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Ask most of us and we’ll tell you we love the holidays – even if we can’t actually remember that in the midst of frantic classroom parties and rushed gift purchases. Too often the ideal view of warm slippers and wine by the fireplace in the light of the Christmas tree is shoved aside by frantic dashes to school concerts, required work parties and late nights of wrapping so that something – anything – is ready for Christmas morning.

But this year can be different. You may not be able to skip the mandatory work bashes, but you can streamline things a bit to give yourself some breathing room. Then maybe you can try that wine by the fire routine at least once between now and New Years!

Create a Treasure Trove

You can’t avoid shopping for gifts if you have family and close friends, but you can use that shopping time to protect yourself from future emergency trips. While you’re out picking out the perfect gift for someone, why not grab a couple extra bottles of wine, some nice candles, some nice books and beautifully packaged chocolates.

Make a little stash of luxury, yet not very expensive, gifts for emergencies. Then, when you realize you forgot the teacher gift or get invited to a last-minute get-together, your gifts are at hand and ready. Best of all, at the end of the season you can return anything you didn’t use or just enjoy that wine and chocolate yourself!

Ship Now. Ship Quickly

The best time to buy things online has already passed – it was at or before Thanksgiving. But now that we are in the peak shipping season, hedge your bets. Only buy from companies that have reasonably reliable shipping in the past – this is not the time to try out an unknown company.

Also, have items shipped directly to you rather than to your friend or family member. This allows you to check over the items, package them more securely and then ship them off again. This might add a few days to the process, but it gives you a chance to include a personal note and be sure you’re actually sending what you mean to be sending.

Don’t be afraid to pay extra for high-quality and fast shipping. If it’s worth it to you to skip the mall parking lot, it’s probably worth an extra $5 on shipping. Free shipping isn’t usually fast shipping after all.

Buy Local

The big stores may have big sales, but they also have big crowds. Small, local retailers are trying to move their merchandise, too. Best of all, you can shop with fewer people crowded around you, you might be able to skip freeways and wild parking lots and you can support the people who actually live and work in your community.

You don’t even have to stick to your own local stores. If you want to send flowers or edible arrangements, skip the big companies plastered all over the internet. Do some digging for local companies in the city you’re actually sending the flowers or treats to.

Those companies will often be glad to deliver in their area, and since you’re talking to a real person in a real store, you’re more likely to get what you actually ordered delivered to the right person in the right way.

Buying extra candles and shopping online won’t make the classroom Christmas parties for your children any more tolerable, but they will help reduce a few stresses of the season. Simplify what you can and then use the time you’re saving to sit back, surround yourself with loved ones and simply enjoy the season the way you’ve always meant to.

Reviews about technical support on Pissed Consumer

Iyogi is running a terrible scam. Please be aware

iYogi – SCAM!!!!!!!!

I believe that iyogi sabotaged my computer!!

Growing up we learned about stranger danger and what to say when a stranger knocked on the door. But our homes aren’t the only thing we need to keep locked up and safe these days.

While our material possessions are stored in our home, many of our most valuable documents are stored on our computers. Unfortunately getting help with a problem online can often open up the flood gates to additional, future problems.

The Appearance of Safety

Unless you are very tech savvy, you may find that you need computer help from time to time. Increasingly, this technology “help” becomes more of a hindrance – especially if you don’t work with an established, reputable company.

A well-respected company will have a reputation to protect, and they will have some rules and oversight. A company operating a fly-by-night business or one that is located outside the business laws of the United States is a bit less reliable. It’s a gamble when you call up the computer repair company. You might get a great tech. Or you might not.

Letting the Bad Guys In

When you have a person actually come into your home to work on your computer, it may be a hassle, but you’re able to look over his shoulder for the most part and you can trace him back to the company he came from.

Seeking help online through a remote access type program doesn’t even have these modicums of safety. Instead you have a stranger accessing your computer remotely. And once he has access, he may keep that access.

Many individuals who tried a program like this lived to regret it. The company remotely fixed issues with the personal computer or laptop, but then strange new problems began to crop up. Usually these problems coincided with the end of a paid contract. Contract is up – new problem starts!

The whole situation started to look fishy, but then the complaints escalated. It seemed the company started making changes to customer computers after the fact to make it difficult or impossible to uninstall the monitoring software.

They called multiple times per day to the point of harassment. The company threatened people with new problems and viruses. They took advantage of others by selling solutions to problems that didn’t really exist.

In short, they were bad news.

Protect Your Property

Once you’ve allowed anyone remote access to your machine, you’re opening yourself up to problems. Harassing phone calls about your contract may be the least of your problems if the individuals or companies with access decide to steal your personal information. They have access to everything on your machine including keystrokes for passwords, login information, account numbers and even your tax return.

While it can be a challenge to handle computer issues on your own, really do your research to find a good solution before you risk letting anyone else in the door – digital or real – to fix the problem. You may just be making new ones.

RocaLabs reviews on Pissed Consumer

Dear PissedConsumer User:

Not everyone believes you should have the right to express yourself about the companies who take your hard-earned money for their products and services. Roca Labs certainly does not. Please read on to learn about the legal campaign Roca Labs is undertaking to punish consumers who complain about its products.

Roca Labs is doing whatever it can to identify former customers and others who have posted their comments here so it can take legal action against them to prevent them from expressing themselves and informing other consumers about their experiences. PissedConsumer is fighting the actions of Roca Labs in the courts. Our attorneys have filed papers in two different states demonstrating that the law prohibits these actions by Roca Labs. But Roca Labs is not waiting for a ruling – it is suing customers to shut down their speech and, if possible, obtain “damages” to intimidate others from speaking. Roca Labs seems likely continue to sue customers who speak out until a judge stops them.

