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From mobile #483430
I was suppose to be sponsored an they had took my sisters money and she wants it back !!!!!
From mobile #483429
Brenguard Skateboards
My brother was contacted and was told he was being sponsored and needed me to get him a skate board. I did that an ended up *** in the end . They are investigating my bank looks like court it is!

Unresponsive and disorganized Help Desk makes it difficult to resolve technical issues. New version of imdbpro renders pages from pull down menu unreadable on Samsung Tablet 2 because most of the page is pushed to the far right and only very left margin unreadable. Help Desk personnel had to be briefed each time about problem. One was rude enough to call my description "vague." Even after I...
Houston, Texas

Beware charges to your purchase, particularly being automatically charged for Fred Meyer Jewelers' (FMJ) Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan (LJCP). While the 'lifetime' insurance plan *appears* to be better than its competitors as it addresses lost stones or ring re-sizing, I personally don't go for it, as it is an added cost, particularly since the jewelry I happened to select at FMJ would be for...
Springfield, Illinois

Can not contact or find a return address for this product. Do you have any advise.i can not find where I ordered this product. It seems to have vanished. Also no web site or return a address anywhere. My credit card company says I will have to pay for this product unless I can return it. I don't think this is right. If they make it impossible to return that shouldn't fall on the consumers lap....
Lone Tree, Colorado

The first shipment of wood was defective. One pallet had to be returned/replaced because it was mis-milled (off by 1/8-1/4"). Within six months of installation, the wood had shrunk, causing gaps in the flooring. Also, the water-based polyurethane protective coating had begun to peel away on the edges of the floorboards. I reported this to Lumber Liquidators on 2/14/14 and finally, on 3/28/14,...
From mobile #483423
Southwest does not have the same efficient operations as the original Airtran . Given a choice, I will not travel Southwest. Missed my flights yesterday because of delays.
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