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Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Safety Services Company is full of nothing but liars, thieves, cheats, and scammers. I made the mistake of using them to maintain my ISNetworld account. They ended up selling me a bunch of pocket manuals that I “supposedly” needed to stay in compliance. Come to find out, after checking with Anadarko, I did not need them at all. They tried selling me a drug and alcohol program that I didn’t...

Bought a product from a China company, TinyDeal.com. Was shipped a used and or returned product(Tablet) which had previous owners apps loaded into it, plus scratches on screen. Contacted Paypal and company, TinyDeal.com. Neither addressed the issue properly. Was seeking credit of some of the purchase price. Paypal has become inefficient. Called Paypa and never was able to talk to person online....
Miami, Florida

they are replacing my mattress and for a 2nd time someone coming to review my couch 5 months old we have been customers of rooms to go for years the couch was 1,000 and looks old aready one side sagging we want to replace the couch and upgrade not wanting our money back but differfent couches and a recliner added which is an extra $500 we are on a no interest plan and and still paying for this...
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I ordered clubs from RB and i wonder how they got their name as i would change it to under a ROCK BOTTOM...My wife ordered clubs to arrive on my b-day with addtional shipping of $35.00 guranteed.. They didnt show and the next day i called and told them and they blaimed UPS (not my problem i pd u not UPS) so i cancelled the order. I was told that i needed to ship them back or refuse the order when...
Anderson, South Carolina

First Citizens Bank in Anderson SC flatly refused to give our business a letter we needed (per white collar crimes unit) to file felony wire fraud charges against a vendor. The vendor was wired $3170 and did not adhere to their contract and refused to refund the money. After speaking with the Sherrifs office in Anderson County, I was instructed to get a letter from the bank stating I notified...
Anderson, South Carolina

First Citizen Bank in Anderson SC seemed like what we were looking for as a business bank and they claimed to understand personal service. That quickly turned sour when we had a vendor overcharge us for close to $900. We went to the branch and submitted the chargeback to Aimee McDermott and waited. After @ a week, she stated that due to the fact I had done business with this vendor in the past,...

If yopu are looking for a good a** raping, shop at Best Buy. I bought a camera 20 days ago. I charged the camera once (and it chraged perfectly well). I took the camera to Mexico. The camera stopped holding a charge. Not only could I not take any pictures with my "brand new" camera, but I was not even allowed to return the camera because it was outside the 16 day return policy. How incredibly ...
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