We hope that happens soon, but it may take months to obtain a ruling. We cannot provide legal advice or representation to users, however. Therefore, you may wish to seek legal counsel if you have concerns about a review you have posted here. Your lawyer may contact us via

You should also review our takedown policy at Pissed Consumer Questions and Answers (FAQ) to inform yourself as to what measures you can take to voluntarily request the removal of your own PissedConsumer review, if you wish to do so.

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PissedConsumer Team

Reviews about lead generation on Pissed Consumer

Thumbtack – One call, not hired once, and lying about quotes submitted

Thumbtack – Review about Job Quotes Service Fee

Thumbtack – Very questionable business practices

Thumbtack generated false leads that seem enticing

It’s hard to find business some times and marketing can take on many different forms. If you provide a service for others – handyman, plumbing, cleaning, what have you – you are always seeking out your next client or job. Going without work means going without pay, so there is always pressure to do what it takes to find the next job and keep your income steady.

One marketing strategy can easily backfire, however. If you have been paying for leads through websites, you may be spending more money than you’ll ever hope to actually make in return. There are some solid lead generation programs, but they seem to be increasingly few and far between. Often the ones you see advertised the most are the ones to be the most wary about.

Creating the Hype
The first step for a website hoping to make money through leads is to get some workers and service providers on the site. They promise big things: One job in every five bids! Low fees! Work guarantees! But often those big promises fail to pan out completely. Instead you become just what the company needs – someone to provide bids.

On the other side of the table are the customers. These folks are advertised to and promised low prices and competing quotes. This is where you come in. The client requests bids on a particular project. You then submit a bid on the project, and cross your fingers that you’ll be hired.

But you’re not.

And the same is true for the next bid. And the next. After a while you realize that you’re bidding for dozens of projects and hearing exactly nothing in return. What gives?

Generating False Leads
Many service providers who have been playing the bidding game on one such website are starting to complain vigorously. The service providers are calling false on the business practices from the company. It seems that the website doesn’t require any money from the client for requesting a bid, but when the service providers actually place a bid, they are charged money.

If the providers were getting a job every five bids or so, spending almost $4 per bid the rest of the time wouldn’t matter much, but the jobs aren’t appearing despite an increasing in bid requests. It seems hundreds of people want bids, but nobody wants to hire the bidding service workers. So they keep paying the website money to place bids that nobody wants. And they are tired of it.

One service provider was so suspicious of what he was seeing on his end of things that he signed up as a customer and requested a bid for his own service. Logging in between his two accounts he quickly realized that the numbers weren’t adding up and the bids being placed weren’t reaching the clients who requested them.

Another caterer realized that many of the bids being requested were for events at venues where catering is already provided. Why bid out catering if a venue provides catering? It doesn’t make any sense.

Or at least not good business sense.

There is one thing that might explain the problems the service providers are having – fake bid requests. If the website seeded the field with fake requests for bids, they would wind up well ahead of the game. Not only would they skip the need for customers on their own site, they would still earn quite a bit from the poor service providers paying fees as they bid like crazy for jobs that don’t exist.

If this is the case, it’s certainly a shady business practice and everyone should just steer clear.

Reviews about electronic cigarettes on Pissed Consumer

Regal Cigs – $4.95 Trial is a scam


Regal Cigs – regal e cigs

Regal Cigs – Regal Cig’s Free E-Cigarette Trial Scam

There are few things harder than breaking a bad habit. If you’re a smoker and you’ve tried to quit, you know just how challenging it can be to give up the sensation and the feelings that smoking creates. While there are many legitimate products in the market to help you stop smoking, there are many that raise some eyebrows and more than a few that take advantage of the good intentions of individuals seeking a long-term solutions.

Selling a Savior

One man thought he had stumbled across something worthwhile. He was trying to stop smoking and found a website advertising e-cigarettes designed to help individuals stop smoking. The e-cigs were even billed as a “savior” since they would save you from the harmful effects of tobacco. Unfortunately the company wasn’t exactly the saint they promised to be.

E-cigarettes create a vapor that is inhaled much like the smoke from a cigarette is inhaled. The vapor is billed as harmless in some cases or as safer than cigarette smoke, but the jury is still out on how true those particular claims may be. What does appear to be true, however, is that at least one company is promising miracles with e-cigarettes that don’t actually come true.

The Introductory Trial

The premise is the same as so many other too-good-to-be-true offers online. For the low introductory price of $4.95 you can get the e-cig and the necessary vapor packs to get started and break your cigarette habit immediately. Simply pay for shipping and handling and you’ll be able to try the e-cigarette risk-free for a certain amount of time.

It sounds great! But it’s not. In truth, the customers who want to try the product out often fail to read the fine print. The truth is that the vapor may help you stop smoking, but that’s not the point of the scam – you can buy e-cigarettes in many places and those stores won’t try to take you for a financial ride. This particular website isn’t one of them.

Once you sign up for the trial and low-cost shipping, your credit card is on file. If you don’t return the e-cigarette and every single other item in the box within fourteen days, you’re liable for the full cost of the product. For the record that’s fourteen days from shipment, not receipt of the items. And the full cost? About $120. Imagine the surprise of those who were trying to do a good thing when they realized their credit card had been charged $120 instead of the $5 they were expecting.

(Lack of) Customer Service

Worse, once you’re charged there’s no going back. Irate customers called up the company to complain and request refunds, but of course they got absolutely nowhere at all. They were promised a return call from a supervisor who never called. They were told vague things about the charges. One man was even scolded over the phone for expecting a low-cost trial to actually be low cost.

