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Frederick, Maryland

With pool season ahead (finally) just a friendly reminder to avoid Namco pools like a watery plague. For further info, search this site, or any consumer sight, for complaints regarding Namco. Pools and components are of cheaply made materials, warranties mean nothing, if you can get the company to reply, installations are shoddy with pool walls collapsing within days and Namco customer disservice...

Please beware of this company. I signed up through a friend and was told I would get a $25 credit towards my first purchase. I even snapped a screen shot of the post so I wouldnt get screwed over. After I signed up I never received my credit. I sent an email and got a reply from "brandon". He told me that I was not getting my credit as since I signed up under the referral link it was $25 off a...
Germantown, Maryland

My experience with safety Services Company has left an indelible mark on me. I wholeheartedly agree with most of the posts below (with the exception of the guy who wrote he hated them and hoped they died, he sounded like a third grader). I do however understand his resentment and frustration. I suffer horrendous psychological scars from dealing with these people. They talked me into outsourcing...
Las Vegas, Nevada

Well, I've never had issues with packages being sent to my apartment. If UPS delivers a package to my apartment they are kind enough to put the package on our patio, under our barbecue, or at the office. BUT NOT FEDEX! I paid for overnight shipping and received the email stating it had been delivered and left in front of my door!! I was at work at the time and assumed they would leave it on our...
Melbourne, Victoria

I paid almost $2,000 to the company Bly Accounting, which offered the trainings, which would help you to find better job. But in reality, you pay money and get training, but after you search for the job, no one from the employers wants to hire you after they hear about the company Bly Accounting. So I wanted to warn other people not to deal with these scammers. You will lose time, money and...

I booked a 4 flights online for my family in the amount of $1935 on Orbitz for xmas 2013. something happened with the online booking and the flight and seat assignment were incorrect. When I called Orbitz immediately to fix the problem they kept me on hold for over an hour each time and then their rep "disconnected" with me. I disputed the charges through AMEX who ultimately were required to...
Berkeley, California

I have been an effortlessE customer for several years on an automatic payment plan. On Christmas Eve 2013 - the single most important retail sales day of the year - their system went down. They did not return the many urgent phone messages I left that day or EVER. The system failure cost me business and required hours of time to adjust my inventory numbers and sales reports after the fact. ...
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