Reviews about property rentals

AirBnB – Review about Guest Policy from Sydney, New South Wales

Airbnb is getting worse and worse

Airbnb Unfair Policy will overriding your cancellation policy

It seems like such a good idea – design a travel website that brings property owners and would-be renters or vacationers together. There are a few websites like this out there already, but the most popular of the sites incorporates a review system where guests can review properties and property owners can leave feedback on guests.

In theory the system should work well. The more you use the system, the more property owners can know and trust you when you stay in their homes or rentals. Since many of the vacation properties are a bit unconventional, the reviews from others who have stayed helps sort out any questions prospective renters might have.

But like every good idea, sometimes there are a few bugs to be worked out.

The Issue of Trust

There is a lot of trust involved in allowing someone to stay in a property that you own. Not only is there a great deal of paperwork, but you have to trust the visitor to not damage or destroy the things you own and value. The reviews about previous visits help with this, but what if a guest has never stayed in a property from the site before? What if he has no reviews?

An apartment or property management company does extensive background checks before they allow a new resident. It would make sense to allow property owners on a vacation rental site at least some comfort in a background check. Even some basics would be fine – what does the vacationer plan to do while in the area? Even simple questions like this may not be answered because the property owners are asked to truth the residents, but the website does not trust the property managers.

When the property owners try to do some research or even look at a LinkedIn or other social media profile for a would-be renter, the website blocks them. Even the renter’s real email address is blocked. The owner can know nothing at all about the brand new renter it seems. It must trust them implicitly through a system that doesn’t allow property owners any consideration at all.

Cancellation without Representation

Because property owners are going through a website for rentals, they have to abide by strict rules – even some which supersede their own. The most salient of these is the cancellation policy. According to the website, certain things like a death in the family, jury duty or even civic unrest can guarantee you a refund if you have to cancel your trip.

Unlike other travel websites, there is no insurance required for this feature. All the visitor has to do is claim a problem and the deposit he paid is returned. Meanwhile the property owner is left without any revenue or warning. Worse, he is not able to argue against the claim the errant visitor is making.

In one instance a renter showed up hours earlier to check-in to a property. There were currently other guests in the home, so the early renter left in a huff and never returned. The property owner claims the renter was a no-show. He left. He never came back at the right check-in time.

The huffy renter, however, claimed that the home wasn’t “clean” and so it was unsuitable. Guess who got the refund and who got left in the cold? The poor owner didn’t even have a chance to start preparing for her next visitor before he complained, got a refund and she got shafted.

This simply isn’t the way the rental business is supposed to work.

Reviews about mobile service

Boost Mobile – Review about Slow Media Service from Los Angeles, California

Boost Mobile – account erassed

Boost Mobile – Phone no longer exists, yet still getting charged

Data throttling. Accounts closed. Hackers. All problems that can occur with cell phones and mobile plans. Of course, this is why we always try to do a bit of research first to be sure that we are getting the best deal we can. We don’t want to spend too much money on a phone, but we will spend the money to get what we want. Often that means a phone that works well for all purposes – including data streaming.

False Advertising

Recently, however, some pissed consumers are calling false advertising on their cell phone company. The customers claim that they were told and sold unlimited streaming and data. But when they actually tried to use their phone for unlimited streaming, they found out it wasn’t quite so unlimited after all.

Unlimited streaming usually means, well, without limit. There are many plans out there that still offer unlimited streaming, and with so many uses for cell phones today, it seems like the way to go for most of us – why wouldn’t we want to use our phones for videos, music and work purposes?

But apparently, not every company selling unlimited data is actually selling the sort of unlimited the customers are seeking. For one company, “unlimited” apparently means “unlimited until you reach the point where it is throttled.”

When these customers reach the end of the line, they are justifiably upset. They bought unlimited – not unlimited up to a point! It may have been in the fine print, but nobody ever put the disclaimer on the big promotions that claimed exactly the opposite!

Creative Charges

Other individuals have old accounts that should be inactive. In fact, in some cases, they were inactive until they were brought back to life unexpectedly. One individual stopped using an old phone with this particular company. He used it more as an MP3 player than as a phone, but one day ran over it with his car.

Even more unfortunately, this is about the time the phone company started charging his credit card again. He was being charged for a phone that was – quite literally – laying in pieces. After a few phone calls, nobody was willing to listen, so he cancelled the credit card and tried to move on. The phone company found him again and kept charging.

The former customer got his bank involved, and when the bank representative called the mobile phone company, the representative actually hung up on her. Certainly not the sort of reaction you’d expect in a company operating on the up and up.

Missing Accounts

Finally, there are problems that are almost the exact opposite of charges for phantom phones. In one lady’s case, her entire account suddenly disappeared. She was paying her bill on time – as she had for five years – until her phone was cut off suddenly. When she called, she spent three hours on the phone trying to sort things out.

What did she find? Apparently the company’s system had been breached or malfunctioned and her entire phone account and number had been deleted. It was like she had never had a phone or the number she’s been using for years. Beyond frustrated, we can be certain that she won’t be getting a new phone with this company. In fact, she’s currently thinking a lawsuit may be her next step forward.

Reviews about hair loss treatment


HairClub – Do not trust hair club for men and women

HairClub – My hair still haven’t grew back yet

Nobody likes thinning hair. When you realize your hair is falling out, it can be hard to handle – especially if you feel like your thick head of hair is a part of your image or personality. With hair loss such an emotional hot topic, it’s no wonder that many companies prey on those who are suffering from the condition. Who wouldn’t want to pay a bit of money and have their full head of hair restored?

Unfortunately the truth is a bit less exciting than the commercials on television.

Sadly the science is simply not there to support the claims these hair replacement clubs are making.

