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Miami Beach, Florida

I hosted 2 group of people, and they both cancelled because i did not let them smoke *** (marihuana) inside my apartment. Then one group stayed for a night and then broke my office table, made a mess on my bathroom and kitchen, they took pictures so they can have a proof to show Airbnb in order to get the money back from the reservation. I was supposed to receive some money when the canceling...

Do not use this company to book your car. They have unimaginable hidden booking fees which they email you after the booking is complete. At that point, if u want to cancel your booking, u lose 1 day rental fees. I had booked only for a day at 57$ and was then informed of a drop off charge of 99$, which was not mentioned earlier. Now I lose all 57$ coz I dont want to pay 99$ drop off charge, since...
Rancho Cucamonga, California

Well let me start off by saying that people will have their own opinion on all kinds of services. If you give attitude, then you receive the same! don't expect anything different! so when you are about to get serviced whether food, nails, hair, massage, facial the RULE is to be NICE. you will be surprised how many people walk around life with such negativity... ugly .. no one will want to service...
West Des Moines, Iowa

We applied to USAA for a home loan. They turned us over to Military Home Loans because the house we were buying was over 2 million and they did not finance such expensive houses. Our credit rating is sterling and our assests several million, have no debt at all. We filled out all the many papers, but gave up when at the last minute before closing in March they also wanted the 2013 tax return. We...
From mobile #483403
I had the same problems no one was sending me pics, felt like a fool.
Grand Forks, North Dakota

After being on hold for a long period of time (25 Min) I hung up and called back. I asked the receptionist to please not place me on hold and to let me talk to someone regarding the poor service. She replied "excuse me" in a voice that indicated she thought I had asked to to cut off her right hand and hung up. This is one case where I would rather to talk to a computer then that useless, rude...
Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Ordered a serving tray on Feb 23, 2014. We were told it takes 2-4 weeks for the item to come in. April 17,2014, we are still waiting. Every time we call we are told a different date....March 14, April 7, April 15, now April 30th. I will NEVER buy ANYTHING else from ANY Marlo Furniture Store. I will tell everyone not to even give them a chance. No one has to take my word alone, just check the...
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