Reviews on Pissed Consumer about dentures

The sad truth of it is that dental work is expensive. Not everyone has dental insurance, and even if you do, the cost of partials and dentures can quickly spin into the thousands of dollars. That’s a lot of money for many patients, and it’s not surprising that many affordable dentistry offices have popped up to serve this particular niche of the market.

Of course, when you use a bargain dentist, you go in with reasonable expectations for what you’ll be getting. Obviously you don’t expect $10,000 worth of dental work for $800, but it’s still reasonable to expect the dentist and his staff to make sure you’re comfortable and that the dentures you do get fit comfortably.

Observe the Office before Committing

It is one thing to get your teeth cleaned in a facility that obviously has seen better days – and a mop – in the past. But before you shell out a thousand dollars you can’t really afford in the first place, you should absolutely get a feel for the place.

Check out the other patients. Do they look content and happy? Or perhaps is there a sullen air of frustration and anger in the air. Does the staff seem friendly and helpful to everyone in the waiting room? Most of all, do you hear and complaints from frustrated patients?

Granted, offices will go far to hide negative feedback from other patients, but you can often tell how a transaction went from how a patient leaves the office, or how he handles himself as he finished paying and checking out. If you gut is telling you patients are angry – why stick around?

Check Reviews

Your teeth are one of your most precious commodities. Your smile, your ability to eat correctly, your speech, and your confidence are usually linked to your mouth and your teeth. You wouldn’t rush into a surgery to remove your nose, so why would you rush into one that removes your teeth?

Do your research online or talk to other patients. Get reviews both online and from other customers before signing on any dotted lines. Hearing about a dentist who violently yanks teeth out or about a dentist office that can’t seem to make a simple partial should be enough to make you question the office, if not avoid it completely.

Communicate and Advocate

It’s important to remember that you’re paying the dentist for the service and goods he is providing. If you aren’t happy, be sure to let the dentist and his staff know about it. Being friendly and polite will often help your case, but you aren’t doing anyone a favor by going to the dentist you choose.

The dentist may not be the most expensive in the area, but he or she is still a professional who should take care with his patients and the products he is selling. Advocate for yourself and communicate your expectations and concerns as they come up.

Ill-fitting dentures in the office may make you uncomfortable. But ill-fitting dentures at home are simply unbearable. Everyone deserves a respectful visit and well-fitting dentures when they buy them – regardless of price.

Reviews on Pissed Consumer about plastic surgery

Sono Bello – Review about Surgery Results
Sono Bello – Review about Liposuction from Lowell, Massachusetts
Sono Bello – Excruciating pain, incomplete work, no refund….

Plastic surgery is an expensive business, but the money should be worth it. After all, nothing is quite as life changing as making improvements to your appearance. Of course, plastic surgery doesn’t always turn out the way we’d like it to. But with careful planning, you can be confident that you’ve done everything in your power to create an excellent result.

Skip the Bargain Surgery

The biggest thing you can do to ensure a good result is to skip the bargain surgeon. If a surgeon is advertising a discounted price, you can assume that there is going to be some cost savings in how the surgery is performed. After all, the surgeon is making money from the quantity of patients that come through the door – not the quality of the surgery.

If you want a surgeon to take his time and carefully perform the surgery, don’t opt for the surgeon who has to see three times as many patients to recoup his profits.

Gauge the Surgeon by the Consultation

The consultation with your surgeon should tell you just about everything you need to know about your surgery. If you never actually meet the surgeon, or he is too busy to stop and talk to you for just a few minutes, he may not be the one you want to work with.

After all, before you spend thousands, you should warrant a few minutes of the doctor’s time. If the doctor doesn’t bother to show up to visit until it’s time to actually perform surgery, you are probably in the wrong place. Surgery is a very big deal. A surgeon who doesn’t take his responsibilities to his patients seriously is not the surgeon you want operating on your body.

Make Reasonable Expectations

It’s easy to assume that plastic surgery will fix every problem you have with your body. But the fact of the matter is, liposuction can remove a bit of fat, but it’s not going to completely resculpt a body. Liposuction can’t make you grow three inches. It can’t make your hip bones narrower or lengthen your legs. You can hope to see pockets of fat removed, but that’s really about it.

Not only that, but if you have a considerable amount of fat before you go into the surgery, a surgeon can’t remove it all. Not only is it not safe for you, but it’s simply not feasible to remove more than just a pound or two of fat – especially on a ultra-fast discounted surgery plan. Keep your expectations reasonable, do your research and select your surgeon carefully. You’ll get the results you’re hoping for.

Reviews on Pissed consumer about dating site

Plentyoffish – pissed at pof

Plentyoffish – Pof account deleted for no reason

Plentyoffish – POF wheres my account

As dating websites go, you can certainly find just about anything you’re looking for these days. Niche sites allow you to find particular religions, backgrounds or cultures. Larger sites give you the most variety and opportunity. But some dating sites simply crash and burn before anything can come of them – and there are plenty of irritated users speculating why.

The Blocking Game

If you’re searching for a special someone, a dating website can help you do exactly that. Of course, you have to first agree to be at the whim of the moderators or website owners who are in charge of the whole thing. For many this means following the rules or be kicked out.

But what if the website moderators are kicking people out who never break the rules?

It’s hard to fight back when you don’t know what you’re fighting against and for many male uses of a particular dating website, it’s become something of a game.

Who can get kicked off the fastest?

The scenario is simple. Men make profiles on the dating websites. They complete the (lengthy) sign-up process, hit complete and then start browsing the site and making connections with female users. And that’s where it starts to go wrong.

Kicked Off a Dating Website

One frustrated user reported making a meaningful connection with a woman. He got a notification she replied to his message, but when he went to log in, he learned that his account was deleted. Another was deleted shortly after he paid for an upgraded membership. No refunds, of course.

Still others have been kicked off in a matter of days. One man was kicked off and had his profile deleted in a matter of an hour.

