Reviews about propane delivery on Pissed Consumer

Suburban Propane – Unregulated, bait and switch, price gouging, unfair business practices

Suburban Propane – Suburban refill price 9/15/14 $5.59!!! Nearly 3 times the refill price of competitors

2 people in our park used Suburban Propane and charged different prices per gal.

There are many choices when it comes to heating your home. One of the best for those living in more rural areas is propane. Propane is straightforward enough. A large propane tank is installed on your property and the gas lines are run from the tank into your home. Periodically when your gas gets low in the tank, you call the company to come and refill it.

Of course, like so many things that should be straightforward, some problems can crop up with this simple heating solution.

Scattered Deliveries

If you’re living in a cold climate and you’re relaying on propane for heat, having a steady supply is not just important – it’s critical. Unfortunately, sometimes propane companies don’t feel the same urgency that you do for a steady supply of propane.

These companies might move delivery dates around, even though you called in plenty of time to leave yourself some wiggle room. Of course, if the truck doesn’t come for weeks, it’s hard to gauge how much gas you’ll need and that can be downright dangerous.

Disregard for Safety

Using gas for heating and cooking can have its own slew of possible issues. One of those is a gas leak somewhere in your home. When you’re working from a propane tank, it’s easy to see when a leak is occurring – the gas simply disappears from your tank.

In the case of one family, the tank ran empty quite unexpectedly. The family immediately called the propane company to inspect the tank and the lines for a possible leak. Concerned about safety, the customer was rather irritated when the tank employees didn’t show up for almost twelve hours. When they did show up, the workers simply put a bit more gas in the tank, did a glance at the outside tank and declared it fine. That’s certainly not what a concerned customer wants to hear.

The next morning the tank was empty again – so much the “fine” system and the refill.

Price Gouging

Finally, one of the biggest obstacles you run into with refilling a tank with something like gas is the cost of refilling it. The first time you fill your tank you’ll likely be offered an introductory rate. Every time after that, however, you may be paying through the nose.

One propane company is allegedly charging customers more than twice as much as other companies in the area. Customers, many of whom are stuck in contracts or with fixed refill schedules are paying two or even three times as much for their propane gas as they would be paying if they went with another company.

Sure, the price of gas fluctuates all of the time, much like the price of oil or any commodity, but if every other company is charging around $2.50 per gallon of gas delivered, why would another company sell their gas at $5? The short answer is because people are either locked into paying that ridiculously high price or they don’t know any better.

In a case like this, it may be time for these customers to get legal representation or complain formally. For any new customers, complaints about the issue may be all they need to steer clear.

Reviews about camera on Pissed Consumer

America Cameras – Extremely bad customer service!

America Cameras – Be careful about buying from

America Cameras – SCAM!!! DO NOT do business with these thieves!!!

Some places offer low-priced merchandise and they don’t try to hide behind brand names. You want to spend just a couple of dollars on a toy? It will be made as cheaply as possible with cheap materials, but that may be just what you needed at the time and don’t mind paying just a bit for just a bit of quality.

Other places, however, offer brand name merchandise for quite a bit less than every other retailer. How can a website offer you a television for $200 less than everyone else? Why would a high-quality camera be $100 less in one place than another? Sure, it could be a sale or a special promotion. But stores lose money on those sales to bring customers to the store. Stores who sell below cost lose money all of the time – unless you’re paying for something else.

Additional Merchandise

Let’s say you bought a camera for $400. Everywhere else online it was at least $500 – a deal almost too good to be true. So you click the Buy button and wait for your camera. But you don’t get a camera, at least not right away. Instead you get a phone call from the company.

It turns out that camera you just bought doesn’t come with a case or battery. Would you like to add those to your order? Suddenly your $400 camera became a $600 camera. The company loses money on the camera, but earns quite a bit by selling you a $10 case for almost $100.

Shipping Costs

It’s not just additional merchandise that can run up costs. Shipping can cost a pretty penny, too. Especially if you pay extra for shipping and then the shipping is “delayed” negating the entire service you just paid for.

One man bought a television online and paid for overnight shipping. When he called to follow up with the company, he was told that the company simply doesn’t ship televisions overnight. They certainly didn’t offer to return his money. In fact they hung up on him.

Tough Customer Service

If you’re going to work in a business where you roughly persuade and possibly even deal customers dirty, you can’t have gentle souls working in your customer service department. Fortunately, an overworked, angry customer service agent is all you really need to run a business like this and having a shortage of representatives means you can bet customers don’t stay on the phone very long.

In many cases, irate customers called up to complain or follow up with concerns about their purchase. The customer service response was to be rude and simply hang up on them. That’s certainly not a “customer-first” atmosphere.

Delay the Product

Finally, if you really want to make money by selling items well under retail prices, you can simply not send the product that the customer bought. It’s simple, really. You buy one camera. Then you sell your camera to five different people online. You make five times the profit!

Of course there will likely be some complaints from customers about not actually receiving the camera they purchased, but that’s simple to handle. Tell them their product is delayed since it’s coming from overseas. If the customers get tough, you just has to get tougher. Hang up on them!

Reviews on Pissed Consumer about kids clothing

Once Upon A Child – Sickening reviews!!

Once Upon A Child – Review about Clothes Selling from Findlay, Ohio

Once Upon A Child – Pick and irrational when deciding what to buy!

Once Upon A Child – Review about Kids Clothing from Norwalk, Connecticut

Children, especially babies, outgrow clothing and toys in a record amount of time. It’s hard to justify spending hundreds of dollars on a new baby wardrobe every few months, so it makes financial sense to try and sell back those gently used clothes to regain some of the original expense. As many people have discovered, however, selling children’s clothing and toys through a consignment shop or second hand shop isn’t always as simple as you might think.

