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Shopping Reviews on Pissed Consumer

Lifeproof – Case got wet ruined my phone

Lifeproof terrible customer service

Lifeproof Iphone Case Warranty Sucks!

Lifeproof – 2 phones trashed

Lifeproof – buyer BEWARE

When you pay almost $100 for a phone case, you expect it to do great thing. In fact, you know it will do great things because the company selling you the case promises – even guarantees – that it will. If you buy the cover and register it with the company, you are promised a warranty on the case and you have the ability to make claims if your phone and the case get damaged.

It seems too good to be true – and maybe it is.


A phone case that claims to be indestructible should cover some of the basics. It shouldn’t leak when it gets wet. It shouldn’t allow the screen to crack when the phone is dropped from a normal height. It should be like the waterproof armor it claims to be.

But somehow it’s not. There are many complaints about these heavy phone cases and just how destructible they really are. The phone drops and the screen cracks immediately. The phone falls for a second into a puddle and the case actually traps the water inside by the phone, ruining it.

So much for that “high quality construction”.

Honoring the Warranty

Fortunately, when you paid $80-$100 for that phone case, you weren’t just buying a case you were buying peace of mind. You paid extra knowing that you could file a claim if your phone was damaged, so now you can at least take advantage of that particular option.

Or you can try to, anyhow.

When you call the customer service phone line you might be put on hold due to “high call volumes.” Oddly, no matter what time you call, day or night, there are still “high call volumes” and it takes forever to actually speak to a person.

When you do speak to her, you’ll likely hear something like the following:

- You didn’t buy your case from the right place, so it’s not actually covered under the special warranty. Sorry about that!

- The case is covered under the warranty, but not your actual phone. So if the case is still intact, you don’t have anything to actually report – the case is fine. So sorry about your phone…

- Or you might get lucky and be told that the form you need to fill out is online and she’ll send you the link via email. She’ll get your email address. But you never get the form. Surely that’s not much of a surprise at this point, is it?

There are some really excellent phone cases out on the market. They are made by reputable companies that stand behind their products. But then there are others – like the ones with numerous complaints online.

Before you buy do your research. Don’t waste $100 on a case that doesn’t work. You might as well get a super cute one for $10.

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Safety recalls are a part of doing business at times, especially in a heavily regulated industry like the American automotive one. Of course, it may be normal to have to recall one particular model or one particular part from time to time, but so far in in 2014, General Motors has gone well beyond “normal” recalls.

Peak Performance

While GM product commercials for Chevy, Cadillac or Buick vehicles might promise a peak performance of one sort, GM has delivered a chart-busting number of an entirely new kind. In just last six months, GM has had to recall 29 million vehicles – that’s more than any other automotive company has recalled in a year, and we’re barely more than halfway through 2014.

2014 First Quarter

Before you blame the economy or government bailout, it’s important to note that the problems GM vehicles are experiencing span a decade. In the first quarter of this year, GM recalled vehicles from 2004 through 2014 for a variety of reasons ranging from a loss of power steering to seat belt malfunctions.


2014 Second Quarter

In the second quarter of 2014, GM doubled down. Millions of vehicles dating back to 2003 were recalled for faulty brakes, malfunctioning headlights and seat belt problems among many others. Most notable perhaps was one of the top-of-the-line vehicles in GM’s line. The 2015 Cadillac Escalade was recalled (not even halfway through 2014) for improperly installed airbags. Apparently these are not just old problems GM is being forced to resolve.

Based on graphics like this, it’s easy to see GM’s recalls as a major red flag. After all, when a company has more than a decade’s worth of vehicles recalled, it makes you wonder if anything they built was up to standards.

GM claims that they have implemented new quality controls and that they are “aggressively reviewing product issues and will not hesitate to conduct a recall if it is determined to be the right thing for customers.”

If you’re a gambler, you might wager that GM has turned over a new leaf when it hired 35 new product investigators and began issuing recalls. This might be the start of a new breed of GM vehicles born from the ashes of 29 million recalled ones.

But if you’re not willing to wager your money and possibly your safety on GM’s apparently higher levels of new quality controls, you are certainly not alone.


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This year’s survey has evolved from 2013 with 2 new questions added & 3 removed.

As with the 2013 survey, the focus of this year’s survey is on consumers in the North American market. BrightLocal contacted its Local Consumer Panel which consists of just under 5,000 individual consumers, and received 2,104 entries with 90% of respondents coming from the US and 10% from Canada. The survey was conducted over 6 weeks in May-June 2014.

Consumption of online reviews
1. How many times have you used the internet to find a local business in the last 12 months?


Key Findings:

To find businesses on both PC & mobile consumers are becoming more comfortable using the internet. There are more and better services for locating businesses which make it faster and easier for consumers. They start to use it with increasing regularity as it is habit forming.

2. Select the Business Types you have searched for via the internet in the last 12 months? (select as many as you like)

Key Findings:

- More people are searching for more types of businesses in 2014 vs 2013
- Doctor / Dentist – 38% (up from 35% in 2013)
- Restaurant / Cafe – 58% of consumers searched for places to eat (down from 67% in 2013)
- Clothes Shop – 34% (up from 28% in 2013)
- General shop – 36% (up from 35% in 2013)

3. Do you read online customer reviews to determine whether a local business is a good business?

Key Findings:

Almost 9 out of 10 consumers have looked at reviews in the last 12 months to help them make a decision on a local business. It is interesting that 4 out of 10 consumers do so as a regular action.

- 39% read reviews on a regular basis (vs. 32% in 2013)
- 88% have read reviews to find out the quality of a local business (vs. 85% in 2013)
- Only 12% do not read reviews (vs. 15% in 2013)

4. Which of these business types have you read online customer reviews for? (select as many as you like)

*% figures displayed are 2014 results

Key Findings:

- Hotel / B&B – 35% (up from 27%)
- Restaurant / Cafe – 56% (down from 61%)
- Hair / Beauty Salon – 31% up from 17%)
- Doctor / Dentist – 35% (up from 32%)

How many different business types do consumers read reviews for?


Key Findings:

- Consumers read reviews for 3.3 different types of businesses vs. 2.7 types in 2013

Trust & influence
5. How many online reviews do you need to read before you feel that you can trust that business?


