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Avon, Connecticut

I purchased my glasses less than six months ago from a Lens Crafters and paid almost 400 for them. Within a month I noticed a strange foggy pattern that appeared on only one side of my glasses lens. I am always extremely careful with my glasses and only clean them with water and the cloth made for glasses cleaning. When the spots on the lens started to severely obstruct my vision, I took the...
Hampstead, North Carolina

I am active duty military and new to area. After bad experiences with flowers mailed in past looked for a "local florist". AVAS FLOWERS claimed to be local and deliver using a local florist. Price for a dozen roses was reasonable and no delivery fee. Last page of order added nearly $20 in handling charges...but it was late at night and I didn't want to start my order over again. Flowers were...
Daytona Beach, Fl

On 06/18/2013 I bought a 1999 Jaguar XK8 from you guys, the same week the car presented an engine problem and an engine message was displayed on the dash, I call you guys and they took the car for repairs the same month, after one week you returned an allegedly fixed car with a "new" car battery; After three more week and only 200 extra miles the same engine problem appears. Obviously you did not...
Springfield, Illinois

Can not contact or find a return address for this product. Do you have any advise.i can not find where I ordered this product. It seems to have vanished. Also no web site or return a address anywhere. My credit card company says I will have to pay for this product unless I can return it. I don't think this is right. If they make it impossible to return that shouldn't fall on the consumers lap....
Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais

am Brazilian , 32 years old, father of a family , playing War Commander for over 3 ½ years , and when I least expect'm banned, and still claim to have used hacker program.I find this absurd and disrespectful , especially considering all the money I spent with coins . I demand that you prove to me that Kixeye cheat in the game , because you can not simply prohibit a person simply claims that...
Chicago, Illinois

Good afternoon, my name is Oxana Donahoe. I want to share the horrible experience about clinic visit Aspen Dental to the address: 1401 North Veterans Parkway, Bloomington, IL 61704. We with the husband made six crowns in this clinic, three crowns were made by my husband and three crowns were made by me. After the first!! Installations of my three crowns, I noticed that on one of them during a...
Queens, New York

I recently attended a family wedding at Antun's of Queens Village this venue I must say that the service from the staff was far from what you would expect at an occasion like this, they were so unprofessional. It started with the bar having no change so everytime people brought a drink the staff just said they still owed you. When you are paying money for a double spirit and mixer this is not...
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