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Oak Lawn, Illinois

Brought car in for oil change, was told they were backed up, 2 hours later "lady you have a whole in your exhaust line" you need to pay 129 for us to smoke out the exhaust system and that will be 500 dollars to fix the whole we found. Paid for the work, 3 days later light goes on "lady sorry when we smoke out your exhaust line we forgot to check the other end, that has a whole too and that will...
Walnut Creek, California

I ordered a bouquet of flowers for my daughter's birthday. She received a bouquet that didn't resemble what I ordered, not the vase, not the ribbon and certainly not the flowers. It looked skimpy and cheap even though I had paid for a more dense bouquet. The greeting card was also misspelled. I have tried many times to contact this company, via phone or email and have received NO response at...
Chicago, Illinois

Never ever deal with this company , they are liars. They would hire you as vendor and would never pay you, check rip off report .com just Google 1 stop maintenance and you will see what I am talking about. They screwed a lot of people . They would never pay you. They replacing vendor by vendor and no one gets paid ever. Look at the internet how much vendors complaining. how many businesses they...
Litchfield, New Hampshire

Purchased a 30' above ground pool liner with a 20 year warranty and this winter it split just above the seam. The split was over 3 feet long. I had a bladder and chemicals to winterize the pool as well as, a pool cover. I found out a 20 year warranty means nothing unless they feel it's a manufacturer defect. The warranty is really just to entice the buyer to purchase and give you a false sense of...
Los Angeles, California

This MAN is a crook!!!! He had me invest in his film project which was a total scam. and then had me invest in his oil wells. Both of which were total frauds. He has been contacting at least 3 others to my knowledge and his partners have been arrested by the FBI. It is only a matter of time. I looked up his record and he is a convicted Felon in California.DO NOT INVEST > IT IS A...

I was called by a recruiter at Kforce regarding a job in the Nashville TN area. We discussed the specifics and I agreed that I was interested to continue pursuing it. After a day of research into the company, I decided that it was not a good fit for me. I informed the recruiter, Michelle Long, that I was not interested in the job and she began talking to me condescendingly. She told me...
Lakeland, Florida

compre la caja de ritz cracker en wal-mart cuando abri la caja los paquetes de cracker estaban abierots el paper tenia pequenos rotos y las cracker estaban *** algo umedo las bote todas mi e mail es elsalserito_2@hotmail.com espero que algan argo por esto nunca e tenido problemas *** este produsto ok por fabor por por por por pr por por por por por por por por por por por por por por por pro...
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