 Key Findings:

- 7% of consumers say they read 20+ reviews (vs. 2% in 2013)
- 67% of consumers say they read up to 6 reviews (vs. 77% in 2013)
- 85% of consumers say they read up to 10 reviews (vs. 92% in 2013)

6. What average star rating is too LOW for you to consider using a local business?


 Key Findings:

- 27% of users will use a local business if it has a 2 star rating
- 92% of users will use a local business if it has a 4 star rating
- only 13% of users will use a local business if it has a 1 star rating
- 72% of consumers will use a local business if it has a 3 star rating

7. How do online customer reviews affect your opinion of a local business?


 Key Findings:

We can see that positive reviews have a great effect on the perceived trustworthiness of a local business.

So it’s clear that local businesses cannot afford to let their online reputation slip as it will directly impact customer revenue and acquisition.

8. Do you trust online customer reviews as much as personal recommendations?


Key Findings:

- 88% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations (vs. 79% in 2013)
- Only 13% said they do not trust reviews as much as personal recommendations (vs. 21% in 2013)

9. When you read positive reviews of a business, what is the next step you generally take?


Key Findings:

- 72% of consumers will take some sort of action after reading a positive review
- 57% of consumers will visit a local business website after reading a positive review

Reputation traits
10. For which of these local business types does ‘Reputation’ matter the most when choosing a business? (select up to 3)

Key Findings:


Key Findings:

Local businesses which offer a service to affect our health, well-being / safety, or comfort, are those which we feel reputation is most important for. It is businesses that offer a leisure service for which this matters least.

11. Which of the following ‘Reputation-traits’ is MOST important to you when selecting a local business to use? (select 1 answer)


Key Findings:

- 27% say reliability is the most important reputation trait for a local business (down from 28%)
- Expertise (21%) & professionalism (18%) are also important factors

Incentive to recommend
12. In the last 12 months have you recommended a local business to people you know by any of the following methods? (select as many answers as you want)


Key Findings:

-  37% have used Facebook, 12% Twitter & 10% Google+ to make local business recommendations
- 61% have recommended a local business to someone they know by word of mouth (vs. 72% in 2013)

13. Which of these factors would make you more likely to recommend a local business to people you know?


Key Findings:

- 68% say that they would be more likely to recommend a local business if it was reliable & professional (vs. 68% in 2013)
- A further 9% of consumers would recommend a local business if asked to (vs. 12% in 2013)
- 44% said that being ‘friendly’ & ‘welcoming’ was important (vs. 46% in 2013)

This survey is provided by the BrightLocal.


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Jewelry reviews on Pissed Consumer

Kay Jewelers Unethical Company

Kay Jewelers – Review about Diamond Ring Upgrade

Kay Jewelers – Horrible Ring!!!

If you head to the mall, you’ll find a slew of jewelry stores –one on every corner it seems. These stores often have millions of dollars in sales every year, and it is fun to window shop as you stroll from one spot in the mall to another. But before you head into the nearest jewelry store to buy a new engagement ring or have a piece of jewelry repaired, it’s important to know just what you’re dealing with. In most cases, it’s not jewelry experts – it’s just sales staff.

Selling Versus Knowing

That’s not to discredit sales associates. Knowing how to make and close a sale is a very lucrative skill, especially in a high dollar jewelry store. What’s important to note, however, is that knowing how to find the customer a ring that’s pretty isn’t the same as knowing the actual make-up of the diamond in the ring.

If you like the look of a particular ring in the case at the jewelry store, there is absolutely no reason to not get it. A great deal of jewelry sales have to do with what you like and what “speaks” to you in the store. But certain expectations you’d normally have in a jewelry store may be false if you’re just dealing with sales people.

For example, if you ask about the authenticity of the diamond in your ring, and the sales associate makes a vague comment rather than actually addressing your question, you might be in trouble. A true expert jeweler knows how to inspect, clean, repair and certify stones. A sales person just knows how to seal the deal and collect your money.

Dealing with the Experts

Going to a professional jeweler for an engagement ring or jewelry repair can be more expensive than heading to the jewelry store around the corner or next to your favorite shop. But, on the positive side, when you’re working with a real jeweler, you can benefit from his or her expertise.

You won’t be sold a cheap diamond with an inflated price. You won’t be sold a diamond on a payment plan with so many loopholes you’ll never be able to handle the payments. You certainly won’t be told that a diamond is chipped when it’s really just a part of the stone itself.

Finally, dealing with a respected jeweler may help you prevent the fraud and deception that has been known to happen in stores where high volume is necessary. If the store is designed to sell, sell, sell, they won’t mind terribly if things happen unethically so long as the bottom line is there.

While this can happen at any store, some jewelry store chains have ethical issues right on up the food chain to the corporate offices – at least according to their former managers.

If you’re looking for a deal on a diamond, buy pre-owned. If you’re looking for confidence in your purchase, be sure to stick with a real jewelry expert.

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Customer service reviews on Pissed Consumer

Sonic – Review about Wrong Order

Sonic – Review about Rude Employee from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

When you order fast food, you aren’t expecting premier service, but it’s reasonable to expect your carhop or server to be polite and pleasant. In return, you are polite and everyone gets along just fine without sniping at each other or being ugly. Of course sometimes thing go terribly wrong, and you wind up with an ugly situation on your hands – your server is rude and unpleasant. What do you do now?

Kill Them with Kindness

When someone is in a bad mood, they are looking to take it out on someone else. If you fight anger with anger, you’re actually giving the rude employee what she wants. It’s far better to act as though she has been the most pleasant associate you’ve dealt with all day. Even if you’ve done nothing wrong, act as though it’s all a big misunderstanding on your part. You may shock the employee into behaving appropriately. Or at the very least you’ll feel a bit superior since you were able to keep your cool at least.

Just Walk Away

Sometimes you really just want a chocolate and banana milkshake, but the server isn’t getting it. You’re trying to ask a question and it’s like talking to a brick wall. Your server can’t seem to understand and you can’t get through to her. Tensions are rising and both of you are getting irritated. Suddenly instead of asking politely for a milkshake you’re about to lose your cool and the server actually does lose hers. Things are getting ugly fast and you still haven’t ordered your milkshake.

At this point it might be better to just drive away. If you’re inside the store, just walk away. There are other restaurants that serve milkshakes and driving an extra few minutes is worth it to keep your cool and avoid an ugly confrontation in the middle of the store.