Sadly there doesn’t seem to be a single customer who got his or her money back from the company, even after returning the product. The only way to get your funds is to work through your credit card company, potentially cancelling your card or closing out one and opening another to avoid initial and future charges by a company preying on your efforts to better yourself.

Reviews on Pissed Consumer about background check

Instant Checkmate – Put your credit card back in your wallet

Instant Checkmate – FRAUD WEBSITE

Instant Checkmate bait and switch

Instant Checkmate – Total Ripoff

Instant Checkmate – Bogus or no information

Instant Checkmate is a Loser, Don’t Do It

There are some websites and companies that appear to operate on a false front. They promise information or monitoring, but once you sign up for an account you realize that you’re not really getting anything special. In fact, you’re not getting anything you couldn’t get yourself with a bit of digging on the internet. But someone is benefiting from your membership. The company just got themselves another paying customer.

It’s worth noting that not all pay-for-use websites are bad. There are definitely valuable services that you can pay for online, and sometimes those services are worth the automatic charges every month. But even if you feel confident with a particular service, always check to be sure that you’re getting what you paid for.

You might decide to pay more than $20 for a background check. Since you’re paying money for the check, you ought to get pretty in-depth information, right? Wrong. For at least one background website, all you get is the same information you’d get through the regular search engine. Worse, the information is jumbled up between different individuals with similar names. Why would you pay $22 for wrong information? It would be pretty important to be sure you know who was married and who was divorced. You might also like to get the right phone number and address since you’re paying for it – especially if you can find the right one yourself without paying a monthly fee.

If you find a service that works for you and seems to be worth the regular charges, go for it. But if you have even a sneaking suspicion that you’re paying for something that’s not living up to its potential the solution is simple. Quit paying.

The “Free” Trial

Many companies offer a free trial for their product and service. This, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. A free trial is not, however, a free sample. As much as we might think they are or should be the same thing, a free sample is truly free – there is no charge upfront or down the road (although you might field some annoying phone calls or sales pitches for your efforts).

But a free trial should have more emphasis on trial rather than free. A “free” trial is more of a “payment delayed” trial. Sure, you can try it without paying. For now. But the moment the free trial period is over expect a charge – sometimes a big one!

Ongoing Memberships

Others realize that a free trial may cost them more in the end, so they opt to do a one-time payment. Pay $20 now and see the information reserved for our premium members. But read that fine print! There are few memberships that have only a single payment required. You can buy a software package or download a template for a one-time payment, but most memberships require ongoing payments. The trick is finding the fine print that says so.

If you read closely in the contract or the payment wording when you buy something, you might be able to find the phrases that indicate you’re not just buying now – you’re buying in the future as well. “The first month free” is a popular method of hiding the truth in plain sight. Sure, you’re getting a free month. Until the month after that and the month after that when the payments kick in full force.

Check Your Receipts

Many of us are old hands at buying things online. We don’t even check the emails welcoming us or thanking us for a purchase after the fact. But you should. Those receipts and emails are your clue as to what exactly you’re really buying.

It’s often in these emails that the truth appears. You bought a membership to the site for $20…this month. Next month your payment jumps to $30 and will continue until you make enough effort to get it cancelled. You should just hope you get it all cancelled in time to avoid more than just that initial charge.

Reviews on Pissed Consumers about bedding sets

Luxor Linens – Deal NOT honoured FRAUDULENT

Luxor Linens – Never received my sheets

Luxor Linens – Just another pissed off customer!!!

Based on recent reviews, Living Social is learning a hard lesson. But it does appear to be learning that lesson, at least. A recent flurry of reviews on the Pissed Consumer site are giving bad marks to both Living Social and a company called Luxor Linens. It seems many of the customers consider the linen company to be a scam, and since Living Social promoted the products, they are being pulled into the bad press with just as much enthusiasm as the actual culprit.

Living Social Gets Dirty

Customers are complaining that a deal through the Living Social website promoted high quality sheets through its website. This is just one of many different products that Living Social promotes through it’s site, so the product positioning is not especially odd or noticeable.

The linens were actually being sold by a company called Luxor Linens. Ordering through Living Social offered the standard discount on the product and then the sheets would be delivered by Luxor Linens. The arrangement appears to be identical to the sort the website handles daily. But this time things got messy.

No Sheets, No Service

Problems started almost immediately. Customers ordered sheet sets through Living Social. Then they waited for delivery. And they waited some more. According to their reviews, some customers waited for six weeks for the sheets to arrive. Others are still waiting for sheets that are unlikely to ever appear.

Those lucky enough to get new sheets were in for another surprise. After waiting six weeks for luxury linens, they received sheets that felt bumpy and coarse. Certainly not luxurious and soft. Beyond irritated the customers tried to return the sheets. Almost all of them have run into dead ends and seemingly empty promises.

Those still waiting for sheets have tried calling the company as well and have gotten exactly nowhere. As one anonymous reviewer stated, “This is fraudulent and I can see by the other reviews that I am not the only person that has been taken for a ride.” While some customers have received promises of refunds, none have actually materialized. Customers have been burned, and they aren’t the only ones.

Living Social Makes Amends

While it’s hard to say what the executives over at Living Social are thinking as they wade through this mess, it’s notable that the company is doing their share to make amends. Customers irate with their treatment by Luxor Linens have been refunded by Living Social at least. These customers have been given a credit to use on another Living Social deal, which at least rights a bit of the wrong.

