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Automobile Reviews on Pissed Consumer

Safelite Auto Glass – NEVER GO TO SAFELITE!!!!!!


Safelite Auto Glass – safelite autoglass stealing jobs from small companies

Safelite Auto Glass – Claimed to fix chip-made the crack worse.

Chips happen to all of us. If you drive long enough you’ll eventually find yourself dealing with a chipped windshield or a small crack. Fortunately there seem to be countless shops and glass repair locations that can take care of that small chip for you. Or they say they can. It’s a bit more complicated than that in reality.

Advertised Specials

When you choose to repair your chipped windshield, you’re going to go with a location that seems convenient and reliable. Since this isn’t something you do daily, it stands to reason that you’d go with a company you’ve heard the most about.

That company is likely the one with most commercials and advertisements. It helps that you’re dealing with a big company that promotes its warranty and guarantees on the quality of the repair job you’re seeking.

Even if you know nothing about fixing windshields, you know that you’re in good hands with such a well-known and established company, right?


Dealing with Broken Glass

Sometimes the biggest companies are the most careless when it comes to actually getting the job done. The company that pledges to fix your windshield and to refund your money if it doesn’t work isn’t necessarily telling you the whole truth.

The real scoop on the company may not be as pretty.

• The glass company may have expanded to the point of being a monopoly in the market. Since they have almost no competitors, they don’t need to worry much about competition or doing a good job. Where else are you going to go?

• The company may keep their own costs low and profits high by overcharging you or your insurance for even the most basic windshield chip repairs while paying their installation techs as little as possible.

• Usually paying only a fraction of the going rate for a windshield tech means you’re not getting the most experienced installers in the marketplace. In fact, you’re probably paying top dollar for one of the least skilled installers to work on your vehicle. Experienced installers don’t settle for something close to minimum wage.

• The glass company looking to bring in new business probably won’t have problems embellishing the truth just a bit. The company may even flat out lie to you or misrepresent themselves.

Let’s say you have a small foreign car with a broken window. You call up the company to be sure they know how to replace windows on your specialty car. They assure you that they do know how to do exactly that, and even better it will only take forty-five minutes to get the job done.

Four hours later you’re listening to the inexperienced installer explain to you that something must be wrong with your car because the window isn’t installing properly and things didn’t go the way they were supposed to.

Now you have a car with a window that resets itself every time you try to roll it up or down. Inside the car you find shards of glass piled into the driver’s seat – not the sort of thing you can overlook when vacuuming up the mess.

There is glass on the floor, the door doesn’t look like it was put together properly and you’re now going to have to drive to the dealer to spend days getting the company to fix the mistakes the company made installing the window.

That warranty that was supposed to help out in situations like this?

Naturally it doesn’t apply.

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Customer Service Reviews on Pissed Consumer

GameStop – Yelled at…

GameStop – Absolutely horrible customer service!

There are a few laws in retail that we should take time to remember.

1. While not always right, the customer generally should be accommodated if he is making reasonable requests and acting appropriately.

2. Even when you’re having a terrible day, retail employees never have the right to treat customers with disrespect.

3. As a customer, the employee is there to help you – not to be your slave or to suffer your irrational wrath.

Even when someone knows all the rules and how to behave in a store, there are still mishaps. But when they seem to happen in the same store in different parts of the country, it makes you wonder if there’s a problem with one person or with a whole company of people.

Shut Up or Leave!

When you make a choice to work in retail, you’re making a choice to play a game. You’re putting on a mask and slipping into an act every time a customer walks in the door. You’re friendly, smiling, helpful and never in a bad mood.

If you’re can’t play your part, you’re not going to be in retail very long.

Now, there will be customers of all types in your business, but if you sell video games, you’re going to cater to an age group where teenagers are the norm and you should expect typical teenager behavior.

For example, you might be working at the desk when a group of teenagers comes in. You keep your eye on the group as another sales associate helps them, but after a while you start to squirm. This particular group of teenagers is loud.

They are laughing and obviously excited for a friend who is spending hundreds of dollars on video game equipment in your store.

Worse, their loud laughter is making it hard to concentrate on the purchase order you’re filling out.

At this point you have two choices.

The first choice is to ignore the noise. They are getting ready to pay, after all. Since they are the only customers in your store, they aren’t causing a problem for anyone but you and you work in customer service – this is just par for the course.

The second choice is to lose your cool. You might shout at the customers to “Shut up or leave!” While this might feel terrific in the moment, it’s sure to feel a lot worse when your boss finds out and you’re without a job – especially when the would-be customers actually leave. Whoops!

Your Money Is Not Going Anywhere

Of course, there are types of employee behavior that are just as bad, if not quite as shocking and loud. You can face the smirking employee. Let’s say you’ve ordered a game before it’s released. When the game is delayed for months, you go into the store and ask for your money back – it’s better to buy something you can enjoy now, after all.

Rather than just handing over your funds, the employee of the store looks at you like you’re crazy and asks you why you’d want to do something like that? Not only does he talk to you like you’re incapable of spending your own money, but he refuses to cancel the preorder.

He tells you, “Your money’s not going anywhere.”

Very classy, Store Employee.

Once the manager is on the scene, you can bet that you’ll be getting that money back and all of your money in the future is very much going anywhere but here!

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Car rental reviews on Pissed Consumer

Budget Rent A Car – “Bait and Switch”

Budget Rent A Car – Budget applied fuel surcharge even though I filled car before return.

Budget Rent A Car – Forced to buy optional insurance

Rental cars fall into the range of necessary evils when traveling. It’s bad enough to make it through the security checkpoints and flight delays, but to have to stand in line after your arrival and wait for the drama of renting a car seems like some sort of injustice. And that’s when the rental agency does everything right.

But what about when everything seems to be truly an injustice!

Misleading Advertising

Often you book your rental car before you leave for your trip – waiting until you’re at the counter can be bad news indeed, especially if everything is already sold out or you’re stuck with a vehicle that is way too small to be comfortable.

One of the nicest things about booking your rental is advance is being able to take advantage of the various emailed specials and online offers that are out there. You might get a free upgrade with every rental, for example, so long as you’re booked ahead of time.

