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From mobile #483546
Dennys Restaurant
Service was very slow and there was only one other table filled in the restaurant at the time. No debit payment available at that location.
Delray Beach, Florida

For the love of god stay away, run as fast as you can..... I received a white Chrysler 200 LX with no gas, on E, dirty too. The cars are not even cleaned between rentals. Alex G came out with me to inspect the car, a few dings duly noted, Returned car in exactly the same way I received it. Manager Franz T inspects the car, says there are 2 dents in the roof, yes the roof. There were 2 small...
Henderson, Nv

I ordered a replacement glass digitizer screen for an HTC Desire smartphone from repairsuniverse.com. The item that they sent was approximately 1/3 too small. It wasn't even comparable to the correct screen size. According to the website, repairsuniverse.com accepts responsibility when it makes a mistake but the buyer is responsible for shipping if the wrong item is ordered. I made it very...
Culpeper, Virginia

I admit to being gullible and believing in advertisements. I have always wanted a comfortable pillow, and I bought into the hype about the "my pillow". This has to be the worst pillow I have ever owned. When they first arrived, they had a terrible odor. It took several washings to get rid of the odor. After that, I followed all the directions, but these pillows bunch up and separate. I have...
From mobile #483542
Transmission being rebuilt @ 38,000 miles on 2011 Dodge Ram 1500.Have bought many Dodges that always endup screwed up fed up with the products
Jacksonville, Florida

The girl at the front was very rude, and the beds were very dirty. The place smells and it seems like they are just letting it run down. They did not clean tingle lotion off the bed of the person before me and I must have laid in someone elses nasty sweat, because after I left I started having the worse sun burn on my back. It was disgusting to think I laid in someone elses nasty gross sweat. It...
Avon, Connecticut

I purchased my glasses less than six months ago from a Lens Crafters and paid almost 400 for them. Within a month I noticed a strange foggy pattern that appeared on only one side of my glasses lens. I am always extremely careful with my glasses and only clean them with water and the cloth made for glasses cleaning. When the spots on the lens started to severely obstruct my vision, I took the...
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