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Salt Lake City, Utah

Don't use these people ever! Not only was my special occasion ruined because my flowers did not get delivered the day they were guaranteed to be, but I wasn't able to get in touch with anyone outside of the sales department the following day to even find out where they were. I got in touch with a sales manager that refused to help me because "it was not her job" to track orders! I'm livid! I...
Warminster Heights, Pennsylvania

I am not even a Verizon customer -- and I never would be, based on my experience. I called to get a field agent to inspect cables running from a Verizon box into my house and remove those that are inactive (I have internet service through a different provider). With great difficulty, I reached a human being who issued me a service ticket number... but no one showed up. When I called again to see...
Village Of Sheffield, Ohio

My husband and I just cooked up some Giant Eagle brand bacon which was utterly repulsive. We both noticed it had a funny taste but continued to eat. I ended up spitting it out and throwing the rest away because it had a fishy taste. It was very strange. I have never had "bad" bacon and I will usually eat anything...but not this. It was within the exp date and properly refrigerated but tasted...
Los Angeles, California

This is a full scam and I find it hard to believe that Kate Hudson would a associate her name with this company. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!! The quality was ok, but the additional charges were not made clear. When I called to cancel the lady on the phone was extremely rude and tried to keep me from cancelling. She was very condescending and almost refused to take my cancellation. Finally I had to...
Atlanta, Georgia

I ordered 2 tickets with my skymiles rewards a couple weeks ago. For personal reasons the trip cant be made anymore and will have to be postponed for a later unknown date. I tried to cancel the tickets and was told that it would cost me $300! For tickets I didn't pay for in the first place! It's outrageous to charge that much, if anything, to cancel tickets that are a "reward" for being a loyal...

AOL is a complete joke and a disturbed company. I've spent over four hours on the phone in the last two days trying to cancel my email address because it got hacked, just like everyone else's. After I finally got someone to close the email addresses, they decided to close MY ACCOUNT which locked my son out of his email with all of his bills. They refused to reopen it. When I called and told them...
Conway, Arkansas

I just recently quit from working with Hyla. It was a bad, deceitful job from the get go. They do not pay their sales rep the promised base pay. They do not pay for your gas (and they will have you traveling all over the state). You can "win" gas money but if you don't win the contest, you get no gas money. They do not pay for your supplies (A&D, fragrances, and gifts). This is docked off...
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