Sadly you can complain all you want, but there’s nothing to be done because there’s no response to the customer service email address. You can even try setting up another account but you’ll have no luck there either. The website doesn’t just block email addresses. It blocks your entire IP address, so no computer at your home will allow you to sign back in.

Although at that point, why would you want to?

It might be best to go on and find another, more reputable, dating website that doesn’t seem to make it a practice of banning men.

As to why the men are so frequently banned, one pissed consumer had a suggestion. He believes the website blocks men so that the female users never can find their “fish” in the sea. If the ladies settle down, they won’t need the site and the profits for the dating company will dry up. It’s hard to argue with the logic there…

Reviews on Pissed Consumer about tutoring

Kumon Math and Reading – Saratoga center sucks

Kumon Math and Reading – Beware, stay away from Kumon Learning center

Every parent wants his child to do well in school. So it’s disappointing and frustrating when a child starts or falls below grade level. Unfortunately most children have a very hard time catching up to their peers without a hugely concentrated effort. Fortunately, most parents are able to help their children through extra work at home or by paying for additional tutoring and instruction.

Tutorials and Learning Centers

As it turns out, savvy business owners follow the funds, and many tutorial and learning centers have opened for concerned parents and their children. These programs all promise the same thing – improvement in your child’s abilities using their method of instruction. This is the message all parents want to hear, and for a struggling child some extra help may spell relief in the classroom.

Unfortunately some of the learning center programs don’t offer much in the way of instruction or relief.

The Business of Education

Education is a perfect thing to sell. It’s hard to define progress and success, and customers usually arrive already sold on what you’re offering. Of course, once the company has a signed contract, it has to work to actually create a deliverable, and that’s where things get a bit sticky.

Any educator can tell you that children don’t work the way you expect them, too. A concept that seems simple to you can be tremendous to a child – and that’s if the child is willing to learn. Put an unwilling child together with an inexperienced teacher and not much is going to change other than bills changing hands.

Sadly some tutorial centers aren’t especially interested in breaking through to the child and building a relationship with a reluctant learner. They are more interested in making money and streamlining the process. To this end, there are many parents the world over who are paying a lot of money for their children to do worksheets.

The Worksheet Way

For some poor children the tutorial process works like this: They take a test to see just where they fall on the skills spectrum. Then they start doing worksheets at that level. When they score well enough on the first worksheet they move on to the second and then the third.

The idea here is that the instructor can use the worksheet as a way to show a student how to work the problems or learn a concept. Then the student tries again after instruction and move on to the next level where the process repeats.

The system only works, however, if the teacher is willing to use the worksheets as a teaching tool. Actually teaching each student in a tutoring group how to do each step is much more cumbersome than most low-paid or business-minded “tutors” anticipate. It’s not long before they realize it is much simpler to have the kids answer the worksheet questions, grade them, return them and repeat.

Less work for instructors. Busy kids in tutoring sessions. But sadly little learning.

It’s an unfortunately – expensive – cycle. And hopefully it’s one you’ll be able to avoid.

Reviews about pillow on Pissed Consumer

Mypillow – Not at all satisfied with these hard lumpy pillows

Mypillow – The National Sleep Foundation who supposedly recommends the My Pillow is a fraud

Mypillow – Put the charge in dispute with your credit card company!

Mypillow – Worst ever!

You don’t often go pillow shopping, but when you do, it’s easy to get confused by all of the various offerings. After all, you’re shopping for a bag of fluff that you’ll slip in a pillowcase and put under your head. There are only a few options out there to choose from – how hard, how soft, what kind of fluff you want and how big the pillow is.

Yet even with the relatively simple options involved in a pillow, there is always something out there that makes things complicated. In this case it’s a pillow that claims to be worth $100. This is quite a feat when you realize that the next best pillow on the market costs about $25. What could possibly make a pillow four times as special?

Well, it turns out not much.

Dissecting the Best Pillow

This new, special pillow isn’t filled with the standard fluff we’re used to. No poly-fibers here! Instead it’s the standard cloth sack filled with foam bits. Unfortunately, rather than doing some sort of supersonic job of supporting your head, the fluffy bits in this particular pillow shift and resort themselves while you’re sleeping, eventually leaving at least one sleeper with absolutely nothing under her head.

Of course, paying $100 to ensure you have a comfortable pillow is ironic when your big bucks leave you with no pillow under your head at all.

The pillow-less customer isn’t the only one who has struggled with what is supposed to be a great purchase.

Sleeping Badly on a Great Pillow

This top-quality pillow is supposed to be life-changing. It’s supposed to make you sleep better at night and wake up rested and ready to face each day. In truth – at least according to customer reviews – the pillow is doing quite the opposite.

Some customers are concerned because they are sleeping on foam bits that disappear under their head while you’re sleeping every night. Apparently you can only get them back where they belong by waking up, punching the pillow a bit and falling asleep again.

Other customers are frustrated because they are waking up in more pain and discomfort than they did before the bought the new, fancy pillow. Rather than more support for their head and neck, they are spending money at the chiropractor to get the kinks and pains out. Pain caused by the pillow, according to customers.

Finally, there are those who expected something revolutionary and ended up with a basic, if expensive, pillow. These customers ditched the pillow quickly, but they can’t ditch the bill quite as fast. They are stuck with a bill for $100 and a dead pillow. It’s not hard to see where they would be a bit frustrated now.

Discount Portraits Cost More than You Think

Portrait Innovations – Poor service, predatory sales – Clearwater, FL

Portrait Innovations – Review about Portraits from Charlotte, North Carolina

Portrait Innovations – Review about Photoshoot from New York, New York


You’ve probably seen them – the discount coupons for photography packages. Pay $20 – they say – and you’ll get beautiful portraits! So you sign up. Why not, after all? $20 isn’t too much to spend on pictures of your children or your family, and by going to a studio you’ll be sure to get nice quality photographs.

The Hidden Agenda

What’s not mentioned on the discount portrait packages is just how many other things you’ll have to avoid to be able to leave the studio with $20 worth of a single portrait. You can’t really blame the photographers. It’s their jobs to sell as many pictures as possible.