The Big Sales Pitch

When you’re watching television, you often see sales pitches for hair products designed to thicken or regrow your thinning hair. While it may be possible to prevent some additional hair loss or condition hair so that it is fuller and healthier, it is not actually possible to regrow a full head of hair if you have lost it due to natural hair thinning.

If you have lost you hair due to medical issues like chemotherapy, for example, it will likely grow back when the sessions stop. If you lose your hair because you’re an adult in your prime, it is likely a genetic thing and no amount of special shampoo is going to help.

Of course that’s not the message the hair companies want you to hear. They would much rather convince you that your hair loss is temporary if – and a big if – you decide to pay lots of money to give their program a try.

Falling for the Hype

Those who are feeling insecure about their hair loss may be looking for answers. It’s easy to get excited about a sales pitch – especially if the product appears to be work. But once many of these customers actually start making payments and trying out the product, they discover that not all is as it seems.

Instead of a miracle product, the big solution is a glorified wig of fake hair that expensive stylists work into your own hair. This is like hair extensions, but for your scalp. Customers were spending thousands of dollars with special hair salons to have their hair washed and conditioned with “special products.” They were spending even more every six to eight weeks to buy new hair pieces to keep up the guise.

Ultimately when the customers realized they weren’t pleased, the hair company refused to refund them any of the money they have spent so far. Instead they were offered more of the same treatments or ultimately surgery.

Apparently, the hair company who specializes in “miracle” hair solutions advocates hair transplant surgery as a way to resolve thinning hair.

Who would have guessed?

Reviews about free trial offers

Keranique – Burn In Hall

Ordered the Keranique Free Trial Pack.. Reviews here scare me and need details for cancellation

Keranique- free trial scam!

There may be no free lunches, but looking around online you’d certainly think that there are plenty of free samples to be had! Everything seems to be offered as a free sample with the intent of hooking you as a buyer. Once you try our product, the ads promise, you’ll love it!

While the free sample method of advertising is as old as the hills, there is a new component to the marketing tactic that isn’t quite right. In fact, it’s pretty darn wrong. A lot of these “free samples” are just the starting point of a scam offer.

While not true of every free trial, there are enough scams out there that start this way, it’s important to know just how to beat these scammers at their own game.

Step 1. Skip the Scam

The best bet is to simply stay out of the deal. If you never order the free trial, you never get pulled into a scam. Of course, the companies know this, so they aggressively market their products until they sound like something you just can’t resist. If you can resist the temptation to buy, you’ll always be better off. But if you are interested in trying something out, you should be able to without legal and financial repercussions. After all, not every company is shady.

Step 2. Get a Temporary Credit Card

When you turn over your real credit card number to a company looking to hook you into a scam, you are turning over your financial wellbeing. Once they have your credit card, or worse, your bank account information, you have given the company the keys to your kingdom.

If you are even a little bit concerned about how sketchy the company may be, swing by any convenience store and buy a prepaid credit card with a limited amount of money on it. The shipping for the “free trial” should be easy enough to cover with this card, and then if the company tries to charge you the full price, the charge simply won’t go through. The money isn’t there.

Step 3. Monitor Your Card Activity

If you do choose to use your regular credit card, monitor the activity carefully. Some hair product customers were shocked to find that after they ordered a free trial, not only did they get charged the full price of the “trial”, but they also started receiving charges from other companies for products and services they never signed up for. Scammers hope you never look at your account – every dollar they get without you realizing it is a dollar they get to keep.

Step 4. Prepare to Get Tough

If the worst case occurs and you get taken in a scam, as soon as you realize what has happened, jump into action. Call the company and demand a refund – a full one. Often the company will offer you a partial refund as a way to keep some of your money. The more aggressive you get in demanding your refund, the more likely you are to get your cash back.

You may have to work on the problem from the bank’s end as well. Call your credit card company to explain the unauthorized activity and request a stop payment. Tell the scamming company that you will be notifying the bank and the Better Business Bureau and you may get a bit farther with them. After all, a scam is only good as long as it gets to continue – notifying banks and the BBB may stop the scam completely.

Once you get you money back, however, do go on and notify monitoring organizations about the scam. It’s the least you can do for the rest of the victims who may be taken in next.

Reviews about car loans

Santander Consumer – They lost my payment and won’t clear my account

Santander Consumer USA

Santander Consumer – Santander keeps saying I owe money that I don’t

There are a lot of things that make us mad. Interest rates rising, bank fees when you’re just an hour or two late, but there are problems that go beyond maddening into purely outrageous. All commercial banks are just that – commercial. They are in the business of lending money to make money, and sometimes they bend, or completely break, the rules to their benefit. Unfortunately, this leaves their customers in the lurch.

When Legal Crosses the Line

A legal counselor is the best person to speak to if you have a question about the legality of a situation. A lawyer can quickly tell you if the fees the bank is charging are over the line. Most of the time, the fees are written into an agreement or contract somewhere, leaving you frustrated but not a victim.

Other times, however, there is real reason to be concerned.

One bank, which is in the business of car loans, seems to be mired in some murky business – at least according to many reviews online. Individuals who financed their vehicles with this company are having serious issues with records and payments.

Threatening Legal Action

It seems the customers are sending payments, but the bank is “losing” them.

Granted things like this happen in the course of business. You might send in a payment and it is applied to the wrong account or perhaps the system doesn’t register the payment properly. While frustrating, usually an honest bank will help you quickly sort this sort of thing out over the phone. One or two phone calls and you’re all set.

But the shady bank doesn’t seem interested in playing along when there are questions.

One frustrated customer got an overdue notice about his loan. He went back through his bank documents and statements searching for what went wrong. After all he had paid his loan on time for years.