Get the Manager Involved

Some things are just over the top – so far over the top there’s nothing you can do but call a manager over. For example, if a fast food employee throws ice in your car or yells at your daughter over music in the car, you’re done. This is a point when it’s absolutely necessary to call the manager on duty over immediately, explain the situation and look for an immediate solution.

In some cases, it may be that the manager has to handle the situation after you leave. In others, he or she may be able to make things right immediately. Often it just depends on what the situation actually is. Of course, getting the manager involved when things aren’t over the top can backfire on you. Be sure that the server is the real problem – sometimes we can be overly sensitive or allow our bad mood to taint an experience. You could be interfering in someone’s job, so be sure you’re ready to take on that responsibility.

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Dating reviews on Pissed Consumer

AdultFriendFinder – Cam and Instant Messenger Problems

AdultFriendFinder – Removed for a supposed TOS violation

AdultFriendFinder – Dont Pay! FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD

AdultFriendFinder – Was banned from site!

Adult Friend Finder, a website dedicated to finding others interested in a one-day or longer romance, may not be for everyone, but there are many who enjoy the convenience the website provides. Well, they’d enjoy the convenience if they could actually use the website, that is.

Unfortunate Updates

Recently the website, Adultfriendfinder.com, updated its system. The website interface changed and many long term members have been having trouble even using the basic functions of the website. Ever since the update, many members have had trouble logging into the website. One minute the login information works correctly, but the next it doesn’t.

Even if you’re able to log into the website, you may have some trouble with the website functions. For example, some people have had some trouble using their webcams. The webcam is a critical part of the website’s usefulness, so not being able to use a camera that you’ve used for years can be a major problem.

So far there aren’t any developments on the site to alleviate the frustration that long term users are experiencing. Of course, if you’re a new user you might have some other problems with the site that are a bit more expensive.

A Big Rip-off?

Old users are frustrated with the new website design on Adultfriendfinder.com, but new users don’t know any better to even worry about how the site used to function and what might not be as user-friendly now. Instead, they are lucky to even keep an account.

Quite a few new users on Adult Friend Finder have set up new accounts and then tried to log in. Many only used the website for an hour or two and then discovered they were banned. They had their login privileges revoked and only learn about the problem when they can’t get back into the website.

While this would be frustrating in any form or fashion, what really puts this over the top is that most of these new users have paid for their new account only to be banned from the site. Naturally there is no refund offered. The website keeps the money. The user gets nothing but frustrated.

There are a lot of former users ready to do battle against Adultfriendfinder.com. They feel as though the website actually stole their money by shutting down their accounts. When the users tried to follow up on why the user account was banned, the website’s customer service department was “unable to comment” on how the user actually broke the terms of service.

It sounds as though Adultfriendfinder.com has some issues to sort through in the very near future or they may just find themselves without any customers at all.

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Finance reviews on Pissed Consumer

US CASH ADVANCE – A loan I never took out

US CASH ADVANCE – Almost scamed


US CASH ADVANCE – I had went on line to apply for an payday loan that was never deposited into my account

There is a pocket of our society that has little flexibility when it comes to getting cash on hand. Sure we should all be saving our money for a rainy day, but when you live paycheck to paycheck that can be very hard to do. Banks won’t always lend out small amounts of money without excellent credit and credit cards can be hard to come by for the same reason.

So what do you do when you need cash and can’t borrow it from friends or family?

Many people try payday loans, but the risk is very high.

Getting Scammed by Payday Loans

Generally, payday loans don’t work if you’re already living paycheck to paycheck. If your budget is tight, getting a loan with a high amount of interest means you won’t be able to pay back the loan and pay your bills at the same time. While it’s tempting to get a $1,000 loan quickly, how are you going to pay back $1, 200 to the loan company and pay your $1,000 mortgage?

Unfortunately most payday loans are not illegal, but they might very well be – they prey on those who are desperate for cash. So desperate in fact, they are will to fall behind in rent or car payments or even forgo healthy meals just to get payments in on time.

Payday loans in general are a bad idea, but then some companies go too far – and actually take illegal steps.

Illegal Loans Online

It’s convenient to do things online. You shop online, you bank online, so why wouldn’t you look for a good loan online?

In short, because there are plenty of companies hoping to scam you when you do.

When you walk into a bank in your neighborhood, you know the bank is real and it likely has funds – especially if it’s been there for years. When you set up a loan online, especially one that includes your bank account number and personal information, you’re not always dealing with a reputable company.

In fact, sometimes you’re not dealing with a company at all.

Illegal companies take your information and create problems for you, problems of the long-term variety. The company may or may not actually give you money, but whether or not you actually got funds from them, they are going to do their best to get funds from you.

They will call relentlessly at all hours. They will call your work. They will call your friends and family. They will call your boss. They will hound you multiple times within the hour.

They don’t play by the rules set up by the FTC because they aren’t a real company – they are crooks hoping you’ll send over some money to make them shut up!


If you start getting harassing calls about a loan – especially one you never took out – ignore the calls. Let your friends and family what is happening and refuse to answer. If you do answer they will only harass you more.

The FTC is aware of most scam already, but go ahead and report the new one that’s targeting you so that the government can build its case and shut that nonsense down.

And in the meantime, skip payday loans all together next time. Consider holding a garage sale or selling things you don’t need in order to make extra money in your next emergency.

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3 Ways to Lose Your Cool at the Home Improvement Store

Home Depot – Paint not kept in stock.

Home Depot – Harassed by a vendor

Home Depot Return Policy.

There’s nothing like a trip to the local home improvement store to really get your blood boiling. You wouldn’t think there would be so many issues when you go to buy paint or lumber, but somehow there are always issues – and many of them tend to be a miscommunication or accident. Regardless, there are plenty of chances to get your blood boiling in a short amount of time.

Take the Wrong Basket

It’s easy to do – you park your basket next to someone else’s and then walk away with the wrong basket when you move on down the aisle. Usually, this is a mild irritation for you and the person who was left with your real basket, but it’s easy to solve. You bring the cart back, apologize and everyone goes on their way.

The only time this doesn’t work is when you don’t take another customer’s basket. If you goof and take a basket filled with new merchandise from an employee vendor, things may not go quite so smoothly. This happened to one man who was practically chased from the store as the vendor whose basket he accidentally started to take chased him calling him a thief all the way through the parking lot.

Don’t Get Enough Paint

Sometimes you need two gallons of paint. But you don’t realize it until you get home and use up the first gallon. You’re more than halfway through your painting job and you don’t have enough paint to finish the job.