In fact, their entire job depends on how many pictures you buy. A single picture for $20 doesn’t cut it where they are concerned, and this can create a rather uncomfortable environment for both you, the customer, and the pushy photographer.

When you make an appointment to buy pictures, you’re signing up for a sales pitch. There’s no getting around it. The $20 coupon deal you are excited to take advantage of is simply your ticket in. Once you’re in the studio you’re in for a much longer ride than you anticipated.

The Photography Experience

Many people go into the studio with $20 to spend on their $20 coupon.

It doesn’t matter.

Every customer will get the same treatment. The photographer will take pose after pose. They will choose backgrounds and colors. They will position your family in different ways and take pictures by yourself, in groups and in every format you can think of.

Once the session is over, get comfortable in the viewing seat. You may have signed up for a single package of a single picture, but you’re going to get the hard sell on every other picture the photographer took.

Don’t take it personally – this is just part of their job.

Some people get angry and frustrated that the photographer has to go through the hard sell for so long when they just want one picture. But don’t be angry.

If anything you should feel a bit sorry for the photographer. Her job is on the line if she doesn’t go through the full spiel to sell you more pictures. You did sign up for a professional photography session, so you might as well take advantage of the session.

You might not buy $400 worth of pictures, but you can at least enjoy the process and perhaps pick up one or two other special memories. Or at the very least, be patient, allow the photographer to do her part and then walk away with your $20 picture at the end of the process.

Reviews on Pissed Consumer about online loans

American Web Loan – Warning Warning Warning!!!!

American Web Loan – bad business

American Web Loan – AWL are Scammers!!!

It seems nothing is safe when it comes to your money these days. You need to borrow just a bit of money and suddenly there are dozens of companies and “banks” offering to loan you the funds for just pennies on the dollar. Or it would seem. Of course what these banks don’t tell you is just how terrible some internet loans can be.

The Simple Paperwork

Taking out a loan isn’t simple necessarily, but it shouldn’t be as complicated as buying a house – unless your loan is a mortgage of course. But if you’re borrowing $500 and you seem to be signing something that seems too good to be true, check the fine print.

Often a bad lending company will hide any number of problems down in the fine print of your loan paperwork. This is even truer online where a “bank” can exist for just a few days before disappearing into the abyss of the internet. Read, read, read. If you don’t know every detail of the loan, don’t sign off.

And never trust what the customer service rep has told you. After all, his job is to get you to sign. Not to advise you of your legal rights.

Interest Payments

If you’ve never had a bad loan, you don’t realize right away what is happening when the money starts to disappear from your bank. The loan repayment is set up through your bank so that you don’t have to worry about late payments, etc. But you realize quickly that you do have to worry – the payments don’t seem to stop when they should.

It would seem that some online banks never actually apply the payment to the principal of the loan. Instead they just allow you to keep paying interest on the loan (at an exorbitant rate, of course) until you figure out the scam they are pulling.

What should have been a $500 loan paid off in $650 worth of payments now becomes thousands of dollars as you pay bank fees and interest month after month without ever actually tackling the loan itself.

Stopping the Cycle

If you find yourself stuck in an unethical or bad loan, you are the one who must step up to take care of business. The loan company certainly isn’t going to help – they are robbing you, why would they stop? Involve the help of a lawyer if you can, but a more direct and effective means may be to go directly to your bank.

Tell you bank what’s happened and request that the bank stop allowing the charges to your account from the company. The bank will likely assist you in this process and you may even have to change bank accounts completely before they will stop. While it may not be ideal, going through the hassles of changing account numbers should give you some blessed financial peace at last.

Reviews about storage unit rental on Pissed Consumer

Public Storage – Prices raised within a few months

Public Storage – Review about Broken Storage Unit from Village Of Pelham, New York

Found People Living in our RV =- Stored at Public Storage!

Public Storage – Was ROBBED !!!!!!!!!!

Public storage is becoming more popular than ever, but storing your items in a locked room on someone else’s property can have some downsides – many of them, in fact. With a signed contract, security cameras and property management, you should be pretty well covered. But, surprise, with some companies you – and your things – may not be very safe in storage.


One of the worst things that can happen to you in a storage unit is a robbery. One family was notified two months after the fact that their storage unit had been robbed. The storage unit claimed the owner would need to come to the unit right away to file a police report and identify missing items.

Unfortunately for the family, they had moved out of state, so rushing to the storage unit would require airline tickets, time off work and a huge inconvenience. Another PissedConsumer user suggested working directly with the police via fax and email – let’s hope the robbery victim is able to do so.

Of course, it’s not always strangers who break into storage units. Another man was in the hospital when the payment due date for his storage unit was required. He paid it just a few days late after leaving the hospital but the damage was done. The lock on his unit was cut and the property owners rifled through his things and took his television and laptop. Needless to say he is considering legal action as well.

Rising Rates

Of course, you can deal with hassles even if you never have a break-in. You sign a contact and assume your monthly rate will remain the same throughout the course of the year. As it turns out, you were wrong. Just a few short months after signing on the dotted line, your rate jumps.

And it’s not just $10 or $20 per month. In some cases, rental rates on a small unit jumped as high as $90 – without any warning at all. When you add in the cost of moving all of your stuff to a new, more reasonable, unit, the financial and emotional costs are out of sight.


Finally, perhaps the worst scenario of all, some individuals store boats and campers at storage units. In one case, a family went to collect their RV for a camping adventure. Imagine their surprise when they learned that strangers had broken into their campers and actually lived inside for some time.

The doors were still locked, but the air vents were completely destroyed where the vagrants had been creeping in and out. Broken vents are expensive, but a dirty toilet and trash is just plain disgusting. Worse of all, the management company didn’t seem even a bit concerned – apparently this is a relatively common occurrence in some storage unit lots.

Reviews on Pissed Consumer about IRS scam email

There is a problem out in the cyber world. There is a scam moving through emails, and unlike some that are pretty generic or obvious, this one is good. Really good.

And you need to be careful.