Finally he found a cashier’s check that he sent that was never credited to his account properly. When he called up his personal bank, he got confirmation that the money order was cashed, so the payment should have gone through. He even had the bank send the verification over to the company.

When he got on the phone with the auto loan bank, however, they had no record of the payment. Not only did they not acknowledge the payment on their end they never got the fax the bank sent over to clear it up. Even when the man’s bank sent it a second time.

All bank statements point to a completed, on time payment. But the auto bank is refusing to even make an effort to clear it up. They are simply continuing to charge late fees on his account and reporting to the credit bureaus.

The man is at the end of his rope and threatening legal action.

Fed Up with Auto Loans

Sadly he is not the only one. There are almost identical stories out there from others who have had cashier’s checks vanish into thin air along with their steady record of payments and their credit ratings.

One man got so frustrated with the collections calls and roundabout, he decided to record the phone call for his records. When he told the phone representative about his intent to record, the caller immediately “cleared the line.”

It’s hard not to think of shady and even illegal actions when money is missing and employees refuse to be recorded about your personal account details.

Perhaps they might have some merit for a legal case.

Reviews about lawn care

TruGreen – 3 Year Customer… Lost.

TruGreen – Sent my PREPAID account to collections?

A beautiful lawn is certainly a beautiful thing, but sometimes that rolling green grass is hiding some ugly truths. Lawn care companies aren’t always completely on the up and up when it comes to setting up new contracts, keeping customers or billing for the services they have promised to do. If you’re setting up a new lawn care account, read over the fine print. Twice.

The Incredible Rising Bill

The first time you sign up with a new lawn care company they may offer you a great deal. How can you pass up that special offer? The price is almost too good to be true! And for a while you enjoy your lawn care at a discounted price – just the way you wanted.

But then the renewal comes around, and you suddenly receive a bill that is twice – perhaps even three times – as high as the previous year. What gives?

Often the bill has two shockers. The first is the “normal” rate without your special discount. But the second shock is that the “normal” rate is as high as the company imagines they can get away with. There is often no set price, so if you call and complain, you might wind up with a severely discounted bill each year. It’s a game, but with a bit of work you can come out the winner.

The Opt-Out

Another fun game to play is the game of “opt-out”. In this game, the lawn care service sends you a contract or other agreement about billing and services. You might glance at it and then put it away for filing or the trash. But take another look. That paper might just be an opt-out form.

The lawn care company doesn’t have to get your approval for changes to your service once you agree to the original contract. They can simply make changes and then tell you to “opt-out” if you don’t like it. If you never read the fine print or check out the statements on the page, you’re unlikely to realize that you might even need to opt out of anything!

Typically you don’t find out about things like this until you try and cancel your service only to find that you still owe money or that you are locked into a longer contract than you expected. Somehow this is your fault, however, since you implicitly agreed to the new contract by not opting out!

This can be trick to fight, but you can take some steps to protect yourself. Read all of the paperwork that comes your way and stay in control of your own billing. Of course, even with oversight, problems can crop up. One man had his account put into collections for non-payment after he paid off the bill in full a year in advance!

In a case like that, perhaps a new lawn care company would be your best bet.

Reviews about fast food on Picced Consumer

Arbys – Review about Poor Management from San Jose, California

Arbys – Poor Customer Service

Arbys – Review about Poor Restaurant Service from Brookeville, Maryland

There is a time and place for fast food. Usually it’s when we are in a hurry – hence the name – or we are looking for convenience over flavor. After all, we can all freely admit that a burger cooked in less than three minutes is not going to hold a candle to the real deal that you’d get in a sit-down style restaurant.

But that’s no excuse for a terrible experience in a fast food restaurant.

The Rude Employee

While it’s safe to say that a fast food worker isn’t going to be earning a tremendous amount of money any time soon, the employees have chosen to work in a service industry which means they specialize in food and good customer service.

Apparently not all of the employees remember this, however.

There are many accounts of rude customer service in fast food restaurants. Some employees get snippy and speak rudely directly to customers. They might interrupt, talk over or just give the customer more than a bit of attitude while the customer is trying to order.

When you’re dealing with a rude employee, you never quite know what to expect when you go to enjoy your food. If the service is terrible – is the food going to be any better?

Missing Items and Orders

Occasionally, nothing jumps out at you as being wrong, but that doesn’t mean things are on the up and up. How often have you gotten back to your home and discovered that your fries are missing? Or perhaps you got someone else’s entire order? That means not only are you stuck with food you don’t want, but someone else is probably not enjoying your meal at the same moment.

While honest mistakes do happen, sometimes there are more deliberate mistakes that are made. One customer overhead employees calming discussing the order for the car behind his at the drive-through window. Apparently, the employees planned to swap out drinks just for laughs. The manager stood by and thought nothing of the plan.

Disgusting Conditions

There are requirements for food conditions in fast food restaurants. There are requirements for cleanliness and hygiene as well. Sadly, sometimes you wouldn’t think there were any rules at all when you check out the state of the restaurants. Grimy floors, sticky tables, overflowing trashcans and more can all make you a bit ill when you think about a meal.

It all becomes that much worse when you realize the restaurant is a mess, the kitchen doesn’t look much better and all six of the employees on duty seem to be standing around talking as if they don’t have a single job they could be doing.

In most workplaces, conditions like that would mean that none of those employees would have a job for long anyhow.

Reviews about electricity on Pissed Consumer

Entergy – Lights shut off w/out any notice!!!

Entergy – Shut off the day AFTER I paid my bill!

While paying electricity bills may not be your favorite activity during the month, it’s a necessary evil. After all, we all enjoy being able to turn on the air conditioning on a hot afternoon or even turning on the lights when the sun goes down.