Off to the hardware store you go to buy more!

But when you get there, nobody seems to appreciate that you’re in a bit of a hurry. You have to wait almost twenty minutes for your turn to catch the employee’s eye. When you do finally order your paint, the employee hums and hahs for a while before letting you know that they are currently sold out of that kind of paint and you’ll have to come back later in the week to get what you need.

There’s nothing like a half-finished paint job to really get under your skin.

Forget Your Receipt

You need your receipt in almost every store today if you hope to return items without a hassle. Of course, some stores will accept a few items without a receipt, but all you’ll get is a store credit. It’s important to note that the store isn’t under any obligation to take your return without a receipt. That’s usually printed on their return policy, but sometimes you lose your receipt and you have to hope for the best.

When you head into the store with hundreds of dollars in merchandise, you shouldn’t be shocked if the company decides that you’ve returned too many things. It’s one thing to return a few things once or twice per year, but bringing back dozens of items every month or two without a receipt is enough to get you flagged in the system.

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, and that includes returns. Return too much and you won’t be allowed to return anything again – at least not without your receipt.

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3 Warning Signs of Illegal Business Practices

Megawhite is an illegal teeth whitening company

Megawhite – Do not go near with a barge pole

Megawhite is illegal

Megawhite is a rip off

While it would be nice to say that nobody wants to be in trouble with the law, that’s probably not entirely true. It is true that most of us want to stay well away from legal trouble, especially the type that includes large fines and jail time. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t know we’re doing things wrong until it’s too late. If only we had seen the warning signs that something was very wrong.

You Have to Do the Dirty Work

In the case of one allegedly illegal business, the parent company will sell franchise owners a tooth whitening business, but they won’t actually perform any tooth whitening themselves. The unlucky franchise owners soon figured out why this was when they were notified that what they were doing was illegal and were told legally to cease and desist. It’s funny how the parent company has thus far avoided trouble for selling businesses to others, but others certainly get in trouble for putting that business to work.

The Law is Brushed Aside

In the case of the frustrated franchise owners, when they received notice about the illegality of their newly bought business, they immediately called the parent company’s support line. Rather than offering them counsel, the representatives from the parent company actually laughed one concerned patron off the phone and told another that the General Dental Council isn’t “serious” when they send out the letters warning businesses of illegal practices. Fortunately, according to their online reviews, the franchise owner took the letter seriously since the GDC has been prosecuting others for illegal tooth whitening procedures.

Others Complain of the Scam

You might think to check out review websites before you buy a new phone or a new dishwasher, but why would you ignore online reviews when you’re getting ready to buy a new business? If the franchise owners had checked online, they would have known that the there were already many complaints about the company in question calling it shady, leaning toward completely illegal and totally unethical. Instead, each of the would-be business owners is now facing possibly legal action and, at the very least, they are out about $2,000.

Starting a new business is exciting, and when you’re ready for a change it’s easy to get pulled into the excitement generated by others in the industry. It’s important to approach new business ideas with a steady head, however. In alleged scams like the ones franchise owners are complaining about, the new owners were apparently sold a bad deal. They paid thousands for a product they claim didn’t really work, and they wound up facing legal action for all of their trouble.

Hopefully the next time these individuals seek out new business opportunities they will do a bit more due diligence. No business owner likes to waste money, and certainly no business owners wants to face a $5,000 fine and possible prison time for trying to do right by their customers.

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Cafes and Restaurants reviews on Pissed Consumer

Golden Corral – change prices on holidays


Golden Corral – Severe Food Poisoning

Everyone likes to treat their mom or dad to a special meal on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. But there are some places Pissed Consumer users aren’t going to go when they are looking for a celebration. One restaurant under fire from our users? Golden Corral.

This all-you-can-eat buffet join might seem like the perfect spot for a fun family gathering on a Sunday afternoon. But there’s something many frustrated customers want you to know – it will cost you quite a bit more to have your fun on a holiday then it does any other Sunday of the year.

Concerns About Price Gouging

You can’t really fault a restaurant for trying to make some extra money when the opportunity arises. Restaurants are in the money-making business after all. But typically, restaurants might offer a Father’s Day special to encourage customers to spend a bit more to make the holiday meal special. That leaves the standard fare at the regular price if you’re more interested in getting something off the menu.

According to multiple reviews on Pissed Consumer, Golden Corral opted out of the specials and extras this year. Instead, the restaurant actually raised prices just for the day. This Father’s Day, some frustrated customers found out the hard way that sometimes your special meal costs more than you might expect. The price may not have doubled, but when you’re taking a large family out for a big meal together, adding two or three dollars onto every meal can add up very quickly!

Unfortunately, this wasn’t just the price for those looking to treat a mom or dad to dinner. The inflated prices were present for every person in the restaurant, even the truck driver who eats in the same restaurant weekly without any parents at all.

Unprepared and Unprofessional

Worse, even if you wound up paying the extra money to eat in the restaurant, you may not have enjoyed your meal. Complaints point to some restaurants that were not staffed adequately for the number of customers they had. Food was not fresh or prepared correctly. Staff members rushed from one area to another without following health and safety guidelines.

In the stories the irate customers left for others, they complained about being left standing for an hour waiting on a table. They said that customer service wasn’t exactly over the top. Rude managers, dirty employees, a lack of fresh food and long wait times certainly don’t sound like the sort of thing someone is willing to pay extra for on a holiday.

It’s no surprise that quite a few customers have complained already and pledge that they will not be returning to the restaurant this year or any time in the future for a holiday. These former customers feel that if you’re going to spend almost $16 per person on food, you might as well go somewhere you can actually get a good value for your money and enjoy the overall experience as well.

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Health and Beauty Reviews on Pissed Consumer

Scentsy Consultant NO MORE!!!

Scentsy car freshner ruined 2 covers on my dashboard

Scentsy Bars Melting In transit

Scentsy – melted candles

Scentsy circle damage

Fresh scents around your home are one of the things that make it unique and welcoming. There are countless ways to freshen the air in your home or office – plug in air fresheners, burning candles, melting wax, or simply spraying a fragrance. One of the most popular companies specializing in air freshening products today is Scentsy, a direct-sales company. But while you may know someone who sells Scentsy, there are some frustrated sellers and customers who think you don’t know all that you should about the company and its products.