They Won’t Take Everything

The employees in a second hand store will often pay for the clothing items they take, but it’s a certainty that they won’t take everything you bring in. A popular consignment store might have dozens of customers coming through every day to try and sell all of their baby’s early wardrobe. There is no way that the store can take every one of the items offered – even if they are gently used.

You may think there is nothing wrong with a jacket or baby outfit, but if the employees in the store look it over carefully and noticing pilling, broken zippers or even the smallest tears, they won’t take it. They can afford to be choosy after all – they have dozens of customers coming in the same day offering similar clothing items. It may be frustrating to lug five bags of clothing into the store only to lug four and a half back out, but you can’t blame the store – they can afford to be picky and have no shortage of clothing and baby gear to pick from.

Prices Have to Be Low

You paid $20 for an adorable outfit. You take it to the baby consignment store and learn that you’re only going to get $2 for it. Shocked and offended by the offer you leave the store in a huff. This is an extremely common occurrence in a second-hand store, but it shouldn’t be.

The store is in business to sell second-hand clothing at a low price. In order to have special sales and offer the lowest prices on the quality clothing, they must buy high quality clothing at a low price. That means the clothing you bring into the store are going to get a low price. And yes, the store will then turn around the sell them for more. That’s the way a business works.

It doesn’t actually matter how much you paid for an item a year ago, it matters what customers are willing to pay for it now. If that’s $3, you’re going to get $2 for the item so the store has a bit of room to try and make a profit.

It’s Not Your Only Option

As frustrated as customers get with second-hand and consignment stores not paying them what they want for their baby clothing, there is another option. In fact, there are many options. Taking your clothing to sell takes most of the work out of the process. You show up, you profit, the store works to resell and they profit.

If you want to keep all of the profit or at least maximize the amount you get for your items, you may have to do a bit more work to sell those baby items at a yard sale, flea market or online. Put yourself in control of the sale and you control the price. Simple!

Reviews about necklace on Pissed Consumer

Mynamenecklace – Review about Name Necklace from Toronto, Ontario

Mynamenecklace – No communication at all, waste of money

Mynamenecklace – Very Very late delivery and not what I ordered

Mynamenecklace – Review about Monogram Necklace from Amelia, Louisiana

We do a huge amount of shopping online. There are so many customized products available through websites and global connections it would be a shame to avoid the opportunities that the internet has brought to retail. But sadly just because it online shopping is available, it isn’t always a good idea. There are always a few possibilities for problems when you place an order online, but checking for a few tell-tale signs of issues can help you steer clear of the worst problems at least.

If you’re considering ordering from a new website, take a cautionary approach and do just a bit of research before handing over your credit card information.

Online Reviews Are Negative

It’s natural for every company to have an occasional negative or neutral review. After all, we are people helping people and we all have a bad day occasionally. But it is certainly not natural to have one negative review after another online. If you do a quick search for the company you’re about to order from and find negative reviews, be cautious.

As you read those reviews, you may learn that what seemed like a pretty necklace or a really good deal isn’t much of a deal at all. Customers post about their negative experiences so that you don’t have to repeat the madness. Hopefully you’re willing to heed the warning.

Limited or No Contact Information

Dig a bit on the website and look for contact information. How hard is it to get in touch with the people at the website? A reputable company is going to have a great deal of contact information available. You should be able to find email addresses and phone numbers to the different departments in a company. Even if you’re just working with an individual, anyone running a serious business is going to have published contact information.

The rule here is pretty simple. If there is no contact information, there should be no sale. It’s pretty shady business practice to not allow would-be customers contact a person at the store with questions or concerns.

Test Order Goes Wrong

Sometimes you have to gamble a bit and order something pricey from an unknown website if you’re going to have the item in hand before a holiday or birthday. But other times you have plenty of time to try out a new site before sending them hundreds of your dollars.

If you have your eye on a pretty necklace that costs well over $100, keep an eye on it, but don’t order it just yet. Instead order something else on the site that costs considerably less as a sort of trial run. Try to order something you want or can use as a gift in the future, but if your $10 item arrives damaged, late or never makes it at all, it’s a pretty good bet that your $100 item isn’t going to do much better.

On the other hand, if that $10 item arrives intact and is of good quality you can continue to order from the site with peace of mind about all future purchases.

Reviews on Pissed Consumer about cabinets

Cabinets To Go – Warning, warning stay away from Cabinet to go

Cabinets To Go: Dishonest and Totally Unprofessional

Cabinets To Go – Cheap Chinese cabinets, they are never in stock and WAY overpriced

The kitchen is the heart of the home. A place to gather. A place to cook. A place to eat together as a family sharing tales of the day. But how do you build a kitchen without cabinets? Not very well.

Unfortunately thousands of customers have learned a difficult lesson about buying cabinets. These customers opted for cabinets from a discount vendor and many are still waiting for parts of their order – in some cases a full year later!

Flashy and Bright Advertisements

It’s not just cars that are sold through flashy advertising. Kitchen cabinets – thousands of dollars’ worth of cabinets – are often sold the same way. A television commercial comes on and tells you about terrific savings. Thousands of dollars off! Terrific savings! High-quality products! Sell! Sell! Sell!

While eye-rolling at times, advertisements like this do produce the desired effect. You remember the company name. You remember those great deals. And when you have $4000 to spend on cabinets, you go with the company you think of first – the well-advertised one.

Finding Excuses Not Solutions

Sadly, the attention to detail ends with the commercial break. A many pissed consumers learned the hard way, once you start working with the cabinet company or the cabinet company’s website, you’re wading in a mire of problems you can’t quickly escape.