Contacted by the IRS

Nothing is more nerve-wracking for a small business owner than a letter or email from the Internal Revenue Service, or IRS. The only good IRS is an IRS that sends you a tax refund at the end of the year. An email from the IRS – especially one that comes from a domain like – is downright terrifying.

But that’s exactly what’s happening.

A phishing scam is happening through email.
Scammers have managed to get ahold of a .gov url, which makes the whole thing appear to be very authentic. The emails they send seem to be from the government, but they aren’t.

Consider the email that was sent to PissedConsumer last week.

‘Complaint against your company
Internal Revenue Service
To: <>
From: Internal Revenue Service <>
Attachments: complaint2015011…doc

Dear business owner,

A criminal complaint has been filled against your company.

Your company is being accused of trying to commit tax evasion schemes.
The full text of the complaint file ( .DOC type ) can be viewed in your Microsoft Word, complaint is attached.

AN official response from your part is required, in order to take further action.

Please review the charges brought forward in the complaint file, and contact us as soon as possible by :
Telephone Assistance for Businesses: Toll-Free, 1-800-829-4933

Thank you,
Internal Revenue Service Fraud Prevention Department”

Aside from the terrific irony that a formal complaint email was sent to a complaint website, this notice got our attention. The .gov URL made it past our spam filters and we have to check it twice to be sure it wasn’t authentic.

Fortunately, we were able to do our research quickly and we avoided opening the complaint document that was attached to the email. That document contained the malware that would compromise their computers and perhaps even the small business they were trying to protect in the first place.

Protecting Yourself from IRS Scams

Scams that appear to come from the IRS are doubly powerful. They catch your attention like this one did when it came to our offices, and the fact that it is from the IRS makes it seem possible that there is something legitimate you need to investigate.

If you do get an email from the IRS, don’t react immediately. Remember a few key points:

The IRS will only contact you via United State mail. That means an unsolicited email is never actually from the IRS.

If you are contacted by the IRS, there is always a phone number you can call to confirm. The IRS is aware of the scams and tries to prevent problems by providing contact numbers.

Finally, if you do want to visit the IRS website, go directly to the website by typing in the URL, Never click through a link in an email as that is where everything can so quickly go wrong.

Reviews on Pissed Consumer about water filter

Zerowater – Ignorant customers knocking a product based on thoughtless data


Zerowater – A good product misunderstood. You get what you pay for.

Zerowater – Zero Water *stinks* – Filter Life Too Short

Water is one of the healthiest things we ingest on a daily basis. But what if you water is actually harming you with the amount of minerals it contains? Enter the water filter! There are some basic filters you can use, but to remove the most materials from your water, some companies specialize in more dramatic filters that cost a pretty penny. Unfortunately, the reviews are mixed as to whether these expensive water filter systems are really the way to go.

Changing Shape

One company that sells expensive water filters recently changed the way the filters are actually made. The filters that used to last for a month now only last for a few days or perhaps a week at the most.

Customers, many of them long-term customers, are frustrated because they expensive filters they bought for the month are now only in use for a few days – that’s a substantial increase in price and a substantial profit for the company with the new filters.

Not only are the newer shaped filters deemed not as effective by customers, they may even be dangerous.

Removing Toxins

The whole idea behind a water filter is to remove the junk and gross that is in the public water supply. Sure the water has been treated, but just how well? With a good filtration system you can count on your water being clean and clear without hard minerals or even fecal matter.

What tends to be happening with these filters isn’t quite as clean as it sounds. The filters are clearing the water for the first few days. A simple test has determined that water that was high in heavy minerals is much lighter after filtration. This is good. This is the way things are supposed to work.

But after a few days the water and ice made from the water starts to smell like lemons. Strange, but tolerable. Then after just another day or two, the water stinks like something has died in the faucet. When tested, the water is no longer being filtered, but even worse, the previously filtered materials are being dumped back into the water stream, making water up to four times denser with minerals and possible waste than it was.

Your water filter is no longer removing dirty, it’s somehow creating dirty, dangerous water.

The Consequences of Water Filtration

One family bought the water filters in hopes of drinking fresher, healthier, water. Instead the whole family wound up with flu-like symptoms for a week after using the filter. Could it be the filter is dumping gunk back into the water after filtering it out? Or perhaps the filters are only good for a few days before needing to be changed?

Neither one of these makes for a very appetizing drink, unfortunately. Sadly this leaves many home owners wondering just how to handle dirty water if one of the “best” products on the market is doing exactly what they don’t need it to do – and at a high cost, as well.

Reviews on most complained companies on Pissed Consumer

Everyone runs into bad service now and again. We buy something and it breaks or we try to reason with a customer service representative and get absolutely nothing for our efforts except a headache. On the flipside, most companies expect to see some complaints from time to time, but most companies are very conscientious about keeping complaints to a minimum and pleasing the customers.

In fact, more customers than ever are including contact information in their complaints so that stores can fix problems or address concerns directly. How successful this is varies by company, of course.

But sometimes despite their best efforts (or due to a lack of any effort at all), customer complaints accumulate. On a website like Pissed Consumer, we see a huge number of complaints every day. It’s enough to make you wonder: Which companies out there are seeing the most action? Which are collecting the most complaints right now?

Well, we have the answer. The companies with accumulated complaints as of today are as follows, and if the complaints and response rate are to be believed, these companies will be at the top of the list for some time to come.


The retail giant has accumulated a giant collection of complaints via PissedConsumer. Walmart does a bit of everything and sells a bit of everything, so it’s no surprise the complaints are just as varied as the store offerings. From cell phone service to check cashing, it would seem there is plenty to complain about at the local Walmart. Walmart has a total of 3226 reviews and 64 percent of customers have agreed to be contacted – they are waiting for Walmart to take the next step in solving the problems they have discussed.


You might think the majority of the complaints for AT&T would be about telephone service, but you’d be wrong. It seems the biggest problems over at AT&T are deceptive practices and billing as well as a less-than-stellar installation process. That’s if the customer complaints be believed, of course. AT&T has a total of 2845 reviews and 66 percent of those agreed to be contacted by the company.