While the original funds have been returned for some customers via a voucher by Living Social, these same customers are still waiting for a $10 shipping refund. The way things are looking now, however, it looks like they are just going to keep on waiting.

reviews about TV on Pissed Consumer

Vizio TV E550i-A0 Cracked Screen from Poor Quality Control

Vizio E47v1vle 47″

Do not buy Vizio…..Buyer beware !!!!!!

Sometimes we splurge on something special for ourselves. Sometimes we wind up regretting it. Buying a new television set is expensive. The TV prices can range from just a couple of hundred dollars well into the thousands for a larger model. At least when you buy that big, new television, you can count on it lasting for a long time – letting you enjoy that big splurge for quite some time.

But sometimes the reality doesn’t exactly live up the dream.

TV Screen Cracking

Imagine the surprise of one couple when they sat down to watch a show together on their relatively new television. Only 9 months after buying their new large television set, a couple sat down to watch a show together and got a big surprise – a giant crack in the screen of their television. Nothing had happened to the television prior to the crack – they simply changed the channel and the crack appeared.

This couple are not the only ones dealing with a television problem. Another man bought his television and experienced an internal crack shortly after buying it. Still another treated his television with kid gloves – and his stopped working completely. That’s a lot of money down the drain if the television can’t be fixed or replaced.

No Repairs, No Refunds

Of course the next step for the frustrated owners of broken televisions is to call the company to see about a warranty or replacement. After all, no television should spontaneously break after just nine months. While waiting on a response, one woman realized that she was probably out of luck when she discovered thousands of other reviews online explaining the same exact problem.

Armed with this new knowledge she wasn’t surprised when the television company came back and told her that the problem wasn’t with the television – it was something she had done. Apparently the television company decided that something hit the television and broke the screen. And since it was the owner’s alleged error, the company was off the hook for any repairs or replacements.

Another man who tried to get his television repaired had slightly better luck. He was told that the television could be repaired by a local repair service. All he had to do was pay about $330 upfront and they would be right out to look at the problem. The sad truth of the matter is that the gentleman could easily buy a new television for the same price as the upfront deposit on the repairs.

And that’s exactly what he decided to do. His broken television ended up with the many others from this company with the same problem. Thousands of televisions. Thousands of dollars. All of it, in the trash.

Reviews about Ice Cream on Pissed Consumer

Breyers Ice Cream – Bad taste of Breyers Frozen Dairy Dessert just won’t go away

Breyers Ice Cream – CHANGE IS BAD!

Breyers Ice Cream – Review about Ice Cream Taste from Shreveport, Louisiana

You can’t get away with very much when your business is ice cream. One company learned this the hard way when they changed their recipe after decades of making ice cream in a simple, perfect way. Not, they make a “frozen dairy dessert” that has almost nothing in common with the original ice cream except perhaps temperature. They are both cold, but only one was met with a warm reception.

The Original Recipe

For years this ice cream company sold its products on pure ingredients. The ingredients were, in fact, pure. Sugar and cream were the primary elements with a few other natural items thrown in for flavor. The product was one that tasted quite a bit like the homemade ice cream you might make on the porch on a summer night. All told, the company had a solid brand, a great flavor and a very dedicated fan base.

The Recipe Change

So it should be no surprise at all that when the company decided to dramatically change the recipe for its ice cream, that loyal fan base stopped being quite so loyal. As it turns out the folks who enjoyed natural ice cream weren’t as big a fan for the highly processed ingredients in the all new “frozen dairy dessert.”

In fact they have taken to the internet to explain exactly how little they care for the new recipe. One pissed consumer called the new concoction “THE most disgusting taste I have ever had the misfortune to endure.” Apparently the new dessert tastes worse than dish soap. That’s really saying something.

Begging and Pleading

While some customers are irritated with the recipe change, others just seem baffled and are pleading for the company to make a change. They want to go back to natural ingredients. They want real sugar, not high fructose corn syrup. They want real cream, not “dairy elements.”

Unfortunately it’s unlikely that this begging and pleading will actually pay off.

The ice cream company has new owners and the new owners have brought in the new recipe. Looking at the list of ingredients, it would appear that most of the change has to do with the bottom line of the ice cream maker, not the ice cream itself. Cheap products means a bigger profit, but the company may have goofed on this one. Cheap ice cream tastes like cheap “frozen dairy dessert.” And when customers quit buying your cheap dessert, the bottom line disappears completely.

Online Shopping reviews on Pissed Consumer

Aliexpress – Dishonest seller Chinese style fashion clothing Store No.424602 xuanze wang

Aliexpress – Dishonest Company

Aliexpress – scam!

There are so many good websites online that offer great deals on items of every type. Unfortunately there are just as many shady websites that are out there to take your credit card information and money. They are decidedly less interested in actually delivering what it was you ordered.

Fortunately there are a few simple ways to test the validity of a new website. It may not work every single time, but you can definitely get a good feel for what a website is about with some simple checks.

Check Online for Reviews

If you’ve never ordered anything from a website before, even if you’ve heard of the site or seen ads for it, check for online reviews. There is likely to be a bit of something for virtually every company under the sun. There’s always someone who thinks their soup was too cold or the service was too slow. But look for big reoccurring problems that show up in online reviews.

Customers not getting what they ordered? A terrible return policy? Companies blatantly stealing money? These are obvious problems with an obvious solution. Don’t order!

Look for Contact Information

A reputable company will have contact information listed – often there are many different ways you can get in touch with the company. If you’re suspicious about a company, do a quick search to find the phone number and address of the company.

Addresses are a bit harder to find at times since so many online businesses aren’t in a brick and mortar store, but you should be able to find a phone number. You might even call the number just to see what happens. Get a person? That’s definitely a good sign. Get a busy signal? It could be suspect. Get an out-of-order message? Run.