Imagine your surprise when you arrive at the rental car counter and learn that the special offer you dug to find and applied so carefully isn’t honored after all. It might seem silly to haggle for a free upgrade, but when you’re expecting it, you’ve done the research and you have the coupon – it doesn’t seem silly to count on the company to follow through. But apparently they don’t.

Fees, Fees and More Fees

Even when you skip the specials and try to book a car without any bells and whistles, you find there’s a bit more to it than you originally thought. The best fees tend to come as a surprise. Let’s say you travel to a different country – at least the rental car companies should have the policies, right?


The rental companies have been known to make their own rules on rentals in other countries. That usually means that you wind up being forced to pay for something that you shouldn’t, like the optional insurance. If you have insurance, you’re likely already covered, but being forced into paying twice as much for the car because someone breaks the company’s “optional” policy just isn’t cool.

And because it’s illegal in another country and you probably gave in and signed to get your car, you have no case at all when it’s all said and done.

Even renting in the United States can have its troubles. Usually the company finds a way to stick you with an extra bill after the fact. The gasoline surcharge is a particular favorite. You rent the car, you fill up the tank, you return the car, you get a letter in the mail with a bill. You owe more money for the gas that you burned getting from the gas station to the rental company. Fair? Nope. Money-maker for the company? Absolutely.

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Shopping reviews on Pissed Consumer

Salvation Army – PRICES TOO HIGH FOR THE TRULY POOR AND NEEDY. SA adapts corporate pattern of Greed over Compassion.

Salvation army did not help

The thrift store market is surging! You won’t hear about it on television and you won’t read about it in the papers, but drive through a city and you’ll see that there are large shops for thrift stores popping up all over the place.

It used to be there were just a handful of second-hand shops in a particular area, and the clothing was heavily discounted or even free. Now there seems to be a donation center and attached shop in every neighborhood, and it makes you wonder if the store is actually doing what it’s supposed to be doing- helping those who need help the most.

The Rising Price of Getting By

We all know that going to the mall will cost you an arm and a leg if you’re looking to buy a few new outfits. On the flipside, heading to the thrift store should save you quite a bit – a few dollars for a pair of pants and a tshirt. After all, the clothing is all donated and used, so it doesn’t exactly command full retail prices.

Or it shouldn’t.

But somehow the prices are rising. That old t-shirt that you donated used to cost just a dollar or two for someone who was in need. Now that t-shirt costs closer to $6. For $6, you can go to the big discount store down the road and buy a brand new t-shirt, not an old one that has obviously been worn before!

Of course there are discount days where you can save a bit of extra money if you shop, but stores aren’t even completely forthright about that.

Big Discounts Are Hard to Find

One store offers a special with five articles of clothing for $5. The trick is finding five items with a particular colored tag. But somehow you can never really find the tags you’re looking for.

It’s not a mystery, actually.

It turns out sometimes the store employees actually remove the items from the aisles. The blue tags (or green or red or whatever the color of the week might be) are stashed in the back of the store before the big sale. That way, nobody can buy the items while they are on sale – they will have to come back on another day and pay full price.

The Pricing Rationale

It’s hard to say why the prices are rising. Some like to claim that the rising prices have everything to do with corporate greed. Others claim that the cost of overhead is rising – those storefronts don’t come cheaply, of course.

But perhaps the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Could it be that the rising number of stores means the company has realized they can make more money by branching out of the poorest neighborhoods and into the more affluent ones? Since the companies are almost always nonprofits, raising income means more funds are available to go out to others – even if it’s not through the actual resale store.

It’s hard to say, and probably only a handful of people know the truth. But the fact of the matter is simple. Secondhand is increasingly common, the prices are rising, and perhaps those who are in the most need of help are having trouble making secondhand ends meet.

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Household reviews on Pissed Consumer

Levolor cordless shades–failure prone

Levolor – 6 out of 12 broken within 1 year

unhappy with Levolor cordless blinds

Your blinds may be one of the most appreciated areas of your home – even if you never really think of them. After all, once you have blinds up, you don’t have to worry about people looking into your home or the sun glaring in your eyes.

One thing will make you take notice and appreciate the blinds in your home. That’s when one of those sets of blinds that you count on breaks.

Blinds range in styles and prices. You can buy inexpensive aluminum blinds, expensive hardwood plantation shutters or something in between. As with many things, price usually indicates the quality of the material and the quality of the construction. If you pay less than $30 to cover a window in cheap aluminum, you don’t expect the blinds to last forever – just until they get bent or broken down the road.

On the other hand if you choose to spend quite a bit more on specialized cordless blinds from a well-known company, you would be more than a bit put out if your expensive new blinds broke. And if you really dished out some serious money to put the expensive, high-quality blinds on every window in your home, you’d probably lose your mind when they all started to break one by one.

Broken Blinds, Broken Promises

You don’t normally think of blinds as being at risk of failure. They are simple, they work and you can rely on them – much like that hammer or screwdriver you’ve kept for twenty years.

But when a company tries to make blinds with extra bells and whistles – cordless shades, for example – things can go wrong with the mechanism inside the blinds.

And that’s exactly what’s happening.

New homeowners and renovators are spending thousands of dollars on blinds that should be top of the line. These blinds are custom cut for their home and installed. But when the inside mechanism breaks, the home owners have no choice but to send them away for repairs.

The company making the blinds has offered a three year warranty on their products, but there’s a catch. Every time there is a problem, you have to mail your blinds back to the company, pay shipping and handling and then hang out in your living room or bedroom without blinds on your window.

It makes for a very close neighborhood!

Blind Headaches

Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad if one set of blinds broke. But in most cases, it’s all of the blinds. A family might buy blinds for ten windows. Within six months five of those ten are broken and need repair. Give it another six months and there are seven more down for the count. That’s right. Seven.

Two of the newly repaired blinds broke again.

When you calculate $15 to ship off each set of broken blinds, even with the free warranty repairs, there’s no way you’re getting a good deal.

The saddest thing is that maybe you’d have been better off if you’d just bought the cheap aluminum blinds and spent your savings on nice curtains.