It would seem there is a problem in our world of communication. The three top internet and cable providers have all made the list, and the problems with Comcast are similar to problems at AT&T. Customers aren’t thrilled by deceptive selling practices, bad installation and apparently Comcast still has some bugs to work out on the quality of their connections as well. Comcast has accumulated 1885 reviews and 60 percent of those pissed consumers have agreed to let Comcast contact them directly.


Yet another media provider, DirectTV apparently suffers from the “deceptive selling technique” issues as well. Customers are complaining that they are being billed incorrectly, that the company is taking money without permission and that DirectTV has knowingly misled customers with false information. It’s enough to make you wonder who you can trust to deliver your favorite cable shows! More than doubling the number of complaints Comcast has experienced, DirectTV has accumulated 4019 total complaints and 55 percent of complainants have agreed to be contacted by the company.

Best Buy

Best Buy has been plagued by their own series of problems over the years with increasing online sales, and apparently the troubles are continuing. Best Buy customers are complaining about products breaking or products that seem to be on the verge of breaking. But that’s not all. When the customers try to return the products – any products – it seems Best Buy has made the return or cancellation process very tedious and complicated for many customers. At 1932, Best Buy has just under 2000 complaints at the time of writing, but 65 percent of those leaving complaints are willing to speak directly to the company about the issue.


Surprise! Another cable company has made the list due to a staggering number of complaints. According to complaints, Suddenlink appears to enjoy a monopoly in many areas, and without competition sells inferior internet, phone and cable. Customers complain about losing connection constantly and then losing customer service representatives as they try to sort out the issues over the phone. With just 377 complaints, Suddenlink seems out of place until you remember how much smaller they are than the giant companies on this list. 49 percent of those complaining about Suddenlink have agreed to be contacted.


This might feel a little hard to believe. So many people love Target! It has its own fan club it would seem! But complaints at Target range from the typical rude customer service often seen on these boards to more specific complaints about the quality of the items sold through the store. Target has accumulated a total of 1376 complaints, and 64 percent of those leaving complaints have agreed to be contacted directly by the company to resolve their differences.


It would seem delivering packages to the right people at the right time is a challenge for FedEx. Of course, this might have something to do with the holiday season just ending a few weeks ago, but the majority of complaints stem from packages going missing, delivery windows being missed by hours, if not days, and additional charges being required by the recipient. FedEx has a total 2074 complaints and a full 57 percent of those leaving complaints have agreed to be contacted.

Magic Jack

It would seem internet is hard to get no matter how to you try. Three of the cable companies made this list and now Magic Jack rounds it out as people complain about using the Magic Jack device and software to try and connect to the internet. Apparently for many folks, Magic Jack doesn’t work properly and they can’t seem to find a solution since they complain just as much about the quality of the customer service! Magic Jack boasts a total of 2351 complaints and 66 percent of those are hopeful the company will be calling. Let’s just hope the companies are as willing to discuss the matter as the pissed consumers.

Reviews about furniture and appliances rentals on Pissed Consumer

Aarons Rents – lock on a computer i own and bought from them.

Aarons Rents – Harrassed and taking Action!

There are challenges that come along with setting up a home. Once you have your new house or apartment located, you have to set up your basic furniture, your basic appliances and, of course, your television. The trouble comes when you’re trying to afford a new television or some new furniture, but you don’t have a lot of cash on hand.

That’s when renting your furniture items might make sense.

Renting Electronics

Electronics are one of the more popular things to rent when it comes to renting to own. After all, spending hundreds of dollars on a new television can be a hard burden to bear, especially if you’re not sure yet which television you want to invest in for the long term.

Enter the rent-to-own store!

With the rent to own store, you can arrange to rent a television or computer and then continue to make payments over time until you own it or return it. This is a perfect arrangement if you want to try out a particular television or you just need to make installment payments on an expensive new computer.

Unfortunately renting to own isn’t the same as buying something outright, and more than a few times some rental customers have discovered this the hard way.

Locking Down the Machine

When you rent a computer, it’s hard to think of it as anything but your own. Unfortunately, the computer belongs to the store – not to you – and the store has protections on the machine to be sure that it doesn’t walk away or wind up in a pawnshop after the first month’s payments.

Unfortunately, even after you finish paying off a particular machine, the rental store software is still loaded on the computer. That means that the store can still lock you out of the machine at will until you force the issue and get the software removed. Often this requires an extra trip to the rental store with your completed contract in hand, but it’s worth it to be in control of your own technology.

Moving Rental Equipment

Another lesson renters discovered along the way dealt with the actual location of the rental items. When you rent something like a television, the contract you’ve signed includes the location of the item you’ve rented. That location is actually part of the contract.

That means that if you move, you can’t necessarily take the rental television with you without updating your contact first. Since a rental feels like you own it, especially if you’ve had it for more than a few months, it’s hard to remember to deal with the extra steps required to move that item from one apartment to another.

Some customers were reminded the hard way when the rental store began calling and sending notices about the moved electronics. Dozens of phone calls later, the customer was beyond frustrated, but in this particular case the blame falls with him.

Renting isn’t buying. Always check the contract before you sign it – especially if you plan to “forget” to make payments when you “forget” to update the contract before a move.

Reviews on Pissed Consumer about White Sales

The holidays may be over, but the shopping is just getting started! January is the month for white sales, giving you a chance to get some great new linens for the house at the lowest prices of the year. Of course, like so many things, a good deal is only a good deal if you know what to look for in a sale item.

When it comes to sheets, towels and other linens, there are a few key elements to decide on as you go. Of course, with sheets and towels – the better your choices, the more comfortable you’ll be in the long run.


There are three primary materials used to make sheets. Linen is top of the line. A high-quality linen sheet will last decades and be comfortable and cool all year long. Next in line would be a completely cotton sheet. A long-fiber variety like Egyptian cotton will be soft and comfortable against the skin. A good cotton sheet will last for years without pilling.