Try a Sample Order

This can be a hard one as it involves patience and waiting, but it is a good test for many iffy websites or online stores. If you are interested in spending a lot of money on an unknown website, hold off a bit. Rather than place a giant order – even if it’s the deal of a century – try ordering something much smaller first. Buy a $10 something before you buy a $100 something.

If you have to wait more than just a few days for your $10 something to arrive, you might have a problem. If your cheap item arrives and it isn’t what you ordered and isn’t even close to what you thought you paid for, you have the answers you need. If, on the other hand, you have a decent experience with the cheap item, you now have something new and fun to enjoy and a bit more confidence in the store for the big items you’re getting ready to purchase.

Reviews about mattress

Buyer beware: Mattress firm will sell used bed as “floor model”

Mattress Firm of Las Cruces use shady sales practices

mattress firm misrepresentation!

Buying the right mattress can be huge when it comes to enjoying your rest and waking up refreshed. A good mattress can last you well over a decade, especially with careful maintenance, so it’s no wonder that so many mattresses cost an arm and a leg.

If you don’t have thousands of dollars laying around to spend on a new mattress, you’ve probably seen many of the deals advertised by discount mattress chains. These deals are definitely tempting! Why spend thousands when you can buy a new mattress for hundreds? It seems like such a great deal…until you realize you’ve been had.

The False Warranty

Many mattresses come with a warranty – especially the expensive ones. Many other mattress companies encourage you to buy a warranty with your purchase to be sure that you’re comfortable on your new bed. In some cases a warranty can be a very good idea. If, for example, you’re a delicate sleeper and your mattress loses firmness or sags over time, you can use your warranty to have the bed returned or replaced.

Imagine one man’s surprise when he realized his warranty wasn’t what he thought it was. He decided that two years into a new mattress that he was going to need to put his three year warranty to work to return the bed. It was sagging and not the mattress he paid big bucks for.

When he called the store, however, he learned that he did indeed pay for a three year warranty on his mattress. What was sold to him, however, wasn’t a three year warranty. His warranty was good for 90 days. Always check the paperwork before you write the check!

The “Floor Model”

Another common problem with great deals is that they aren’t exactly what you are expecting. A floor model is a new bed that has sat on the showroom floor. People might have tested it out, but nobody has sweated or slept in the bed overnight. It’s never been in a home with cats or dogs or toddlers who wet the bed.

A returned bed, on the other hand, has most certainly lived somewhere other than the showroom floor. The returned bed can contain just about anything accumulated in a person’s home over days or even months. Unfortunately the sales people at the mattress store know that nobody wants to buy a used bed. The same customers don’t mind buying a “floor model” however, so they often sell the used beds as discounted floor models.

In cases like this it is very much buyer’s beware!

Reviews about gym membership

Planet Fitness steals & lies to its clients!!

Planet Fitness – Awful

Every one of us has decided to be healthier at some point. Eat better foods. Exercise. Maybe get a gym membership. But as most of us know, sticking to the plan can be pretty challenging. Even with a gym membership, actually making it to the gym to workout becomes less of a priority and soon you’re dealing with a gym membership you aren’t using. So the logical thing at that point is to simply cancel your gym membership. Unfortunately there is nothing simple about it.

The Contract Simply States…Nothing

Gym memberships often require a contract for a set time, usually one year. When you initially sign up for the membership this is less of a concern because you’re quite convinced that you’re going to use the membership daily – you’re getting healthy!

But then things happen. You wind up with a hurt back and unexpected surgery. You move to a new city with a new job. Your company installs an in-house gym. You realize that you only have twenty-four hours in a day instead of twenty-five. Life happens and you’re stuck with a gym membership you don’t need and, in some cases, can’t afford.

So you decide to cancel. You dig for your contract to find the specifics and the legalese makes it a challenge to figure out exactly what you need to do. There’s nothing simply stated here to help you. All you know is that there is something about cancellation, so that’s encouraging. You decide to call the gym to get help with the cancellation.

Gym Memberships Going Nowhere

Unfortunately when you call, you get some bad news. It turns out you have to wait the length of your contract before you are off the hook for payments. You had expected something of this nature, so you aren’t shocked. You confirm with the customer service representative that your membership will be automatically stopped when the contract is up. He assures you that there is no automatic renewal.

It turns out he lied.

Three months later you’re still being charged. You’re not the only one. Another would-be-former member of the gym called to cancel and was told he had to send in a certified letter to stop his membership –even after the year of his contract was up. It was either go through significant hassles at the post office or drive back to a town he moved from and cancel from there.

Ultimately it turns out that going through your bank to simply block payments after trying everything else is the only solution that works. If this is the route you wind up taking, don’t be surprised to learn that your bank already knows your situation. Apparently this is a common situation with some gyms – common enough that bank officers sympathize with you, even if the gym employees do not.

Reviews about car rental

Dollar Rent A Car – Mislead into ridiculous insurance charges

Dollar Rent A Car – Review about Rental Car Insurance

Dollar Rent A Car – Excessive Admin Fee’s !!

Traveling is a mixture of excitement and resentment at times. You’re excited to arrive in a new place, ready to explore and have a good time, but you have to make it through some irritations before the fun can begin. The worst of these – outside of the typical airline issues – are rental cars.

The Fun of a New Ride

Renting a car can be terrific if you enjoy driving new vehicles and trying out new things. But if you’re caught in a scuffle about damage to the vehicle, hidden upgrades and ridiculous fees, it’s very hard to enjoy yourself on your vacation. You’re much too busy dealing with the drama of your transportation.