You find a cabinet you like and you order a kitchen’s worth. You pay your $4,000 as expected and wait to be updated on delivery. A week later you’re still waiting. And the week after that. And the week after that. Finally, if you’re like most customers, you start looking for answers, and in this case the only thing you’ll find are sorry excuses.

The cabinets are backordered.

The parts are on order.

Only part of your order is available – will you take delivery for those?

It will be just a bit longer due to manufacturer issues.

We’ll look into and call you back.

What you want are cabinets. What you’re getting is a run-around. Unfortunately this particular run-around doesn’t have a bit of fun and it doesn’t end well. If the company ever manages to find your cabinets and have them delivered don’t expect much.

Questionable Deals on Cabinets

You get a call to schedule delivery and excitedly await the cabinets. Unfortunately when you open the box you realize that the cabinets aren’t what you ordered. You may be missing pieces. You might have one or two doors or cabinets missing. You might even realize you’ve waited weeks and weeks for the wrong color cabinets since the company ordered the wrong ones.

At this point you have only a handful of options. None are particularly good options, mind you. You can continue to harass customer service to send you the missing parts and cabinet pieces. Or you can send the whole mess back and start working to cancel thousands of dollars in merchandise. Or you can just throw up your hands, consider a lawsuit, work with what you have, and experience the rage that comes with a very, very expensive lesson learned.

Reviews about gardening on Pissed Consumer

Dimeo Farms – Beware of DiMeo fruit farms,,,enter at your own risk

Gardeners Collection – Review about Plants in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Burgess Seed And Plant Company – Sent all plants back and got NO refund

Dimeo Farms – Worst customer service experience in my life

Willis Orchard Company – Grapes and lies

Dimeo Farms – I ordered 10 bushes, when I called with a question, was told I was wasting his time.

Spring is in the air and that means it’s time to start preparing and planting gardens – especially if you’re hoping to grow fruits and vegetables. As you turn your soil and prepare your compost, give some thought to your plants this year as well – do you know what it is you’re planting? Do you have a plan for ordering your plants? If not, perhaps it’s time to do some planning.

Checking for Organic Seals

Organic plants must be grown in certain conditions from seed to harvest. If you are planning an organic garden, be sure to do your research before you pay for any plants. Anyone can put words on a website or flyer, but only certain companies actually have a seal to show the plants they create are, in fact, organic. Look for the seal if companies claim to be selling organic plants. Dig a bit deeper. Organic plants are almost always slightly more expensive, so consider your research time money well spent.

Work with Friendly People

Like so many businesses, growers have to compete for your business. If you’re not satisfied with how a farm is managed or you realize you don’t particularly care for how a seller is speaking to you, his customer, the solution is simple. Don’t do business there.

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if a customer service environment is the right one for you. After all, most sellers are glad to smile and take your money. The real truth comes out when things don’t go smoothly after money has changed hands. This is one of the nice things about online reviews. Read what others have experienced and learn from the stories online.

Buy Locally

There are a few benefits to buying your plants locally. The first is that buying plants that are grown in your area ensures the plants you buy will continue to thrive in your yard. Not only that, but buying plants locally means you can actually see the quality of the plants you’re buying and you can see the conditions in which the plants are grown. Spending hundreds of dollars on plants sight-unseen can be dangerous for your pocketbook. You can never be quite sure what it is that’s being sent your way.

Of course, sometimes we want something special and you have to send away for it. If that is the case, be sure to work with a company willing to overnight or at least express ship the item to you. If it’s going to take three weeks for a tree to arrive, what could be the hold-up? A farm where the trees, vines or shrubs are grown isn’t going to take three weeks to dig up a plant and ship it – the plant simply won’t survive that long. Shop around until you find someone willing to move fast. Plants aren’t forgiving if you drag your feet.

Reviews about yard cleaning on Pissed Consumer

Ace of Blades Ottawa – Contract NOT honoured by Ace of Blades

TruGreen killed patches of my yard

Grass4Sale – Cancelled order without notifying us!!!

Do Not Use Show Me Tree Service

Grass4Sale – Charged for grass not delivered

When you pay companies to care for your lawn, you expect some sort of results. Your grass should be greener. The snow and winter debris should be cleared away. The fallen limbs hauled off. There is nothing worse, however, than paying for lawn services to improve your lawn, only to realize that the “improvements” have made your yard much, much worse.

Clearing the Snow Away

The first step to a healthy front yard is getting snow out of it. Granted you have to wait for most of the snow to melt away over your grass, but you can still work on your walkways and some areas after a bit of snow clearing. Sadly one family found that moving snow is a job best done under supervision. After paying a company to remove the snow for them, they were out a hefty sum and stuck with every bit of snow that fell. Perhaps some neighborhood kids would do a better job in the future – for far less!

Bald Spots in Your Lawn

Once your grass has been uncovered, it’s time to fertilize your lawn and start eliminating weeds as they crop up. Fortunately you don’t have to do this all by yourself since there are so many good companies just waiting for your call. Unfortunately, you have to be sure that you call the right one to help.

One customer found that after six years of faithful service, the yard company came to kill weeds in his yard – and wound up killing large chunks of his grass instead. Needless to say he was not at all thrilled by the experience. He tried to regrow the grass twice – only to have the same “treatment” kill off the new growth in the bald spots. Finally, he cancelled the lawn treatment only to find that when left alone the grass is growing just fine.

Sodding the Lawn

Of course, sometimes you have to lay new sod to make your lawn great again. If this is the route you’re taking, consider dealing locally where you can speak with an actual person about the grass you’re ordering. Two different families tried ordering online only to discover that their experience was less than they were expecting.

One family was charged for almost twice as much grass as they actually had ordered – and they are still working with the credit card company to fight back against the charges. Another family prepared their soil, lined up friends and waited anxiously for their sod…which never came.