Finally, a polyester blend sheet will easy to care for and will be unlikely to wrinkle, but with a poly-blend you’re more likely to experience pilling rather quickly. The life of a poly-blend sheet is more limited than the entirely natural fibers, but they are also very affordable and lightweight.

Thread Count

Generally speaking, the higher the thread count on your sheets, the higher the quality. But with that being said, thread count can be deceiving. The thread count is actually how many threads are in a square inch of fabric.

A high quality sheet will have at least 200 or 220 treads, but anything over 400 thread count can be a bit suspicious. Physically speaking you can only fit so many threads in a fabric, so once you hit 400, you’re likely dealing with smaller threads or creative accounting in the numbers.

Look for Individuals

In many things you get a better deal when you buy in bulk, sheets are one of the exceptions to this particular rule. When you buy a sheet set, even if it’s on sale, you may wind up paying more than you would by shopping for the individual sheets.

Sure a set of sheets and pillowcases is convenient, but is it really a savings? The individual sheets that are sold have more room for discounts, and that is exactly what you see as you start looking through the white sales online and in stores. If you stick to neutrals, you don’t even have to worry too much about matching colors as all of the items you buy will coordinate effortlessly.

Reviews on Pissed Consumer about tax services

Hr Block – Wrong Address to Submit State Taxes

Turbo tax 2013 $29.95, TT 2014 $59.99 Plus hidden $30 more for stock sale


Hr Block – Review about Emerald Advance from Shelby, Ohio

Wall and Associates – Review about Tax Resolution from Apple Valley, Minnesota

Nobody likes paying taxes. Even if we enjoy the benefits we reap from the funds, it’s a headache to go through the hassles of filing every year, and even if you get money back, you may have to fight for your funds tooth and nail.

Of course, there are plenty of companies who claim to make tax time much easier for you, but are they to be trusted? Sometimes it seems the companies who are supposed to be helping are simply making the problem worse. If you’re going to get help with your taxes this year, be sure to always be on the lookout for potential problems. It’s far better to catch a nuisance than be dealt a serious problem.

Missing Basic Information

Sure, the hard part of the forms are all of the calculations and filing requirements. But sometimes it’s just the simple things that make us grind our teeth. For example, what if a company handles filing for you and everything on your form is exactly right…except the address you’re supposed to mail it to? One man discovered this the hard way when his forms didn’t make it and he would up with overdue taxes and extra expenses to mail them again.

The Hidden Software Pricing

Of course you always have the option to file your own taxes, and many people buy software to help them do exactly that! But there are secrets here as well. You pay about $30 for the software that helps you file 95 percent of your taxes.

But then you have to upgrade to handle your stock sales or rental income. By the time you are ready to file you have to pay the software company twice or even three times as much just to click the Submit button!

No Solutions, Only Problems

Sometimes the problems can’t be predicted. You use the same company or software as you have for years. But then you go to submit your forms or you finish up with the line of credit application to get your refund in hand just a bit faster and discover that all is not as it should be.

One anxious filer realized that hours of work were wasted when the software company refused to fix a glaring error in its software. Another faithful customer was denied a line of credit from her own refund after being a faithful customer for more than a decade. Wasted time. Wasted energy. And nothing to show for it.

No Help in a Crisis

Sometimes the worst happens with your taxes. You realize that there is a serious problem that you need help with and you call on the legal professionals who are trained and paid to help guide you through the solution to a very big problem.

You don’t expect the help to be cheap, but you do expect to actually get some help for your money. Unfortunately one man discovered that he would have been bett

Review about shopping after holidays

Most of us don’t have a lot of spare cash left after holiday spending, but for those who have been patiently waiting, January is a great time to buy many expensive items that may still be on your list. Of course, not every deal is a great deal – be sure to research your purchases carefully to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth and avoiding known problems.


It’s a bit ironic really, but the huge number of televisions on sale for Christmas aren’t really that great a deal. Many of them are manufactured just for Christmas sales and are a bit scaled down from the regular models. If you wait until January, however, you can grab the highest quality televisions for way less. These are the models from 2014 that need to be cleared out as the new versions arrive and in some cases the discount televisions that are now even more discounted to get them out of stores at any cost.

Exercise Equipment

The savings here are two-fold. On one hand, companies know that many of us are ready to get healthier as part of our New Year’s Resolutions and we are more inclined to buy expensive exercise equipment. Companies lower prices to be competitive at the peak “healthy” time of year. On the other hand, a treadmill or elliptical machine that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars from 2014 must be cleared out of the way for the newer models. Hello, deep discounts.


Another hold over from Christmas, January is another great month to find discount on toys and even tablets. If you or your child received gift cards for Christmas, rather than rushing out to stores in the days right after the holidays, hold on to those cards and put them to use in the middle of January instead. Not only will your child be ready for something brand new a month after Christmas, he’ll get a great deal buying it.

Winter Clothing

Fortunately, the fashion industry works on a strange calendar. The new lighter clothing for spring starts arriving in stores in late January or early February. This means you can score great deals on heavy-duty winter clothing in the peak of the winter season. Need a new jacket? Put it off for just another week or two and you’ll pay pennies on the dollars as stores clear out winter jackets for summer bathing suits.


The Winter White Sales are one of those retailer traditions that continue still today. January is the month to buy new sheets and towels at the biggest discounts of the year, but be wary of your choices. Research the companies you’re buying from if you’re ordering online. The prices may be excellent with some retailers, but those excellent prices won’t mean a thing if you never actually receive the things you’ve bought and paid for.

Reviews on Pissed Consumer about home warranty

American Home Shield – charging me for someone to come out and make excuses not to fix

American Home Shield – Contractor that is just upset as customers!

American Home Shield – A/C broken, American Home Sheild was useless!!!!

Owning a home is an expensive business. Often you have to shell out money for things you never even conceived of paying for before you took on an already expensive mortgage. Unlike apartment living where the landlord takes care of all maintenance, you’re essentially on your own in your home – unless you pay for a home warranty to help shoulder the burden.

