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Sharonville, Ohio

First, bought my son an Asus ther about 2 years ago. Purchased the extended warranty so he had 2 years of protection. 18 months in the hard drive atopped working. Called MicroCenter to advise of the issue and I couldnt find the paper work right then. They said I bought a 1 year warranty on top of the manufacturer. Why would I do this? So I asked them to have a laptop hard drive ready qhen I...
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Origami Owl
I purchase a necklace, locket and charms. Within a few months the locket and chain tarnished horribly. They would not buff back to normal color with a cloth like the company claims. Defective product

On thursday evening april 17 the bus leaving from kansas returned to Chicago had the nastiest bus driver ever his name was Darryl. He made the ride the worst experience I ever had on mega bus. From the time I got on he was rude to myself and a lot of passengers.The bus was also crowded and he had strapped off 4 strapped for seats on the lower deck for himself and people had no other seats and he...
Lancaster, California

I went to your Lancaster office on 4/8/14 found out my daughter needed 4 crowns for her front teeth I decided to pay for to white crowns and paid 343.00. I then thought about it and changed my mind so I went in to cancel the contract which the person keep trying to convince me to keep them and not cancel my contract I told her I would like my refund and that’s when I got all types of excuses as...
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Car Hop
ever since I've bought my car from car hop everything on my car has been falling apart I can barely afford to pay my car note because I'm paying for everything that is going wrong with this car
Cardiff, Wales

Since the purchase, costing £99 ,the Heywood Mount Hotel went into liquidation and although NCROWD confirmed they had corresponded with KGB to confirm that a refund could be issued there has been no sign of the credit on my card.I have sent around 20 e mails but Ncrowd dont answer them.They took over from KGB and their company is totally incapable of handling customer complaints efficiently ...or...
Market Drayton, England

My wife ordered a skirt which arrived in no time at all. However, it was supposed to be a size 12 pencil shape but alas it was baggy on each side of the waist with up to two extra inches of bulging material. All calls went unanswered. Their man 'Harry' ignores all emails. Cost of tracked return is prohibitive to India where they are based - however they would not provide a returns tracking...
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