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"...Constant lockups , and all directv can say is , sorry it's a known issue and we are working on it, but we also can't swap out your receiver for an HR44. Wow working really hard I guess, working on 2 months now and still..." Read full review
"...Received the wig today after waiting 2 months.Extremely poor quality. I ordered blonde..The wig is bright red..."
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"...Then, while he gave me shots on the other side of my mouth, not knowing why, cause the 2 that needed pulling were on the other side......He pulled the lower tooth, then headed for one on the other side..."
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"...Well my children were not deemed sick enough to see the doctor, and after over an hour of waiting I was told to take them to urgent care. Excuse me!!!!Since when is medical treatment denied? Who determines how sick a child is without even examing them?.."
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