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I ordered two “NOVELAS” but they never delivery. Be careful with this site. After contacting the seller, they cancelled my account and my order. Now I'm in the process to recover my money with PayPal. _____ ______ _______ ______ ______ ______ ______ _______ _____ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + = + + + + = = = + = = + = + = + =

I was in dennys in Wilson NC where a manager made my waitress, Krystal, totally distressed over carryng my food out before my wifes was done. Which my eggs were already cold when she brought it but I understand she was waiting on hers. I did not send them back because he had already got so ugly with my waitress. I didn't want her to get fussed out again. This young lady kepted apologizing for the...
Wall, South Dakota

I've been receiving phone calls from Prestige Payments Systems for about 8 months now for our company to use their credit processing system. I've been very nice and declined. After the 5th phone call from them I asked nicely to be taken off their call list. The calls continued coming. I continued asking them to take me off their call list, with more anger with every call. They continued to call...
Roseville, California

In October of 2010 I took my wife to Kaiser hospital for a kidney stone, she was sent home with a deadly infection, I was not told where she acquired it, she died 6 grueling weeks later, I held (and still do) Kaiser hospital and the doctors that worked on her responsible. The California medical board held my complaint for 8 months with no contact to me, they were totally silent as if they were...
Leicester, England

Do not buy a car from this company, I recently did and have regretted it EVER since. Rob (the owner) is RUDE; he does not want to help the customer after the money is in his pockets, even if the car you have brought is not fit for purpose! He treats you like you are in the wrong even when the car needs repairing after driving it away from the dealership. They will make up every single excuse in...
Atlanta, Ga

Addie Minerva is a nasty demonic money hungry Jew. All her mother Ellen Minerva cares about is getting money for drugging gentiles at NH State Hospital. This is a place where people are slammed around like animals, forcibly drugged with crippling antipsychotic medication, denied food, and secluded. Addie is getting her college education paid for from human suffering. She is a filthy ***. Ellen...

I bought a voucher for $25 for a canvas directly through Picaboo. It was pretty easy to upload the image and I liked that I could add text to it. I used a beautiful beach image I took and added the name of the location and date. Then went ahead and placed the order but when the canvas arrived, it looked dark and yellowy. Like it was printed really dark then was left sitting in the sun for a...
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