But that electricity costs money and so to keep the lights on you have to pay your bill. Of course, keeping up the deal on your end should mean the company is keeping up their end of the deal, but somehow that’s not always the case.

Mysterious Late Fees

Scraping up money for a high electricity bill can be a challenge. Fortunately, most electricity companies have some flexibility so that you can arrange the payment to suit your paychecks. Generally speaking, as long as you get your bill paid on time or let the company know you’ll be paying a day or two later, you won’t have any interruption in your service.

That should have been true for one mother who had paid her bill. The payment was a few days late, but she paid it in full and wasn’t concerned as she was all caught up – or so she thought.

When you arrived home after a night away, her power was turned off. The company had turned off her power for failing to pay a $3 late charge on her bill. The $3 late charge wasn’t even on her bill – she had no way of knowing it even existed without signing in online.

When she explained this to the manager on the phone, the manager simply cut her off, scolded her and then forced her to pay the reconnection fee.

Disconnection with No Warning

While the mother above knew there was potentially trouble brewing when she paid the bill late, other customers are in the dark – literally – about their due dates. The same electrical company did not send any messages about bills being due or cut off dates before turning off the lights on another customer.

Normally, another mother waits to see notices in her email and mailbox about her power bill. Once the notices come in, she pays the bill promptly and repeats the cycle the next month. But something changed this month.

She never received any notices about a payment being due. She held the money in her account waiting for a notification – even a late notification – but there was no word about her power bill. No word, that is, until the power was turned off completely.

When the customer called, she learned that she had never paid her bill – that bill she was waiting patiently for that simply never came. The worse part about her story is that she had the money for the bill all along. But now that amount isn’t enough – she has to pay a reconnection fee, too.

Furniture reviews on Pissed Consumer

West Elm – Failure to deliver

West Elm – Chairs fell apart

West Elm – 6 months and still missing parts of my order

Everyone loves new furniture. The pretty colors, the clean fabrics – it all adds up to a nice new statement in your home. Or it should. Sometimes furniture orders go wrong, and there seems to be nothing you –or the store – can do about it.

The Phantom Order

You visit the store with the pretty furniture. You find a style you like and you place your order. You walk out of the store confident that the next few weeks will be all it takes for your new sofa or chairs to arrive. After all, that is the delivery date that you were given in the store when you paid for them!

But something goes wrong. The order that you placed seems to have disappeared into thin air, because you certainly don’t see any furniture on week three. Or on week four for that matter. There doesn’t seem to be any furniture arriving at all in the six weeks after your order.

Finally, after the first week of missing furniture you break down and call. The order, as it turns out, is on its way! It was simply delayed because they had to send half of your order to someone else when their order was messed up.

This does not bode well for the future of your own order. The additional weeks of waiting certainly don’t help matters.

The Extra Chair

Finally! Your sofa arrives and it looks pretty good. Or at least it would if all of the pieces were actually intact. Instead of a full sofa with nice cushions, you have most of a sofa and a chair. A chair? You didn’t order a chair.

Bad luck indeed.

You send the chair back with the delivery guys (fully understanding now how your own order can be botched so badly). Along with the chairs you send back the tufted corner cushions that were delivered for your plain front sofa. No tufts. Just plain.

Getting the Runaround

After sending the cushions back you call customer service to follow up. They promise to refund the cushions to your account, which is nice, and then tell you how to order some new plain ones. Apparently you can’t do a return and a new purchase in the same phone call.

You call and place the order for the new plain cushions and sit back to wait. While waiting you browse your credit card statement and realize the refund was never sent, so you call back for that. Then your cushions arrive! But they are tufted. So you send them back again and repeat the process.

In fact, you repeat the process three more times and never actually wind up with the right cushions. Now you have a couch that is missing cushions in the middle of your living room. How attractive.

Breaking the News

Of course, things could be worse. You could have the beautiful new furniture only to discover that you wasted $500. The new chairs you bought simply couldn’t stand up to the test of time. Six months later they are breaking. Not just a little split here or there, but full pieces of wood are falling off of the chairs onto the floor.

This is a case where perhaps the delays and hassles are an omen of things to come. And that’s just not the sort of thing you want in your house anyhow.

Jewelry reviews on Pissed Consumer

Piercing Pagoda – Dreadful experience

Piercing Pagoda – Review about Ear Piercing

Getting your ears pierced should be fun – a bit painful perhaps – but an overall good experience. After all, usually by the time you get your ears pierced, you’ve waiting a bit, perhaps begged a bit, and now it’s time to act. Unfortunately, not all piercing experiences turn out well. There are quite a few, in fact, that teach us lessons about just how badly an ear piercing can go wrong.

Prepare for Disaster

When you choose to pierce your little one’s ears, you need to prepare for the possibility that something can go wrong. Little ones are not always interested in ear piercing, especially if they are young enough to not understand what is happening.

Expect tears and pain for your young ones. Granted, the pain will fade quickly, but it’s impossible to pierce anyone’s ears without any pain at all. Granted, even if you are prepared for some hysterics, steel yourself that something even worse might happen. The piercing gun might stick, for example. The lady running the gun might decide to pry it off your baby’s ear with a set of pliers.

When something like that happens, it’s hard to know what to do, but the best solution would be the one that protects your little one.

Follow Through on Set-Up

If you know your child can’t sit still very well, ask the piercer to get everything she needs out and ready first. Check the tray to be sure there are two earrings. If you catch a piercer unprepared, you might wind up holding a screaming child while the booth owner searches for a matching earring for the second ear. Worse, you might be like one mother and realize that her daughter was actually wearing two different earrings – the sort that must stay in her ears for six weeks.

Maintain Sanitization

Don’t let anyone near your ears without gloves and proper sanitizing. This is a plea to never allow a friend to pierce your ears, and don’t let the professionals even touch your ears to check the piercing without wearing gloves to prevent infection.