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Beauty Reviews on Pissed Consumer

SEPHORA – The employees are terrible

SEPHORA – Employees using my account to steal ‘gifts’

Make-up comes in many varieties, but the pros will tell you that you usually get what you pay for. The cheap items in drug stores are just that – cheap. But spend your money well in a specialty make-up store and you’ll enjoy beautiful results and lasting product.

But there’s a downside to that. You’ll have to deal with the employees in the make-up store.

There is something about make up stores that make the catty side of people show. Perhaps it’s the beauty products. Or maybe it’s the sheer volume of people trying to find great deals on being attractive.

Whatever it is, you can spend a fortune in a make-up store, feel pretty and leave irate – a particular combination that seems to stir up only in luxury cosmetic stores.

Catty Employees

You walk into a store to try on a new brand of eye shadow you’ve heard a lot about. This isn’t anything to write home about – the store provides samples for that very reason. You take a look at the samples and try a bit of the make-up on to see how it looks. As you’re glancing in the tiny mirror provided, you hear a voice behind you.

The voice is complaining about customers trying out make up and being unhygienic. You turn around. She is definitely talking about you. And she’s talking about you loudly!

Embarrassed, you quickly clean up the area you were in to be sure she has no reason to complain. After all, you used the sample with the materials the store provided. But no. It’s not enough to satisify this particular sales associate.

She is now talking to a group of employees and they are all looking in one direction.

That’s right – they are looking right at you. And they aren’t smiling.

In fact, you can hear them making fun of you and even see them pointing in your direction.

Disgusted you try to locate the manager to complain about the customer service. But when you spot her, she’s talking to another employee as well. Low and behold, they aren’t talking about restocking shelves or anything managerial. They are talking about another customer in the store!

You are out of options if you’re looking for someone professional. It’s time to leave and you do.

Customer Theft

Your favorite cosmetic store offers a point system to help you earn free gifts. You spend quite a bit in the store so this is a great deal for you. You spend hundreds of dollars one month.

A few weeks later you head back into the store and spend some more money and cash in some of your rewards. The system works like a charm.

When you make your way to a new store in a new city, you ask about your rewards balance. You’d like to cash in some rewards while you’re making another purchase. To your horror, you learn that you are in the negative point range. Someone has been using your points to get merchandise and it wasn’t you.

The employee in the new store makes it clear she disapproves. She even talks to you like you were stealing products! But you didn’t use the points – you haven’t shopped in the store for months!

But someone did.

Only a handful of people had access to your point account. Those people would be you and the associates who helped you check out in your last store.

Could the employees be stealing from their own store using your points?

It certainly looks that way.

And it looks like you’ll be shopping elsewhere from now on.

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Rebates That Never Arrive

Conns – Free Delivery Rebate Program – LIES!!!!

Conns – Rebate Problem

Conns – Rebate offer

There’s nothing wrong with a good, old-fashioned rebate. They work pretty simply. You buy something at a store offering a rebate. You fill in the rebate form and mail it off. Within a few weeks, you get a nice check or gift card in the mail in the amount of the rebate.

When you use rebates, you may not save money immediately, but you can count on getting some of it back after purchase. Or you should be able to count on getting it back – with some companies, however, rebates are nothing more than an elaborate scam.

The Delivery Rebate

It seems one store in particular has been having a good time at the customer’s expense using rebates. The furniture and appliance store offered free delivery for items using a rebate form.

You pay for delivery and then you’ll get your money back in just a few weeks after the rebate form is processed. In essence, the store was offering free delivery.

But here’s the catch.

Many people bought appliances and furniture. They paid for the items they bought and went ahead and paid about $70 for delivery as well. They filled out the rebate form as requested and mailed it in.

Then they waited.

Their money should have been refunded in just a few weeks, but it never seemed to arrive. At this point, the story gets very similar for a lot of people.

They never got their rebate.

They called customer service at the company to follow up – perhaps there was a mistake or problem that needed fixing.

When they called, they learned that the rebate forms would take up to ten weeks to process. They were encouraged to be patient and wait for the funds.

$70 may not be a huge amount, but it’s certainly enough to be frustrating!

Those who were waiting for rebates settled in with grim determination to wait this thing out. Ten weeks come and go with no rebate check. Eleven weeks. Twelve weeks.

There is no rebate coming.

They call the customer service department again and learn that there was apparently a mistake with their address or some other “problem” and now they will have to wait awhile longer.

The long and short of it is simple.

There is no rebate coming. The company took their customers for a ride and took their delivery money as well.

Protecting Yourself

Rebates are hard to navigate at times. Since you’re not getting anything upfront, it’s hard to know if the company is going to stiff you down the road on the payment.

Your best option is always to arrange for truly free delivery or a discount at the time of purchase. That way you don’t have to worry about rebates at all.

But if that’s not possible, do at least a bit of research to see if there have been problems with other rebates in the past. If the company is notorious for not following through on rebates, there is no reason to think that they will follow through on yours.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t buy from the company, but at least go in with your eyes wide open.

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Mortgages reviews on Pissed Consumer

Cenlar – Is this for real?

CENLAR Central Loan Administration & Reporting-Fraud Reporting

Cenlar – I cannot get anybody to reply to me

Cenlar – The MOST incompetent customer service EVER!!!

For most of us, a mortgage is the absolute biggest loan we’ll ever take on. It’s daunting to think of making payments to the same bank for thirty years, but it’s frankly terrifying when you realize that the bank you so carefully selected to open a mortgage with isn’t the one you’ll be paying for the next few decades.

Selling Mortgage Loans

Mortgages are bought and sold like candy among banks. You can research the best deal you can get, check with the quality of the bank and then go through with your home purchase. A month later you’re no longer making payments to Bank A, you’re instructed to make payments to Bank B.

Usually you’re set for a while after your mortgage is sold the first time, but your bank can sell your loan at any time they want – it’s just an asset for them and you have very little control over what happens to it. Sometimes you get lucky and the company that buys your loan is a decent, reputable company who does a good job reporting payments and handling customer service issues.

Other times you’re totally screwed over.

Scary Mortgage Handlers

If you’re unlucky enough to have your mortgage sold to an unscrupulous mortgage company, you have very little recourse. This can happen at any time. You might have been paying Bank B quite happily for the last five years, when suddenly you’re paying Bank C.

But something’s not right.