Removing Trees and Debris

Another customer found out the hard way that paying someone to cut down and then remove unsightly trees only works is the tree cutters stick around to do the heavy lifting. He hired a company to remove some trees but then got stuck with a pile of cut wood when the guys cutting the tree bailed on him. Of course, if he hadn’t paid them halfway through the job he might have had better results, so buyer beware – there are some “workers” who will only work until cash in their hand. Don’t pay the full fee until the full job is complete.

Reviews about workman’s compensation on Pissed Consumer

Setting the record straight for Gallagher Bassett

What a joke of a company Gallagher Bassett

Gallagher Bassett Services Sucks!!!!!!!!!

Gallagher Bassett – Review about Caseworker from Indianapolis, Indiana

If you’re injured on the job, you’re entitled to workman’s compensation. The premise is simple – it’s the implementation that goes absurdly challenging. How do you determine how much money you get? How do you sort out just how injured you are? Is the company liable for a mistake you made?

Enter the drama of workman’s comp.

Establishing a Claim

If you have been injured on the job, you will need to follow the absolute letter of the law. Unfortunately there are many, many individuals who try to milk companies for false injuries or continue to take compensation even after an injury has healed. These false claims are making it hard for legitimate claims to be processed correctly. After all, how can a company determine the difference between real internal pain and fake internal pain?

Laws are in your favor if you are hurt on the job, but you will need to follow all of the right steps in order to stay in the letter of the law. Often this means getting help right away to sort out just what your next step needs to be.

Get a Lawyer

Even if you can’t afford a high-profile attorney, find a more modestly priced lawyer or work with the lawyer form a union or pro bono firm. The lawyer will know all of the rules and regulations in your state when it comes to sorting out workman’s comp. If he doesn’t, find another lawyer.

The lawyer will help guide you through the process of making your claim and following it up for payments and medical treatment. This will be especially important if your company pushes your case off to a third party management firm. These firms exist for the protection and convenience of companies – not to make you feel better or get you your money faster.

It may be that the third party company fails to follow through on simple administrative tasks quickly enough for your liking. You may find yourself jumping through hoops to satisfy the company and possibly even doubting just how legitimate the processes the company requests may be. Your lawyer will be concerned about your interests and will probably know the best way to get situations resolved quickly as well.

Be Realistic

Finally, while nobody should be in pain from a work injury, it’s important to realize that workman’s compensation isn’t a retirement plan. It may be that you’re truly disabled to the point that you can’t work again, but that’s what disability payments are for. Workman’s comp claims are often investigated by skeptical representatives because the injured party goes on being injured for as long as they can to keep the paychecks rolling in.

Expect a natural end to workman’s compensation. Your legal representation or doctor can best advise you as to what to expect in both long-term and short-term compensation scenarios so that you are prepared ahead of time.

Reviews about loan on Pissed Consumer

Springleaf Financial – Review about Loan from Atlanta, Georgia

Springleaf Financial – Springleaf is a RIP-OFF Company

Springleaf Financial – Review about Car Loan from Jacksonville, Florida

Springleaf Financial – lie lie more lies

Nobody likes feeling like a victim – especially when money is involved. But some things are only learned the hard way and too often this involves losing money or, at the very least, coming close to losing out. While there is no perfect way to protect yourself against all possible financial harm, you can certainly approach your financial matters with a bit more savvy to keep yourself just a bit more insulated from problems.

Wait It Out

Often money woes cause us to stress and panic. This panic can lead to quite a few bad choices. In fact there are lenders who target the desperate borrower with quick loans that charge absurdly high interest rates and predatory lending practices. These should obviously be avoided at all costs. Then there are others who don’t necessarily take advantage of a panicked borrower, but who may be more than willing to give you a loan you don’t actually need.

As hard as it may be, when financial problems arise, calm down. Put your emotional response on hold and think through the situation rationally. How much money do you actually need? Where is the best place to get that money from? What is the cost of borrowing from one place versus the other? Simply pausing for an hour or a day can save you countless headaches over a loan obtained in haste. There’s a reason “sleep on it” is a mantra for buying and borrowing.

Do Your Research

Thanks to the internet, we can do a tremendous amount of research in a very short amount of time. Feeling pressed on time? Take ten minutes to research the companies you plan on working with. If a bank claims to be the right lender, do a quick check to see what others have said about that lender.

Thanks to smartphones we don’t even have to be home to do some research. Buying a car? Check the loan options and company reviews on your phone while you wait. An informed financial consumer is a more satisfied consumer, after all.

Don’t Understand? Don’t Sign

It can be embarrassing to walk away from a financial deal, but walk away you should if you don’t know what it is you’re signing. Read everything in a contract and every piece of paper put in front of you. If you don’t know what you’re signing ask for a copy you can take with you to read over later with your legal advisor or someone who can sort through the legalese.

Expect many loan officers to resist or claim the terms are good for only the moment you’re sitting there, but they know if you leave the office you’re unlikely to return unless the deal is on the up and up. It’s far better to feel a bit uncomfortable or embarrassed leaving a bank empty-handed than to leave with terms you’re not comfortable with for the next five to ten years.

Reviews on Pissed Consumer about phishing attack

A phishing scam is happening through email. It didn’t miss Lloyds Bank. A phishing is illegal but it doesn’t stop scammers to pretend that they are legitimate sources.

Phishing scammers are going through all the spheres of human life. They are trying to catch on a hook at least some amount of your hard earned money from bank account, credit card passwords or they may send you documents and links that are contained the malware.

We can see that few cases of fraud happened in the financial sphere lately. First it happened with Barclay’s Bank and now with Lloyds. So what is the phishing scam with Lloyds Bank?