1. The fragrance wax melts….everywhere.

The way most Scentsy products work is simply. You melt the scented wax in a warmer and the smell freshens the air. The wax is sold and delivered in packages set up as a series of cubes. To use a particular scent, you break off a cube, melt it and enjoy the fresh scent.

The process is simple. In fact, it’s so simple that sometimes the process starts without you according to Pissed Consumer Twil. She claims the Scentsy cubes are very susceptible to heat. In fact, they melt almost immediately on the burner. So that means that it doesn’t always take a warmer to warm them up.

Twil is among other customers who complain during the summer months that their Scentsy products are melting without them! When customers open up the package of Scentsy items they have ordered (and paid quite a bit for), they find a mess of melted wax that is almost completely unusable. It’s not hard to see why some faithful customers are thinking about holding off on new orders until the cooler months of the year.

2. The Scentsy car freshener changes more than your car’s air quality.

The car fresheners that have come free with certain orders or have been ordered in their own right have been causing some problems for certain Scentsy clients. The air fresheners are shaped as a ring designed to be hung in your vehicle. In fact, there is small print on the package reminding you that the product must be hung up!

Why do they insist on hanging the product? Because it will melt your car otherwise – at least this was the experience of one Pissed Consumer reviewer! As she found out, if you place the air freshener on your dash rather than suspending it, the oils and chemicals in the fragrance circle will actually soften and eat away at your car’s dashboard.

Another frustrated customer actually followed the instructions and hung hers only to find the string broken, the melted circle on the dash and a big problem in a car that was not even a year old.

3. Scentsy sellers have problems, too.

It’s perfectly natural to get frustrated when you’re trying to get an order in and your Scentsy seller is delayed. You’ve spent your money and now you want your product! It’s easy to blame your representative for problems like this, but bear in mind that sometimes they have problems, too – with delivery.

According to an anonymous Scentsy seller, the company has been known to let items and sometimes full orders fall through the cracks. You can imagine the frustration the seller feels when a thousand dollar order vanishes in the system and never gets filled.

According to another anonymous reviewer, sometimes these sellers are involved in turf wars, feuds over locations and sponsors and even occasionally a friendship or business relationship will be damaged by orders that aren’t filled in a timely manner. Of course, for as many frustrated users, there are many others who praise the company and the products. Like many things, sometimes experiences vary by user!

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health and beauty reviews on Pissed Consumer

Melaleuca – Deceptive practices


Stay Away from Melaleuca – Such a Scam


In the world of online marketing, automatic rebills are among the most nebulous issues. In some cases, you’re comfortable with a regular charge – perhaps the game you play requires a monthly payment, for example. In other situations, you find that you’re not quite okay with the product you’re getting (or not getting) and you realize you want out. And that’s where things get sticky.

You Can’t Get Your Money Back

Rebills aren’t your typical monthly payments. You make arrangements to pay for your game or your medication monthly. The company charges you money and sends your product. So long as you set this up, you’re covered.

But with a bad rebill, you’re not in a consensual monthly billing arrangement. In fact, these companies make it very challenging to speak to a person much less get your money back. If you order something online and it doesn’t fit your needs or it arrives broken, you normally make a phone call and send the item back. The company refunds all or some of your money once they have the object in hand and everyone is happy.

With a rebill, you won’t be able to return a product and get your money back. You may be able to return the product, but you’ll have to get a credit – if you get anything at all. In most cases you’ll be promised a refund and then get nothing at all. Rather than a refund on your returned item, you’re more likely to get charged again that month for the next installment.

You Can’t Use the Product

Bad rebills get money by sending out inferior products and continuing to charge for them. You might receive a special health supplement that doesn’t actually do much more than a cheap multivitamin, but you’re billed for the supplement every month like clockwork as they send you more of a product that doesn’t even work as advertised.

Sometimes you get lucky and the bad rebill has a decent enough product. You might be buying healthy toiletries you can actually use, but why spend $10 on toothpaste when the grocery store sells it for $2? Pay more for less seems to be the motto of most rebills.

You Can’t Get Out of It

Finally, the biggest indicator that you’re in a hard spot is when you can’t get out of it again. You fill out the form to cancel the arrangement, and you’re still charged every month. You call and tell the customer service representative that you’re cancelling and you still get charged every month. You fax items, you mail items, you call numbers, you make threats and still you’re charged every month like clockwork.

This is the company’s biggest weapon – rebilling your credit card over and over again and not letting you break the cycle. Fortunately you can break the cycle, but not by calling the rebilling company. Instead contact your credit card company and have them charge back or stop the charges from their end. There may be a fee for this service, but it’s far better to pay that fee than deal with illegal billing practice that won’t be fixed.

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11 Presents You Shouldn't Buy for Dad This Year

Father’s Day is almost here! Just what do you want to get your dad this year to show him how much you care? As hard as gift-giving already is, it’s more important than ever to get this right – there are entirely too many worthless presents dads received last year. Let last year be a guide for your gift-giving this year. According to the number of complaints at PissedConsumer.com, there are 11 gifts you should definitely avoid this Father’s Day.

SEIKI Digital TVs
Electronics can be a bit skittish, but they shouldn’t be this crazy. When a television only turns on after you unplug it, plug it in, and then unplug it again…and plug it back in, you’re wasting your time. Not to mention the possibility of a serious fire hazard!

Telebrands Pocket Hose
They look so cool. A compact hose that fills and expands to accommodate your gardening needs. It’s too bad they are essentially a giant waste of money. The hoses have been known to spring leaks and in some cases spring large holes.

Sammy Fishing Rods
One big consideration for buying a Father’s Day present is that it arrives. After all, how can your dad enjoy his new fishing pole if the one you bought him online never shows up? We may never know, because last year some fishing poles simply never made it out of the warehouse. Payment certainly did make it out of the bank, however.

Trophies from Trophy Depot
“World’s Greatest Dad!” How cute is that? A trophy ordered just for your dad to show him just how much you care and to make him truly feel like number one! Of course, if your trophy arrives saying “World’s Greatest Dud” you have a problem – a big one.

Albertson’s Bakery Cake
We get that not every cake is freshly baked. There are plenty of stores that decorate prebaked cakes for big occasions. This year, however, hopefully your local grocery store can double-check to be sure that the wax paper has been taken off the cake before they start icing and decorating it.

A Smoker from Home Depot
It can be hard to get things just right for a master barbeque chef, but even if you buy an electric smoker and he decides he’d rather have gas, you’d think the store would respect the amount of money you spent in the store and not trying to jerk your dad around when he makes an exchange.