Bank C is requesting that you make up an “escrow shortage” that you’ve never heard of before. Payments you know you’ve sent in seem to go missing. You’re trying to rebuild a credit score and the payments you’ve been so diligent to send in on time aren’t being credited correctly or reported to the credit union.

And you’re stuck in a bad situation.

Legally Dealing with Scummy Banks

While your options are limited, you do have some options.

You can refinance. If your loan is in good standing, you have the option to take that loan elsewhere and refinance. You may wind up with a better interest rate than you had in the first place, but there are costs involved. Refinancing will accumulate fees and it may take you several years to build up the percentage of escrow you had prior to the refinance.

You can wait it out. Sometimes transitions are rough and you just have to wait a few months for the bumps to settle. Should you have to do this? No. But is it simply necessary? It may be. If your new bank is part of a bumpy transition, it’s natural for things to be a bit rocky right at the start. If your original mortgage company filed for bankruptcy and the new bank took on the mortgages, for example, the record keeping may have been a mess before the new bank even got to see the paperwork.

You can try the legal system. Some banks are just rotten and they will continue to bleed customers dry until someone does something to stop them. In many cases this requires a call to the legal system. Obtain a lawyer and let him do the dirty work. There may even be a class action lawsuit already in development against the bank you’re having trouble with.

Because it you’re having serious issues with a bank, it’s extremely likely that someone else is, too.

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Weight loss reviews on Pissed Consumer

Premier Green Coffee – Automatic subscription at $78.85/mo – no notice

Premier Green Coffee – Have been trying to cancel my subscription for more than a week and when I call I get a voice mail for a call back and no one ever calls back I thank this company is a scam

Premier Green Coffee – Near impossible to cancel and find the number to call

A sucker, they say, is born every minute. In fact, there are plenty of shady businesspeople out there hoping to find a new sucker every hour or so. If they can find someone to buy their bad advertising or product, they can wind up with some decent profits.

Of course, the shady marketers wouldn’t be shady if they actually played by the rules of business and followed the law for that matter. Even if they just skirt along the edge of the law, there is plenty that they are doing that is unethical, even if it’s not technically illegal.

The Coffee Scam

Take, for example, almost anything for sale in the diet and weight loss industry. Every new trend seems to find followers almost immediately, and websites rush to create sites to make money off the latest and greatest weight-loss secret.

One of the biggest new “secrets” in weight loss is green coffee beans. They work miracles! Lose 10 pounds overnight! Insert empty promise here!

The green coffee beans seemed like a great deal. They were certified by one of the biggest names in weight loss – or at least it appeared that they were – and what could the desperate dieters have to lose on such a sure thing?

Plenty as it turns out.

Rebilling Credit Cards

The scam works something like this:

You read a website carefully and see that there is a satisfaction guarantee and a trial period when you order. The website appears credible with endorsements by well-known figures. You figure you might as well give it a try.

You’ll just cancel before the trial period is over.

And that’s where they get you.

You sign up. The guy on the other end of the website has no intention of letting you, and more importantly your credit card information, go anywhere at all.

When you call to cancel your subscription, you might have some trouble getting through to customer service. You might actually talk to someone or you may get a busy signal for fourteen days. If you are lucky enough to get someone on the line, they aren’t looking to help you.

Pretty soon you receive a package in the mail. It’s more coffee beans! But you cancelled, right?

You call back.

Now you get a busy signal for sure. You check your credit card statement. You’re out almost $75! You call again. And again.

Don’t expect anyone to answer – why would they? They have their money and they will keep on getting it since you can’t cancel if nobody answers the phone!

Scammed Again!

This is the principal behind a shady or potentially illegal rebill. The company rebills your credit card monthly for a large sum, sends you a product that is skeptical at best so that they can claim they aren’t stealing your money, and the cycle continues until you’re lucky enough to finally break it off or you take action through your credit card.

Sadly working with your credit card is usually much more effective than trying to work with the shady business or website.

After all, the company will remind you when you are lucky enough to talk to a person, you signed up for the rebill!

And you did. It’s down there in the very fine print at the bottom of the page. You okayed the future transactions when you signed up the first time.

The lesson here?

Read the fine print.

And avoid anything that seems to be a bit too good to be true, of course.

Just remember that shady marketer out there is hoping you’ll be the sucker he’s been waiting for!

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Online Shopping reviews on Pissed Consumer

Zulily- Do Not Buy from Zulily

Beware of Zulily’s shady practices

Do not order anything from Zulily!!!!! Scam!!!!

Who doesn’t want to save a huge amount of money online? Everyone knows that there are terrific deals to be had when you shop online, but sometimes those deals are way too good to be true. This is especially unfortunate when it is one of the most advertised deal-finding websites out there right now. It turns out a lot of these particular deals are much more like disasters than anything else.

The Old Bait and Switch

Go to the website in question and you’ll see beautiful things. Pretty little dresses. Gorgeous rugs. Fabulous shoes. It’s all there, and best of all everything seems to be 40 to 60 percent off! What a great deal! It’s hard to not snap these deals up when you see them, but hold off just a minute – do you really know what it is you’re ordering?

Look a bit more closely at those pictures – do they look amazing? Do they even look real? It may very well be that the items you’re considering online have been doctored in the photographs. Everyone does this, of course – who gets a hamburger like the picture, anyway? But being photo-shopped beyond belief can demonstrate that there is worse to come.

So you take a peek elsewhere to see how much the items are selling for on other sites. Your first sign of a problem if is you can’t find the items anywhere else. Your second problem is when you find the items in a wholesale lot for less than the “discounted” price you’re looking at now. That means you’re not saving anything at all – you’re paying more for something because you’re going through a middleman.

Shipping Nightmares

That’s not to say that everything you order is terrible. It’s quite the opposite. There really are great deals online, but it can definitely be spotty at times. Let’s say you do find a decent deal. You realize that you’re probably not saving sixty percent or anything, but you might be saving a little and you really like the sweater or shoes or bookends. You place the order.

The shipping was supposed to be free if you ordered between 8pm and 11pm, but unfortunately the clock just ticked to 11:02, so you’re paying for shipping. Nonplussed, you settle back and wait for your new items to arrive. And you wait. And you keep on waiting. Three weeks later, the package arrives, but you’re missing something.