Lloyds Bank
Whoever is behind the fraud is sending out the emails to Lloyds Bank customers advising about update in online banking. Of course as email has official look with Lloyds bank logo and proper content, the customers follow the provided link in order to update their banking account without misdoubt. But thus they are handing over the account details: credit card and bank account numbers, passwords and log on details to the phishing scammers.

If you receive one of those suspicious mails, do not follow the link, contact help center of your bank to check truthfulness of information you’ve received and to report a scam.

Reviews on Pissed Consumer about automotive technician training

Universal Technical Institute – UTI =waste of time and money

Universal Technical Institute – What UTI is really like

Universal Technical Institute – UTI What a disapointment!!!!

Universal Technical Institute – Review about Education from Cape Coral, Florida

There is a shortage of skilled labor in the workforce, but getting into the workforce isn’t always easy. If you are hoping to work with cars or machines, it can be a very fine line to walk between education and experience. Without education you can’t get into the field to get experience. Without experience your fancy education won’t get you a job.

If you are thinking about a technical school, there are a few important considerations to bear in mind.

Is School Really Necessary?

There are vast differences in formal education, trade education and on the job training. For example, if you want to work on cars, you might be able to score a job installing tires as soon as you turn sixteen. If you do well with the tires or the detail work, you continue to learn on the job from other experienced techs until you know enough to move into a different area. You continue to use your connections and job skills to build more until you have a nice career without ever setting foot into the classroom.

Of course this doesn’t always work for everyone or every job, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay through the nose to get into the field you want.

What Is Required to Start the Job?

Before you sign up for an expensive college program, check out what is actually required to start in a position. For example, if you want to work for a dealer, go in and visit with the managers in that dealership to see what they look for in applicants. If they want a six-week training course and certificate, why opt for a two-year program? And if they require a degree, you can get suggestions on the best training programs to work with.

Investigate Your Schools Carefully

There are a huge number of for-profit schools popping up still, and the trades are not exempt from this. A for-profit technical school is actually one of the oldest models of this particular form of education. You pay a huge tuition rate to attend the school and you earn a degree that can’t be transferred anywhere else. Some businesses accept the degrees and others completely ignore them. This is true in all fields – especially ones where experience and recognized certifications matter the most.

If you are interested in signing up for a for-profit school, look and see what the school actually offers you for your money. What does your tuition cover? How much will you pay over the course of the degree? How much would you need to take out in loans? Most importantly – how much will you be making when you finish your program and have to start paying that loan back?

While some training schools offer a good education, they are simply too expensive to be worthwhile. If you’re going to graduate with $40,000 in debt and make $13 an hour – how are you going to keep up with payments and your living expenses? Fast forward to the end result as you compare schools and programs – what looks like a great idea now, may wind up being a disappointment in the end.

Travel Spam and Scams

If you thought scams were limited to the financial sector of the internet, you are so very wrong. You can find malicious intent in just about every nook and cranny of the internet, including the travel sector. In fact, the latest travel scam is borderline-genius. It certainly takes human nature into consideration.

The Great Airline Ticket Scam

You get an email from American Airlines. (It looks like American Airlines, anyhow). The message alerts you that your credit card has been charged for the airline ticket you’ve just purchased and the ticket confirmation is attached in a Word document. The email goes on to list some of the details about the flight including the price, the departure time and destination.

All told it looks pretty real.

Of course, it’s fake. But how can you just write that sort of thing off? What part of it is the scam, after all? Could you be the victim of credit card fraud? Or is the email trying to get information from you?

The simple nature of our cautious human nature tells us we must check our credit card accounts to be sure there isn’t a charge for an
airline ticket. And you absolutely should do this. Right away. Pull up your credit card account online and look for a recent charge by American Airlines. You won’t find one. That’s not what this particular spam is about.

Avoiding Malware

We are so accustomed to protecting our financial houses we investigate everything that could possibly be tied to finances. But this time the email isn’t looking for your bank accounts or credit card passwords. It just wants you to open the attachment.

And the temptation is mighty strong on this one. In our desire to protect our finances, we are going to inspect all details of the email to try and determine legitimacy. So it would make sense to open the attachment and see more details about the flight you’ve just purchased.


Don’t even think about it.

Go back to the fundamentals of spam and remember that you never open the attachments form an unknown sender. And this is very much an unknown sender.

The danger here is actually a macro inside the Word document that is attached. If you were to make a mistake and open the email, you’d get a message that looks like garbage instructing you to download the macro in order to read the characters. When you download the macro, you’re putting malware on your machine and the spammers have won.

Preventing Mishaps

So what do you do if you get the American Airlines email or one similar to it? Your first step is to avoid your first instinct. Do not dig for more information. Do not open the attachment. If you are concerned about your credit card, open a new window, type in the URL as you normally would and check your recent transactions.

Then, with your mind at peace about false charges report the email as spam to your email provider and continue to be mindful that spammers are always trying new approaches and strategies. Our job is to stay savvy and protect ourselves on every front – not just the financial one.

Order Confirmation for Flight # AA90182
America Airlines
To: <>
From: America Airlines <>
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Dear Customer,

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Reviews about bank account on Pissed Consumer

If you’re not familiar with the term, phishing is similar to fishing – but in a much more technological sense. In traditional fishing, you drop a line in the water and wait for a bit. With cyber phishing, you throw out thousands – even millions – of lines and hope to get a “bite” via your website.

If you weren’t already sure, phishing is illegal. But that certainly doesn’t stop individuals from pretending they are legitimate sources and tossing a line your way.

Phishing for Barclay’s Customers

Phishing has been around almost as long as the internet. As internet consumers get increasingly savvy, so do the various ploys scammers will try. One of the latest attempts by scammers is disguised as a legitimate concerns by Barclay’s Bank.