When you first arrange your rental car, you select the vehicle you’d like and the insurance you’d like to go with it. Some people opt out of insurance and others feel the insurance is a good call. Along with insurance choices, you may be asked to choose whether or not you’ll arrange for a toll tag. Toll roads are increasing in use around the country, and by opting out of toll tags, you’re running the risk of accidentally getting charged.

Once you’ve made your selections, you’re off to go in your new rental car – ready to explore and have an adventure!

The High Price of Renting a Car

Of course the fun only lasts as long as you’re driving and exploring. Once you go to turn the car into the rental company, you’re often faced with unexpected charges. You might discover that the insurance you didn’t ask for what charged to your credit card anyhow. You might learn that the tire you bought to keep your vehicle on the road isn’t going to be reimbursed by the company.

Best of all, you might be at home weeks after returning your rental car and learn that the single toll you went through – the one that cost less than a dollar on an EZ tag – is actually going to cost you almost $26. That’s less than a dollar for a toll and $25 for the fee for using the EZ tag that’s actually in the car.

While the car company might offer you a “flat rate” on your rental car, there are often hidden charges and fees that accumulate without your knowledge. Never skip a walkthrough on a vehicle because you might be charged for damage you didn’t cause. Never take a toll road if you can’t pay the tolls in cash. And most importantly, never rent a car from a company that makes customers so angry that review their many negative experiences online.

Reviews about healthcare and home products

Melaleuca are ThIEVES

Melaleuca – Review about Unauthorized Charges from Carolina, Carolina

Melaleuca – Lies and Excessive Paperwork

In the world of online reviews, there are some online reviews that garner almost immediate reactions. Some company appear to be a fly-by-night scammer trying to grab as much money as possible before the law or common sense catches up to it. Other company reviews are more convoluted – is the problem with the company? Or could it be the customers?

The Automatic Rebills

A large number of complaints online are generated from automatic rebills. These rebills are especially frustrating for those who don’t like to read the fine print on various agreements and purchases. Of course, the automatic rebill is quite lucrative for the merchant who is happily charging up credit cards and debiting bank accounts monthly.

The fine line here comes in to play on legality. Some rebills are totally legal and customers have signed up for them. These include healthcare and home products from a particular company that are sent to premium members on a monthly basis. The agreement clearly states that by signing up as a premium member you’ll be receiving new items regularly and the company will by taking money to pay for those items.

Other rebills are a bit more dubious. The “free trials” and “$1 to start” offers that require customers to put in credit card for a fad diet treatment or the like are an invitation to disaster. If even a cursory bit of research turns up negative reviews on a company that has been around for less than a year, there is a problem. You’re likely dealing with a scam and about to have serious issues.

But what if you are feeling cheated by a company that has been around more than three decades? What then?

Questionable Business

Three decades of business practice should make you feel confident in a company’s reliability. After all, if a company has made it this long, they can’t be doing anything terribly wrong. Unfortunately things aren’t always that cut and dried.

One health care company has been around for quite some time selling cosmetics, cleaning supplies and other household items toting their goods as cost-effective, healthy alternatives to many standard items.

But the questions follow quickly after the sales pitch. What ingredients make these items healthy? As it turns out the ingredients are the same as many other, cheap and potentially harmful, products. Of course you won’t be able to learn that until after you sign up for a premium membership where you’re subjected to rebilled payments, monthly shipments and other frustrations.

And what if the sales person introducing you to the “healthy” products fails to disclose what you’re signing up for? Then you’re definitely into messy business. Not only do you have a dishonest “friend”, but you have rebilling charges that are definitely a hassle to get rid of.

The big question is, however, are your woes the company’s fault? Or are they yours for not paying closer attention to what you were signing? It’s definitely sticky business.

Reviews about timeshare

Bluegreen Resorts – Timeshare sucker

Bluegreen Resorts – Shame on you Bluegreen Vacations

Bluegreen Resorts – Review about Maintenance Fees

A timeshare always sounds like a good idea in the sales pitch. But then that’s the purpose of the sales pitch – to make something not very desirable sound fabulous! Fortunately for the sales people – and unfortunately for those who wind up in a time share trap – there is a lot that does sound good about a timeshare.

You get an easy vacation every year – maybe even every month. You can travel to any of the hotels or resorts the company owns. You can book your stay just about any time. What a great deal!

But then the other shoe drops and you realize, usually once you’ve signed on the dotted line, that the deal isn’t really all it sounds like it could be.

The Trouble with Timeshare

In general there is nothing wrong with a timeshare if it is done on the up and up. When you buy a timeshare you are a partial owner in a building or resort with a guaranteed amount of time in the resort or hotel.

You might buy a week or two’s worth of time in a hotel along with dozens of other people. In this way you’re sharing the costs of the building and splitting the maintenance fees. That’s when things go right.

When things go wrong, you wind up footing the bill for a management company who will do just about everything in their power to be sure you never take advantage of what you’re paying for. When you factor in the initial purchase price and the ongoing maintenance charges, you can easily be spending thousands of dollars per year.

Of course you’re supposed to be getting a great vacation option out of the deal, but often when you call to book the travel you discover that you can’t seem to find a date you’re allowed to use your points or your designated time. Nothing is available and nobody seems very interested in helping you find an opening.

A False Bill of Goods

Even worse, when you finally arrive at the resort, it may not be all it was promised to be. You’re paying thousands of dollars per year for a luxury resort. The room you’re given when you arrive is shoddy at best and nowhere near “luxury.” The room you reserved is suddenly no longer available and now you’re stuck in possibly the worst room in the place.

A solid investment? Quite the opposite in fact.