The item in the box looks good, but what about the things that didn’t make it? Now you have to make a call. They offer to ship them to you, but at this point you’re finished with the whole thing. So you ask for a refund. They assure you it will happen.

But it doesn’t.

So you have to call again. After waiting weeks for your order, the least they can do is refund you the part that didn’t show up! But it’s not going to happen without a hassle. Pretty soon it’s clear.

The website may have a few deals, but they are certainly not worth the hassle of getting them to your door.

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Airlines reviews on Pissed Consumer

Emirates Airlines – Not received proper services

Unfortunately it was Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines – Bad attitude crew head and waitress threatening to get client arrested

In the world of air travel, limitations seem to be increasing considerably faster than convenience or even politeness. In fact, some of the most respectable airlines in the world have fallen a long way from the esteem they once held with passengers. This is especially sad as many of these passengers selected the premier airline intentionally to avoid problems.

Trouble Checking In

Traveling by plane has gotten increasingly complicated over the years thanks to additional security measures. Savvy travelers know to expect some delays and to wear shoes that can be removed easily. But those are minor hassles most travelers are already expecting. The real problems seem to start when you reach the ticketing counter.

When you reach the desk, you have to check in for your flight. Normally the customer service representatives working at the counter are friendly and try in good faith to help you out. Unfortunately it happens that sometimes you run into someone who has had a bad day and decides to keep taking out that aggressiveness on you.

You may find that the woman behind the counter ignores you for a stretch. She might toss your paperwork and credit card back at you as if you had done something wrong by paying for your upgrade. She might tell you one thing and then you find out that you should have been expecting something totally different. For example, she might claim that your name is on top of the waiting list only to find out hours later that she “forgot” to ever put you on it in the first place.

Unfortunate Air Quality

Once you make it on board the plane, it turns out there are empty seats being held. This wouldn’t be a problem except you had requested the seat with more legroom only to find it empty at flight time – why would they deny it to you if not to just thwart you?

A bit peeved you settle into your seat for the flight. At least there is a meal provided, and since this is an airline flying out a country that understands dietary restrictions you have no cause to worry about anything there – or at least you didn’t think that you did. The Hindu meal you ordered has what suspiciously appears to be beef inside. The vegetarian meal next to you is a small pile of lettuce. No beans, no garnishes. Just lettuce. It seems to a shame to think this is the premium meal you paid for with your ticket.

Finally you get frustrated. The trays with the not-particularly-edible meals on them have been sitting in front of you for about two hours. It’s time to have them removed. But when you ask the flight attendant for help clearing them out of the way she snaps at you and tells you to be patient. Two hours is a sign that you’ve been patient already, so it’s only natural when you snap back. Unfortunately, this all but guarantees that you’re going to get absolutely no service at all for the remainder of the flight.

But choices must be made. If you’ve paid for a five-star airline it makes sense to expect at least three-star service. If you’re getting a bad deal, why not raise a stink about it? Maybe something good will come of it in the end.

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Entertainment reviews on Pissed Consumer

AMC Theaters – Not allowed to wait inside the theater on coldest day this winter

AMC Theaters – Poor service, they never have coffee available!

AMC Theaters – Profiled

AMC Theaters – Food Police gone too far

The movies are a cultural tradition in the United States – everyone loves to go the theater. Unfortunately, there are times when things don’t go exactly according to plan, and what should be a pleasant outing turns ugly fast.

Concession Issues

It’s not a secret that theaters make most of their money from the concession stand. The ticket prices may be high, but buying a couple of drinks and popcorn can set you back even more, and it’s hard to see a movie without at least something to sip on!

Since the profits from concessions are so important, it’s not a huge surprise that the theater guards the right to bear food like nobody businesses.

Some theaters have an outright ban on outside food, which makes sense in one way, but can be frustrating in another. If you’re at the movie theater in the mall, for example, and you’ve just eaten dinner and have packaged leftovers, it’s something of a hassle to either walk the leftovers back to the car or face throwing them away just because you can’t have food in the movie.

On the flipside, sometimes you’re more than willing to buy items from the concession stand…if they had them available. The first show of the day may be perfect for you, but how can you enjoy it without coffee? Fortunately, coffee is on the menu at the theater. Unfortunately they never seem to have made the coffee in advance.

So you’re stuck either waiting for thirty minutes for a fresh cup or going without. There’s absolutely no way you’re bringing your own coffee into the theater! That would break the rules.

Moviegoer Woes

And then there are the friendly, helpful employees of the movie theater. There are often many genuinely pleasant employees to help you in the theater, but then there are always those who make a mistake from time to time.

For example, one theater in New York closed its doors to customers on one of the coldest days of the year. They weren’t closed permanently, but the customers were forced to wait outside right up until time for the show. When the weather is below freezing and you have a large, empty lobby out of the wind, it just doesn’t make sense to freeze out your customers – especially your elderly ones.

It’s sad how quickly one employee can ruin a perfectly good viewing experience. You’ve paid your money. You’ve bought your body weight in concessions. You sit down to enjoy your film and you hear someone at your elbow.

He wants to check your ticket. He thinks you and your family have snuck into the theater.

Why? Because you look like you did. Presumably because of your color or attire.

$100 invested in a great family outing.


It’s hard to walk away from that much money, but it’s certainly hard to sit through the film knowing you’ve been singled out because of your appearance.

Perhaps an apology from a manager would smooth the way, but you’ll have to fight for even that in some theaters.

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Tax Service on Pissed Consumer

HR Block – Terrible Customer Service

HR Block – Filed January 15 th 2014 . Taxes weren’t sent in til feb 5th

HR Block – Was charge for a free efile

Tax season isn’t always simple filing and big returns. Sometimes even the simplest tax returns can bring on big headaches for individuals looking for help with the filing process.

When you file your taxes, there are often many factors that come into play, but when you work with someone who is supposed to specialize in tax filing, you’d expect the process to be pretty simple.

And it can be.

But sometimes I’d an absolutely mess.

Making the Appointment

The first step with most tax preparers is getting your appointment made. With many of the larger names in tax preparation, you can arrange your appointment online. In some cases you can skip the appointment all together and simply walk into the store to meet with a tax professional.