Whoever is behind the scheme is sending out email notices alerting customers to ‘unknown activity’ on their Barclay’s credit card. The official-looking email encourages the recipient to take fast action to verify the charges and review their account for suspicious activity.

The email provides the link for the customers to click through in order to “kindly review your account”. But instead of taking you to the Barclay’s official website, the link takes you to a very unofficial rip-off website that could easily pass as the real deal. Worried customers quickly login to check for fraud…and allow the phishers to steal their login and password to create real fraud at their leisure.

Well played, scammers. Well played.

Avoid the Bait, Avoid the Net

A sophisticated phishing operation like this one can be hard to detect if you have a Barclay’s account. Of course, since scammers are usually sending out thousands – possibly millions – of similar emails, it may be that you get notified about “suspicious activity” on a card you don’t even own.

That makes it very easy to avoid the bait and the trap.

But what do you do when you receive an email like this and it could be real? You really do have an account with the bank the email claims to be from. What do you do next?

The answer is simple. If Barclay’s sent you a real email about a problem, you should be able to see the communication when you log into your Barclay’s account. Never follow the link in an email – it could be a fake one looking to steal information.

Instead, type in the URL for the bank in the address bar and navigate to the real bank’s website. Login there and check for messages or problems. Or, if the simple thought of logging in anywhere online makes you sweat a little, just call customer service and follow up on the email. A real problem is something customer service representatives can tell you about.

A scam will have no records with your real bank and you can go ahead and report the spam and phishing attempt while you have a representative on the line.

Barclays Bank

Reviews on Pissed Consumer about hair care product

Keranique – Kernaique Deceitful Practices

Keranique – Hypersensitive scalp danduff, bleeding scalp when scratch, rash

Man or woman, nobody wants to worry about losing their hair. While there are some legitimate things that can help retain or even thicken hair, there are many others that are nothing more than simple scams designed to make profits for companies at the expense of hopeful customers. What’s even more unfortunate than thinning hair? Having your wallet going thin right along with it.

False Advertising

While only a handful of hair products may actually work, every product line on the market claims to be the best thing to ever emerge in the skin and haircare line. This makes it hard to tell the difference, of course, which is exactly what companies selling the false products want.

So how can you tell if you’re dealing with a false product? Look for a few signs that almost always point the way to “too good to be true.” One sign is the “free” offer on television. If you have a great product, why are you giving it away for free? Or perhaps you can understand a free sample of a new product, but does it really cost $10 in shipping for a tiny tube of hair shampoo?

Another cue that something is amiss is advertising that talks to you like you’re a child. An infomercial telling you only half of the alphabet can call on a given day for the “free trial” doesn’t make any sense – especially if you see the commercial more than once.

Finally, and perhaps your best bet is the reviews online. If those who have tried the product before you are complaining that it is not effective, it probably isn’t. Don’t get your hopes up when everyone is telling you just how unreliable it really is.

Deceptive Billing

If the worst happens and you find yourself taken in by an offer for a hair product that doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to start the cancellation process. Sadly it is almost always a process you’ll have to try if you hope to have success. Start by calling customer service. You probably won’t get through.

Keep trying until you get a person on the phone. Then sit through their spiel of more promises and keep insisting that you want to cancel your subscription or return your purchase. Check your credit card statement for other purchases that may have occurred without your permission. Most likely you’ll have to get tough on the phone and even then you may not find satisfaction.

Often the only way out of one of these messy deals is to call your credit card company or bank and stop the payments the company is trying to charge through your credit card. A huge hassle for an inferior product.

If you’re truly worried about thinning hair, don’t buy possibly junk online or off the television. Talk to your doctor or stylist – they may have a few things to say about it.

Reviews about free trial on Pissed Consumer


Stemologica, We need to stand together on This issue.


There’s no getting around it. Getting scammed is extremely frustrating, and sadly it seems it’s easier than ever for companies to rip good customers off. Most of us want immediate action when we get scammed, but it’s a bit of a challenge sometimes to figure out exactly what to do about it.

Join a Lawsuit

Often a scam doesn’t just happen to one person. It may be that dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people have all been scammed by the “free trial” company, website or individual. Most of the scams are too small to register in the courts. A judge won’t particularly care if you lost $200. But you care a lot!

Fortunately, there are often plenty of other irate customers who also care about their loss. If you can round up enough of them, you can start a class action lawsuit against the company forcing automatic shipments. Sometimes the hard work is already done for you and you just need to join an existing lawsuit. Other times you have to get the ball rolling. Regardless, the legal system is supposed to help protect consumers – maybe this time one will protect you.

File a Complaint

If the company or website that scammed you is located in your own country, you may be able to file a formal complaint against the company with the Better Business Bureau or another watch dog group for the government. This may not get your money back, but it will get the scammer on the radar – especially if dozens or hundreds of complaints come in for the same group.

Warn Others

Again, there’s little or no change of punishment or refunds, but you can at least use sites like PissedConsumer to warn others about the possibilities of being scammed. Let the world know your story and maybe you can prevent others from falling into the same pitfalls.

Complaint sites like this one are also good areas to link up with others who have had similar experiences with particular companies. It may be the basis for a class action lawsuit or at least you’ll find a pal who understands the frustration and who might have additional suggestions that have worked for a particular company.

Live and Learn

Finally, you may just have to bite the bullet and move on. There are plenty of rebilling and auto-shipping companies and websites in the world and you got taken for a ride. If the website is hosted on another continent, if you don’t have a good legal case or you just should have known better, sometimes it’s important to live and learn.

Learn from the mistake. Warn others. And then just move on with your life a little bit more wary of what dangers lurk online and perhaps a bit more savvy as to how to avoid them.

Reviews about mattresses on Pissed Consumer

Sleep Number Bed – Deep impression in mattress top

Sleep Number Bed – BURNING PAIN – Do Not Buy!!

