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Sun City, Arizona

I went to Affordable Dentures in Sun City, AZ. At first, everything was grand. Everyone was very nice and wanted to make me feel very at ease. When I talked to them about the process I was not told all the facts about their office. The time that you could come in to have adjustments to the denture. The middle of the day does not work well for a working person. They did work with me on that,...
Kansas City, Missouri

Since yesterday morning my Time Warner Cable DVR has stopped working and since then I have spent most of yesterday and this morning on the phone with their customer service. To make the story short every member of their team insisted on going through the same trouble shooting procedure to no avail in-spite of my pleas that the tech I was talking to before tried and was unsuccessful. Their...
Des Moines, Iowa

on 3/25/2014 I received a letter from this company stating that my request for an additional quantitiy of medication was approved. I was promised my extra 30 day supply would be sent within 1 week. I still have not received it. Last night they put me on hold for over 20 minutes and no one came back, they hung up on me, and then told me that the letter I had from them (which included a case #)...

Dear Kixeye / War Commander....you made a game near impossible to play (at times) and expect people to spend countless hours and dollars to play so why would they not turn to cheating. I have played for a year and a half now and you have sucked the fun out of playing the game for most folks including myself. I know War Commander is a general term but you went from your roots of old style military...
Chicago, Illinois

I ordered flowers to be delivered to Grandma on her birthday. They did not attempt to deliver the flowers on the due date and did not even attempt to call and say it would be dleivered at a later date. When I called the next morning, they said they will deliver the flowers today, with no apology and no discount offered. I had to repeating complain to finally get a 20% discount on the flowers. ...
Raleigh, North Carolina

1st Time ULTA Salon Customer NOT HAPPY!!! I went yesterday to have the keratin treatment I come out with a nasty feeling tangled mess. The treatment they used did not make my hair soft and touchable. The product used was not the keratin complex smoothing treatment, which does make your hair soft immediately after flat ironing. (I have had keratin complex smoothing treatment for 3 years now)...
Leeds, Alabama

I bought the lg showtime phone when it first came out..paid over $300 for it about 3 months after using it the phone would ring an the screen would be blank I couldn't answer it.. I called straight talk, they sent me another phone,,, 2 weeks after I received the phone, the same thing happened, I got a call and the phone was blank black screen and I couldn't answer...the company no longer sells...
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