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Got error code 3527. It seems everyone else has it too. What really annoys me is that Kodak does not provide proper assistance or meaningful instructions in their help pages. Treats their customers like morons. Dont buy kodak printers... useless. Due to the volume of complaints about this issue they should at least put something helpful about the complaint on their website instead of a useless...
South Hill, Washington

I've had the exact same experience. I spent 1800.00 I've received nothing. Upon talking to Greg Mahoney all I get are lies . The company is now Raptor Engines . Just wanted to update I can't believe in these great states people like this are allowed to do business it's theft plain and simple. He's probably a meth head like all the other thieves. How Oregon state government can stand by and do...

It's "okay", not great (but could be!) The site itself is great and no, I have never had a bad experience shopping there, however, I do have some comments regarding the items that are sold on the site. Like any other site, it's got items that are great and ones that are... well, not so great. Naturally, the "great" items run out of stock quickly, and are unfortunately rarely restocked, sizes...
Lakewood, Ohio

I paid a lot of extra money for epacket shipping 7-12 days to the US and the seller shipped the items china post air mail I'll be lucky to get it by christmas. china post will take way to long like 3 weeks do not pay for faster shipping you will only snail mail ****
East Richmond Heights, California

I called to cancel my insurance with them after about 3 or 4 days and the lady told me that I would get my payment back. it's been two weeks and I haven't gotten my money back so I called the lady That helped me and said I would get all my money back 4 times all day and left a voicemail and no answer! I don't want to talk bad about this insurance but if they are stilling from people they need to...
Mountain View, California

I went to Spokeo.com to look for a friend's phone number and address. On their pay site, I entered my credit card and purchased momthly membership on Dec 2013 . I was fine paying for it. As following Spokeo instruction, I canceled the membership on Jan 2014. Now , I got 5 credit card statements for last 5 month for almost $100 on my credit card! Spokeo.com took my credit card, charged it and...
North Ryde, New South Wales

Works ok but not as fast as advertised- roasts do not cook inside as advertised- frozen pies take at least 20 mins to cook. A roast pork can take over 1.5 hrs to cook and sometimes still raw in the middle. I would never try a cooked bird like a turkey for fear of a raw bird! the dome has split in three places and has proven to be very brittle!!!! I got this as a present and do not have a receipt...
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