Fingers are dirty things, and your ears aren’t easily scrubbed for germs. Having open wounds in your ears means the risk of infection is high. Anticipate this by buying plenty of gloves yourself and keeping cleaning agents at hand to be sure your new piercings stay clean, healthy and attractive.

Hotel Reviews on Pissed Consumer

Holiday Inn – Stranger given my room key, saw me nude – a sexual violation of my body -mgmt. and staff lied about comping my stays & room service, charged me over $1200 corporate is still NOT fixing this horror +

Holiday Inn Birmingham Snowhill has BEDBUG

Staying in a hotel should be a fun experience. It’s a chance to get out of the house, to relax and to let someone else do the cleaning. You may even order room service just to round out the overnight experience.

But what should be a fun time often becomes a stressful one. It’s hard to sleep in a bed that’s not your own, and there are potentially lots of things that may go wrong. In fact, the potential problems can absolutely spoil your trip – and possibly any trips to come.

The Wrong Room

The locks on hotel doors are there to give you privacy and to keep you safe. Your keycard is your way in, and unless you’re housekeeping, nobody else should have access to your room. You can imagine the horror then for one woman who checked into her room, undressed and started to walk toward the shower. Suddenly her door opens and a strange man – who was given the key to her room by the front desk – walks in.

It’s embarrassing enough to be caught in an awkward situation, but when a stranger takes some time to stare at you in your own hotel room, it’s horrifying. The man did apologize and back out (after a good, long look), but when the lady approached the front desk about the experience, they were not at all interested in helping her out. The hotel staff didn’t seem to think the situation was a big deal.

They gave in and offered her a new room. But when she went to open that room, there was another strange man right inside the door! Needless to say she was on her third room by the end of the evening and hyperventilating as well.


We count on a few things when we check into a hotel. We count on the sheets being clean and the bathroom being scrubbed. But what do you do when the hotel you’re staying in isn’t quite as clean as you would like?

One man stayed in a hotel and woke up with an inch. When he looked at his arms they were covered in welts. He had been bitten by bedbugs. In fact, when housekeeping was changing the sheets at his request, the bedbugs were visible on the bed itself.

Disgusted he contacted the hotel staff who agreed reluctantly to put him in a cab to a nearby doctor to be inspected, but the amount of support the hotel staff gave the man was pretty puny. Worse, he was visiting from a different country and wasn’t able to deal as effectively with the situation as possible.

All he got for his trouble was a refund of $100, a disgusting story and absolutely no desire to stay in that particular hotel again.

Furniture reviews on Pissed Consumer


LaZBoy 5 year warranty

LaZBoy – Still waiting for items and damaged furniture to be fixed

Buying new furniture should be fun and exciting. It shouldn’t be a hassle or an experience that leaves you bitter and regretful – but so often it does.

When you buy new recliners, chairs and sofas, you usually have a choice of store locations. There are many places that sell sofas, so you would think that a specialty store, one that offers custom fabric selection and a solid brand name, would be a safe bet.

Unfortunately, it seems that there are no safe bets in the world of recliners.

Pushy Salespeople

In a commission-based world, you’re going to run into pushy salespeople. It’s just a fact of life, and like it or not you may have to work with someone you don’t like to get the job done. But there is a big difference between being pushy and being rude or disrespectful.

The same salesperson who harassed you while choosing fabric colors should follow through when you promises to “call you the second your furniture arrives in the store!” She should also be helpful when that same furniture arrives damaged rather than begging off for her vacation and ignoring your needs the minute the money changes hands. Even if it’s just the work of a single individual that has you down, there are plenty more hassles when it comes to furniture.

Extended Warranties

With the sheer number of warranties that are available on products today, you’d think that there would be some benefit to actually paying for one. But increasingly it seems like extended warranties are simply a way to get a bit more of your money.

When you buy an extended warranty from a furniture company, you might think that you’re getting that name brand reputation for the next five years should something go wrong. WRONG! It seems you’re not getting name brand service. Instead you’re getting “security” from a virtually unknown company who probably doesn’t care a bit about your furniture- just the payment.

You can test just how much the companies care about your experience when you call up to use your extended warranty. Your sofa arrives damaged or your chair’s tufting winds up un-tufted. You’re probably relieved to have the security of the extended warranty on your side.

But you’re in for a rude awakening. Call up the company and you find out that warranty only covers certain things. It most certainly does not cover the cost of the actual visit. You are suddenly paying over $100 just for someone to come out and look at your problem. Should the repair person actually stay longer than an hour to make repairs, you’ll be out another $109.

When you stop to consider what you paid for the sofa, you have best hope that the repairs don’t take more than eight hours – otherwise you would have been far better off simply buying a new sofa and washing your hands of the warranty in the first place.

Entertainment reviews on Pissed Consumer

Disneyland Employee Bullied My Autistic Daughter

Disneyland – Where was Mickey Mouse?????

Disneyland – Disappointing Trip

Of all the vacation spots in the world, none hold a candle to the family theme parks that are designed to be truly magical. These parks include some of the most famous characters in the world, and families with young children especially can enjoy the fun environment without worrying about common issues that can spring up on other vacations.

You pay a bit more, but the experience is truly magical.

Except when it isn’t.

The Perfect Escape

Children with disabilities have a hard time finding a place to feel comfortable when traveling. Fortunately, many these parks are designed to accommodate children and their families with any number of special needs.

The rides range from gentle to more intense, and the staff members are understanding and well trained in the needs of all visitors. This should make the theme park a perfect place for all families, especially those who have a harder time in a less understanding environment.

This level of insulation is what makes it especially hard when things don’t go as planned. It only takes a small issue to ruin an entire vacation unfortunately.