Tools from Menards
Tools make a great Father’s Day Gift, but only if they work. Imagine your dad’s frustration when he tries to use the new air tools you got him only to discover that one doesn’t work at all and the rest are all spitting oil at him. What a mess!

Tires from JC Whitney
Buy three and get one free! A child who buys his father new tires for Father’s Day is really doing a good deed. Tires can be very expensive, and they get even more expensive when the company you’re ordering the tires from tries to bait and switch you. Buy the tires on sale? Oops! They are out of stock…but try these more expensive ones instead!

Dinner at Golden Corral
Countless buffet surfaces gleaming with delicious food – what could be more delicious for dad this year? How about countless dirty buffet surfaces holding moldy strawberries, old food items and other not-so-enticing things? It’s not surprisingly how quickly things like dirty forks and bad food can diminish what could have been a nice afternoon meal with Dad this year.

A Gym Membership at Troy’s LA Fitness
What do you get the dad who works out? Why a personalized fitness towel! That way when he goes swimming at the gym, he will always have a little something that’s meaningful from you. Or he would have it if it hadn’t.

A Watch from Jomashop
Gifts need to be returned for any number of reasons. It may be that your dad simply doesn’t like the style of the watch you picked out, or it may be that he’s encountered serious medical conditions and doesn’t need a new watch anymore. Regardless, you’d think a shop would be willing to help a customer rather than making a stressful time even worse.

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How to Handle a Rotten Flower Delivery


Avas Flowers – Substitution of Flowers in a custom order, delivery probs, etc. etc.


Ordering flowers should be an easy way to show someone you’re thinking about them and how much you care. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work this way. Sometimes, instead of sending pretty flowers to show sympathy or love, you instead send dead, dying or simply ugly flowers instead. Granted you paid for the real thing, you expected the real thing and it’s totally rational to be furious when the beautiful flowers you paid for don’t show up.

Of course anger is justified, but it doesn’t actually solve the problem you’re currently facing. To solve this particular issue, you’ll need to put your anger on a slow simmer and make some phone calls.

Step 1: Call and Notify the Company

If you sent flowers to someone and when they arrived they were inferior, notify the company right away. Sometimes this is all that is needed to straighten things out and have a new delivery sent over right away. Every company has bad employees at times, so it makes sense that you might be the recipient of someone parting gift on their way out of the door.

Reputable companies tend to make things right, or try very hard to do so at least. If there was a mistake and the company tries to fix it right away, take the solution that is offered, but do be sure that your have a choice to voice your concerns. Flowers that show up a day late are not much better than flowers that show up spotty and dying.

Step 2: Involve Social Media

If for some reason, the company delivering your flowers isn’t interested in refunding your money or making the situation right, push back. First ask to speak to a manager, and if you still are being stonewalled, take your complaints somewhere that they will get some reactions – online media.

Warn your friends away from the company. Share your exact experience online through the consumer websites like PissedConsumer. Post directly to the company’s Facebook or Twitter account so that other customers can see that you’ve had a problem.

A tactic like this can generate an almost immediate reaction from the company if they care about their customer base online. Even if your situation gets fixed, the messages you’ve posted can live on forever online, so don’t start a public announcement campaign until you’ve tried other solutions first.

Step 3: Consider Court

Most floral orders are too small to be worth much in court. If you’re talking about a $50 arrangement, you would spend more on fees than your flowers were worth. But if you spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a large event, it may be worthwhile to bring the issue up in court to try and recoup some losses and expose a fraudulent company for what they are publicly.

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Dental Reviews on Pissed Consumer

Affordable Dentures – Bad dentures

Poor Quality Affordable Dentures

Affordable Dentures – Horrible dentures! Reporting to the licensing board!

When you’re ready for dentures, you need a high-quality product that you can trust to look and feel great in your mouth. What you don’t need are a lot of hassles and wasted money. When it’s time to go shopping for dentures, be sure you know what you’re getting into!

Try the Specialist First
Even if you think you can’t afford it, make an appointment with the specialist. Often they offer payment plans and options to make dentures more affordable through their offices. It may seem like an affordable dentures office makes more sense, but if you can make it work, paying more for a pair of dentures you can actually rely on and that fit well makes all the sense in the world.

If you find that you just can’t swing the rates the specialist is asking for, at least you’ll have a basis of comparison as you work with other dentists. The more specialized a dentist is, the more likely it is that he or she will be able to create the sort of dentures that you need.

If a dentist just creates dentures as part of his practice, you may not wind up with a superior product. It’s important to look for specialists and check out the reviews others have left about their experiences.

Check Out the Waiting Room
If you’re comfortable with speaking with others, ask other patient in the waiting room about their experiences with the dentist you’re working with. This is especially helpful if you haven’t already signed a contract or made a big commitment.

If everyone around you seems to enjoy the dentures that they are wearing and they feel like the doctor and his staff have done a good job, you’re likely in good hands. If you hear complaints about the fit of the dentures or the way the staff treats the patients, it may be in your best interest to break your appointment and find a doctor with more satisfied patients.

Speak Up at Appointments
If you never complain, your doctor isn’t going to know that the dentures you have aren’t doing the job you need them to do. Be vocal, but polite of course, at your appointments. Tell the dentist if you feel like the denture mold isn’t fitting correctly. Check to see if the dentures are too loose.

Much like new shoes, once you wear your new dentures out of the office, you can’t return them. Most dentists offer additional adjustments and fittings, and you don’t want to pay for an additional appointment if you decide you can’t just live with an ill fit.

Speak up right away if something feels off – the dentures are not going to get better by themselves!

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Construction reviews on Pissed Consumer

DR Horton Home Builders – DR. Horton is the worst home builder in Florida

DR Horton Home Builders – DR HORTON builds ***!

DR Horton Home Builders – Near Austin Texas less then three years to many issues

Buying a new home is exciting! But it can also be heartbreaking if something goes wrong with your building or buying experience. Working with a well-known company is almost always a good idea, but it doesn’t guarantee perfect results.

1. Be Realistic
If you’re building a new home, it’s going to be an up and down experience. There are different price points for homes, and the less expensive homes are going to have fewer features and less expensive features. If you want bells and whistles, be ready to pay the price. If you don’t have the funds, worry most about quality materials over fancy finishes.