The most insulting of all is how challenging it is to get rid of a timeshare. Once the sales force has hooked you, it’s seemingly impossible to break ties or sell the share back. Many frustrated owners wind up with lawyers and additional costs just to break ties with the timeshare company and ensure that they actually stay broken!

It’s enough to make you lose sleep at night, and that is certainly not worth paying for.

Reviews about cable services

Suddenlink – Review about Poor Internet Service from Canyon, Texas

Suddenlink – constant outages

Suddenlink – Disappoint Abounds..Bitter Departure

A pure market fixes a lot of issues. When there are companies competing for your business, you can often work out fair prices, low offers and round up some service technicians when you need them. But when a company is a monopoly, there isn’t much they don’t get away with – and there’s not much you can do about it.

Cable Service Issues

Cable companies offer HD services and high speed internet Sometimes it seems as though they offer these services whether they can deliver them or not. There is nothing more frustrating than paying for high speed internet only to realize your internet isn’t much better than a dial-up modem would be. To top it off, that not-so-high-speed internet only seems to work when it feels like working.

Cable that cuts in and out frequently is beyond frustrating. Internet that does the same can actually damage small businesses with a loss of connectivity. To add insult to injury, when you call the company to check on the outage, more often than not, you’re told that there is no outage in your area!

The Cable Tech

So you call in the cable technician to fix the problem. Unfortunately there are three things you’ll have to deal with now. The first is the cable technician may have absolutely no idea what the problem is. He’ll blunder around a bit, try some new wires, admit defeat and head out. The second problem comes in the mail – the bill. How is it that a cable guy who didn’t fix the problem costs so much? And the problem certainly isn’t on your end – it’s the company’s!

Finally, your third problem: Even if the cable tech is as nice as he can be, he can’t help you a bit when the company refuses to resolve things back at headquarters. Then you’re both awkwardly embarrassed because he’d like to help, you want him to help, but the company he works for is making that impossible.

Make the Switch

When you just can’t handle the erratic billing, the ambiguous late fees and the poor customer service, it’s time to cancel. If you can. In many areas, you’re stuck with the service you’re getting if you want internet and cable. For some pissed consumers, this is the biggest thorn of all – there is absolutely nothing they can do to change the circumstances they are in.

In others you have a choice at least. And when you have a choice, make the choice to leave behind a frustrating situation. Of course, you’ll still have to make it through the gauntlet of customer service to make this happen. You may be laughed at. You may be told a lie. You may be offered the kind of poisoned deal that will only drive you crazy later. Power through it all and at the end, you’ll hopefully have the kind of cable deal you can actually enjoy with a new company.

Reviews about watches

World Of Watches – Beware, they do not honor sale prices


World of Watches lie

Watches have become a bit less about function, and a bit more about fashion. After all, most of us check the time on our phones these days than on anything else. But when you’re buying a new watch, you want to get something you like as well as something you know will last. The trick is finding the right watch with the right price.

Price Does Not Equal Quality

Too often we assume that price equals quality. This is not necessarily the case. Sometimes watches can be extremely expensive but still fall apart or break in just a few months. But of course, the flipside is also true – a cheap watch doesn’t necessarily mean poor quality. Sometimes you just want a basic watch, and surprisingly it is often the inexpensive watches that keep on ticking over time.

Water Proof and Water Resistant

Be sure you understand the difference between water proof and water resistant. A water proof watch can be completely submerged in water. You can snorkel or swim with your watch on your wrist and never have a problem. A water resistant watch, on the other hand, is designed for the occasional splash – not a big swim. If you buy a water resistant watch and try to take it underwater with you, you’ll quickly discover that the watch takes on water just like any other standard watch – albeit a bit more slowly perhaps.

Prices Vary

For many of us, the most important criteria for a new watch is the style. Of course, for really impressive style you often have to pay big bucks. But you can usually find a nice watch for a reasonable amount – but be ready for some variation.

Watches are considered jewelry and the price is going to be inflated as high as the store can get away with, just like a diamond necklace. This means that in a brick and mortar setting a nice watch might have a negotiable price. But when you buy a watch online the price might actually fluctuate on the website from day to day or even page to page.

While it might be worth noting that prices do vary a bit, a website that seems to have a “sale” price escalating over the course of a few minutes should probably be avoided. That’s not the moving gold prices driving the price – a rising price like this means the website has something else at work. Probably a bit of price inflation.

Check the Fine Print

If a watch is named after a particular company, it may not actually be made in that country. For example, French fries are most certainly American – not French. So when a watch is called a Swiss watch, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the watch is made in Switzerland.

Of course, if the company selling the watch is hiding the location where the watch was manufacture red, they are concealing information unnecessarily. Likewise if the product says “Made in China” but the company is pushing customers into buying a “watch made in Switzerland” there is an obvious lie in play.

But companies are good at skimming along the line on advertising deceptions. Be sure you read the fine print carefully!

Reviews about phone resale

Wasted my time with Ecyclebest

Ecyclebest – Promised a better price

Ecyclebest – Quoted for $200, sent a check for $13. Cannot get in contact with a single person

Technology often moves faster than we do, leaving us scrambling to catch up. Of course we want the latest gadget, but after we get the newest iPhone, what do we do with the old one? Many people look for ways to trade their old electronics for some fast cash. There are, of course, many place that will take your old phone or tablet and refurbish it for additional sale. The trick, however, is finding the right place.

Beware the Highest Offer

If you go online and look for a place to sell your old phone, you’ll find plenty of takers. Of course, not all of these are on the up and up. Often you can tell the shadiest dealer by price. The company you don’t want to work with is the one who offers you the highest price.