Disrespect and Disregard

When a staff member at a theme park waves a hand in your face and calls out rudely to get you attention, it’s shocking. This is almost the opposite of how these individuals have been trained and it’s inappropriate. When the staff member waves his hand and calls out rudely to your daughter with disabilities, it’s outrageously unacceptable.

Worse, when you call to make an official complaint about the incident, you’re rushed off the phone and the incident is brushed aside as if it doesn’t matter at all.

It’s not always blatant rudeness that can cause problems. Sometimes it’s disregard for the basics. You come to the theme park to see the important characters and ride the rides suitable for your child with disabilities. Unfortunately, the line for the ride is hours long. Hours of waiting for a five minute ride is simply too much!

Worse, when you go to visit the main character of the park, you realize that you’re going to have to stand in two hours of lines just to have a chance to take a picture – that’s assuming you get there at the right time to do your waiting!

Skipping the Drama

If the rude employees were a problem across all of the major theme parks, you could blame the company. But it seems that the main problems are at a single theme park. That makes the problem frustrating, but not totally unavoidable.

Until the most magical place on earth becomes magical again – skip California. Head to Florida instead.

Make up reviews on Pissed Consumer

Julep is a Scam.

Julep – What a poorly run business….scam???.

Julep – How didn’t you know you were signing up for a subscription?

As there are in so many things, two categories exist in the world of online make up deals – the actual deals, and the messes you quickly realize you want no part of. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to actually go into a deal blind before you determine exactly what it is you’re dealing with.

Free Promotional Make Up

The free promotion is a deal as old as the hills. Companies offer you a bit of a free something and in return you become a loyal customer buying more items down the road. The modern way of doing the free promotion has a rather unpleasant twist, however.

Rather than offering a free sample and hoping customer will come back around down the road, the companies instead simply record the customer’s credit card information – usually given for shipping costs – and then charge them for more products in a week or month. Granted, there is nothing especially illegal about this so long as the company is making the terms very clear, but sometimes “very clear” is rather murky.

Dumb Customers?

There is quite a bit of finger pointing going on regarding online make up offers. One side of things contends that the companies that offer a free gift and follow up with $25 monthly charges are a scam that they didn’t willingly sign up for. The other side claims the people who signed up and didn’t notice the free promotional offer was tied to additional purchases are, frankly, idiots.

“How can you not see the subscription?” “You have to be blind to not know this is a ‘promotional’ offer!”

Strong words that are hard to argue with…unless you’re really involved in a scam.

Going In Blind

One customer disagreed with the name calling and accusations. One PissedConsumer user made a decision to sign up with an online make up company. She knew there was a subscription, but she was shocked to learn that she was going to be charged $25 per month. The subscription may be clear, but the full price of that subscription, she argues, was anything but.

Most other make up companies arrange for products at around $10 per month. Horrified at what she’d done she tried to cancel the subscription by calling customer service. Others who tried the same thing when they realized they were setup on a rebill for products didn’t have much luck making contact.

Apparently when you call to speak to a representative, the phone lines are so backed up you’re forced to leave a message. Not surprisingly nobody calls you back after you do. Fortunately, at least a few irate customers found a workaround.

They called in for technical service support and were able to cancel their subscription that way. Others are presumably still battling the tricks and stumbles the company seems to be deliberately putting in the way.

Unfortunately the lesson here isn’t clear. You can read the fine print and go in wary, but you truly never know how something like this will work until you’re committed. By then it can be a serious challenge to get out again.

Shopping reviews on Pissed Consumer

Joann Fabric – Awful customer service in Monroeville PA

Joann Fabric – Teacher Has Horrible Experience at Jo-Ann Fabrics

Joann Fabric – Sick of these customers that refuse to use their brains, if they even have one at all.

Craft stores are supposed to be fun places where you can buy all of the fabric and interesting tidbits for your projects. They aren’t supposed to be the sort of place that gives you a raging headache and leaves you frustrated with your experience. Unfortunately, craft stores are retail centers and that means your experience is often subjected to the whims of the people you’re working with – the employees.

Great Customers Service

It’s always refreshing to know that there are great employees out there. These are the employees who enjoy their jobs and who have patience when customers need a bit of extra attention or help. But it seems the excellent employees exist at only a handful of craft store locations – the rest can be a huge damper on the good experience the store really should be.

Rotten Experiences in Crafts

There are a few things you know to expect in a craft store. The first is that there are usually more items than the average employee can remember. The second is that it might take a while to get your fabric cut – that’s just standard wait time. But some things you can and should expect from employees.

• You should expect a fabric store employee to know what the different types of fabric are. When you ask for helping finding a particular type of fabric, the employee should be able to lead you directly to it without any fuss or muss.

• You should also expect that when the employee has trouble remembering what the different types of fabric are, she would be apologetic and find out as quickly as possible.

• You should expect the store employee to handle herself with professionalism and not run directly to a manager to complain about how you wondered out loud if she had training in fabrics after she demonstrated her ignorance of particular fabrics. Indeed, if she is going to complain, the employee would do well to not complain one aisle over from where you are standing – ensuring that you hear every word.

• You should expect that when you show a coupon to the manager and ask if it is valid, that the same coupon is indeed valid when you arrive at the checkout line. It seems a bit ridiculous to refuse to honor a coupon that was approved fifteen minutes beforehand.

• You should also expect that a teacher discount program wouldn’t require a file folder of paperwork to renew. A teacher’s identification badge for the current school year would normally suffice, but unfortunately not for every craft store employee.

• You should expect that when the customer service for the craft store chain tells you to expect a phone call about a recent experience, you will actually get a phone call!