2. Visit the Site
Before you commit to a new home, visit the neighborhood. Check it out at different parts of the day and night. Check for traffic, check for obvious issues with existing home. Then keep up the work after you’ve started your home. Check the progress and be vocal about concerns.

3. Do Your Research
The sales people for a builder want you to buy their home. They won’t lie to you (usually), but they may not tell you the whole truth. Do your research online and within the community to be sure you know what you’re getting into.

4. Talk to the Neighbors
The best place for news and stories are the neighbors. Unless you’re the first house in the neighborhood, someone knows something. Knock on doors and beg a moment of time to get the scoop on the builder and any known problems. Most people who have issues are more than willing to tell you all about them.

5. Develop a Relationship with the Super
While you’re watching your house go up, develop some rapport with the job’s superintendent. This relationship will get you plenty of extra attention and when a problem does come up, you can ask for help with the issue more easily as well.

6. Get an Inspector
No matter how much you trust your new friend, the super, get an inspection. Budget for at least one inspection, although you may need two or even three before the job is done. The inspector will tell you if things are up to code and according to the plans for the home.

7. Expect Issues
Even the most carefully built home has issues. An outlet may be missing or a bit of the trim is uneven. While it’s reasonable to expect the builder to fix any big problems, it’s not reasonable to expect your home to look absolutely perfect in every way – this is a real house, not a television show!

8. Be Persistent
If you or your inspector noticed a problem, stay on the builder until the fix it. They may drag their feet or tell you they will fix it after closing. Never agree to this.

9. Don’t Get Anxious
While building your home, the builder has to pay for the home as it sits there. They will try and unload the home on you as quickly as possible, especially if they expect it to have issues or there are big problems. Once you sign the paperwork, those problems are yours and the builder has very little obligation to you – even with a warranty. Don’t get in a hurry. This puts the pressure on the builder to make it right quickly or risk losing you.

10. Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Away
Finally, you put down earnest money on your new home, and you stand to lose it if you walk away. The flipside of that, however, is that the earnest money is all that you lose if you walk away from a very expensive disaster. It’s far better to lose $1,000 than to spend the next fifteen or thirty years paying the mortgage on a home that is falling apart around you.

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The Rotten Truth behind Tutoring

Tutor Doctor Franchise Review

Tutor Doctor – Tim Morris, Terrible Man who lies out of his yellow teeth!

Tutor Doctor – Shoddy management – My son has had 4 maths tutors in 3 months

Tutor Doctor – Ruining lives – Don’t become a Tutor Doctor Franchisee

Your child is struggling in school. He is having a hard time staying up with the rest of the class, so you do what any concerned parent would do – you find him a tutor. While you could work with an individual, many families today feel more comfortable working with a larger company that specializes in tutorials. These companies have made tutorials a business. Sometimes this arrangement works out beautifully for everyone.

But sometimes it doesn’t.

Tutoring as Big Business

Education shouldn’t be anyone’s big-money business. Making money off the backs of those individuals struggling with math or reading is fundamentally flawed if you’re not providing them with a real service. If you have a client paying you to help his child with math, and you do help the child understand math and catch up with his class, great. You are a paid instructor.

But if you build a franchise designed to make money offering scattered tutorials, you’re not in this for the right reasons and that can be a problem.

Somewhere along the line, companies developed a new business model. The model was to “sell” territories of would-be customers to franchise owners interested in opening up tutorial centers. These tutors would not just work from home or visit the homes of their students; they would open up a nice storefront shop. They would advertise, bring in new business and line up low-cost tutors to handle the actual “work” of the shop.

The company seeking franchisees went so far as to promise huge returns for the owners. All they need to do is pay a large upfront fee, find some kids who can’t do math, find some other kids who can and then bring them all together! The tutors make a bit of money. The parents pay a lot of money, and the franchise owner keeps all of the money in between – simple!

When Education Fails

But it’s not as simple as it first seems. The franchisee is often sold a load of nonsense. He must then pass that same nonsense on to his customers. The new tutorial center is leveraged to the hilt by the new owner and he is quick to discover that smart tutors aren’t interested in earning low wages. And parents with big pocketbooks aren’t interested in paying a lot for terrible tutoring.

Running a business is hard work, and when you’re playing with a child’s education and future success in school, you can be creating more harm than good in the first place.

A tutorial business can be profitable. But a lot of factors have to be in place. You need strong tutors. You need regular clients. You need actual education!

Many would-be business owners are told that going through the motions is enough to get things going. Set up shop and the money will come. Unfortunately this just isn’t true, and worse, when the franchisee tries to shut down shop or break off to do things their own way they wind up with legal issues as well as tremendous expenses and a broken business.

The lesson here is simple. If you want to make money, open a business. If you want to help children, focus on that first. After all, children should always come before overhead and profits.

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Household services reviews on Pissed Consumer

BUYER BEWARE Defective product Lumber Liquidators

Lumber Liquidators – They dont warrantly their products

Lumber Liquidators – Buyer Beware! Defective Products and Even Worse Customer Service

Your flooring is the very foundation of your room. You can have beautiful furniture and elegant wall colors, but without the corresponding flooring, your room is just going to look sloppy at best, or perhaps downright terrible.

There is a lot to be said for buying new flooring. Wholesale prices on flooring may be better than the commercial mark-ups, but quality flooring is still extremely expensive. It makes sense that you might try to skimp just a bit on the cost of floor by using a discount flooring store when you buy your wood or laminate.

That being said you don’t usually have to anticipate some fits and starts as you get started with discount flooring – it’s usually not full price for a reason. Of course, this doesn’t excuse the store from bad sales practices, but it should put consumers just a bit more on alert when making that initial purchase.

Heavy-Handed Sales

When you’re preparing to spend thousands of dollars on a new floor, you want to make a wise, educated decision. You might do some research on your own about some general makes and models, but when it comes time to actually pick out the flooring itself, you’re going to want to talk to the sales person about the specifics of each of the models.

Unfortunately, when you do ask a sales person, you learn immediately that he seems to particular one product in particular. You ask for details and he explains about the nature of bamboo and why it’s a wise flooring choice. He seems so sold on the product you decide it’s the one for you. You spend quite a bit on your order and you ask the salesman what you need to know about installing it.

He tells you nothing special about the installation, so you feel comfortable taking the bamboo flooring home and setting it up with your contractor to install.