The Home Warranty Basics

A home warranty is similar to a car warranty. With a car warranty, you take your car into the dealer and the dealer fixes the problem without costing you a cent – as long as you’re within the set warranty time period. With a home warranty, you pay a monthly fee and when a problem happens, the warranty company sends out a service representative who takes care of the problem and you’re on your way.

There is a service fee, but paying $60 for a broken dishwasher is far less than the hundreds you’d pay otherwise. Most people agree that a home warranty is an easy way to feel confident in their home and a way to help with the unexpected problems and repairs that come up.

If only this were really the case.

The Real Home Warranty Situation

In truth, some home warranty companies do pretty much what they advertise. Many others, however, are in business to make money at any expense. This means they frequently push rates down on the contractor side of things and refuse to help customers on the other side of the business.

Your air conditioner stops working. You call on your home warranty company and they send out a service representative. He tells you that ice fell on your air conditioner and it’s not covered. Now you still have a broken air conditioner, the service rep is very willing to work on your unit provided you pay him directly, and – oh, yes – it’s a $60 service call for the mess.

Even when things aren’t deemed an accident of nature or blamed on you, (the air conditioner is dirty – we can’t cover that!) there is still a tremendous among of pressure on the service company to keep costs as low as possible. One company was told to drop their rates. They couldn’t drop them and stay in business so the warranty company cut them as a provider.

Placing the Blame

The home warranty business is a complicated one. You just want your air conditioner, or sink, or dishwasher, or furnace, fixed. The service company is being told to avoid fixing things to maximize profits or risk being cut off. The home warranty company is sitting pretty in the middle of things, stirring up trouble and counting the cash.

Meanwhile the contractors and the customers are irate and frustrated. Perhaps home warranty customers should just put their money in the bank rather than the home warranty coffers. They would have some savings for when problems do pop up and not have to deal with hassles along the way.

Christmas reviews on Pissed Consumer

False Delivery Dates On Sears Website

Justflowers – ***, shabby and wrong item in order. Was a huge mistake!!!

Sometimes we do everything right, but things still go terribly wrong. How is it that we order the gift with time to spare but it still doesn’t arrive? Or perhaps the item that was in stock when you ordered is suddenly back ordered by the time it’s ready to be shipped? Or worse yet, the gift that does arrive isn’t anything like what you bought and paid for.

Sometimes Christmas presents aren’t quite as merry as we’d like them to be. And sometimes there isn’t a thing you can do about it.

The Missing Gift

You ordered a gift. You paid for the gift. You got a notification that the gift had shipped. You were feeling pretty good about things. After all, you were on fire! You got the gift, the gift is on the way, and this is one thing that you’re in control of this Christmas, right? Wrong.

When you placed your order, you were careful to check the shipping date. The item was scheduled to arrive on or before December 20th, so you felt confident. When the order confirmation comes through later to your email you double-check the date and it’s suddenly a full month later – January 21st!

What are you supposed to do with a gift that arrives a full month after Christmas? At this point you can either wrap up a picture of the item and wait it out for delivery or buy the item again in the store and wait a month to get your money back when you return the original one.

The Ugly Gift

While some gifts fail to make it on time, others arrive on schedule but you wish you could send them back. Imagine the man who wants to surprise his wife with a holiday fruit basket. He orders the basket online using the pictures of fruit and flowers as a guide. He requests a Christmas balloon with the order to make it festive and then waits for his wife to call.

When she does things aren’t quite what he expected. The fruit arrived alright, but it’s not carefully arranged into anything that resembles the picture. It is fruit chunked into a basket with a random poinsettia. It’s ugly. It was late. It’s not even a holiday fruit arrangement. The big balloon attached to the basket doesn’t say Merry Christmas. It says I Love You.

While not a bad message, it’s not the one the customer bought and paid for! On the plus side he and his wife have a basket of random fruit to eat under a love balloon. It would have been a much, much worse scenario of that ugly basket and wrong balloon had arrived at his boss’s house or the like.

Reviews on Pissed Consumer about Christmas Gifts

Phones are not guaranteed to have clean IMEI/ESN! Beware of buying from Gazelle

Tidebuy – Don’t trust company or sham positive reviews. They don’t stand behind their bait and switch products

Mac Cosmetics – Took my daughter to Mac to use her Christmas gift card….

Christmas morning is a thrill for everyone. Child race to see what Santa brought and adults enjoy the family fun and festive mood, along with a gift or two. But that holiday magic can be short lived if you wind up with a bad present. Granted some presents you can simply donate to others who may enjoy them, but there are always a few that seem great, but wind up a hot mess.

No Gift Cards Here

One mother bought her daughter a gift card to an expensive cosmetics store. She knew this was what her daughter wanted, and was willing to endure the torture of being in the tiny store with dozens of others looking at make-up and standing in long lines. Finally, when the mother daughter duo made it to the counter, the daughter pulled out her gift card ready to pay.

It turns out that the expensive make-up store doesn’t actually take company gift cards. You can only use the gift card is select locations or online. Beyond frustrated by the store’s ridiculous policy to not take its own gift cards and her poor daughter’s dismay, the irate mother paid for the cosmetics herself just to get out of the store and into fresh air again. Needless to say it wasn’t a very magical experience for anyone.

Wrong Size. No Returns.

One man ordered a fun and expensive coat for his girlfriend to open on Christmas morning. His girl wears a large, and he checked to be sure he was ordering a jacket large enough to accommodate her busty figure. When the coat arrived, however, he realized he shouldn’t have bothered.

The coat was absolutely tiny. The arms were too narrow for a professional model to wear comfortably, and models aren’t known for wearing a large. The jacket was obviously not the right size and there was no way it was going to work for Christmas.

Frustrated the customer called up the online store and asked how to return the jacket. Imagine his surprise when he was told there were no returns at all. The store sent him the wrong size, but they wouldn’t take the coat back. It wasn’t like he changed his mind on the color – the coat was two sizes too small, but apparently there is nothing he can do about it other than gnash his teeth a bit and buy something else.

