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I have had to call this company now four times since signing up with them. At first it appeared they resolved my problems, and then my system began slowing down. Start up time with their corrections has now turned into a "nightmare" !!! Then on one call recently after they worked on my system virtually overnight, I was told my Norton Security System was not protecting my hard drive. I was then...

To: Customer Support Re: Incorrect order I placed an order with what I thought was another company at somehow went to Scent Matchers. You have charged us and we have still not received the product. I would prefer to have our money back this is not what we wanted. I'm unaware as to how the order went from RL to your company but am determined to find out. Upon pulling up your company online all I...
Brecksville, Ohio

On 03/29/2014, I was making a purchase at the Maple Heights Home Depot and I needed a credit-line-increase to complete my transaction, my request for the increase was declined. I Had to pay for my merchandise with another credit card. Have talked to several representatives, I am still waiting for the letter stating the reason for the credit denial. Can not understand, I have always kept my...

A company that was so natural for so long........what happened? I was absolutely floored when i read the ingredient list on this new product. As everyone is learning about new found information concerning health and additive in foods.....anyone who puts that product in their months has No concern for their health. Now you will say that the FDA has approve all these chemicals and additives, but...
Manchester, England

After reading a lot of reviews online I tried to put my son off from buying his car from your dealership. Although the cars look in very good condition after driving them away from the dealership not even 6 miles up the road the engine management light appeared we was told to fill the car up with petrol so we did, once we had done that we noticed the cars petrol gage was dropping extremely...
Sharonville, Ohio

First, bought my son an Asus ther about 2 years ago. Purchased the extended warranty so he had 2 years of protection. 18 months in the hard drive atopped working. Called MicroCenter to advise of the issue and I couldnt find the paper work right then. They said I bought a 1 year warranty on top of the manufacturer. Why would I do this? So I asked them to have a laptop hard drive ready qhen I...
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Origami Owl
I purchase a necklace, locket and charms. Within a few months the locket and chain tarnished horribly. They would not buff back to normal color with a cloth like the company claims. Defective product
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