Sometimes, however, you do your best to make an appointment and still wind up standing around like you just walked in off the street.

Tax businesses make their money by charging fees on tax returns. If you’re not filing a return for someone, you’re not making the company money. So it’s only logical that the corner store tax business wouldn’t hire anyone who isn’t making the company money in some way.

In some cases that means no receptionist.

Unfortunately for you, that also means you can’t call and schedule an appointment or even call to follow up on one you scheduled online. It may even mean that when you arrive at the tax store, you have nobody to give you an guidance.

Perhaps you sit and wait for the tax preparer to come and grab you from the front room. Perhaps you walk around a little bit, feeling extremely awkward while you try to figure out what to do.

Finally, you might just interrupt one of the so-busy-I-can’t-acknowledge-you preparers to ask about the appointment you made. It turns out the person you’re supposed to be meeting isn’t even scheduled to work that day.

Perhaps a receptionist would have saved your business – and made the company money – but when faced with a situation like that, who can blame you from walking out?

Taking Care of Business

Of course, sometimes everything goes beautifully during the appointment you have with the preparer. You make your appointment, you sit down, and you go through the process. Your preparer gets everything set up and ready to submit on January 31st when the government will start taking returns.

But then you wait.

The text that tells you the government has received your returns doesn’t come on the 31st. Or the 1st. It doesn’t arrive until the 5th and now the fund you were planning to have in hand will be a week late arriving.

Fortunately, you can always take matters into your own hands and actually do the tax filing yourself without relying on anyone. Simply go through the online process and submit your returns!

As long as you are under a certain income threshold and don’t have a complicated filing, you can even submit your tax return for free in most systems. Free, that is, unless the system decides to automatically upgrade you.

If you are suddenly upgraded, you might not even be notified by the system or by email until you see the final screen of your transaction. Your return was verified and sent, and your account was charged over $150 for the privilege.

The system decided you were “premium” without letting you know and now you’re never getting that money back – you’d have to file a new return or make a miracle happen with the billing department of the tax company, and we all know that’s not going to happen.

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Media Reviews on Pissed Consumer

Comcast buys Time Warner Cable for $45 billion

Ah cable companies.

You love ‘em, you hate ‘em, so many of us can’t live without ‘em.

How would we watch and record all of our favorite shows without that trusty cable company DVR ready and able to do our bidding? How would we stay current on favorite shows – even online you have to wait anywhere from one to seven day for new episodes to be released online after airing on television.

Cable is simply a way of life for millions of people – and millions of those millions are about to be affected by a huge merger in the industry.

Comcast is buying out Time Warner Cable Company.

The Buyout Details

There has been speculation for some time between all of the biggest names in cable to see where this particular cookie would crumble. Time Warner Cable was up for grabs, and there were some bidders ready to make a deal.

The first out of the gate was Charter. Charter is the third largest cable provider, and actually slightly smaller than Time Warner Cable. Charter offered the equivalent of $1.30 per share of Time Warner Cable, but the board found that “grossly inadequate” and rejected the offer.

Time Warner Cable then proposed a price closer to $1.60 per share, but Charter wasn’t playing.

Enter Comcast.

The largest cable company in the United States, Comcast currently serves 23 million television subscribers. Comcast proposed – and Time Warner Cable accepted – a deal to pay $159 per share of the company. This deal would scoop up Time Warner Cable’s 11 million subscribers, making Comcast the absolute largest provider of cable services in the country.

It’s making people wonder if Comcast is getting a bit ahead of itself.

Is Comcast a Monopoly?

Years ago there was a legal cap on cable companies. No cable company could “own” more than 30 percent of the market. With Comcast buying out Time Warner Cable, the joint subscribers will be at least twice that percentage.

If we were living in 2005, Comcast would be shut down in court.

No deal.

But in 2009, after Comcast made an appeal, the federal courts threw out the cap on the marketplace. There’s no legal limit to how many subscribers Comcast can have, but that doesn’t mean the federal government isn’t watching.

One cable box to rule them all.

It might sound like a good plan if you’re working for Comcast, but it’s a little unsettling for the justice department in D.C.

The head of the anti-trust division, William Baer, has publicly said that his department will be keeping an eye on the merger and has expressed concerns about the benefits for consumers from the union of the two companies.

So far Comcast is sitting pretty, however, despite the scrutiny.

It helps, of course, that the chief lobbyist for Comcast, David Cohen, happens to be close to the President. Close enough, in fact, to score an invitation to the White House State Dinner to honor the President of France.

It’s enough to make you wonder if Comcast will face any hassles over the deal at all.

On the Plus Side

Consumers may be watching this merger with wary eyes, but there could very well be some positives that come through it all. Currently Comcast is known for better equipment and service than Time Warner Cable.

This means that former Time Warner Cable customers may find themselves with improved quality.

The combined company is also large enough to have major sway with companies like Disney and the owners of CNN and HBO. This may also help influence subscribers.

Finally, there is expected to be significant cost savings between the two companies as efficiencies rise. This may result in lower prices, or at the very least more services for the current billing rates.

And rumor has it that one of the biggest services of all to come to Comcast in the very near future is computer-based show abilities to compete directly with Amazon and Apple.

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electronics reviews on Pissed Consumer

Nomorerack – Purchased Irola Tablet doesn’t work.


Irola from Nomoreracks has never worked right

Irola tablet From Nomorerack

Who can resist the ads?

Tablets for less than $100!

Great steals on merchandise you can’t find anywhere else!

It’s not a surprise that people enjoy tremendous savings and the internet is the best place to make that happen. That is, of course, unless a deal winds up too good to be true.

Bad Deals Online

Of course there are countless stories about people buying items or signing up for things online only to find that they have signed up for way more than they ever expected. Billing scandals, fraud and other blatantly illegal activities are constantly being shut down by the government trying its hardest to look out for consumers.

But the worst deals are the ones that aren’t really fraudulent.

They aren’t illegal.

They are just rotten.

Let’s say you spot one of those terrific online deals for a discount tablet. You really want to take advantage of the deal and since it’s not a huge monetary commitment, you go ahead and place the order.

