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Madison, Wisconsin

I a married working mother with 4 kids 9, 12, 15 and 19 and am currently on my 2nd month / bottle of 90 capsules of HCF. I started noticing an improvement in my "word find" issue, as I call it, after about 2-4 weeks. Before that, for the past 3-5 years, my conversation has not flowed without having to pause uncomfortably for several seconds trying to think of the word for things like toast or...
Houston, Texas

The product is good but the price is too expensive like all these brain supplements. I wish it was cheaper so a lot of people can afford it. The depression and anxiety in this country is very, very high. Everyone around me needs HCF. The price in Amazon was different from last time when I purchased it a couple of months ago. So next time I am going to shop around before I refill my bottle thru...
South Bend, Indiana

IPOP/JRP is holding auditions on Friday, April 25, 2014 in South Bend, IN. Several families were ripped off in December 2012 when the last auditions were held in South Bend, IN. If the speaker is Jeff Sievers (who talks about his daughter, Shayla, dying), run as fast as you can! Also, R. J. Sievers (his father) is also a "talent scout." Tabitha is Jeff's wife. All of these people will rip...
Georgetown, Texas

Upon bringing the vinyl plank flooring home and opening the boxes to acclimate, the first plank we took out had a huge glob of glue oozing out of the click & lock edge. The more planks we took out, the more defects we found: broken corners, scratches (on at least 20% of the planks), and big waves from the pallet straps. So we took the product back and attempted to get a full refund which...
Fayetteville, Tennessee

I ordered a dress for my daughters upcoming wedding ,i ordred the dress in the color lilac, and it is carnation pink,the iside of the dress is lilacand it doesnt fit like it should.the straps are hanging too far off the shoulders,the bra made inside of the dress isnt the right size.there is a diamond look broach in the breast area of the dressa nd it is sticking out on the dress.it wasnt placed...
London, England

Anyone thinking of going to check out a car that you have seen on the net - DONT! chances are they won't have anything you have seen online on the forecourt. I purchased my car 6 weeks ago. I saw several cars advertised, had a look at addington branch. paid £2000 over budget to get a car same spec as several which were advertised within budget. week after purchase they drop price and mileage and...

please cancel my haband VIIplus of 14.97 a month. We don't really need it. I am an occasional order customer, so this would not benefit me . I like to keep my order status to a min. and have a good payment history. I clicked on this in error in placing my last order. This is not a complaint , just do not charge my account. cancel,cancel, cancel, cancel, cancel, cancel, cancel, cancel,cancel,...
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