Sleep Number Bed – BAD!!!!!!!!!

You should be spending about one-third of your life sleeping. That’s a long time to be uncomfortable on your mattress, so it’s important to get the right bed the first time to ensure the right comfort level and a good night’s sleep. Fortunately there is quite a bit of science that goes into developing mattresses perfectly suited to all of us. Unfortunately, sometimes that mattress isn’t worth the scientific claims the salesman spouted ad nauseam.

The Miracle of Sleep
The human body needs sleep to rejuvenate, heal and recharge from one day to be prepared for the next. When you don’t sleep well, your body lets you know in big ways. This makes it even more imperative for those with health concerns to find the best mattress their money can buy so that they minimize their discomfort – not cause more by tossing and turning.

Some mattress companies sell products by promising a customized night’s sleep through the science of air. A mattress is inflated to a desired firmness and that way both you and your partner can get a good night’s sleep on your customized mattress. Sadly this isn’t always the case.

The Pain of a Bad Mattress

One couple tried a new mattress to help address the issues they had with their backs. But after the first few nights they noticed that rather than helping the pain, the new mattress was making the pain more pronounced. They weren’t the only ones with issues.

Another new mattress owner realized that the longer she slept on her bed the more her side dipped. In her case it was the cushioning on top of the air mattress that was causing the problem – it was matted and squashed and no longer provided cushioning. When she called to get help with the issue she was told she can simply buy a new top at the bargain price of $650. She said no thanks.

Another bad sleeper went to bed with her new mattress carefully inflated to be firm and supportive. By morning almost all of the air had escaped the mattress and she was lying in a squashy mattress without any of the firmness she needed to sleep well and escape her aches and pains.

Stuck with a Bum Deal

Others realized some was wrong fast enough to avoid getting stuck with a bad product. One couple spent $4,500 on a new mattress. After twenty days they decided they just couldn’t take it anymore and they wanted to return the mattress. They had been promised this was a possibility by the salesman who sold it to them in the first place. After all, there is a 100-night money-back guarantee on the mattress.

When they called up customer service, however, they were told that they had to pay more than $400 to return the mattress. Needless to say they weren’t pleased and pushed back in a big way. Finally it was decided that they would pay only $90 to restock the mattress and the couple walked away frustrated, angry and with a firm resolve to never work with this particular company again.

Reviews on Picced Consumer about soups

I Chewed into a BUG in my Light Savory Vegetable Barley Progresso soup at lunch today in my office.

SProgresso Soup – Review about Vegetable Soup from New Brunswick, New Jersey

Progresso Soup – Chemical taste in Artisan Bean Soup

Progresso Soup – Chili

There’s nothing better than a bit of hot soup when you’re feeling under the weather. But what if it’s the soup that’s actually making you sick? It’s hard to find a soothing bowl of soup comforting when you’re more than a bit afraid of what you’ll be biting into with each mouthful.

Bugs in the Soup

It’s nothing new to find a bit of extra in your food. Plastic, uncooked vegetables, or even hair, but what do you do when you bite into a big bug in your bowl of soup? You try your best not to throw up! This is what one customer experienced when she opened her soup, heated it up and then started eating it at lunch one day.

One big bite resulted in an unexpected crunch. Expecting the raw veggies or perhaps an uncooked noodle, she spit out the hard part of the soup. Imagine her surprise when she found a bug – complete with wings and antennae in her hand. Worst of all, the body of the bug had obviously been bitten and bug guts were oozing out. It’s one thing to swallow a tiny gnat without realizing it. It’s a whole other thing to be chewing up full-sized bugs.

Food Poisoning

Soup is usually a pretty safe option when you’re worried about a weak constitution. After all, if you have an iffy stomach, a bowl of warm soup should be soothing. Not so much for customer, however. After splurging on a $3.50 can of soup, he gave it a quick taste test. Unfortunately the soup wasn’t anything like he was expecting. It had a terrible taste as if it had gone bad in the can.

Even worse, the real trouble started for this gentleman a day or so later. Even just a few bites of the soup were enough to cause serious trouble. The taste-tester got violently ill for about thirty minutes. He almost passed out, then threw up and experienced diarrhea at the same time. Finally the sick spell passed, but he has vowed to never try this particular brand of soup again.

Cheap Meat

When you enjoy a bowl of soup, you expect certain things to be present. A bargain soup will have cheap ingredients like noodles and tiny vegetables. A more gourmet soup, on the other hand, should be full of large vegetables and savory meats. Imagine the surprise of one soup fan when he bought the new chili sold by his favorite soup company.

At the high price point, he expected something pretty impressive. Instead he got a watery gruel with chunks of mystery meat floating about. The meat was tough, foul and simply odd-tasting in the soup. It made the rest of the chili inedible due to flavor, but it also made it hard to mentally enjoy the meal – what exactly where these large chunks of rubbery meat? Certainly not something any chili fan would want to eat again!

Reviews on Pissed Consumer about dentures

The sad truth of it is that dental work is expensive. Not everyone has dental insurance, and even if you do, the cost of partials and dentures can quickly spin into the thousands of dollars. That’s a lot of money for many patients, and it’s not surprising that many affordable dentistry offices have popped up to serve this particular niche of the market.

Of course, when you use a bargain dentist, you go in with reasonable expectations for what you’ll be getting. Obviously you don’t expect $10,000 worth of dental work for $800, but it’s still reasonable to expect the dentist and his staff to make sure you’re comfortable and that the dentures you do get fit comfortably.

Observe the Office before Committing

It is one thing to get your teeth cleaned in a facility that obviously has seen better days – and a mop – in the past. But before you shell out a thousand dollars you can’t really afford in the first place, you should absolutely get a feel for the place.