After all, the website is pretty credible and you’ve seen it everywhere on your favorite websites – decent websites wouldn’t advertise the company if it was something unscrupulous, right?

After waiting for quite a bit longer than you would normally with an online purchase, your new tablet arrives.

Rotten from the Start

At this point quite a few things could potentially be wrong.

You might be like one customer in a similar situation who opened up her shipping box to find that the tablet’s container had already been opened. The tab was broken and when she opened that box she discovered that the tablet was most definitely not new – it was scratched and smudged as if it had been used heavily and then resold.

You might wind up like another consumer who opened up her new tablet to find a small crack. Undaunted, the woman tried using the tablet only to realize that it simply wouldn’t work one day. No power. No resets. No updates. Nothing. Since the tablet was only a few days old, she started trying to contact customer service looking for a replacement or refund and never was able to touch base with anyone at the company.

Finally, you might be especially unlucky and wind up with a tablet that works for close to a month before crashing. Unfortunately, after a month of use you can’t do much about getting a refund. At this point you’re truly stuck with the rotten deal or you have to try and finagle a replacement from the manufacturer. Best of luck with that.

Shopping Well

It’s hard to say when you’re going to run into trouble with a deal that seems too good to be true.

How do you know when something is a great deal or when something is a waste? It can be next to impossible, but it’s always a good start to do a bit of research ahead of time. See what others are saying and stay well away from known issues – this is the beauty of reviews online.

And don’t be a bit surprised to find that some products these low-cost retailers are rotten and others are a gold-mine of value. Just like a rummage sale – there are low-cost treasures to find sitting alongside trash. The trick is finding where to put your hard-earned money.

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Food Reviews on Pissed Consumer

Edible Arrangements – Lousy Service

Edible Arrangements – Manager/ owner poor customer service with compliant- rude & unprofessional

Edible Arrangements – THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!!!!!!



Delicious treats.

Valentine’s Day is a day that is perfectly suited to show the one you care about how much you adore them. Or perhaps you’ll just be getting a little something for a best friend, a family member or even yourself.

Regardless of who you’re buying for, you’d like to think that the arrangement you’re purchasing is of the highest quality.

After all, on Valentine’s Day, you’re generally paying top price for whatever it is you’re ordering.

Ordering Perishables

Of course, when you’re planning ahead for Valentine’s Day, you need to consider what it is you’re sending and how it’s going to arrive where it’s going.

For instance, a large balloon bouquet may not be very welcomed in a small office. Likewise, an edible arrangement of fruits and such cannot sit very well on a porch waiting for the recipient to come home.

But then, even when you plan carefully you can run into problems if the vendor you’re dealing with isn’t working in good faith with you.

Rotten Fruit

The newer styles of arrangements with fruits and candy arranged like a flower bouquet are pretty and fun. Unlike flowers that slowly wilt away, the fruit bouquets are pretty and you can enjoy eating the pieces – if you move fast enough.

Of course, if you have a fully designed arrangement of fruit, you may not be able to make it through all of the skewers in the day or two you’d have before it goes bad. Even with that in mind, you should be able to eat a lot of your arrangement and then maybe package up the rest in the refrigerator to snack on for the next few days.

What you don’t want is to have a rotting mess of over-ripe fruit delivered to your door. These arrangements aren’t cheap, of course, and to know that you paid $107 for a beautiful arrangement of tropical fruits, but all but two strawberries were too rotten to eat would irritate the most peaceful among us.

Rotten Service

So you got a rotten arrangement. Or perhaps you got only half of your chocolate-covered strawberries. Worse – you ordered the arrangement for someone else, and they got only half of what you paid for. Now you look like you can’t send a proper gift!

Naturally, you now call the shop to sort things out.

Sometimes you luck out and a nice manager helps you by sending out a new arrangement or offering a substantial discount on your next purchase.

Other times, you seem to have no luck at all, and you wind up with the rude employees. You explain about the missing fruit, and you might be told that they had to take some out of your bigger box of strawberries to make some smaller boxes. So it’s okay to cheat you out of half your order to give someone else there’s? Who’s paying for this after all?

You might complain about the rotten fruit. The manager, rather than helping you find a solution, simple tells you nobody else complains, practically shouts over you, and then hangs up on you as you start to ask the next question.

Totally outrageous, and more than enough for most would-be-customers to definitely think again about just what they are ordering for the next Valentine’s Day.

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Pet Reviews on Pissed Consumer

PetSmart – Grooming Issue

PetSmart – Groomer drug my small dog across the floor with a leash pulling on her neck.

PetSmart – Horrible and unprofessional employees

Having a pretty dog is a joy for a lot of pet owners, and it’s easy to see where they would become upset if their little ones were hurt. After all, for a lot of people, their pets are a great deal like their children, and some people are willing to spend a huge amount on making sure their pets are comfortable, look adorable and feel spoiled.

Pet Grooming

If you have a little dog, you probably have considered taking it to the groomers at least once. This is especially true if you have dog that tends to grow long hair that can become untidy.

There are hundreds of groomers to choose from in the big city, but fewer when you actually head out away from town. In many cases it just makes sense to take your pet to the groomer located right in the popular pet store in your area.

Unfortunately this doesn’t always turn out to be the right decision.

Communication Errors

When you drop your dog off for grooming, you might have a particular look in mind for the finished product. After all, asking for a bit of a trim is very different from asking for a shorn dog. It can be frustrating, however, to try and communicate this to the worker in the groomer, especially if she is not interested in listening to what you’re asking for.

When an employee has the wrong attitude, it can be hard to walk away and leave a treasured pet in her care. You might explain your preferences to her only to be told that your dog was going to need more than what you requested. Hesitantly you agree to what the groomer says, and then the groomer turns on you.

She refuses to trim your dog’s fur or nails.

It turns out that she feels “uncomfortable” about the arrangements you’ve been trying to make and is opting out of serving your dog. When you approach the manager he is no help at all. Frustrated, you now have to leave with an ungroomed dog and a bad attitude of your own.

Dog Injuries

Of course, the biggest risk when you leave your pet for grooming anywhere is the risk that your dog might wind up hurt. Naturally you sign waivers and such for this sort of potential problem, but the risk is real.