• Finally, you would expect that someone who is trained in customer experience and works in a craft store would avoid making a scene online about the customers she is paid to work with. When an employee goes online to complain and rant about customers, perhaps it’s simply a sign that she doesn’t need to be working with people. Ever.

Entertainment reviews on Pissed Consumer

Eharmony – Eharmony and hundreds of spam emails

Eharmony – eHarmony does not not care about its customers

Eharmony – Eharmony is the worst dating site in History!!!

Meeting people can be a challenge. Fortunately we have many options of online dating websites to work with when you’re looking to find a bit of friendship or romance. Unfortunately, not all of these dating websites are as great as they promise to be.

Romantic Promises

If you watch the commercials for dating websites they will tell you that everything is possible. All you need to do is sign up and you’ll be able to find the love your life by filling out a simple questionnaire! Just check a few boxes and the website will show you some great matches – just the sort of people you signed up to meet!

Unfortunately for you, a lot of that simply isn’t true – or at least it doesn’t appear to be true based on numerous customer complaints about one of the most popular dating websites.

The Fine Print

There is always fine print when you sign up for something like a dating website. You can’t expect to find the love of your life right away. You can’t expect to find the person for free, and you can’t expect to try the product forever.

When you first sign up for the dating site, you’re asked to fill out a survey. This survey is supposed to help the website’s algorithm match you up with likely candidates. The actual outcome is a bit different. After you fill out the survey, the matches you see aren’t exactly the attractive members of the opposite sex you were promised.

One young woman on the site expected pictures of young men in her inbox. Instead you received the profiles of men old enough to be father – none of whom looked particularly well-groomed. Others have complained that they only receive profiles of website members who haven’t even logged into their account in months – nobody who is actively seeking a match.

Feeling Cheated

Perhaps the worst part of the whole thing is that you’re paying a pretty penny for the nonexistent romantic services. You may not mind spending money when you’re able to see the service is working as promised. But when you are getting matched with individuals decades older or younger than you – especially ones who aren’t even active on the website, it’s easy to feel cheated.

So you demand a refund. Unfortunately for you, unless you cancel your membership in three days – just three days to try out the entire site – you are out of luck and you’re due for every penny charged. Sure you can cancel your membership going forward, but you’ve already been charged for every month you’ve tried using the service before that point, and those charges certainly add up fast.

Hotels reviews on Pissed Consumer

Westgate Resorts – Westgate Resort Owners Class Action Lawsuit against Westgate

Westgate Resorts – Wrong Resort and Event Fee

Westgate Resorts – They changed my contract after I bought and now it’s a constant fight to get what I paid for.

If you’ve never heard of one, a timeshare is exactly what it sounds like – time shared in a condo or apartment where the various families invested in the property split the cost. The way a timeshare is supposed to work is pretty simple. You invest in the property and pay an annual maintenance fee. Then, you get to use your share of the property for a week or two throughout the year.

Selling Timeshares

When a company sells you a timeshare, there is often a bit that they don’t disclose. The marketing program is full of glamour and fun – free perks! Great location! Free vacation every year! But in truth some of these timeshare program are anything but great. They are more of a headache than anything else.

Timeshare Issues

For many people, the biggest issue with a timeshare is the amount of money required to invest in the property. You may pay $2500 upfront as part of your buy-in, but when the first bill comes for $900 to maintain that property, you may start to feel a bit cheated. After all, you can stay in a very nice hotel every year for a week for $900 – and you can take a year off if you’d like.

With a timeshare, you are supposed to have some options in many cases as to where you actually spend your week of time. Some timeshare programs are large enough to have properties all over the United States, so you can hop from one to the next every year. Or at least you can in theory.

What many families found when they tried to take advantage of their timeshare program was that choosing a location wasn’t as simple as it sounded. They tried time and again to book their stay and time and time again they were told that the spots were full. They were encouraged to book their time eleven months in advance – and that simply wasn’t possible!

To add insult to injury, it seems you can pay for a separate vacation at the timeshare properties as regular hotel guest at any time, but to as an owner in the timeshare, you’re required to plan almost a year in advance for the same space in the same hotel.

Class Action Lawsuit

Some families are beyond frustrated with the hidden rules and nondisclosures that have come up since they paid into the timeshare program. They have tried to work with the company and haven’t found any recourse yet.

Now some individuals and families are joining forces in a class action lawsuit to try and force the hand of one of the large timeshare programs. While the lawsuit is still in the early stages of communication, it does send a powerful message to those considering buying into a program. If others are ready to sue to get out of the timeshare, is it really something you want to buy into?

Labor Day 2014

The fall months are a great time to make some big investments. Of course you’ll always want to do your research ahead of time – there are lots of ways to waste your money this month, too. While Labor Day sales are often terrific, it’s the savings after Labor Day that are really impressive.

Car Sales

The 2015 cars are already on the lot, and that means the 2014s have to go. If you’re shopping for a 2015 vehicle, this is certainly not the best the time to buy. Paying top dollar right at the top of the model year isn’t going to impress your financial manager, but saving a huge amount on last year’s model can score you a huge amount of savings.

When you’re buying a 2014 vehicle, what out for a few things. Car dealers are looking to clear the lot, but they certainly don’t want to lose money. Keep an eye out for hidden fees, extra “requirements” like extended warranties, and don’t be afraid to walk away if the dealership isn’t willing to work on a real deal. It’s far better to go to a different dealership than to be stuck with a lemon of a car or loan.

Patio Furniture

The summer brought beautiful patio furniture to lots of stores. Now that the fall is officially under way, the patio sets need to go, and stores are slashing prices. Look for deals in stores that only hold patio furniture seasonally. Big box stores and discount retail shops will likely be offering pretty terrific deals on tables, chairs, umbrellas and cushions.