Check out the other patients. Do they look content and happy? Or perhaps is there a sullen air of frustration and anger in the air. Does the staff seem friendly and helpful to everyone in the waiting room? Most of all, do you hear and complaints from frustrated patients?

Granted, offices will go far to hide negative feedback from other patients, but you can often tell how a transaction went from how a patient leaves the office, or how he handles himself as he finished paying and checking out. If you gut is telling you patients are angry – why stick around?

Check Reviews

Your teeth are one of your most precious commodities. Your smile, your ability to eat correctly, your speech, and your confidence are usually linked to your mouth and your teeth. You wouldn’t rush into a surgery to remove your nose, so why would you rush into one that removes your teeth?

Do your research online or talk to other patients. Get reviews both online and from other customers before signing on any dotted lines. Hearing about a dentist who violently yanks teeth out or about a dentist office that can’t seem to make a simple partial should be enough to make you question the office, if not avoid it completely.

Communicate and Advocate

It’s important to remember that you’re paying the dentist for the service and goods he is providing. If you aren’t happy, be sure to let the dentist and his staff know about it. Being friendly and polite will often help your case, but you aren’t doing anyone a favor by going to the dentist you choose.

The dentist may not be the most expensive in the area, but he or she is still a professional who should take care with his patients and the products he is selling. Advocate for yourself and communicate your expectations and concerns as they come up.

Ill-fitting dentures in the office may make you uncomfortable. But ill-fitting dentures at home are simply unbearable. Everyone deserves a respectful visit and well-fitting dentures when they buy them – regardless of price.

Reviews on Pissed Consumer about plastic surgery

Sono Bello – Review about Surgery Results
Sono Bello – Review about Liposuction from Lowell, Massachusetts
Sono Bello – Excruciating pain, incomplete work, no refund….

Plastic surgery is an expensive business, but the money should be worth it. After all, nothing is quite as life changing as making improvements to your appearance. Of course, plastic surgery doesn’t always turn out the way we’d like it to. But with careful planning, you can be confident that you’ve done everything in your power to create an excellent result.

Skip the Bargain Surgery

The biggest thing you can do to ensure a good result is to skip the bargain surgeon. If a surgeon is advertising a discounted price, you can assume that there is going to be some cost savings in how the surgery is performed. After all, the surgeon is making money from the quantity of patients that come through the door – not the quality of the surgery.

If you want a surgeon to take his time and carefully perform the surgery, don’t opt for the surgeon who has to see three times as many patients to recoup his profits.

Gauge the Surgeon by the Consultation

The consultation with your surgeon should tell you just about everything you need to know about your surgery. If you never actually meet the surgeon, or he is too busy to stop and talk to you for just a few minutes, he may not be the one you want to work with.

After all, before you spend thousands, you should warrant a few minutes of the doctor’s time. If the doctor doesn’t bother to show up to visit until it’s time to actually perform surgery, you are probably in the wrong place. Surgery is a very big deal. A surgeon who doesn’t take his responsibilities to his patients seriously is not the surgeon you want operating on your body.

Make Reasonable Expectations

It’s easy to assume that plastic surgery will fix every problem you have with your body. But the fact of the matter is, liposuction can remove a bit of fat, but it’s not going to completely resculpt a body. Liposuction can’t make you grow three inches. It can’t make your hip bones narrower or lengthen your legs. You can hope to see pockets of fat removed, but that’s really about it.

Not only that, but if you have a considerable amount of fat before you go into the surgery, a surgeon can’t remove it all. Not only is it not safe for you, but it’s simply not feasible to remove more than just a pound or two of fat – especially on a ultra-fast discounted surgery plan. Keep your expectations reasonable, do your research and select your surgeon carefully. You’ll get the results you’re hoping for.

Reviews on Pissed consumer about dating site

Plentyoffish – pissed at pof

Plentyoffish – Pof account deleted for no reason

Plentyoffish – POF wheres my account

As dating websites go, you can certainly find just about anything you’re looking for these days. Niche sites allow you to find particular religions, backgrounds or cultures. Larger sites give you the most variety and opportunity. But some dating sites simply crash and burn before anything can come of them – and there are plenty of irritated users speculating why.

The Blocking Game

If you’re searching for a special someone, a dating website can help you do exactly that. Of course, you have to first agree to be at the whim of the moderators or website owners who are in charge of the whole thing. For many this means following the rules or be kicked out.

But what if the website moderators are kicking people out who never break the rules?

It’s hard to fight back when you don’t know what you’re fighting against and for many male uses of a particular dating website, it’s become something of a game.

Who can get kicked off the fastest?

The scenario is simple. Men make profiles on the dating websites. They complete the (lengthy) sign-up process, hit complete and then start browsing the site and making connections with female users. And that’s where it starts to go wrong.

Kicked Off a Dating Website

One frustrated user reported making a meaningful connection with a woman. He got a notification she replied to his message, but when he went to log in, he learned that his account was deleted. Another was deleted shortly after he paid for an upgraded membership. No refunds, of course.

Still others have been kicked off in a matter of days. One man was kicked off and had his profile deleted in a matter of an hour.

Sadly you can complain all you want, but there’s nothing to be done because there’s no response to the customer service email address. You can even try setting up another account but you’ll have no luck there either. The website doesn’t just block email addresses. It blocks your entire IP address, so no computer at your home will allow you to sign back in.

Although at that point, why would you want to?

It might be best to go on and find another, more reputable, dating website that doesn’t seem to make it a practice of banning men.

As to why the men are so frequently banned, one pissed consumer had a suggestion. He believes the website blocks men so that the female users never can find their “fish” in the sea. If the ladies settle down, they won’t need the site and the profits for the dating company will dry up. It’s hard to argue with the logic there…