For example, you might have the experience of one woman who dropped off her dog and carefully removed her own collar from the dog’s neck. The groomer slipped a store leash over the dog’s neck. When the owner put the dog back down, the employee unceremoniously dragged the dog across the floor and back into the back using just the choke collar.

The woman freaked out just as much as you would have, grabbed her dog and got out of there. Sadly after numerous calls nothing was ever done or resolved about the treatment of the animal.

Other times you might feel that an appointment went already only to realize that it didn’t You bring your dog home after an especially traumatic grooming session. You can’t figure out why your dog was so upset at the groomers until you look into her little face – she has red sores on her eyelids from careless groomers.

The groomer actually scratched the dog’s skin with the clippers to the point that it bled and scabbed over. Injuries close to the eyes are scary in their own right. But to think that you might have tipped the groomer who caused the injuries to compensate for what you thought was your dog’s bad behavior is infuriating.

Unfortunately, outside of calling to complain there’s not much you can do besides taking your business elsewhere.

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The Flat Tire Business

Discount Tire – Useless Appointment

Discount Tire – Installed Cheaper Tires Than I Ask and Paid For – Dishonest Scam

Discount Tire – Scare Tactics on Women

There is always a risk when you’re buying new tires – after all, most of us aren’t ready to roll them out and fit them on the rim ourselves. We have to rely on a store dedicated to tires, and picking the right tire store can be a shot in the dark.

Is the store ethical? Are they going to try and scam you? Will you wind up paying more than you were quoted?

Of course, once your car goes back in the shop, you’re essentially at their mercy – they have your tires and your keys, and you’re stuck waiting.

Fortunately the vast majority of tire companies are sound practices who are interested in doing what is best for their customer. But then there are always those shops who aren’t.

They are more interested in making the extra buck, even if it means being a bit unethical about the tactics.

Buy One, Install Another

One of the simplest tricks a tire shop can use is to simple install a less expensive tire than the vehicle owner actually purchases. Let’s say you buy new tires for your car at $140 each. You’ve done a bit of research and the tires have good reviews and you feel like they are a safe, long-lasting choice for your vehicle.

When you get to the tire shop, you tell the manager which tires you want on your car. When the car rolls out you notice the brand name is the same as the one you wanted so you don’t think too much about it. But later you start to wonder so you double-check.

The brand name is the same, but you are the proud new owner of the least expensive tires the company makes – you paid for something much more expensive and naturally there’s no record of your original agreement on your receipt.

The Old Scare Tactic

There is a trick as old as the books when it comes to auto service. It’s called the scare tactic. You arrange for service and take it in. While you’re sitting in your seat waiting, the tech comes in to tell you how bad your shocks are. Or perhaps its your air filter that needs cleaning. Or perhaps your alignment is so far off you can’t even safely drive away.

Fortunately for you, the store you’re in is able to take care of this serious issue for you – for a mere $60. Or $100. Or $360.

Somehow you’re no longer paying $40 for a tire rotation, you’re paying $400 to handle every fake problem with your vehicle the company can think of to convince you to pay for.

Chances are if you look at your bill rather closely you may not even notice the extra changes as anything specific. This means that extra money can go into just about any pocket or account the shop manager or owner might want.

Does this happen all of the time? Of course not.

There are countless honest and reputable shops out there selling tires and other vehicle issues, but while every shop should be honest, the real responsibility falls to the vehicle owner – you.

The reviews and complaints about disreputable shops are out there. It only takes a few minutes to find them, and doing so can save you quite a bit of money and headache down the road.

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Utilities reviews on Pissed Consumer

Amerigas – Ran out of fuel

Amerigas – they will lie about the amount of gas they say u will get


The winter has been especially impressive this year. Subzero temperatures are becoming the norm rather than the exception in some areas, and even if your thermometer never dips below zero, you can be in big trouble pretty fast if you run out of the gas you need to run your heater.

Fortunately, you can buy propane for the winter in large quantities. The downside is that you don’t always get next day delivery, but in some cases you don’t even get next day delivery.

And that can be extremely dangerous.

Gas Heaters in the Winter

There are many different sources of fuel for heaters, and propane is one of them. Of course, propane isn’t just used to heat homes; it can also be used to fuel emergency generators, run heaters for livestock and many other necessary measures in extreme weather conditions.

With the extreme temperatures throughout the country, propane is facing a higher demand than ever and that means that it is getting harder to come by. The propane simply can’t make it to everyone when promised – and that is due to two separate problems.

The first is that the delivery date of the propane is being promised when it should not have been.

The second is that consumers aren’t properly planning ahead.

Complaining about Gas Delivery

You have every right to complain about your gas delivery if you’ve followed all of the rational steps to see it safely delivered to your door in a timely manner.

You also can complain quite righteously if you are certain that you’re looking at evidence of fraud – perhaps propane that was not delivered in full (but certainly billed that way.)

But you lose some of your high ground if you wait until your propane supply is very low before calling for a refill. You lose even more room on your soap box if you wait until the middle of one of the coldest winters we’ve had in decades to complain that your propane isn’t reaching you fast enough.

Let’s say that the cold weather caused you to miscalculate how much gas you were going to need this winter. You caught the problem when your tank was at about 10 percent. Since you were using gas so much more quickly than you had expected, you need a refill quickly, so you call the company.

The company promises you that the delivery truck will be there in the morning to top off the tank. Breathing a sigh of relief you wait until the morning only to find that the truck never arrives.

You call again. And again.

Finally you get through and the company tells you that you’ll see the truck today or tomorrow.

But still nothing.

Finally, ten days later the gas truck shows up. You get the gas that you need and continue to complain.

Winter Gas Responsibilities

You have every right to complain about the misleading delivery dates, especially since you acted in good faith.

But rather than just gnash your teeth and stew over the slow delivery of the gas, take some extra responsibility next time.

Be aware that winter is the peak season for propane and gas will be harder to get on demand.

Plan ahead and call when your tank is at 30 percent or 20 percent rather than waiting until it is almost out – especially if your home is situated in a landscape where freezing to death is a real possibility.

And as long as we’re talking about planning ahead, it may even be better to buy all of the propane you need once per year – in the summer. The summer delivery is smoother, the need less urgent and you may even get a nice break in pricing as well.