One thing to watch for, however, as you’re picking out a new set are returns. The store has to get rid of all of their patio furniture, even the items that others weren’t satisfied with. Since the return policy can be dicey on sale or clearance merchandise, be sure that the box you’re taking hasn’t been opened and that the furniture you’re buying hasn’t been previously used or scraped up before turning over your credit card.

Post Labor Day Sales

There are two big dead times for retail stores. The first is in January, following the budget-busting holidays. The second down time is in the fall after school starts. The big sales over Labor Day and the back-to-school sales on clothing are usually just the beginning of the savings in retail stores.

Christmas items start coming in later in the fall, but the sweet spot for savings is right after the big Labor Day sales and before November. Complete your holiday shopping now and you’ll be shocked at how much you can save by buying well before the holiday “savings” kick in.

Health Savior or Scam? 3 Ways to Tell

Garcinium – Was charged for the “Risk Free Trial” and full price for another order I didn’t make.

Garcinium – Ordered garcinium for $4.95, but was charged $99.99

Garcinium – Garcinium/Supra Cleanse 350 – paying $99.99 not $4.95…requests to cancel not acknowledged

There are many excellent supplements and healthcare products on the market today. Often with so many, it becomes a challenge to figure out which products are actually legitimate and which are simply junk. Worse, some might be legitimate, but you’ll never know because the products are simply a way to entice you into a scam.

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can tell when you’re looking at what may be a bogus offer. Better, there are ways to protect yourself as well.

1. Too Good To Be True

It’s one thing to find a product on sale. It’s another to find an offer that is frankly unbelievable. And if it’s unbelievable, you shouldn’t actually believe it. It’s hard to close out a deal that is offering you something that looks promising for less than $5. But those lowball offers are often the way that scammers bring you into the fold. You turn over your credit card information for a cheap supplement offer, and then find yourself facing outrageous charges and rebills.

2. Missing or Vague Fine Print

Legal companies are required to be upfront about additional charges and shipping costs. Don’t click on anything until you’ve found the specifics about additional charges or possible rebills. If you can’t find anything at all about shipping costs or handling issues, look for language about an “introductory” offer or “your first month”. Phrases like that often mean you’re getting into something for a long-term deal – just the sort of thing that has hidden costs down the road.

3. Terrible Reviews

The internet is full of reviews on companies and products that turn out to be junk, not worth the money or shady. Some companies perform illegal practices and continue to do so for some time. If you have even the slightest suspicion, do a quick search for the product’s name plus “review.” For example, you might check for “Garcinium Review”. When you check the posts that consumers have left online, you might being to wonder if there is something to be concerned about. There certainly aren’t very many things customers have said about the product, at least on this site.

4. Protecting Yourself

If you’re afraid to buy anything online, you might avoid all trouble, but you might also wind up missing out on some pretty great deals. If you’re looking to branch out from the traditional big name websites in order to grab some specialty items, you can protect yourself quite a bit by using a prepaid card.

For sale in any grocery or convenience store, a prepaid card loaded up with $20 is nice to have on hand when you’re thinking about trying a $5 or $10 offer. You might wind up with a great deal and a legitimate company. You might also wind up tricking the company that was trying to trick you. When the rebill comes in from the shady company, they won’t get paid. There won’t be enough money left on the card! Best of all, you’ll have the proof you need to know just who you’re dealing with as you make those healthcare supplement purchases.

Travel reviews on Pissed Consumer

Megabus – Review about Bus Travel Service

Megabus – Review about Broken Air Conditioner


There are many ways to travel between cities and states, and for those who aren’t comfortable flying and don’t have the luxury of a nearby train, often the best method of transportation is a bus. Fortunately, there are very nice, luxury buses available for travel. These buses come with electrical outlets, WiFi for internet usage and, of course, air conditioning.

The Discomforts of Travel

When you travel in an airplane or on a bus, you expect some discomforts. After all, there are dozens, perhaps hundreds of people all crammed into the same small place. But with the internet available and some good headphones, you can tune out most of what you need to in order to make the trip work reasonably well.

Unfortunately, however, there are some things that you simply can’t handle. The most prominent of which is heat.

Sure it’s hot outside, but when you step inside a luxury bus, you can usually expect the bus to be nice and cool. Many people even get cold on buses and airplanes due to the intensity of the air conditioning.

But when that air conditioning goes out, a bus ride quickly becomes a hellish adventure trapped with all of those other people in a raging inferno of body odor and sweat.

Granted, you may not literally be burning up, but temperatures rise quickly, especially on a sunny, summer day.

Going in Hot

Often, once travel arrangements have been made, you’re stuck. You have to take the bus to the first city in order to catch the next bus on to where you’re headed. Or perhaps you’re scheduled to arrive at a particular time, and you can’t just decide to hop off a hot bus and wait for the next one. Unfortunately, however, sometimes that particular choice is made for you.

When you’re riding on a bus for hundreds of miles, you expect some discomfort. But you expect the air conditioning to at least make the trip with you. You can imagine the discomfort for dozens of passengers when their air conditioning went out on a trip between Atlanta and Mobile. The trip stopped. The bus was emptied and the passengers were told they were waiting on a new bus.

But the new bus hadn’t arrived in three hours. Everyone was irritable, hot and annoyed that they were late. But perhaps the worst experience of all was when the passengers watched the driver pass out from the heat and be carried away in an ambulance. There was still no new bus after that either.

Misery Loves Company

An isolated event can be explained away. We all have difficulty with air conditioning and such from time to time. But when a pattern seems to be repeated time and again, it’s enough to make anyone suspicious. When the air conditioning goes out on a big travel bus in three different states at three different times, it begs the question – is bus travel (on this particular line at least) really your best option?