Granted, if the price one company offers you is just a few dollars higher than another, you are probably okay. But if one company offers you fifty or one hundred dollars more for the same appliance, something fishy is going on, and it’s not going to work out in your favor.

That high buying price is likely an attempt by the company to lure you into doing business with them. Once you send in your appliance, you’re trapped – they have your appliance and they don’t have to do anything at all to help you further.

Prepare for a Scam

Based on reviews, it seems to be a fifty-fifty split between good companies and bad. Some companies will try and take your appliance and keep your money. Others are willing to deal more favorably with customers.

It is best to go into a deal like this anticipating the scam and mentally prepared for what might happen. Of course, you can avoid a lot of issues like this by doing some research ahead of time. Most scammers, especially those with established websites and companies, have been in their shady business for quite some time.

That means you can usually do a bit of digging and find out how others have fared when they try to recycle their electronics. If there are dozens or even hundreds of customers complaining about how they were scammed – there is no reason to suspect that your experience will be any different!

Of course there are always options to trade your phone in without having to work with unknown websites and companies. If you’re worried about scammers or can’t find a company that feels right, why not try selling your electronic yourself or even to a pawn shop? You may not make quite as much, but at least you’ll be sure to get your money in hand and not wind up the next victim of an e-cycle scam.

Reviews about Microsoft Windows

Microsoft – Windows 8 Product is now invalid

Microsoft – I made the mistake of buying a laptop with Windows 8

Microsoft XP is being phased out, so you must purchase a new program

Sometimes a company owns just about everything in a particular market. Take computers, for example. When you buy a new computer, most of the time you are going to receive a Windows machine. This is great for Windows, but it’s not so great for the folks on the receiving end of things who aren’t very enthusiastic about the latest Windows platform.

Phasing Out Windows XP

Like so many forms of technology, Windows is gradually phasing out their old platforms and preparing for newer ones. One complaint on the blog is from a frustrated user who owns an older Windows machine. He has Windows XP which works well for him, but soon Microsoft is going to no longer support XP. They will only support Windows 8 and 8.1

This user is frustrated and upset that the company won’t stand behind its products, and he has a good point. Even if a few years have passed, company should still acknowledge that millions of computers are running their software. Of course, it remains to be seen just what Microsoft means when they say the will no longer support the software. Does that mean they won’t support the users at all? Or is it just a sign that there will be less updates and support over time?

Upgrading Software

Another Pissed Consumer user decided to go ahead and update a Windows 7 laptop with Windows 8 software. He went through all of the right steps to buy the software, to install and even make a back-up complete with security key.

Sadly his computer needed a reformat down the road. When he reformatted his machine, he learned that all was not quite as it should be. Rather than simply installing the software he purchased previously, the software kicked out a message that his security key was invalid – the same one he had received when he bought the software in the first place!

He spent hours on the phone talking to eight different customer service representatives to sort things out. Did it help? Not a bit. He finally gave up in frustration.

Windows 8 Hate

Finally, there are the many users who seem to just truly dislike Windows 8. Granted it is a very new set up and design from Windows 7 and Windows XP, but these users feel like the company moved just a bit too quickly for the typical computer user.

Pissed Consumer has had hundreds of complaints about Windows 8 and how non-user-friendly the platform really is. Individuals who felt rather confident with their old machines are now lost, confused and frustrated trying to do even simple things.

For these pissed consumers, the message to Windows is clear – if it isn’t broken, please don’t try to fix it. But in this case, Windows 8 is certainly broken – so fix it!

Reviews about weight loss products

Beachbody – Worst customer service!

Beachbody – HORRIBLE customer service. It’s not worth the stress!!!

Beachbody – Complaint

When you’re watching a commercial or happen upon an infomercial, the information you’re fed appears absolutely perfect. What could be better than what you’re seeing? It works beautifully! It has no flaws! There is no way that this miracle solution won’t work for you!

So you buy it.

And that begins the downward spiral into problem after problem for most customers.

Getting a Great Body

The weight loss marketplace is a very profitable one. Everyone wants to look fit and be healthier, but unfortunately it’s a bit harder to have a bikini ready body than it would appear in a television infomercial. You can drink protein shakes all day long, but there is no short cut to a fit, toned body.

Unfortunately many people found this out the hard way.

When these individuals ordered from a television advertisement, they were promised terrific results from a series of weight loss and toning regimes involving shakes and lotions. Sadly, for most people there were problems almost immediately.

One woman had severe breakouts from the cream that the weight loss company sold her. She called the company and complained and asked for her money back. The company representative who was on the other end of the phone barely spoke the same language as the caller. There were many miscommunications and no resolutions.

Finally the irritated customer managed to return the product, but she is still out her full refund more than a month later.

The Dreaded Auto Rebill

Other customers have more serious complaints about the weight loss company. While one woman had trouble with the product and subsequent refund, many others are having trouble getting the company to stop charging their credit cards.

According to the fine print, when the would-be health fanatics signed up for the television offer, they got free items but also were subscribed to an automatic rebill. That means every month they were shipped something new and their credit card was charged for it.

As you can imagine, over time, these costs added up quite a bit and the customers grew increasingly irritated – not just because they felt tricked, but because they couldn’t undo the damage.

When the furious customers called to cancel the monthly “subscription”, they encountered serious language barriers, deliberate “misunderstandings” and plenty of customer service workers who were not the least interested in offering service of any sort.

Finally after an exhausting proceedings, the customers were able to get the subscriptions cancelled. Of course, that usually didn’t happen until after they had tried two or three times and dealt with subsequent charges in between.

It’s no small wonder they are angry – anyone in that situation would have been.