But the problems show up pretty fast. The flooring the sales person seemed to love is junk. It dimples when installed and no matter how many times you and your contractor try to work with the flooring, it looks terrible. Frustrated, you put in a few calls to customer service and you learn a great deal in the process – and it’s not a good lesson.

Signing Your Rights Away

It turns out that the invoice you sign when you bought the bamboo flooring signed all of your rights away on the purchase. You are solely responsible for the flooring and if there is any defect it is apparently your issue to deal with.

Even if the store representative told you to nail the flooring, and the box said to nail it, and the website said to nail it – it’s your fault that it dimpled and you should have simply glued it down! No refunds, no exchanges, no help at all.

No matter what you need, there is always a reason the company can’t deliver. The finish coming off? You must have used a cleaning product other than their own! Question about the quality of the material – it’s great quality of course! But if it isn’t, just buy a new scratch remover and you’ll be just fine.

The warehouse send you the wrong thing? Whoops! That must have been what you ordered without realizing it.

The end result is a frustrated customer, potential lawsuits for contractors who got stuck with the product, and a terrible, no good, very bad floor at the bottom of it all.

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Food reviews on Pissed Consumer

Dominos Pizza – Disrespect

Dominos Pizza – meaningless delivery boundaries

Dominos Pizza – dominos sux

Sometimes take out is the easiest option for a busy day of when you’re working on a limited budget. When you buy take out, especially when you’re buying takeout that you’re buying because it’s affordable, you’re going to expect it to have a few missing elements.

There are no gourmet toppings on a cheap pizza. Your food isn’t going to be presented in a manner worthy of a five-star restaurant. But that doesn’t mean that you should just expect anything less than what you ordered when you buy pizza delivery or take-out.

Bad Delivery

The biggest advantage of ordering pizza is the delivery. When you feel like you just can’t do anything else at the end of the day, you’re going to want to kick back and let someone else do the cooking for you. Even better, you can kick back and wait for someone to bring you the fresh, hot food without having to even watch dishes.

It’s always a shame, though, when things don’t go as planned with your delivery. For example, you might have ordered from your favorite restaurant countless times over the last six years. Today you call up your regular store, ready to place your regular order and discover that there’s a problem. Apparently you live on a side street and that street is no longer in the delivery area for your pizza store.

You speak to the manager and it turns out it’s a corporate decision to cut off your side street. Now, if you lived a block to the left on the main road, you’d have delivery. But being on the side street, you’re stuck without any pizza – for the first time in six years!

Difficult Employees

There are difficult employees as well that you might face in any restaurant. Being faced with a particularly difficult individual while you’re hungry is even worse than it would be normally. If you’ve ordered a meal and you’re waiting on delivery, it stands to reason you might be a bit irritated when your food is late.

But you’ll likely be beside yourself when you realize that the delivery driver has bald tires and can’t make it up the hill that you live on. Now you have to not only get up off the couch, you have to walk outside and down the long driveway of your home to get the food that you ordered to avoid just this sort of irritation.

You might be irritated about the walk, but you can’t blame the company for a driver’s bald tire. You can certainly blame the company, however, when a manager is rude to you about a religious exemption in your food – especially if the company knows about your restriction ahead of time.

If you have a religious objection to pork, for example, when you go to a restaurant or order take-out, you make sure that the food you are eating does not have any port products in it. You might check the menu or list of ingredients. You would ask the employees to double-check the ingredients. You’d make specific requests to avoid pork when you order your food.

If you’ve done this for weeks, perhaps even months, at a restaurant, you’d expect them to know what it is you’re looking for, especially if you’ve been able to order the same thing every time with no problem.

But the time there is a problem, it’s a big one. After requesting no pork products, your food comes back with a large chunk of bacon down in the bowl. You call the manager over and point it out and rather than being polite and offering to prepare you another dish, he is flat out rude to you and requests that you leave his store. Perhaps it’s not religious discrimination, but it’s certainly a problem.

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Health and Beauty reviews on Pissed Consumer

Walgreens – Walgreen’s now plays Judge, Jury, and Doctor to fill pain medication

Walgreens Pharmacy Hostile to intractable Pain Sufferers

There’s no secret that this country has a problem with pain pills. Sure, there are those who legitimately need the prescriptions to make it through the day, but then there are many, many others who abuse these medications as they would any other illicit drug.

It may not seem illegal to offer a friend a Vicodin when she has a terrible headache, but it most certainly is.

And the government and some pharmacies are looking to crack down on unnecessary or flat-out illegal pain medication prescriptions. Unfortunately, those who legitimately need the medications are getting caught in the crossfire.

Changing Regulations

For years you could file your prescription for pain medication just as you would for anything else. You hand over the paper from your doctor and the pharmacist fills it for you and hands over the pill bottle.

Today things are a bit different. The rules of the game are changing and pharmacists are putting the pressure on patients hoping to stem the tide of excessive pain medications in the public. To get your prescription filled today, you visit your doctor, you turn in your form and then you have to wait while the pharmacy takes stock of you as a patient, calls your doctor, files the code on the form and checks the legitimacy of your claim.

For those who legitimately need the medication, this feels like an unnecessary hassle and being singled out is potentially embarrassing, especially when pharmacists take things just a bit too far.

Medical Decisions and Pharmacists

Being a pharmacist means often being misunderstood. Most of the public assumes you’re just the person behind the counter counting out pills and filling bottles. Part of the job of being a pharmacist, however, is monitoring the dispersion of medication and consulting patients on their needs and potential interactions of the medication.

When a pharmacist goes from simply filling orders to actually consulting with patients, it can put more than a few noses out of joint – especially if the patient didn’t ask for any sort of consultation.

A new pharmacist, for example, may not realize that a patient has an ongoing need for high-grade pain medication due to hip dislocation. The pain is ongoing, so the need for medication is ongoing as well. Rather than talking to the doctor once, the new pharmacist refuses to refill the medication on an ongoing basis and actually shouts at the patient about abusing the medication. In front of other customers!

In similar stories patients have had to sit in pain for hours while the pharmacists attempted to call their doctors to confirm prescriptions for pain medication. Patients have been embarrassed, targeted as potential criminals and singled out as potential junkies as they wait for the pharmacist to decide if they are allowed to have a medication their doctor prescribed.

It is certainly a controversial area of medicine, and will likely to continue to be so as the new regulations move across the country. There may be two sides to the argument, but for those chronic pain sufferers, they only know embarrassment and pain. Two things that no patient should have to experience.