Enter the drama of workman’s comp.

Establishing a Claim

If you have been injured on the job, you will need to follow the absolute letter of the law. Unfortunately there are many, many individuals who try to milk companies for false injuries or continue to take compensation even after an injury has healed. These false claims are making it hard for legitimate claims to be processed correctly. After all, how can a company determine the difference between real internal pain and fake internal pain?

Laws are in your favor if you are hurt on the job, but you will need to follow all of the right steps in order to stay in the letter of the law. Often this means getting help right away to sort out just what your next step needs to be.

Get a Lawyer

Even if you can’t afford a high-profile attorney, find a more modestly priced lawyer or work with the lawyer form a union or pro bono firm. The lawyer will know all of the rules and regulations in your state when it comes to sorting out workman’s comp. If he doesn’t, find another lawyer.

The lawyer will help guide you through the process of making your claim and following it up for payments and medical treatment. This will be especially important if your company pushes your case off to a third party management firm. These firms exist for the protection and convenience of companies – not to make you feel better or get you your money faster.

It may be that the third party company fails to follow through on simple administrative tasks quickly enough for your liking. You may find yourself jumping through hoops to satisfy the company and possibly even doubting just how legitimate the processes the company requests may be. Your lawyer will be concerned about your interests and will probably know the best way to get situations resolved quickly as well.

Be Realistic

Finally, while nobody should be in pain from a work injury, it’s important to realize that workman’s compensation isn’t a retirement plan. It may be that you’re truly disabled to the point that you can’t work again, but that’s what disability payments are for. Workman’s comp claims are often investigated by skeptical representatives because the injured party goes on being injured for as long as they can to keep the paychecks rolling in.

Expect a natural end to workman’s compensation. Your legal representation or doctor can best advise you as to what to expect in both long-term and short-term compensation scenarios so that you are prepared ahead of time.

Reviews about loan on Pissed Consumer

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Nobody likes feeling like a victim – especially when money is involved. But some things are only learned the hard way and too often this involves losing money or, at the very least, coming close to losing out. While there is no perfect way to protect yourself against all possible financial harm, you can certainly approach your financial matters with a bit more savvy to keep yourself just a bit more insulated from problems.

Wait It Out

Often money woes cause us to stress and panic. This panic can lead to quite a few bad choices. In fact there are lenders who target the desperate borrower with quick loans that charge absurdly high interest rates and predatory lending practices. These should obviously be avoided at all costs. Then there are others who don’t necessarily take advantage of a panicked borrower, but who may be more than willing to give you a loan you don’t actually need.

As hard as it may be, when financial problems arise, calm down. Put your emotional response on hold and think through the situation rationally. How much money do you actually need? Where is the best place to get that money from? What is the cost of borrowing from one place versus the other? Simply pausing for an hour or a day can save you countless headaches over a loan obtained in haste. There’s a reason “sleep on it” is a mantra for buying and borrowing.

Do Your Research

Thanks to the internet, we can do a tremendous amount of research in a very short amount of time. Feeling pressed on time? Take ten minutes to research the companies you plan on working with. If a bank claims to be the right lender, do a quick check to see what others have said about that lender.

Thanks to smartphones we don’t even have to be home to do some research. Buying a car? Check the loan options and company reviews on your phone while you wait. An informed financial consumer is a more satisfied consumer, after all.

Don’t Understand? Don’t Sign

It can be embarrassing to walk away from a financial deal, but walk away you should if you don’t know what it is you’re signing. Read everything in a contract and every piece of paper put in front of you. If you don’t know what you’re signing ask for a copy you can take with you to read over later with your legal advisor or someone who can sort through the legalese.

Expect many loan officers to resist or claim the terms are good for only the moment you’re sitting there, but they know if you leave the office you’re unlikely to return unless the deal is on the up and up. It’s far better to feel a bit uncomfortable or embarrassed leaving a bank empty-handed than to leave with terms you’re not comfortable with for the next five to ten years.

Reviews on Pissed Consumer about phishing attack

A phishing scam is happening through email. It didn’t miss Lloyds Bank. A phishing is illegal but it doesn’t stop scammers to pretend that they are legitimate sources.

Phishing scammers are going through all the spheres of human life. They are trying to catch on a hook at least some amount of your hard earned money from bank account, credit card passwords or they may send you documents and links that are contained the malware.

We can see that few cases of fraud happened in the financial sphere lately. First it happened with Barclay’s Bank and now with Lloyds. So what is the phishing scam with Lloyds Bank?

Lloyds Bank
Whoever is behind the fraud is sending out the emails to Lloyds Bank customers advising about update in online banking. Of course as email has official look with Lloyds bank logo and proper content, the customers follow the provided link in order to update their banking account without misdoubt. But thus they are handing over the account details: credit card and bank account numbers, passwords and log on details to the phishing scammers.

If you receive one of those suspicious mails, do not follow the link, contact help center of your bank to check truthfulness of information you’ve received and to report a scam.