Stolen Technology

Ever wonder where phones wind up when they are lost or stolen? Apparently they wind up being sold as a free and clear phone only to be cut off randomly months later. One man bought his wife and mother-in-law expensive iPhones for Christmas. He was comfortable with a previously used version of the phone, so he bought the phones through a larger well-known online retailer.

This is a man who did his homework. He confirmed that the store checks the phone and confirmed the return and warranty procedures. When the phones arrived they were in perfect condition. He presented the phones, got the phones hooked up through a cell phone provider and everything was great for almost a full year.

Eleven months after giving the phones as a gift, his mother-in-law’s phone went dead. Nothing she could do would turn the phone on again or make it work. It turns out the phone wasn’t as free and clear as it had been billed as being. A mobile phone service still owned the phone. The previous owner was making payments on it, but when he stopped paying, the phone stopped working. It turns out the new owner had paid $200 for a very nice Christmas gift that wasn’t his to give. That’s a very expensive rental and even more expensive lesson learned.

Christmas reviews on Pissed Consumer

Bah Humbug American Airlines

Kmart – Review about Christmas Gifts from Naperville, Illinois

Picture Me Portrait Studio – Pics not on website to purchase

Balsam Hill fails to follow their warranty agreement

The holidays are supposed to be a great time of year, but we all know just how quickly a great holiday memory can become a disaster. Unfortunately there are more than a few things that can go wrong over the Christmas season, and you can rest assured you’re not alone with these holiday headaches.

Delayed Christmas Arrival

Winter can be a challenging time to fly anywhere. Bad weather can delay flights, but what do you do when your big holiday flight is cancelled because the airline didn’t round up a co-pilot for the plane?

The holidays are a popular time to travel with family, and trying to book a family of five on a bit trip to Hawaii the first time around was a challenge. Trying to get everyone on a rescheduled flight is a nightmare nobody wants to contemplate.

Paying Too Much for Presents

There is a fine line to walk between getting the best deal on a present and just getting the present. Sometimes fighting the mall traffic to get to the store is the worst part of the sales experience. Other times it’s looking at the receipt after the fact and realizing that you were overcharged $80 for things that were supposed to be on sale. You’d best hope you catch that problem in the store – that’s a long drive back to fight for a refund.

Lost Holiday Pictures

One of the best parts of the holidays are the pictures you have to celebrate the memories over the years. But what you do when you can’t access the pictures you so carefully arranged? One poor mother arranged Christmas pictures and then couldn’t access the images online. She tried for days and then weeks. She called the store but was never able to reach anyone. It turns out the company that took the pictures shut down without ever releasing her images! That’s one Christmas memory she won’t have.

The Tree Breaks

Okay, maybe this one doesn’t happen to anyone, but we’ve all had tree problems of one kind or another. Maybe your lights go out just moments after you’ve strung them all on the tree. Or you realize your tree branches aren’t even this year. Whatever it is, the Christmas tree is supposed to be front and center at Christmas time, but it’s hard to enjoy it if you know it’s got a problem.

You can try to avoid problems by buying a top of the line tree, but even those have been known to be just a bit defective at times. You might pay top dollar for a tree and wind up with a broken branch. And don’t count on your warranty to cover it – warranties are always tricky business.

Fight the good fight, put the branches together the best way you can and decorate that tree any which way you like. After all this is Christmas, and it’s the fun that counts!

Reviews about Christmas shopping on Pissed Consumer

Ask most of us and we’ll tell you we love the holidays – even if we can’t actually remember that in the midst of frantic classroom parties and rushed gift purchases. Too often the ideal view of warm slippers and wine by the fireplace in the light of the Christmas tree is shoved aside by frantic dashes to school concerts, required work parties and late nights of wrapping so that something – anything – is ready for Christmas morning.

But this year can be different. You may not be able to skip the mandatory work bashes, but you can streamline things a bit to give yourself some breathing room. Then maybe you can try that wine by the fire routine at least once between now and New Years!

Create a Treasure Trove

You can’t avoid shopping for gifts if you have family and close friends, but you can use that shopping time to protect yourself from future emergency trips. While you’re out picking out the perfect gift for someone, why not grab a couple extra bottles of wine, some nice candles, some nice books and beautifully packaged chocolates.

Make a little stash of luxury, yet not very expensive, gifts for emergencies. Then, when you realize you forgot the teacher gift or get invited to a last-minute get-together, your gifts are at hand and ready. Best of all, at the end of the season you can return anything you didn’t use or just enjoy that wine and chocolate yourself!

Ship Now. Ship Quickly

The best time to buy things online has already passed – it was at or before Thanksgiving. But now that we are in the peak shipping season, hedge your bets. Only buy from companies that have reasonably reliable shipping in the past – this is not the time to try out an unknown company.

Also, have items shipped directly to you rather than to your friend or family member. This allows you to check over the items, package them more securely and then ship them off again. This might add a few days to the process, but it gives you a chance to include a personal note and be sure you’re actually sending what you mean to be sending.

Don’t be afraid to pay extra for high-quality and fast shipping. If it’s worth it to you to skip the mall parking lot, it’s probably worth an extra $5 on shipping. Free shipping isn’t usually fast shipping after all.

Buy Local

The big stores may have big sales, but they also have big crowds. Small, local retailers are trying to move their merchandise, too. Best of all, you can shop with fewer people crowded around you, you might be able to skip freeways and wild parking lots and you can support the people who actually live and work in your community.

You don’t even have to stick to your own local stores. If you want to send flowers or edible arrangements, skip the big companies plastered all over the internet. Do some digging for local companies in the city you’re actually sending the flowers or treats to.

Those companies will often be glad to deliver in their area, and since you’re talking to a real person in a real store, you’re more likely to get what you actually ordered delivered to the right person in the right way.

Buying extra candles and shopping online won’t make the classroom Christmas parties for your children any more tolerable, but they will help reduce a few stresses of the season. Simplify what you can and then use the time you’re saving to sit back, surround yourself with loved ones and simply enjoy the season the way you’ve always meant to.